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12:01 thd hdl: Now the popup changes from "still ?? results to go" to "still 1 result to go" to a continuously refreshing nothing found.
12:02 thd hdl: yet, the console shows 3 records found.
12:03 hdl then you may be searching for sthg YOU ALREADY have in your base.  or the rsults match some records you already have.
12:07 hdl Sorry, I am not narrow-minded nor monomaniac, but I really think Taht if you sarched for utterly brand new things, you would get answers
12:09 thd hdl: I will search now for something completely different : )
12:10 thd hdl: line 103: refresh => ($numberpending eq 0 ? "" : "$bibid&random=$random"),
12:18 thd hdl: I have the same popup results with a different title. Possibly, no "still 1 result to go" but ending in "nothing found".  1 record found on the console.
12:20 thd hdl: tipaul updated processz3950queue "synch'ing 2.2 and head" committed 20 June.
12:21 thd hdl: Are tipaul, paul, and paul_away names for the same person?
12:23 thd hdl: Well, I know paul and paul_away are different phases of paul but is he tipaul?
12:33 hdl yes ;)
12:36 hdl Try lyon or another z3950 server...
12:36 thd hdl: Is a continuously refreshing "nothing found popup the expected result for a title that does not exist in the searched databases.
12:36 hdl No.
12:36 hdl Especially for a  new title.
12:37 hdl But I know that there is a trick with MARC:: Record. One MUST have a leader.
12:38 hdl You should maybe try a different server.
12:39 hdl LYON3  21210  ADVANCE     1  3  MARC21
12:39 hdl Here is one.
12:39 hdl Copy/paste from Koha.
12:39 hdl Maybe LOC...
12:41 thd hdl: I had not tested recently with LC after initial failure because I had seen an earlier reported problem with LC searches from koha.
12:41 thd hdl: Does LC work for you now?
12:45 thd hdl: invented non-existent title on UC MELVYL gave me the same results in the popup and no records found on the console.
12:46 hdl That seems OK. ;)
12:47 hdl LOC is also ok... But I got no title... I am in UNIMARC flavour.
12:48 hdl Sure enough, would I be in US-MARC/MARC21 It would be ok.
12:49 hdl thd... Sorry. But I must leave now.
12:49 thd hdl: I thought z39.50 was supposed to convert between USMARC and UNIMARC.
12:50 thd hdl: the conversion is supposed to be server side.
12:50 hdl Yes, should do.
12:50 hdl Now that procesz3950queue is tested, you should try to launch z
12:51 hdl the deamon.
12:51 indradg hdl, hi... back again
12:51 indradg as myself :)
12:52 hdl server side : means on Koha Side... Maybe, but I couldn't get the correct title. Maybe using a MARC21 Koha would bring the results.
12:52 hdl hi indradg.
12:53 hdl I only have a few minutes.
12:53 indradg hdl, yes... need a place to ftp up the ISO
12:54 indradg kados added my id into koha devel list... but I hvn't tested out the sourceforge file-release yes
13:02 thd hdl: by server side I meant that if you request a UNIMARC record from voyager if they are providing proper services the Koha client should get a UNIMARC record sent by the LC server.  But which is named the client and which is the server or which is the origin and which is the target may be confused easily in reference to z39.50.
13:08 hdl thd : seems not.
13:08 hdl Querying in UNIMARC bugs at LOC.
13:09 hdl But what is obvious to me is that we should be able to decode a MARC21 into UNIMARC : LYON3 server sends MARC21...
13:09 thd hdl: but should work according to z39.50 although LC never supported very many z39.50 services.
13:09 hdl Is LOC Z3950 not fully MARC21 compliant ?
13:10 hdl don't know. But leaving this question unanswered.
13:10 hdl WEEK-END.
13:36 thd slef: when launching the z3950 daemon does the process starting the daemon need the environment variables in advance or is that only an issue for processz3950queue in console mode?
13:39 thd slef: read user for process above.  Does the user need the envorment variables to launch the daemon?
