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00:28 gmcharlt alrighty then
00:30 Genji hi?
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00:46 brendan howdy jdavidb
00:46 jdavidb Hi, brendan.
00:46 brendan hoping that heat has returned for you
00:46 brendan :)
00:46 brendan sounded cold reading through the logs
00:46 jdavidb Oh, yeah.  We had power by sunday night.  My DSL is still down, tho.
00:46 brendan but getting some reading done is always nice
00:46 jdavidb yep.
00:46 brendan bummer about the DSL
00:47 brendan you jumping on some neighbors wifi?
00:47 jdavidb Cell-phone tetherin.
00:47 brendan cool
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00:47 brendan bye
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00:48 jdavidb :)
00:48 brendan heh
00:48 jdavidb My cell is a little dodgy for tetherin', but it works, mostly.
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01:09 * jdavidb waves to nengard
01:10 nengard hi jdavidb - just read the news
01:10 nengard[…]ion-not-happening
01:10 gmcharlt hi nengard
01:10 nengard hi gmcharlt
01:10 nengard hi to all who don't usually see me at this hour :)
01:13 chris_n what an interesting twist
01:14 jdavidb Ain't it, though.
01:14 russ it is all fun and games in koha land :-)
01:15 brendan heh -- i like to call it my daily soap-opera
01:20 braedon|work so.. does that mean you guys aren't going to be getting back any time soon?
01:22 russ who knows
01:22 russ tune in next week when spidey says...
01:23 * russ gets on with useful stuff like updating the kohacon10 wiki
01:24 chris_n hehe
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01:25 gmcharlt russ++
01:27 * chris_n thought refusing to support community features was a bad sign
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01:28 * richard reads the news
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01:30 richard gosh
01:30 brendan heh
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01:31 gmcharlt perltidy++ # yay, readable code
01:32 gmcharlt perltidy-- # where's the mode to break up functions that are 323 lines long?
01:32 jdavidb lol
01:33 chris_n obfuscation you mean?
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01:35 gmcharlt more like de-obfuscation
01:37 nengard k - time to go spend time with hubby - see you all tomorrow!
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01:37 Jo lucky we weren't holding our breath for to come back to us :)
01:37 Jo bye Nicole
01:37 brendan
01:37 brendan totally agree Jo
01:38 chris_n truth
01:38 gmcharlt Jo: at least it makes it crystal clear who you're negotiating with
01:40 Jo yep
01:40 Jo does anyone have an urge to tell me how good and useful turning on library thing or syndetics is for enhanced content in koha
01:41 Jo ie worth the price
01:41 brendan hmm..  have you seen a catalog with it turned on?
01:41 brendan wonders if I know of one with it turned on
01:42 gmcharlt it can be useful, yes, particularly with the LibraryThing stuff
01:43 Jo well as a new convert to library thing for my home library, it is pretty cool aka a real time ewaster :)
01:43 Jo apparently Waimakiriri here in nz have it but i can't see it when i saercah their catalogue.
01:43 brendan
01:44 * chris_n discovers folding in vim and is an even happier camper
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01:46 Jo I havn't quit
01:46 Jo my laptop quit (has a brain of its own and refuses to types 'O' anymore
01:46 collum_ Here's one with syndetics
01:48 brendan ah I like the tutorials found from that website collum_
01:48 brendan
01:48 brendan whops
01:48 brendan
01:50 Jo oh thanks - off playing
01:51 collum_ Yep.  Nice tutorials.
01:51 Jo so would you ever have more than 1 on these enhance content 'services' tunred on.
01:52 Jo ie would you have syndetics + google or just one or the other?
01:52 * chris_n notes cool new tweaks in
01:52 gmcharlt potentially you might want to mix and match
01:52 gmcharlt in the case of cover images, to pull together multiple sources
01:53 collum_ Do LibraryThing tags come over into Koha?
01:53 gmcharlt but more likely to combine differents types of enhanced content
01:53 gmcharlt collum_: they're not indexed or loaded into Koha's own tag system afaik
01:53 brendan but it would show all sources of covers correct...  not just the one where it matches
01:53 gmcharlt brendan: yes, right now it would
01:54 Jo its the tags really . i don't think the public use them anywhere near as much as they should and if we imported a 'set' it would demonstrate how powerfuil they are
01:54 brendan collum_ it as javascript addition that calls from the lirbarything servers based on ISBN#
01:54 brendan IRC
01:54 collum_ Ahh.
01:55 brendan but that was my understanding awhile ago... I guess all things are dynamic
01:55 brendan well hoping that most things are dynamic
01:55 gmcharlt Jo: that's one of the things that SOPAC integration could help with - sharing tags among libraries
01:55 gmcharlt certainly critical mass is the biggest problem with tagging in library catalogs
01:56 brendan could be a cool project to build a shared tag's database
01:56 collum_ Yep.  I'm not sure we would ever get enough tags to be useful.
01:56 brendan for koha catalogs
01:56 collum_ if left up to the patrons.
01:56 gmcharlt brendan: build it, and we'll get Evergreen catalogs in as well ;)
01:56 brendan adding it to the list ;)
01:59 Jo that would be amazing
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02:02 Genji is there any method of figuring out what server query caused a zoom::event?
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02:08 wizzyrea_laptop very quiet, surprising really
02:10 chris_n you just missed out on all the long discussions
02:12 wizzyrea_laptop much wailing and gnashing of teeth?
02:13 Genji what if i move all the record retrieval into one lump... and then I process it? instead of getRecords record retrieval and process at the same time?
02:13 gmcharlt actually, no - we decided to talk about something useful and discussed enhanced content services for a bit ;)
02:13 wizzyrea_laptop ooh!
02:14 Genji i would be basically rewriting/reorganizing getRecord...
02:14 wizzyrea_laptop shinies!
02:15 wizzyrea_laptop I guess now that we know we don't have to guess at what is going to happen now, so we can move on our happy path of kicking lek's arse
02:15 gmcharlt Genji: if you're firing of multiple queries simultaneously, you can tell which connection a ZOOM::event is associated with
02:16 Genji gmcharlt: how?
02:16 wizzyrea_laptop (unless of course we see the code, then things might be different)
02:16 * wizzyrea_laptop is done now
02:17 gmcharlt Genji: that's what ZOOM::event does - if you look (e.g.,) at around line 401 of C4/
02:17 gmcharlt ZOOM::event is checking the connections passed to it for events
02:18 gmcharlt the return value is the index into the array of connections of the connection that has the most recent event ready to process
02:19 gmcharlt the asynchronous applications section of perldoc ZOOM is pretty through
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02:23 Genji so zconns[$i] is the same connection as $servers[$i]?
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02:25 gmcharlt it's one-to-one - the routines in C4::Search open one connection per defined server that it's searching
02:25 gmcharlt and the code happens to open the connections in the same order as @$servers
02:26 Genji right. so if i want to process server 1 first, i just do the while loop until $i=1?
02:28 Genji okay... im confused... it says asyncrounously retrieve results... means that the results are already in by this stage?
