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16:24 slef What is
16:33 chris umm how to describe them
16:34 chris they run a big layer 2 network
16:35 chris is their main task, .. they also run things like the peering exchanges, and cafenet
16:35 chris why?
16:40 chris  slef if you pick up a linux journal ... they are the cover story
16:40 chris well talking more about wix (the wellington internet exchange) but they do a bit of a citylink history thing
16:41 slef chris: yes, wix is the problem
16:42 slef
16:42 chris yep
16:42 chris 2 big telcos decided to pull out of the peering exchange
16:44 chris in order to try and extort more money
16:47 chris if you are on lots of other isps, that still peer, you can get to it just fine
16:48 chris but the 2 big telcos here are trying to get their customers to pay to receive, and the content providers to pay to deliver
16:50 chris so they pulled all their routes to wix
16:50 chris and want ppl to negotiate a dedicated connection with them
16:52 chris its a classic geeks vs suits
16:52 chris situation
17:00 slef so is citylink doing the wrong thing, or the telcos connecting to nz?
17:00 chris in my opinion the telcos
17:00 chris,
17:01 chris that pretty much sums up the situation
18:02 Genji kados, installed the new HEA?D
23:28 Genji finished my search options sidebar, everything works, and its in HEAD of CVS.
23:50 rach well done
00:09 Genji one problem is the search is alittle bit slower, due to the addition of two tables in the mysql 'from' clause.
07:10 hdl hi
07:12 hdl does anyone around has ever dived into MARCdetail code and especially the javascript Active ?
07:55 osmoze bonjour paul
07:55 paul salue js
07:55 osmoze je n arrives pas a retrouver ton adresse, tu peux me la redonner ?
07:55 paul adresse mail ou physique ?
07:56 osmoze ( c est pour une invitation pour l innoguration de la mediatheque)
07:56 osmoze physique
08:06 osmoze paul ? Pour la reinstallation de la 2.0 pour faire l upgrade par la suite, je peux prendre la 2.0.2 ?
08:07 paul oui, il n'y a pas de différence dans les bases.
08:07 osmoze merci :)
08:30 kados osmoze: hey there osmoze
08:30 osmoze kodos ?
08:31 osmoze -o+a
08:31 kados osmoze: it's Joshua ;-)
08:31 kados osmoze: do you work for a library?
08:31 osmoze yes, i m admin of a librairy
08:31 osmoze (Lafrancaise, France)
08:31 kados osmoze: right
08:32 kados osmoze: so does your library use koha?
08:32 kados osmoze: or are you just investigating?
08:32 osmoze yes of course :)
08:32 osmoze 2.0
08:32 kados osmoze: great! and paul supports you?
08:32 osmoze of course
08:32 kados osmoze: :-)
08:32 osmoze i ll prepare upgrade to 2.2.3
08:32 kados osmoze: which library is it?
08:32 paul (osmoze is "Lafrancaise" public library
08:33 kados osmoze: ahh Lafrancaise is a name ... /me thought 'the french'
08:33 osmoze ^^
08:33 kados my french is quite bad you know ;-)
08:33 osmoze yes, a little 'bourg' near Toulouse (airbus powa)
08:33 kados ahh
08:33 paul (very little, but 3 branches !)
08:33 osmoze it s better that my poor english :)
08:33 kados hehe
08:34 kados non
08:34 paul osmoze & jean sébastien, that writes sometimes on info is the same person.
08:34 kados ahh ... /me knows the second name
08:34 kados hi owen
08:35 paul hi owen
08:35 hdl hi owen
08:36 osmoze hi
08:36 osmoze (owen too ^^)
08:38 paul wow, lot of ppl here today.
08:41 osmoze that proves that it is well :)
08:46 kados paul: I've got a quick question about dateenrolled/expiry
08:46 paul i'm listening.