13:48 slef yes
13:49 slef I think so, at least
13:49 slef maybe I'm wrong
13:49 slef 1mo, I'll read the fine source
13:49 slef (sorry, I was away printing a t-shirt)
13:49 slef (laser transfer paper++)
13:50 slef no, I'm wrong. It's only if you run processz3950 itself
13:51 slef the sets it up
13:57 thd slef: that was my understanding of the source comments at least.
13:57 thd slef: what could be killing my daemon?
13:59 slef thd: if I knew that, we'd have solved this! ;-)
13:59 slef let me read scrollback a mo
13:59 thd slef: I cannot find any perl process running ever that might be the daemon.
14:01 slef thd: try this in a clean shell
14:02 slef . z3950-daemon-options
14:02 slef export KohaZ3950Dir
14:02 slef su -c ./ - www
14:04 thd slef: commands should be run from z3950daemon dir?
14:05 slef thd: yes
14:05 thd slef: root or sudo should run these comands?
14:05 slef mmm, root I think (sorry!)
14:07 slef Do you know Locale::Maketext at all?
14:07 slef heh, wrong window
14:07 slef never mind, here is good
14:09 thd slef: no I have never programmed with that module
14:09 thd slef: what here is good?
14:10 slef indradg: Do you know Locale::Maketext at all?
14:11 slef thd: that question
14:11 slef thd: I meant to put it somewhere else
14:13 indradg slef, not the module in question... however I have used Java Standard Tag library.... which is essentially the same... the DSpace folks are using the Standard Tag Library in forthcoming release of DSpace
14:14 slef I'm wondering whether koha should start moving towards Locale::Maketext now that it's in the perl core since 5.8
14:16 indradg It would probably make more sense than the which we now use
14:16 indradg structurally more elegant
14:17 thd slef: I find no perl process running but there is an su process running for www now
14:21 slef I wonder whether it would be fast enough for "live" translation.
14:21 slef thd: that's odd. :-/
14:21 indradg slef, hmmm.. that we need to check out
14:22 slef indradg: I may try using it for the installer, if we can figure out how to handle systems without it (perl 5.6).
14:23 indradg sounds good to me
14:23 slef thd: can you copy your z3950daemon dir somewhere I can see it?
14:44 thd Oops closesed my irc client : ]
14:50 thd slef: check your email for a message with "be careful with this info in the subject"
14:52 indradg slef, i'm going to get some shut-eye now.... I shud be back in abt 4.5 hrs
14:52 indradg hopefully the upload will be done by then
14:53 thd indrag: you can manage with ony 4.5 hours sleep a day?
14:55 thd indradg: I want that secret : )
14:57 thd slef: Did you get my email?
16:00 slef thd: back from dinner now, will check
16:00 slef thd: it's been so hot here, 4h sleep is the order of the day :-/
16:01 thd slef: I will be away for circa 3 hours.
16:02 thd slef: indrag sleeps for 4.5 hr and you sleep for 4 hr., how do you manage on so little? :)
16:04 slef thd: lots of coffee and a bit grumpy at the minute. ;-) Seriously, the humidity has broken now.
16:09 slef thd: can you copy a daemon log file to that dir, please?
16:13 slef thd: change first line of to #!/bin/sh -x, kill the su and rerun it
19:06 thd slef: there is no daemon log
19:06 thd slef: The daemon log is empty
19:08 thd slef: with the information you have you can inspect most of the file system
19:13 thd slef: you can even use ssh
19:17 indradg slef, around?
19:19 thd indradg: slef said something about 4h sleep circa 3h ago.
19:21 thd indradg: how do you manage with just 4.5 hr. sleep?