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02:30 gmcharlt that you are started to receive them, yes
02:30 gmcharlt and you still want to pull them in asynchronously for efficency
02:32 gmcharlt if you want to split the output by server, what you can do is either include the server index ($i) as part of the data stracture that you stick th eresults into
02:32 gmcharlt i.e., build an array to start the $results_hash that you want associated with each connection
02:36 gmcharlt Genji: and actually, getRecords is doing that for you anyway
02:37 gmcharlt as $results_hashref (after line 481)
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02:39 Genji hmm.. i actually want to combine the results, server 1 + server 2, and then do the ofsetting and results per page..
02:40 Genji well.. its not server 1.. server 2 for me.. its query 1 + query 2.
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02:42 gmcharlt append the results of one query after the other, right?
02:47 Genji ya. but the offsetting happens inside getRecord itself. while looping through the results.
02:48 gmcharlt which gets us back to one of my earlier suggestions, which is seeing if you can create appropriate sort indexes so that you can create a single query that puts the records you want first
02:49 gmcharlt in order to it via separate queries, you'd have to get the number of hits from the first query
02:49 gmcharlt see if that falls in the desired search offset
02:50 gmcharlt then issue one or two separate calls to getRecords
02:50 gmcharlt once you do that, the merge of the result sets becomes trivial
02:51 Genji hmm.. getRecord does its own offsetting though.
02:53 gmcharlt right - get the result set size for a query (without fully processing it) would need to be a new function
02:53 Genji right.
02:54 Jo syndetics data as enhanced content looks amazing ...
03:05 Genji so, first getResultSize($query) then if $offset is within $size, getRecord   query 1 until resultsperpage and if results per page isn't filled by query 1's results, get query 2's results.. until is resultsperpage.... if query 1 is under offset, or has  no results, use query 2, by offset until resultsperpage.... this right?
03:07 gmcharlt yep
03:13 Genji hmm.. sounds like i should code two new subroutines in
03:21 Jo Brendan: is east brunswick one of your libraries?
03:21 brendan no
03:21 brendan I think they are one of PTFS's first ones
03:21 Jo its using both syndetics and library tghing tags: https://librarycatalog.ebpl.or[…]iblionumber=59230
03:21 brendan cool
03:21 Jo and that tag cloud and ability to 'hop' about the koha catalogue is what I'm after.
03:21 gmcharlt yep, EBPL was among PTFS' first
03:22 Jo i wonder if itsstraight forward 'koha 3.2' out of thebox. has their code been shred?
03:22 Jo shared (sorry nursing a very sore hand and typing is crap)
03:23 * brendan thinks parts of have been shared
03:23 gmcharlt the LTFL for libraries support is definitely in there
03:23 gmcharlt in 3.2, that is
03:23 Jo yep - just discovered the enhanced content sys admin tabs and working through seeing i might like to have
03:24 gmcharlt IIUC, in order to be able to jump from LTFL tags to bibs in your Koha catalog, you send LT a dump of your MARC records or a list of the ISBNs that you have
03:24 Jo but it would be permanetly out of date ...
03:25 Jo it can't do it on the fly?
03:25 brendan thinking that you are correct with your U gmcharlt
03:25 gmcharlt Jo:
03:25 brendan I think they LT have methods for that updates being very quick... so not too far behind
03:26 Jo what does IIUC mean ?
03:26 gmcharlt if I understand correctly
03:27 Jo oh :)
03:27 Jo thankyou
03:28 Jo may have to file a work request for chris that "i want one like that"
03:28 gmcharlt HLT is running a 3.0.x now, right?
03:29 Jo yep but we have 3.2 we are playing on
03:29 gmcharlt cool
03:29 gmcharlt the LTFL setup is even easier in 3.2
03:29 Jo well - actually a 2.2.9 live, a 3.0.x test site and a 3.2 playground
03:29 Jo yep - i'm playing in 3.2 config now
03:30 Jo we were going to upgrade to 3.0 but decided to wait for 3.2
03:30 gmcharlt it's worth the wait :)
03:30 Jo yep - nods frantically :)
03:30 Jo I'm very excited... we really have to go live march / april
03:31 Jo so hoping 3.2 stable will be available
03:31 gmcharlt it'll be there
03:34 Jo yippee
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03:48 braedon|work gmcharlt: do those lists of modules i added to the bug look ok/remotely useful?
03:48 gmcharlt braedon|work: yes
03:48 gmcharlt tracking deps is a never-ending task - every bit helps
03:50 braedon|work :)
03:50 braedon|work it was bit of a mish to track those down
03:50 braedon|work but they seem to be working for me now
03:53 braedon|work until someone updates something
03:53 braedon|work and then they will break again
03:56 gmcharlt and thus the circle of life continues
03:57 braedon|work i really should chuck together a ppa of the cpan ones
03:57 braedon|work cpan just gives SO many stupid issues
03:57 braedon|work some of which cpanp seems to be able to solve
03:58 braedon|work but that has it's own issues
03:59 Jo where does nicole live
04:01 gmcharlt New Jersey
04:06 Jo thanks.
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04:16 brendan @wunder 93117
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04:24 Jo nigt all
04:24 brendan night jo
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06:06 shamas can any one give me any link for koha installation tutorial on a linux based web server on a domain
06:07 brendan what type of linux?
06:08 brendan[…]f34687e93;hb=HEAD
06:08 brendan that's for debian linux
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06:21 shamas fedora
06:21 shamas i want for fedora
06:28 wizzyrea_laptop replace that debian-lenny with fedora
06:28 wizzyrea_laptop :P
06:28 brendan[…]f9270fbd6;hb=HEAD
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06:58 Ropuch Morning #koha
06:59 brendan morning Ropuch
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07:53 brendan night
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10:00 slef Morning all. Anyone speculated what "could not agree upon financial terms" means yet?
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10:03 magnus slef: no, have you? ;-)
10:04 slef magnus: not yet, but I will if you want. ;-)
10:04 magnus well, i jyst thaought they couldn't agree on the price...
10:05 slef basically
10:10 slef I wonder if it means that PTFS offered less than would clear Metavore's financing[…]ues=OH00121149535
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11:44 gmcharlt greetings #koha
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12:09 Colin gmcharlt: In Makefile.PL authorities indexing mode defaults to grs1 elsewhere we recommend dom should this change?
12:10 gmcharlt Colin: sounds good to me
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12:10 Colin gmcharlt: I'll submit a patch
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12:36 jdavidb Mornin', #koha.
12:37 Colin morning jdavidb how's the snow?
12:38 jdavidb Still in big piles all around the house.  I'm hoping for some melting today.
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12:39 Colin floods later then
12:39 jdavidb Maybe.  Shouldn't be too bad right here where I am; steep hills and a creek at the bottom to run it all away.
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12:40 jdavidb mornin', jwagner.
12:43 jwagner Morning.  I think.
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13:05 nengard I have just set up the newsletter page to redirect to the new koha-community site - just an FYI :)
13:05 gmcharlt cool
13:05 nengard getting ready for the publication of the newsletter on the 15th
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13:09 toins hello world
13:11 chris_n g'morning
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13:13 hilongo good morning everyone :)
13:14 hilongo @wunder Mendoza, Argentina
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13:15 hilongo not that I'd want to presume ... but it's nice weather here :)
13:18 hilongo a very newbie question ... how do I update my kohaclone with git?
13:21 chris_n hilongo: git fetch
13:21 chris_n then
13:21 chris_n git rebase origin
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13:25 magnus doesn't "git pull" do the same thing?
