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14:11 owen I have trouble enough understanding how the *concept* of authorities works, let alone how Koha uses them :(
15:01 owen Hi shaun
15:03 shaun hi
15:08 shaun I haven't had a chance to do any work on koha today - but my new hd is in the server now, with raid enabled, and i have 160 gigs more storage space on this box (now i don't have to randomly delete stuff to be able to work on anything locally) *reading through logs* I'm a performance freak, maybe I should try to get a high-performance mod_perl and mysql combination... *upgrades to mysql 4* :p
15:09 owen Well, note that Joshua said he didn't see any performance improvement under mod_perl.  But that's all I know about it.
15:11 shaun hmm, theoretically mod_perl would only make a minor improvement, as the heavy stuff is all done by the perl - mysql bit... *investigates fedora/rhel/mysql 4*
15:12 Ben hi
15:12 owen Hi Ben
15:13 shaun hi ben
15:18 Ben hmm, seems eventless this evening..
15:19 Ben any luck on the argentinians?
15:19 owen Give it more time.  Paul said yesterday the relevant folks were going to be at a conference this week and next week.  Paul's going to re-contact them after that.
15:20 Ben goodo
15:21 shaun *moves server back out to conservatory*
15:24 Ben so /me is doing it
15:26 shaun o...i am working on the typed document (or i was...)
15:26 Ben okie doke
15:26 Ben is that the speech then?
15:27 Ben I asked you a while ago to come up with some formatting
15:28 Ben which will be usable on the school pcs..
15:28 shaun to other devs: i am (we are?) writing a document on the advantages of koha over other ILS that could be used in schools, particularly ALICE, OLIVER, Liberty3 and cards ;) - we will release it under GFDL, if anyone else wants to use it...
15:28 Ben how does Palatino Linotype grab you for the title?
15:29 Ben it looks nice at 48pt
15:29 Ben is lucida sans on the school computers?
15:29 Ben shaun?
15:31 shaun umm, this is a printed document - as long as i have it installed on my system, it's fine
15:32 Ben I know.
15:33 Ben however, in case you have not been reading what I have written, I am writing a presentation to be delivered. Is lucida sans on the school computers?
15:33 shaun she asked specifically for a written document.
15:34 Ben I know that
15:34 Ben is lucida sans on the school computers?
15:34 shaun i presume so...
15:34 Ben good
15:34 Ben finally..
15:35 Ben what is the verb form of administrator? administer or administrate?
15:35 shaun why are you producing a presentation when we need a proposal as a written document?
15:35 Ben because I am.
15:35 Ben what is the verb form of administrator? administer or administrate?
15:36 owen Administrationify
15:36 shaun lol
15:36 Ben I am not going to try to explain why to you or what I propose to do, since you have made up your mind and are not going to change it
15:37 shaun
15:37 shaun in the same context,
15:38 Ben lol
15:39 shaun see and :D
15:40 kados hi everyone
15:41 shaun hi kados
15:41 kados shaun: you'll want at least mysql 4.0 because it's got the query cache
15:41 kados this helps out Koha quite a bit
15:41 owen hi kados
15:41 kados you'll also want to tweak my.cnf based on your hardware and the size of your database
15:43 kados for example
15:43 kados here are some settings from NPLS:
15:43 kados set-variable    = key_buffer=1024M
15:43 kados set-variable    = max_allowed_packet=16M
15:43 kados set-variable    = table_cache=512
15:43 kados set-variable    = sort_buffer_size=2M
15:43 kados set-variable    = record_buffer=2M
15:43 kados set-variable    = thread_cache=8
15:43 kados set-variable    = query_cache_size=128M
15:43 kados # Try number of CPU's*2 for thread_concurrency
15:43 kados set-variable    = thread_concurrency=2
15:43 kados set-variable    = myisam_sort_buffer_size=64M
15:43 kados set-variable    = tmp_table_size=128M
15:44 kados there should be a my-huge.cnf somewhere in your install that should give you some good docs on the variables and what they mean ... also see the mysql manual
15:44 kados we have 2 gigs of ram so if you have less that that you could really screw things up by using the above variables btw ;-)
15:45 kados and some of the variables switch names from version to version so be careful there too
15:45 shaun how many people who use koha on servers use some form of red hat? how about non-linux *nix variants? and how many are still on mysql <4? (to your knowledge, not asking for a survey ;) )
15:46 Ben gtg, bye
15:46 kados I think we're the only production system on a red hat variant
15:46 kados paul uses mandrake
15:46 kados katipo uses debian
15:46 kados (we use debian too ;-))
15:46 shaun which rh variant is it?
15:46 kados RC3
15:46 kados that's FC3 ;-)
15:47 kados good stuff may come of it some day ;-)
15:47 kados it's still just a baby
15:47 kados but it's kina cute ;-)
15:47 shaun o (im running it here - did you get mysql 4 working from rpms or source of some sort?)
15:47 kados I use the official rpms on the mysql site
15:48 kados you'll need the backwards compat rpms too
15:48 kados for some of the libraries that Koha depends on
15:48 kados things like dbi and dbd iirc
16:02 kados two good lines
16:03 shaun ???
16:03 kados sorry ...
16:03 kados wrong #
16:15 kados log "/home/jmf/koha.log"
16:15 kados oops
16:15 kados :-)
16:19 owen kados has slippery fingers ;)
16:21 shaun gtg, bye
17:36 tim Just looking back on things I missed.  Wouldn't Mandrake be a Red Hat variant?
22:21 indradg hi all
22:22 indradg morning
22:24 rach morning
22:25 indradg rach, RHEL 4 was released in my city (Calcutta) yesterday
22:27 indradg I had quite a good discussion with both Redhat and Intel guys looking after the education tech stack in India abt the possibility of having Koha + a CMS system being made available through their distribution n/w in India
22:28 indradg its all very early, but the signs are quite positive :)
22:29 rach excellent
22:29 rach rebecca?
22:29 rach bex?
22:29 indradg sorry?
22:29 rach wrong channel
22:30 indradg heh
22:30 indradg no probs

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