19:23 indradg thd, heh... good genes and iron clad constitution i guess ;)
19:25 thd indradg: I guess there is no trick I can learn then, to keep working with little sleep and be fully alert and functional :)
19:26 indradg lol
19:32 indradg hmmm... upload completed :D
19:32 indradg slef, LiveCD upload completed ... ping me when awake
19:54 thd slef: the running su process for user www is the one that activated the www user
19:55 thd slef: no perl process running
20:16 indradg thd, slef isn't back yet i guess
20:22 thd 25/06/05 09:00:32+-5<slef:#koha>thd: it's been so hot here, 4h sleep is the order of the day :-/
20:22 thd 25/06/05 09:01:09+-5<thd:#koha>slef: I will be away for circa 3 hours.
20:22 thd 25/06/05 09:02:32+-5<thd:#koha>slef: indrag sleeps for 4.5 hr and you sleep for 4 hr., how do you manage on so little? :)
20:22 thd 25/06/05 09:04:08+-5<slef:#koha>thd: lots of coffee and a bit grumpy at the minute. ;-) Seriously, the humidity has broken now.
20:23 kados booth is setup and we're finally settled in
20:23 thd kados: so you don't have 1,000 orders yet? :)
20:25 thd kados: are you there?  I do have a serious question.
20:26 thd kados: about the liblime demo.
20:26 kados yep
20:26 kados here
20:27 kados I got your email
20:27 indradg kados, upload completed... we have used the NPL templates :)
20:27 kados great!
20:28 kados should I begin downloading the files?
20:28 thd kados: why does the z3950 service on the liblime demo do nothing?
20:28 indradg pls go ahead
20:28 kados ok i will
20:28 kados thd: ?
20:28 kados do you mean the z39.50 client?
20:28 kados I've diabled it
20:28 kados disabled it
20:28 thd kados: yes
20:29 thd kados: but you had it working previously?
20:29 kados indradg: ok ... starting now
20:29 kados thd: of course
20:29 indradg kados, can u gimme access to the FRS for Koha... I can do the LiveCD release then
20:29 indradg kados, kewl!
20:29 kados indradg: not sure where you mean
20:30 indradg kados, the file release system (anon ftp uploads into the incoming ftp directory)
20:30 indradg doesnt make much sense to use CVS for a 272MB binary ISO
20:31 kados ahh ... right
20:31 thd kados: was there a change for marc import between 2.2.1 and 2.2.2b that may have caused records without ISBNs to fail to import?
20:31 kados could you wait till I get back from ALA on Wendesday?
20:32 kados thd: not sure ... haven't had that problem myself
20:33 thd kados: liblime demo works fine for marc import.  Something may have gone worg after 2.2.1
20:33 indradg kados, sure thing! in the meantime we will polish out a few typos that are there... and perhaps incorporate the suggestions u / slef may have to make... personally I want to add a few more Koha propaganda material in the bootsplash sequenc
20:34 indradg s/sequenc/sequence/
20:34 thd kados: It can wait until you have a few hundred more customers after Wednesday :)
20:37 thd kados: You should be aware of a design problem I have realised aflicts koha.
20:39 thd kados: the prescribed subfield sort order in koha is not always correct and cannot be specified or stored correctly with the current database design.
20:39 indradg kados, couple of things abt the CD that u shud know
20:41 indradg kados, to exit from the CD, the steps are Action -> Logout -> End current Session, once you are down to the command line, type 'halt' to stop the system, the koha userid/passwd are kohaadmin/kohaadmin
20:42 indradg the OPAC and Intranet interfaces are available as Personal Toolbar Bookmarks on Firefox
20:44 thd kados: subfield order should be included in the record as specified by the cataloguer.  The koha subfield default is not always correct, although, it may work for most cases and most fields.
20:45 thd kados: the issue leads to data loss when the order is not preserved.  Data in the wrong order is data loss and it matters greatly for subject headings for example.
20:46 thd kados: Wait til after Wednesday, but think about it a little.
20:47 thd kados: If you can.