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13:26 magnus ...unless you have branches you are working on etc
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13:29 hilongo thanks chris_n .. I have modified some files and git tells me that they need update... did that stopped the process? how do I know if it worked?
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13:32 chris_n hilongo: if you have done work, you will need to commit it first
13:32 chris_n git add
13:32 chris_n git commit
13:32 chris_n after committing all work then
13:32 chris_n git rebase origin
13:33 chris_n magnus: I'm not sure about pulling
13:34 nengard got a question about the url checker - i read the wiki page and I did this:
13:34 joetho hello, testing
13:34 nengard perl ?html ?htmldir=/kohaclone/koha-tmpl ?host=http://localhost:8080
13:35 nengard but i don't see an html file in the koha-tmpl directory ...
13:35 chris_n nengard: I'd guess it walks down that dir structure starting at that point
13:36 nengard to where ?? :)
13:36 nengard[…]-url_enhancements
13:36 chris_n opac-tmpl
13:36 chris_n intranet-tmpl
13:37 chris_n ahh... I'm not sure
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13:37 nengard hehe :)
13:37 chris_n nengard: I've a suggestion for the manual
13:37 nengard yes?
13:37 chris_n in the cron jobs section
13:38 chris_n perhaps including the info from perldoc on each script would be beneficial
13:38 chris_n ie
13:38 chris_n perldoc
13:38 chris_n etc
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13:38 nengard you want me to put the command to the perldoc? or the actual text from it? I can do either
13:38 chris_n the output
13:38 nengard k
13:38 nengard can/will do
13:39 chris_n great, tnx!
13:39 nengard np
13:39 * chris_n has been using the manual quite a bit the last few days
13:39 chris_n it is extremely helpful
13:39 gmcharlt .
13:40 gmcharlt oops
13:40 gmcharlt nengard: have a free punctuation mark - use it well
13:40 chris_n for a minute I thought we were at the end ;-)
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13:43 nengard hehe
13:46 chris_n question about the Notice Triggers logic
13:46 kf joined #koha
13:46 kf hi all
13:47 chris_n the help says: Delay is the number of days after an issue is due before an action is triggered.
13:47 chris_n and a Delay value is required for the trigger to work
13:47 chris_n so if I want to send an 'Advance Notice of Item Due'
13:47 chris_n and I set a delay of 1 day
13:48 chris_n then the advanced notice is not sent until 1 day after the item is due
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13:48 chris_n not quite advanced notice in my thinking
13:48 jwagner chris_n, the advance notice doesn't use the notice triggers.  Separate script.
13:48 chris_n jwagner: so contrary to the help file, the advanced notice will be sent if the delay field is empty?
13:48 jwagner Sorry, we lost our VPN connection for the moment, so I can't look, but check misc/cronjobs for the script.  It needs to be cronned, and the # days set in the patron record.
13:48 owen Hi all
13:49 jwagner Morning, owen
13:49 chris_n nengard: you might want to note that so the help can be corrected
13:49 chris_n or maybe I should open a bug for that?
13:50 nengard hmmm
13:50 nengard so - delay is used for all but advanced notice? I can put that in the manual
13:50 nengard and the help
13:51 jwagner The delay is only used for the overdue notices, so far as I know.
13:51 nengard wait - what page are we on ...
13:51 nengard the notice triggers?
13:51 nengard cause isn't advanced notice handled by the patron using enhanced messages?
13:51 jwagner All the notice texts live under notices, but the notice triggers only are used for overdues.  Somebody check me on that, but I think its right.
13:52 nengard if that's the case then we need a bug
13:52 jdavidb Mornin', owen.  :)
13:52 nengard so that the other notices can't be selected from the triggers page
13:52 jwagner The patron messaging settings control whether/how many days a patron gets an advanced notice, whether the patron gets an email for holds triggered, etc.
13:53 chris_n nengard: the issue is that the help on the page incorrectly implies that the Delay field value is necessary for any notice to be processed
13:53 nengard that i can fix, but we have a bigger issue as well
13:53 chris_n which is, in fact, only true for overdue notices
13:54 chris_n of course the entire page is confusing as it claims to be defining overdue actions
13:54 chris_n but in reality handles several types of notifications
13:55 kf chris_n: i can help with questions about overdue-notices
13:55 chris_n including general announcements
13:55 kf kf: testing them right now in all different combinations
13:56 chris_n kf: we were just discussing the confusing help and general text in
13:57 kf ah ok, there are some other bad things about notice triggers
13:57 kf minimal value is 1
13:57 kf and dont use the default library - no notices will be sent
13:57 chris_n kf: so the script does not process any notices with a delay of less than 1?
13:57 kf got no notice when I tried with 0
13:58 kf only with 1 for the first notice
13:58 kf this is the day after due date
13:58 kf which is ok, because you can also sent itemdue and advances notices
13:58 kf but a hint would be good
13:58 chris_n kf: so if I want an advanced notice sent , it will not send until 1 day *after* the item is due?
13:58 kf overdue notices
13:59 nengard chris_n - you are missing the point - the advanced notice shouldn't be on that triggers page at all cause it's handled on the enhanced messaging preferences on the patron record
13:59 kf advances notices are sent before due date
13:59 chris_n nengard: big bug then :)
13:59 chris_n a blocker imho
14:00 nengard unless I too am misunderstanding
14:00 kf I dont understand the problem
14:00 jwagner I don't think it's a blocker, necessarily, but it definitely needs more explanatory text.
14:00 chris_n kf: so if I set up an advanced notice do I have to set a delay?
14:01 * chris_n is confused as to whether the functionality is broken or just the documentation
14:01 jwagner chris_n, the delay is set in the patron record -- the Enhanced Messaging section.  You can do a global db update to set the same delay for everyone.
14:02 kf yes, or define the delay in patron type and import your new patrons after that :)
14:02 jwagner If you edit the patron categories and set up your desired settings there for advance notice, holds, etc., then any time you create a new patron it will pick up the settings automatically.  But there's no easy way short of a SQL update to modify existing records.
14:03 chris_n so then what is the Delay field for on the page?
14:03 kf advanced notice = before due date and item due = due date are handled in advanced messaging, overdue notices in notice triggers
14:03 nengard chris_n - it should only be for overdue notices, but that's the part that needs fixing
14:04 nengard right now you can pick it for anything
14:04 jwagner It's a documentation/screen display issue.
14:04 kf for overdue notices, days after due date
14:04 jwagner Ideally the notice triggers page should only filter/show overdue notices in the pulldowns.  If that's not possible, at least some screen text about "this is only for overdue notices"
14:05 chris_n so it sounds to me like the page needs an overhaul
14:05 kf jwagner: right. but its nice you can create as many notice templates as you want and choose there
14:06 jwagner Right.  As I said, I'm not logged in right now so I can't look.  Is there anything in the settings that says "this notice is for overdues" as opposed to "this notice is for circ stuff"?  I don't remember.
14:06 kf perhaps a new option for notices - module overdue notices and show only those on notice triggers page
14:06 kf i think it shows all from circulation
14:07 chris_n I'm going to open two bugs then: one for the documentation and one for a general rework of
14:07 jwagner Then yes, kf, making a new notice modules just for overdues & having the notice triggers only show those would work.
14:08 kf serials routing list and claim serial issues are already differnet modules, so its not really koha modules in this list
14:08 * jwagner stamps my foot and pouts.  I want my VPN connection back!