08:47 kados we're testing out the new code where a borrower isn't allowed to issue items if they have expired
08:47 kados and I can't find any way to remove the block
08:47 kados I just get a message "issueing impossible" borrower card expired
08:48 kados with now way to override it
08:48 paul just change expiry date ;-)
08:48 kados I see ... (our staff will never go for that ;-))
08:48 paul (it's in my release notes : there was bugs in canbookbeissued checking. Fixing it will probably create many many "card expired"
08:48 kados right ... we have 13,000 ;-)
08:49 paul so, just say 99 years for borrowercategory
08:49 kados out of 40,000 expired ;-)
08:49 paul and update borrowers set expirydate...
08:49 owen kados: how about a button like our 'lift debarrment' button?
08:49 kados owen: yea that might be a good idea
08:49 paul a single sql request should do the job.
08:49 kados owen: but what's the point of keeping track of the borrower expiry anyway?
08:49 kados owen: is it a stats thing?
08:50 paul joshua : saying 99 years for borrower duration in borrower category will solve the pb for future borrowers.
08:50 owen It's a way to remind the staff to check about changes to address, phone, etc.
08:50 paul for existing ones, you just must update the database.
08:50 kados right
08:51 kados owen: in that case, having the button to lift expiry sort of defeats the purpose ;-)
08:52 owen No, because the staff member can look at their address and phone right on the circulation screen.  If it hasn't changed, they can just click the button
08:52 owen Otherwise they can click edit to change everything, along with the expiration date
08:53 kados right ... ok ... lets's do that
08:53 owen That's how we handled it with Spydus
08:53 kados paul: sorry to bother you ;-)
08:53 paul no problems.
08:53 owen But maybe run it by Stephen... we only did it that way with Spydus because Spydus forced us to.
09:02 tim I'm looking at member flags (using the default theme in 2.2.2b) and most of the flags are reapated twice.
09:02 tim three of each.
09:28 owen tim, where are you looking?
09:30 tim cgi-bin/koha/members/
09:31 tim you probably need to add a member=##
09:31 owen Are you using the default template?
09:33 paul tim : maybe you have data twice in userflags table
09:33 paul what says select * from userflags.
09:34 tim I looked at that, but they weren't all together like they are in the browser.
09:35 tim Checking again with order by flag made it easier to spot.
09:35 tim I wonder how I got that?
09:35 tim And I wonder why I didn't have all of them three times.
09:35 tim So it should be safe to just delete the extras?
09:37 tim Don't have data twice.  Have it three times.  Except the last three displayed on the page.
09:37 tim How do I remove two of them when there are no unique values to select by?
09:40 paul imho, mysqldump, then truncate, then manually delete lines, then reimport
09:40 paul will be the faster
09:43 tim Good idea.  Thanks!
09:51 tim That looks a lot better.
09:52 gavin hi. is anyone here familiar with the workings of the opac search code?
09:53 kados gavin: sure ... paul and I have a pretty good handle on it ;-)
09:53 gavin i was thinking you might have :-)
09:53 kados gavin: I'd like to see your suggestions -- chris mentioned that you've put together some good stuff
09:54 gavin the function catalogsearch returns an ref to array of hashrefs
09:54 kados right ... as required by HTML::Template LOOPs
09:54 gavin within those hashes there are many entries, one or two i'm not sure about , could you let me know what they are
09:54 kados sure
09:55 paul (on phone)
09:55 gavin (i've been trying to focus specifically on one area and not get drawn to the rest. Must look at HTML::Template though, sounds cool
09:55 gavin CN?
09:55 kados CN is just an object for storing item information iirc
09:56 gavin description, odd, bn, norequests, totitem (actually I think odd is just 1,0,1,0,1,0, ie is this an odd entry?
09:56 kados right
09:57 kados odd is used for fancy coloring on the results screen
09:57 kados (so every other item has a differnt background color)
09:57 gavin there must be something wrong with my "odd" then as that's what I had guessed but i'm getting all one colour
09:57 kados totitem is the total items
09:57 kados strange
09:58 kados bn is biblionumber
09:58 gavin (don't worry, it'd efinitely my mistake :)
09:58 gavin which is already in as biblionumber?