20:52 thd kados: an example: 650#0$aVocal music$zFrance$y18th century would become 650#0$aVocal music$y18th century$zFrance in Koha and could not be specified correctly by the cataloguer.  There are much more plainly wrong examples but I had that one at hand :)
20:55 rach afternoon
21:00 indradg rach, hi
21:00 thd kados: In case some prospective clients surprises you with this, tell them a fix is coming by the next major version release :)
21:03 thd indradg: the boot demo cd is now working?
21:03 indradg thd, yup
21:04 thd indradg: does it run the z3950 client?
21:04 indradg thd, haven't  tested that
21:05 indradg i do use the client for regular work
21:05 thd indradg: I have been trying to discover why I cannot get the daemon to run.
21:09 thd indradg: what is the size of the demo download?
21:10 indradg thd, 272 MB
21:10 indradg thd, but it isn't in a public d/l area yet
21:11 kados indradg: download complete
21:11 thd indradg: too much for my poor connection where I am now yet anyways : /
21:11 kados I've got some eating to do in Chicago ;-)
21:11 indradg kados, great!
21:25 indradg rach, around?
21:46 rach yep
21:46 rach popping in and out between bouts of washing and other saturday chores
21:46 indradg rach, aah!
21:47 indradg we have use the Koha blob extensively on the LiveCD
21:47 rach cool
22:07 thd indradg: does the Event module compile to any special location?
22:07 indradg thd, special location as in?
22:08 indradg i've compiled it always just like the rest of koha's perl deps
22:08 thd indradg: I cannot find the path to the Event module on my system
22:08 indradg u r on what distro?
22:09 thd indradg: I have koha installed on OSX which is based very loosely on FreeBSD
22:09 indradg have u installed
22:10 indradg thd, ok... i've never used OSX... but shud be similar
22:10 thd indradg: yes but the current version fails 1 test for everyone on all systems and I did a force install for the first time
22:12 indradg hmm
22:13 thd indradg: I want to remove Event and reinstall an older version manually but I cannot find it to remove.
22:15 indradg thd, i suppose u have already tried using 'locate'
22:15 thd indradg: on your system do you see Event in the same general path with other perl modules
22:15 thd indradg: not yet :)
22:15 indradg thd, 1 sec
22:15 indradg brb
22:17 thd indradg: Its with the modules compiled with threads on my system, very bad.
22:20 indradg thd, did u check under /usr/local/lib/perl <and subsequent directories>?
22:21 thd indradg: I found it in the threaded modules directory.  Event should not be threaded.
22:22 indradg i c
01:20 Genji just finished updating cvs with my detail search options bar, as seen in[…]ideas_details_001
01:24 Genji anyone active here?
01:58 slef Millions of Peaches.
01:58 Genji hiya slef
01:58 Genji so to speak.
02:02 slef cool
02:02 slef I'm trying to get this cd visible before leaving for
02:03 slef but source-oh-forget-it is on another go-slow :-/
02:07 slef oh come on!]#
02:13 Genji so i noticed. my cvs even timed out in one update.
02:13 slef indradg: sorry man, but this must wait until I get back from LRL :-(
02:15 Genji ya speaking at lugradio?
02:16 slef nope, couldn't get paper together in time
02:16 slef I'm a walking advert (printed a t-shirt yesterday)
02:17 Genji Koha?
02:17 slef koha's on it
02:17 Genji cool.
02:17 slef along with the other stuff I do
02:17 slef aw heck, I wanted to hack up my enquiry form a bit
02:41 unmadindu kados: ping
06:46 kados and heads out for the first day at ALA
07:00 osmoze hello all
07:00 osmoze paul_away, quand tu reviens, tu peux me donner l adresse exacte du LiveCD donner en titre du chan, je ne le trouve pas
09:27 indradg_ kados: ping
09:31 indradg_ hi... anyone around on the weekend?
10:02 thd indradg_: I am around wrestling with compiling Event properly with not even one error on the irksome OS.  I had to quit and sleep last night.
10:04 thd indradg_: much much more than 4 hr. for my brain to work properly
10:04 indradg_ thd: heh
11:52 indradg hi.. back at keyboard

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