14:11 nengard jwagner you need to install virtualbox and then Koha on that - so you don't need vpn
14:11 * chris_n empathizes with jwagner
14:11 kf ah, im quoted in bugzilla
14:11 chris_n when mine is down, I have to drive about 30 mins to fix it :-P
14:11 chris_n kf: sometimes that is the easiest way to describe the issue :)
14:12 * jdavidb makes a not to go visit jwagner, and set her up a virtualbox sandbox or two or three.
14:12 * jdavidb then turns the not into a note.
14:13 nengard okay - i kind of go lost - what's the deal with the triggers? I think an easy fix is to remove the default advanced notice that's found in there - that at least solved part of the problem? right?
14:14 jwagner Sorry, my workmen are here so I got called away.  I hope they get the VPN up soon :-(
14:14 chris_n nengard: probably consulting with jwagner and kf will be better as my understanding is very poor atm
14:15 kf chris_n: I m not always sure my english is really understandable
14:15 chris_n kf: I understand you just fine :)
14:15 jwagner nengard, the problem is that the triggers page allows selection of other types of notices, including advance notices, that aren't controlled by the overdues script
14:15 nengard chris_n i think that originally the advanced notice was going to be handled by those triggers, but then it was added to the patron enahnced messaging moduel
14:16 kf and please remove default library or make it work!
14:16 chris_n kf: please add that to bug 4171
14:16 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4171 enhancement, P5, ---,, NEW, needs an overhaul
14:17 chris_n nengard: that would also be good to add to that bug
14:17 tekonivel left #koha
14:21 gmcharlt @later tell wizzyrea submitted patch for bug 4169 - would appreciate it if you could try it out before I push it
14:21 munin gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
14:23 nengard chris_n - done
14:23 kf chris_n: there is already a bug for that
14:24 kf bug 3393
14:24 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3393 major, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Default branches and overdues notices
14:24 nengard chris_n - on another note -- related to perldoc - looks like not all crons have docs :(  "No documentation found for ""."
14:24 kf perhaps its working now, my last tests were with 3.1.61
14:25 chris_n nengard: you can also try perl --help
14:25 chris_n just in case the usage docs are not in POD format
14:26 nengard ah - k
14:28 tekonivel joined #koha
14:29 chris_n gmcharlt: this does not appear to have made it into HEAD:[…]chment.cgi?id=897
14:34 tekonivel left #koha
14:35 tekonivel joined #koha
14:37 gmcharlt chris_n: patch was questionable:[…]-July/003924.html
14:38 gmcharlt not that that prevented it from being pushed to 3.0.x *sigh*
14:38 chris_n ahh... so it needs to be revived
14:41 gmcharlt it needs more thought and a new patch
14:46 greenmang0 left #koha
14:46 greenmang0 joined #koha
14:49 jdavidb left #koha
14:51 kf cant we just delete the default library from the template for 3.2? is really annoying if you dont know about the bug
14:52 gmcharlt that would be a regression (loss of functionality)
14:53 moodaepo joined #koha
14:56 gmcharlt the current patch for bug 3393 needs work, but once it's cleaned up and sufficiently tested, it can be pushed
14:56 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3393 major, PATCH-Sent, ---,, ASSIGNED, Default branches and overdues notices
15:03 schuster joined #koha
15:06 schuster Well only 12.5 inches of snow in Dallas - all schools/universities closed - but guess what I'm here at work or I have to take a day of vacation!!!
15:06 owen "only" 12.5 inches schuster?
15:06 schuster No snowplows, very little sand - and still hovering around 32 degrees...  won't melt until tomorrow...
15:07 schuster "only" - largest single snowfall in history...
15:07 schuster for Dallas.
15:08 owen My library only closes if it's a "Level 3 snow emergency" as called by the county sheriff. Otherwise it's work or take a vacation day.
15:08 jwagner left #koha
15:13 kf :( I dont understand koha - i have fine interval 2 days and get fines to days in a row?
15:14 jwagner joined #koha
15:14 kf 2 days in a row...
15:14 joetho left #koha
15:15 kf I think fine intervals > 1 have some serious bugs or I just dont understand how its supposed to work
15:17 jdavidb joined #koha
15:18 kf will wait till monday and file a bug report with all details, curious what will happen on the weekend
15:18 * jdavidb grumbles a collection of pejoratives and insults in two or three different languages, and includes the term "Verizon"...
15:20 kf \me  makes it collective grumbling
15:21 * chris_n adds to the general grumbling
15:21 * kf grumbling
15:21 kf ah, / :)
15:22 Colin left #koha
15:22 schuster Ah - cable modem with Time warner   happiness...
15:22 greenmang0 left #koha
15:22 schuster nengard here?
15:22 * jdavidb throws a snowball at schuster.
15:22 nengard here
15:22 chris_n kf: does it not seem that the default messaging preferences table on should show regardless of the EnhancedMessagingPreferences setting?
15:22 schuster ducks and pushes the snow covered car across the parking lot.
15:22 Colin joined #koha
15:22 magnus left #koha
15:23 schuster I've talked with my boss about a newsletter article - as politics go in red tape I will write one, but it has to go through the communications department before it can be released.
15:23 schuster I doubt we will get one this month, but we can target for next month.  It took us 5 months to get a press release out with LibLime...
15:26 kf kf: no, I think the setting activates / deactivates the feature, so it should not be there when off
15:27 kf chris_n: sorry - its friday.
15:27 kf chris_n: I think ther is a bug for an opac setting, so that users cant / can change it in opac
15:27 * chris_n understands completely... friday is second only to monday
15:27 chris_n kf: yes, jwagner has submitted a patch I believe
15:27 gmcharlt one could argue that it's time to get rid of EnhancedMessagingPreferences as a syspref and just leave it on
15:27 kf chris_n: we had software training all week - still reading mails and sorting through them right now
15:27 chris_n gmcharlt++
15:27 kf gmcharlt++
15:28 laurence left #koha
15:28 kf but I think it works like it was supposed to atm :)
15:28 chris_n only with the ability to control whether or not the patron has any say
15:28 chris_n ie. we will spam you with notices ;-)
15:28 kf yes :)
15:28 jwagner kf, yes I did a patch a while back, but it hasn't made it into head yet.  I still can't get to anything -- search bugzilla for message tab or messaging tab.  Don't remember if I attached the patch file to the bug report, probably not :-(
15:28 gmcharlt agreed - the subsystem is just there, but patron may/may not have control
15:28 nengard chris_n --[…]a5fd0ea61e2da7cc4
15:29 gmcharlt jwagner: if you find me the bug number ...
15:29 nengard schuster - make it short and sweet - 1 para max is fine - not looking for a press type document
15:30 jwagner gmcharlt, I'm trying to search bugzilla, not finding it right now.
15:30 gmcharlt not sure that helps his communications department, though
15:30 gmcharlt nengard: is there an item about the 3.4 project roles?
15:31 kf bug 2434
15:31 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2434 normal, P3, ---,, NEW, Disable Enhanced Messaging Columns Not In Use
15:31 kf but no patch there
15:31 nengard gmcharlt yes and no - i took your email summary of the irc meeting and put that in - that had some of the roles
15:31 chris_n nengard: cool
15:31 gmcharlt nengard: should add fredericd then, as he's the new translation manager
15:32 jwagner If I ever get back into my desktop I'll check for the patch/bug # on it.