09:58 kados norequests is set to 1 if the items isn't able to be requested
09:58 kados hmmm ... maybe
09:58 gavin ah yes
09:58 gavin not a big deal....
09:59 kados not sure about description
09:59 kados I dont' find that in catalogsearch
09:59 kados where's it coming out?
09:59 gavin I was printing out all elements of the returned array in order to clone that function
10:00 gavin and it's among them. didn't chase where it came from that much
10:01 gavin CN seems (in my minimal test) to be (1,1)
10:02 kados so the HTML::Template LOOP function is critical for understanding why data is pulled out the way it is
10:02 kados in HTML Template, just like in Perl, you can have scalar data (TMPL_VAR NAME="")
10:02 kados and array data (TMPL_LOOP NAME="")
10:03 kados array data is looped over for each 'set' of data
10:04 kados CN is a loop
10:04 kados gavin: does that make sense?
10:05 gavin one momenet osrry
10:05 kados (on phone)
10:06 gavin me 2
10:10 paul back.
10:11 paul CN is for CallNumber
10:11 gavin kados: not totally sure I get you know
10:11 paul be careful, we may speak of of catalogsearch sub.
10:11 gavin s/know/no/
10:11 gavin
10:11 paul cataloguesearch we are using now is
10:12 gavin yeah, i noticed that so that's what I'm working from
10:12 gavin I'll hopefully stick some concept code in CVS tonight to show you what I'm at
10:12 gavin I've copied into
10:13 gavin i see what my problem is with odd
10:13 gavin i was assuming i need 1,0,1,0
10:13 gavin what I need is 1,"",1,""
10:14 gavin ... i think
10:23 paul gavin : no diff from Perl point of view : 0 & "" are both false
10:24 gavin ah there booleans of course
10:25 gavin hmmm. it's probably something I'm doing, i'll track it down. it's a minor enough thing anyway
10:26 gavin so, with what should i populate the CN array?
10:32 paul gavin, you must populate the CN array with all items informations.
10:32 paul that's what appear on the right; on this page :
10:33 paul[…]tains&value=chaos
10:33 paul (in "Location" column)
10:34 gavin eg  " CDI SL (N 3 KAP)" ??
10:37 paul yep.
10:37 gavin okeydokey
10:37 paul branch + location + callnumber + status
10:37 paul (status if any)
10:37 paul (like lost, on repair - status found from items.lost & a authorised value table)
10:38 paul (or on loan until ... if issued)
10:38 gavin are they the each of the elements of the array or is that whole string an element?
10:38 paul note that npl (bipping owen) has requested that every item with the same info could be shown in just 1 line
10:38 paul like CDI SL (N8KIM) (2)
10:39 owen Indeed.
10:39 paul but i could not code this until now.
10:39 paul ;-)
10:39 gavin will leave it for the minute but bear it in mind
10:39 paul gavin, each element is in a separate entry.
10:39 gavin cool
10:40 paul owen, do you have a minut ?
10:40 gavin the npl request probably should be done with a group by clause no?
10:40 gavin and a count()
10:40 owen yes, paul
10:40 paul yes, or with some perl checks
10:40 paul a CSS question :
10:40 paul[…]
10:41 paul with style sheet
10:41 gavin my philosophy (such as it is) has generally been to make the db do the work where practical
10:41 paul[…]includes/opac.css
10:42 paul if you clic on "items", you'll see that the columns are wrong
10:42 paul do you have an idea why ?
10:42 paul seems to be due to :
10:43 paul position:absolute or display:block
10:43 paul in div.tabblock
10:43 paul how to restore default behaviour ?
10:47 gavin not a css expert i'm afraid
10:48 owen I've never seen a table behave like that before
10:48 owen I didn't know it was possible!
10:48 paul if i remove position;absolute in, line 420, the table is fine
10:48 gavin paul, would you have five mins to have a look at some code if i upload to cvs now...
10:48 kados paul: display:table
10:48 paul gavin, no, but i'll take care of it on monday.