15:33 kf hm I see that the description of finesCalendar is differnt now in head
15:34 schuster gmcharlt - did you get my 2 patches?
15:34 nengard gmcharlt added
15:34 kf Calculate fines based on days overdue directly / not include the days the library is closed - so I cant deactivate the calendar to get fines on holidays? (this is what I wanted to do - so I can send out notices the same day as fine is charged - notices dont look for the calendar at all )
15:35 gmcharlt schuster: yep -still looking at them
15:35 gmcharlt schuster: I see that fredericd added some comments to the bug regarding your check-url patch
15:35 * kf grumbles a bit more
15:38 chris_n jwagner: I cannot seem to find the bug, but would be interested in the patch
15:39 jwagner I found the syspref on one of my systems that has it loaded -- syspref is named opacmsgtab & controls whether or not the tab shows.  But until I can get into my mail and desktop, I can't find the bug # or date I sent the patch.
15:39 * jwagner curses and grumbles at our building mgt -- apparently there have been major electrical problems in the building this morning.
15:41 Colin left #koha
15:42 Colin joined #koha
15:43 jwagner Found the bugzilla entry -- Bug 3535 and it looks like the patch file is attached.
15:43 munin Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=3535 enhancement, PATCH-Sent, ---,, RESOLVED FIXED, Add syspref to control display of My Messaging tab in OPAC
15:44 jwagner I submitted the patch on August 17, looks like it never went anywhere.
15:45 brendan joined #koha
15:46 chris_n quick! another kitten on the floor!
15:46 jwagner Meowwwwww
15:48 chris_n imho it seems that overdue notices could be wrapped up in the same code
15:48 chris_n errr... code for messaging in general that is
15:49 wizzyrea chris_n I think I"m with you on that
15:49 jwagner chris_n, you mean into the OPAC tab code?  I think that should probably be kept separate.
15:49 jwagner That's just a display on/off switch for the OPAC, doesn't do anything substantive on staff side.
15:50 * jwagner redirects my cursing to Pepco -- they apparently cut the power to our building for a while.
15:50 chris_n jwagner: sorry, I jumped trains of thought there
15:51 * jwagner starts singing Wreck of the Old '97....
15:51 chris_n I meant all messaging be rolled into one
15:51 chris_n this interface is *much* less confusing than the interface
15:51 jwagner It really does annoy me that you have to have Enhanced Messaging on just to be able to send emails when holds are triggered.  Even if you don't want to use the other stuff like SMS, advance notice, etc.
15:53 chris_n why not have the messaging on always and default to do not send?
15:54 jwagner My biggest gripe is with the SMS option always showing.  If it's there, patrons think it's functional, but it requires additional setup on the staff end & library may not want to use it at all.
15:56 kf chris_n: I dont think you can use one interface - for example I think there is dev for itemtype instead of patron category - so it would not work as a standard setting for patron category
15:56 jwagner Yippee!  I think my desktop is back up.  Back in a few.
15:56 jwagner left #koha
15:57 schuster gmcharlt - thanks I've commented back.
15:59 jwagner joined #koha
15:59 schuster Being a newb - I will comment to our programmer about the comments, but I am not sure he will know how to handle the request.  Hmmm now I can see an edit on the cataloging page with a link to the document if it exists.
16:00 * chris_n finds it a bit further maddening that there are two messaging modules in the code :-P
16:03 schuster Thoughts about where this page should live?  We dropped it in /kohaclone/ directory - but based on the .pl we left that up to whoever is setting it up to direct the output and filename.
16:04 brendan @wunder 93117
16:04 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 8.1�C (8:01 AM PST on February 12, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 83%. Dew Point: 5.0�C. Windchill: 8.0�C. Pressure: 30.18 in 1021.9 hPa (Rising).
16:07 jwagner @wunder 20740
16:07 munin jwagner: The current temperature in Hollywood, College Park, Maryland is 1.8�C (11:04 AM EST on February 12, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 59%. Dew Point: -5.0�C. Windchill: 0.0�C. Pressure: 29.96 in 1014.4 hPa (Rising).
16:14 chris_n borrower_message_preferences looks like it could get big fast
16:14 kf chris_n: there are many maddening things with notices and fines :(
16:14 francharb left #koha
16:16 schuster nengard - question -
16:16 nengard okay - but i haven't gotten it to work yet ...
16:17 schuster you indicate where you want the output to be put and filename.  perl -html -htmldir=/kohaclone/checkurl.html -host=http://localhost:8080
16:17 nengard OH!
16:17 nengard got it
16:17 biglego joined #koha
16:17 schuster -htmldir=/kohaclone/ tells the pl where to put the output and the checkurl.html - is the file it creates you can name it whatever you want.
16:18 schuster then once it completes you can go to http://localhost:8080/checkurl.html - to see the output with links to the bib.
16:18 jwagner schuster, you're talking about the default of where to put the output?  I'd suggest someplace that's normally web accessible, like somewhere under the koha-tmpl tree.
16:19 schuster yes - remember this is a cron job so the person doing the cron can assign it -htmldir=/kohaclone/koha-tm​pl/..../checkforbadurl.html
16:20 schuster I was wondering about if we did that we could actually add the file name etc... to the koha tools page for easier access or let the admin tell the cataloger where to find the file?
16:21 schuster anything in /kohaclone/ is web accessible so that is where we dropped it on my server.
16:21 schuster FYI it runs on 3.00.042 if anyone is interested in playing with it jwagner...
16:22 jwagner Not set up for it yet, schuster, but I'll look forward to it.
16:22 schuster you should be able to just drop it into the cron directory and make it go...
16:30 joetho joined #koha
16:32 tekonivel left #koha
16:33 owen left #koha
16:33 joetho left #koha
16:35 wajasu joined #koha
16:38 kf ok, time to leave here :) have a nice weekend all!
16:38 kf left #koha
16:47 hilongo left #koha
16:48 jdavidb left #koha
16:50 biglego_ joined #koha
16:50 wizzyrea jwagner: did your stress level go way down :)
16:53 jdavidb joined #koha
16:53 biglego left #koha
16:53 biglego_ is now known as biglego
16:55 schuster question - so I "upgraded" my .42 database to yesterday and it sucked up 6 gig of space on this little laptop of mine.  Will I gain any of that back as I'm almost out of HD space now.
16:56 schuster - was the about page version of what I pulled I think on Monday from HEAD.
16:57 brendan left #koha
17:00 jwagner wizzyrea, my stress level is being affected in too many ways right now to notice a difference!
17:11 wizzyrea schuster I'm amazedy you made it to work today
17:11 wizzyrea 12.5in!
17:11 wizzyrea in Texas!
17:11 jwagner At least schuster knows how we feel, now.  (Yes, I know you're from up North, but time dulls those memories, right?)
17:12 brendan joined #koha
17:15 Ropuch Woo-hoo, I've got new laptop
17:15 jdavidb left #koha
17:15 Ropuch Evening everybody
17:16 brendan good evening Ropuch
17:17 Ropuch Hi brendan
17:17 gmcharlt hi Ropuch
17:17 biglego left #koha
17:18 * chris_n watches everyone quitting
17:21 jdavidb joined #koha
17:22 schuster Great snow for making snowpeople etc...  Not cold just wet and sticky.  But tonight it is supposed to FREEZE again so tomorrow morning will be bad but almost 50 tomorrow afternoon.
17:22 schuster @wunder 75074
17:22 munin schuster: The current temperature in Brookview, Plano, Texas is 2.7�C (11:15 AM CST on February 12, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 91%. Dew Point: 1.0�C. Windchill: 3.0�C. Pressure: 29.47 in 997.9 hPa (Falling).
17:24 jdavidb I hear there are all sorts of snowpeople on the National Mall right now.  Big open space, tons of wet sticky snow.  Someone apparently even built a snow Capitol.
17:24 moodaepo @wunder 56001
17:24 munin moodaepo: The current temperature in Mankato, Minnesota is -12.0�C (11:15 AM CST on February 12, 2010). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 100%. Dew Point: -12.0�C. Windchill: -16.0�C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Steady).
17:24 jdavidb @wunder 20852
17:24 munin jdavidb: The current temperature in Flower Valley, Rockville, Maryland is 2.7�C (12:13 PM EST on February 12, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 65%. Dew Point: -3.0�C. Windchill: 3.0�C. Pressure: 29.67 in 1004.6 hPa (Steady).
17:25 nicomo left #koha
17:25 gmcharlt schuster: to say nothing of snow Daleks -[…]alek-attacks.html
17:25 wizzyrea gmcharlt: awesome
17:26 jdavidb lol!  That looks unpleasantly like some of our Congresspeople.
17:27 biglego joined #koha
17:31 jwagner gmcharlt, where's the Doctor when you need him???
17:31 jdavidb_ joined #koha
17:35 indradg joined #koha
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17:38 moodaepo gmcharlt++ #EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!
17:42 Colin left #koha
17:43 jdavidb joined #koha
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17:46 schuster One high school yesterday in Dallas they called the cops to stop the 400 kids and the snowball fight they were having.  They couldn't get the kids back into the school to go to class.
17:46 jwagner But you learn more about life during a snowball fight than you do in a classroom :-)
17:50 biglego_ joined #koha
17:50 biglego left #koha
17:50 biglego_ is now known as biglego
17:53 mib_pcmypv joined #koha
17:55 * collum had to go to to see if it was his alma mater. It wasn't.
17:57 Kivutar left #koha
17:57 mib_pcmypv left #koha
18:00 nengard just finished recording the Feb edition of the Library 2.0 Gang and John Yokley was our guest to talk about the future of the open source ILS - keep an eye out for it here:
18:03 cait joined #koha
18:03 wizzyrea heh
18:03 wizzyrea wow
18:03 wizzyrea timing, we has it
18:04 cait hi all
18:04 wizzyrea hi cait
18:04 cait hi wizzyrea
18:04 cait :)
18:07 gmcharlt lol
18:10 biglego left #koha
18:17 mlasater joined #koha
18:30 mib_10xa5j joined #koha
18:34 mib_f1hgyu joined #koha
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18:41 joetho joined #koha
18:41 joetho breaking up just a few days before Valentines Day is just awful.
18:42 moodaepo whatever
18:42 joetho goodbye, dear PTFS
18:42 joetho What coulda been.
18:43 joetho left #koha
18:46 wizzyrea I think you're farewelling the wrong party, joetho
18:47 * jwagner looks around. Yes, I'm still here :-)
18:49 jdavidb left #koha
18:50 cait :)
18:51 jdavidb joined #koha
18:51 wajasu @wunder 75214
18:51 munin wajasu: The current temperature in Sebastian Construction Group - Beverly Drive Jobsite, Highland Park, Texas is 2.8�C (12:48 PM CST on February 12, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 84%. Dew Point: 0.0�C. Windchill: 3.0�C. Pressure: 29.90 in 1012.4 hPa (Steady).
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18:56 Nate joined #koha
19:33 jwagner @wunder 20740
19:33 munin jwagner: The current temperature in Hollywood, College Park, Maryland is 3.4�C (2:30 PM EST on February 12, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 50%. Dew Point: -6.0�C. Windchill: -1.0�C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012.1 hPa (Rising).
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19:38 cait @wunder Konstanz
19:38 munin cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Germany is -6.8�C (8:31 PM CET on February 12, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: -8.0�C. Windchill: -7.0�C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016.1 hPa (Steady).
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19:43 * jdavidb thinks he likes it better in Maryland than in Konstanz.  Brr!
19:43 moodaepo @wunder 56001
19:43 munin moodaepo: The current temperature in Mankato, Minnesota is -10.0�C (1:35 PM CST on February 12, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: -11.0�C. Windchill: -14.0�C. Pressure: 30.03 in 1017 hPa (Steady).
19:44 jwagner Nope, not moving to Minnesota any time soon...
19:44 * moodaepo thinks jdavidb showuld come up north and go ice fishing
19:44 cait jdavidb: brrr!
19:44 jwagner I used to live in Boston, & spent a lot of time in Maine.  There's a saying I've heard about both Maine and Minnesota:  40 below keeps the riffraff out!
19:45 moodaepo heh
19:46 jwagner Speaking of ice fishing, one of my most cherished memories of wandering around Maine in late winter was a parking lot next to a lake.  Lots of vehicles out on the frozen lake with people ice fishing.
19:46 jwagner In the parking lot, a truck with a sign on it reading "Underwater Recovery Specialists"
19:46 jdavidb moodaepo: The one time I went ice fishing, I kept hearing this loud voice, every time I'd get ready to cut into the ice, saying, "There are no fish under the ice..."  I finally said, "Lord, if they're not here, where are they?"  and the voice replied, "This is not God.  This is the rink announcer...
19:48 moodaepo jdavidb: Nice. I have to say I am an expat from Chicago and have not gone ice fishing in the 5 years I'm been round these parts. Might do it just to tell the city folks I've done and gone native : )
19:48 jdavidb My tale is not uncommon for persons who attempt ice-fishing in Dallas.
19:48 jwagner You mean you can't fish for ice cubes in the freezer?
19:50 jdavidb lol
19:51 jdavidb The fish in my freezer don't put up much of a fight.  Easy sport; my kinda sport.
19:54 cait @wunder hannover, germany
19:54 munin cait: The current temperature in Hannover, Germany is -4.0�C (8:20 PM CET on February 12, 2010). Conditions: Light Snow. Humidity: 86%. Dew Point: -6.0�C. Windchill: -9.0�C. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa (Steady).
19:55 cait @wunder Konstanz
19:55 munin cait: The current temperature in Taegerwilen, Germany is -6.9�C (8:51 PM CET on February 12, 2010). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 88%. Dew Point: -9.0�C. Windchill: -7.0�C. Pressure: 30.01 in 1016.1 hPa (Steady).
20:04 schuster The scarry thing is I have family member with "ice houses" for Ice fishing...  Some of them are nicer than their living rooms.
20:04 jdavidb_ joined #koha
20:07 mib_mq8fm7 joined #koha
20:09 schuster Anyone try with 3.2 to load a LARGE batch of borrowers?  I'm getting a cgi script timeout message in the koha logs. and the web page goes to a 404.
20:09 schuster Is there someplace to change the timeout length?
20:09 gmcharlt schuster: after about 10 minutes?