10:48 kados paul: try that
10:49 gavin fair enough
10:49 paul kados, adding the property to table {} don't change anything
10:50 kados hmmm
10:50 paul adding this property to td or th is even worst
10:50 paul my doc of css shows the following properties for display :
10:50 kados interesting
10:50 paul inline | block | list-item | run-in | inline-block | table | inline-table | table-row-group | table-header-group | table-footer-group | table-row | table-column-group | table-column | table-cell | table-caption | none
10:51 kados paul do you have the firefox web Developer plugin?
10:51 paul yes
10:51 kados when I select "outline" "table cells" look what happens
10:52 paul !!!!
10:52 kados also try "outline tables"
10:52 kados very strange!
10:52 paul it's OK !
10:52 kados hehe yep
10:52 paul really strange ...
10:52 kados could be ... I'll try it in safari
10:53 paul no, could be some property webdev add.
10:53 kados hmmm ... you don't even want to see it in safar  ;-)
10:53 kados none of the content is displayed .. everything is shifted to the left
10:54 paul same thing on opera & konqueror.
10:54 owen Internet Explorer too
10:54 kados so probably not a ff bug ;-)
10:54 paul no.
10:55 paul reload, works now on opera
10:55 paul (i've removed some css properties)
10:55 paul works on opera & konqui. but still not on ff
10:56 paul ok, i must leave (planned time with my 1st son)
10:56 kados some validation probs too
10:56 kados can't use numbers to start id or class names :-?
10:57 kados ok ... have fun
10:57 paul we should.
10:57 paul (use start id)
10:57 gavin thanks for help paul..
10:59 owen Whoops.  Wrong close button.
11:00 kados hehe
11:15 kados here's an interesting perspective:
11:15 kados[…]5/Ostrowsky.shtml
11:15 kados "Anonymous Library Cards Allow You to Wonder, 'Who Was That Masked Patron?"
11:16 kados gift cards for libraries
11:16 kados neat idea
11:22 gavin nice idea, horrendous reality that it needs doing...
11:24 gavin I'm trying to put the string "php -code" into a sql query but the "-" seems to be getting sanitized out. any ideas how I can avoid that?
11:27 kados hmmm ... try putting it into a variable and then puting the variable in the query
11:28 kados (you're working in perl?)
11:30 gavin yeah, i'm working in the
11:30 gavin (or a fork of that)
11:30 kados ideally the 'library gift card' signup process would be anonomous as well
11:30 kados right
11:31 gavin i'm not sure what's causing it, it's a bit weird
11:31 kados did you try the variable idea?
11:31 gavin is there something santizing this that I don't see?
11:31 kados probably perl ;-)
11:32 gavin i thought only PHP went on with that sort of thing ;)
11:32 kados hehe
11:33 kados I suppose one problem with the gift card idea is that the library becomes a kind of bank
11:33 kados with 'money' in the form of library cards (each worth $20)
11:34 kados (assuming I can turn in my card at any point for a refund)
11:34 gavin well, you could argue that they already are, with money in the form of books
11:34 kados hehe ... this could be really interesting
11:34 kados true, but I can't trade book for money AT the library
11:34 kados (though I can trade money for book ;-))
11:35 gavin no, but i would assume you can't trade it in, it just gets offset against charges
11:36 kados ahh ... yea ... that wouldn't work then
11:39 gavin found that sanitization thing... grrrr.
11:40 gavin it's always something silly
11:45 kados gavin: what was it?
11:47 gavin oh, i was running catalogsearch (the orig) and catalogsearch1 and the former was sanitizing before the latter got to see the variable
11:47 gavin this seems to be nearly working now (apart from the stupid colouring thing!)
11:52 kados cool
11:52 gavin would you have time to have a look?
11:53 kados yea!
11:53 gavin okay, i'lll just do the cvs trickery and give you a shout
11:54 kados cool
11:55 kados (please commit to HEAD and not to rel_2_2)
11:56 gavin errr... I think that's what I'll be doing?
11:56 kados as long as you're not specifying rel_2_2, probably ;-)
11:56 gavin cool

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