20:11 schuster_32 joined #koha
20:11 pianohackr|work joined #koha
20:12 jdavidb left #koha
20:12 schuster_32 error from error log - for borrower import -  Timeout waiting for output from CGI script /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-b​in/tools/, referer:
20:12 jdavidb_ left #koha
20:13 gmcharlt schuster_32: there's an Apache config setting to can change the timeout
20:13 gmcharlt but in practice, try splitting up the import file
20:14 schuster_32 Yeah that was my next attempt to take just a few to make sure it wasn't an import problem.
20:14 nengard left #koha
20:15 bigbrovar_ left #koha
20:17 wizzyrea gmcharlt++ for fixing the bulk item editor
20:18 moodaepo left #koha
20:18 moodaepo joined #koha
20:20 Ropuch wizzyrea: nengard told me about some documentation issue
20:20 Ropuch[…]?ch=x3991#AEN4101
20:20 Ropuch I guess it's another lame-regexp thing
20:20 wizzyrea yea, i'm working on it (not right this very second, but it is on my list)
20:21 wizzyrea nah, actually tidy was causing almost all of the problems
20:21 Ropuch Oh
20:23 * wizzyrea is amused
20:23 wizzyrea library just emailed me: I can't get my catalog link to work
20:23 wizzyrea ./me looks at the link
20:24 wizzyrea
20:24 Ropuch um...
20:24 wizzyrea are you inside or outside of your own network
20:24 wizzyrea I'm at home
20:24 wizzyrea yea, honey, that won't work
20:24 wizzyrea >.>
20:24 Ropuch :)
20:24 chris_n heh
20:24 * wizzyrea facepalms
20:25 Ropuch It's not that suprising, some time ago some student emailed me 192.168. adress with question, so ;>
20:25 wizzyrea no, it's not surprising, it's just amusing to me
20:26 wizzyrea "But it works in the library!!! It must be my website..."
20:26 * wizzyrea provides hosting for this site
20:26 wizzyrea it's always something wrong on my end ;)
20:26 wizzyrea never their fault.
20:27 * wizzyrea goes back in her hole.
20:27 Ropuch Uh, I can't get used my new laptop keyboard
20:28 Ropuch home/end/pgup/pgdn are tiny and above numeric pad, just below power button
20:33 schuster_32 left #koha
20:38 chris_n @wunder 28334
20:38 munin chris_n: The current temperature in Erwin, North Carolina is 2.0�C (3:21 PM EST on February 12, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 41%. Dew Point: -10.0�C. Windchill: 2.0�C. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012 hPa (Steady). Winter Storm Warning in effect until 10 am EST Saturday...
20:39 brendan @wunder 93117
20:39 munin brendan: The current temperature in Northwest Goleta, Goleta, California is 15.5�C (12:32 PM PST on February 12, 2010). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 71%. Dew Point: 10.0�C. Pressure: 30.12 in 1019.9 hPa (Falling).
20:39 brendan geeze chris_n it seems that everytime you check the weather it's either flooding or winter storms
20:39 jwagner chris_n, you're not planning to send any of that winter storm up our direction are you?  We don't want it!
20:41 Ropuch Mayve it's 'set' the weather of
20:41 Ropuch Instead of 'show' one option of munin ;>
20:41 pianohackr|work Ropuch: tiny keyboard changes are the root of all evil
20:42 Ropuch pianohackr|work: yep
20:43 Ropuch 'design award winner' keyboard, I have been warned ;>
20:43 chris_n we'll take all the snow you want to send us jwager :-)
20:43 chris_n brendan: they say if you don't like the weather in NC just wait a minute
20:44 chris_n pianohackr|work: heya
20:44 pianohackr|work my current one has a giant enter key shoving up the backslash, it may well drive me mad
20:44 pianohackr|work anyway, hi chris_n
20:45 jwagner chris_n, don't say that too loudly -- the metro area is running out of places to pile up all the snow that's been scooped up off the streets.  They might be willing to send it to you :-)
20:45 pianohackr|work You know, here in colorado of all places it was _60°_ a month ago
20:45 pianohackr|work Some drunken weather god at the controls this winter...
20:46 chris_n jwagner: I grew up in northern VA and worked in Fairfax for awhile... I remember well
20:46 brendan hiya pianohacker|work
20:46 brendan gosh darn it
20:46 pianohackr|work Hehe
20:46 pianohackr|work Think web 2.0 pianos
20:46 brendan pianohackr|work
20:46 pianohackr|work How are you, brendan?
20:47 brendan going well
20:47 brendan any news from your front
20:48 brendan re: college
20:49 pianohackr|work Not yet. Still hanging in the balance
20:49 wizzyrea ropuch: you'll be happy to see -
20:49 wizzyrea it's still not quite complete
20:49 brendan ah..  best of luck err...  skill piano
20:49 wizzyrea openjade is dumb about errors on non-sgml
20:50 wizzyrea but... it works :D
20:50 Ropuch :)
20:50 schuster OK was able to load a small portion of my patrons.. WHEW...
20:50 pianohackr|work brendan: When I'm accepted, it's skill, rejections are bad luck :)
20:51 brendan makes sense :)
20:53 Ropuch I took 37 minutes on fresh system to get to webinstaller login
20:54 wizzyrea that's pretty good ropuch
20:54 Ropuch Guess I can name the manual "Koha in an hour"
20:54 Ropuch ;>
20:54 brendan with virtual images you can get it down to about 3 minutes :)
20:54 Ropuch Downloading was about 1/3 of the time
20:55 Ropuch wizzyrea: plus downloading Vbox & image :>
20:55 wizzyrea hee
21:00 jwagner Have a good weekend, everyone.  Holiday here on Monday.  Boy, could I use one (where I could get out of the house, that is).
21:02 pianohackr|work Bye, jane, good luck with the snow :)
21:02 jwagner left #koha
21:02 collum left #koha
21:09 wizzyrea hrm, something crucial is missing in the lenny install docs: updating your sources :/
21:09 wizzyrea apt-get update, I think
21:09 wizzyrea I will add it
21:14 schuster well just got the email at 3:08 that we are free to go home at 3 today have a nice weekend... funny,,
21:14 brendan cya later #koha
21:15 schuster left #koha
21:17 wizzyrea heh, later peeps :)
21:17 pianohackr|work bye
21:18 wizzyrea oh, I'm not going, was just saying bye to schuster and brendad
21:18 wizzyrea brendan*
21:18 pianohackr|work Hehe, okay, wasn't sure :)
21:19 wizzyrea has anybody besides liblime made a koha AMI for EC2?
21:19 biglego joined #koha
21:25 brendan left #koha
21:28 biglego left #koha
21:28 pianohackr|work wizzyrea: AMI? WTFACRONYMBBQ
21:28 biglego joined #koha
21:29 wizzyrea Amazon Machine Image :P
21:29 pianohackr|work Ah, ok
21:29 wizzyrea like a vbox image for Elastic Compute Cloud
21:29 wizzyrea (EC2)
21:29 pianohackr|work right
21:30 wizzyrea this may be another of my projects on my never ending list of projects :P
21:30 biglego time for the followup question to my creating a new tool link yesterday
21:30 chris wow, go to camp and deals explode
21:31 biglego are there some generic include and template files to start with or do i need to start carving up some of the ones already there
21:31 pianohackr|work biglego: The latter, unfortunately
21:32 pianohackr|work Fortunately, many of the tools are recent additions, so the code's reasonably clean
21:32 biglego any recommendations on the most generic to start with
21:32 wizzyrea ya, things just went all esplodey
21:33 pianohackr|work biglego: Depends a bit on what you plan to do
21:34 wizzyrea I wonder if in the install script, since the git documentation on the wiki suggests kohaclone as the directory, we should make the install instructions mirror that
21:34 wizzyrea so suggest /home/X/kohaclone instead of /home/X/koha-dev
21:35 wizzyrea or change the wiki >..
21:35 wizzyrea >.>
21:35 wizzyrea and the installation script, too
21:35 pianohackr|work Hrm. I think kohaclone as the git tree and koha-dev as the base install directory is the convention
21:35 pianohackr|work biglego: Also, it sounds like you're editing the files in the extracted source archive, and not the actual installed ones
21:36 wizzyrea scratch that, you're right
21:36 wizzyrea of course you are right. lol
21:36 wizzyrea strike that last suggestion
21:37 pianohackr|work I personally use a different directory, but I'm obsessive-compulsive like that
21:37 wizzyrea eh, tis your right. :)
21:38 biglego pianohacker I am, what I do is just rename my working directory as I try things out.  I'm kinda new to this whole development thing so i'm bumbling along
21:38 pianohackr|work I think the existing names are a teensy bit confusing, but whatever :)
21:38 biglego scratch that I am working with the installed files in my directory
21:39 pianohackr|work biglego: If you're doing many custom changes at all, you might want to look into[…]lopment:git_usage
21:39 biglego usr/share/koha
21:39 pianohackr|work Some learning time to start, but it will make your life ten times easier in the long run
21:40 biglego probably a worthwhile investment
21:40 wizzyrea can you turn on the memcached support after install time? I'd like to test it out (at some point) but not right now
21:40 chris yes you can
21:40 wizzyrea kool
21:40 wizzyrea ty
21:40 pianohackr|work wizzyrea: Yup, you just have to add a couple lines to your koha-conf.xml
21:40 chris you just need to add 2 lines to the conf fle
21:40 wizzyrea so... I would add 2 lines to the conf file then?
21:40 wizzyrea ;)
21:40 wizzyrea i tease, I tease
21:40 pianohackr|work Yes, something like that :)
21:42 * chris_n submits a script to mass update patron's notification preferences
21:43 wizzyrea OMG
21:43 wizzyrea seriously>?!
21:43 * wizzyrea loves chris_n even more now
21:43 chris_n very
21:43 cait chris_n++
21:43 wizzyrea do you know we paid to have that done
21:43 wizzyrea as DB maintenance
21:43 wizzyrea a couple of times, actually
21:44 chris_n I'd ask for a refund... ;-)
21:44 wizzyrea so I am SO happy to see that
21:44 wizzyrea lol
21:44 wizzyrea nah
21:44 chris_n I won't ask who you paid to do it
21:44 wizzyrea oh you know who
21:45 cait voldemort?
21:45 biglego stupid git question follows
21:45 cait sorry...
21:45 chris_n wizzyrea: here you are[…]ruary/005570.html
21:46 wizzyrea that is brilliant, thanks for doing that
21:46 chris_n you can even just update one or two if you like
21:46 chris_n or 50
21:46 chris_n or all
21:47 biglego in a nutshell i install the latest greatest Head master, and then use it to write my changes to the files I edit
21:47 biglego then I can rollback to originals if I screw up my clone
21:47 pianohackr|work basically, yes
21:48 biglego okay i thought i had the concept
21:48 pianohackr|work[…]/gittutorial.html might be useful, though you can skip some steps as you're starting with an existing project
21:49 wizzyrea and these guys (and gals) are very patient/helpful to git nubs.
21:49 * wizzyrea is a git nub
21:49 pianohackr|work chris_n: One very tiny code nitpick I see is !$a && !$b rather than !($a || $b), though that's as much personal preference as anything
21:49 cait 3.4 - 3.2 is not released and I already long for 3.4 features :)
21:49 pianohackr|work hehe
21:50 pianohackr|work wizzyrea: I think chris is the only one of us who _isn't_ a git nub. It takes a little getting used to :)
21:50 * chris_n is sure his coding style very much stands to be improved ;-)
21:51 biglego cool the bar i'm hiding from the snow in has powerstrips at each booth
21:51 gmcharlt wizzyrea: there was a time when the Koha git reference page came up pretty high on a google search on 'git tutorial'
21:52 wizzyrea it *is* a  pretty epic tutorial, actually. I use it *all the time*
21:52 biglego so another stupid question should I reinstall with git or is there away to update my current install via git to the most current.
21:53 Genji joined #koha
21:53 biglego I guess I should just go ahead and get on the 3.2 bandwagon anyway
21:53 pianohackr|work I think reinstalling from scratch is a _bit_ easier, though you can keep your db
21:54 pianohackr|work Do in-place 3.0.x -> 3.2 master upgrades work?
21:54 Ropuch I've just updated 3.00.05 to head with no errors
21:54 Ropuch HA!
21:54 pianohackr|work Ropuch++
21:54 biglego i'm on 3.04
21:54 Ropuch pianohackr|work: all bugsquasher++
21:54 gmcharlt pianohackr|work: not quite yet - you have to deal with some DB errors and the like
21:54 pianohackr|work ahh, okay
21:55 Ropuch I've just installed head, imported my sql dump and run the installer
21:55 chris_n k, time to leave... can't stand the fun any longer :-)
21:55 biglego as long as I can import my patrons and bibs i don't mind recreating config settings I spent a good deal of time simplifying
22:03 biglego left #koha
22:04 wajasu left #koha
22:12 wajasu joined #koha
22:18 Nate left #koha
22:32 brendan joined #koha
22:33 wizzyrea brendan: it's the weekend, no working!
22:33 brendan heh - gotta answer a question then I'm gone
22:33 brendan same to you too :)
22:41 brendan left #koha
22:45 wizzyrea 18 minutes :)
22:47 wizzyrea the installer was smooth as butter. Love it.
22:47 pianohackr|work has it changed?
22:48 wizzyrea I had a lot less trouble this time, fwiw
22:49 Genji left #koha
22:49 wizzyrea that is to say, followed the docs on a clean install, and was able to do it step for step (with one tiny change)
22:49 wizzyrea so either 1. i'm smarter or 2. it's smarter.
22:49 wizzyrea :P
22:49 wizzyrea maybe both
22:52 pianohackr|work Or 3. You're slowly getting numb to its breed of insanity
22:52 wizzyrea no, I don't think that's it
22:52 wizzyrea but it's funny all the same
23:39 pianohackr|work In case anybody cares; the step where you install dselect to apply the package selections on a lenny installed can be replaced with an apt-get dselect-upgrade, afaict
23:40 cait good night :)
23:40 cait left #koha
23:41 pianohackr|work slef: around?
23:48 chris_n does log to anywhere?
23:48 pianohackr|work I don't think so, besides stdout
23:49 pianohackr|work It can output failed messages as csv, but that's basically it
23:52 chris_n hmm
23:52 chris_n perl -csv
23:52 chris_n name;surname;address1;address2;zipcode;​city;country;email;itemcount;itemsinfo
23:52 chris_n is all I get
23:52 chris_n and no emails
23:52 pianohackr|work There is a verbose flag
23:58 rhcl_away left #koha

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