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00:00 cait1 you are always beating me to one or two degrees! :)
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00:01 ricardo @wunder Lisbon, Portugal
00:01 munin ricardo: The current temperature in Lisbon, Portugal is 19.0�C (12:30 AM WEST on September 03, 2009). Conditions: Scattered Clouds. Humidity: 83%. Dew Point: 16.0�C. Pressure: 30.12 in 1020 hPa (Steady).
00:01 ricardo Sorry, couldn't resist  ;-)
00:02 ricardo I have to leave for a while. Take care!
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00:06 brendan @wunder current location
00:06 munin brendan: Error: No such location could be found.
00:07 brendan munin -- I think you should use some IP adresses for weather
00:07 munin brendan: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
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00:14 brendan steve still around?
00:14 steve i am still here.
00:14 steve busily reading the website
00:14 brendan where are you from?
00:14 steve actually the koha and newgenlib comparison documents.
00:14 steve very interesting stuff.
00:15 chris who wrote those?
00:15 brendan ha -- I mean location
00:15 * chris probably read them, but cant recall
00:15 steve I'm from Athol Massachusetts.  s'why the stuff is so interesting.
00:15 brendan right
00:15 brendan I grew up in CT
00:16 steve Anuradha from Bangalor wrote the comparison i am reading now.
00:16 brendan I thought those where from one of the india folks
00:16 steve CT is just a stones throw away :)
00:16 brendan I was just in CT last week
00:17 brendan what's Athol close to
00:17 steve Athol is 50 mi. north of Worcester Ma and 25 mi south of Keene NH
00:17 steve extreme northwest Mass basically :)
00:18 brendan I'm very familiar with westbourgh
00:18 brendan one of the many bourghs
00:18 steve pretty country however....  Basin of the Green Mountains.
00:18 brendan near Greefield
00:18 steve nod. there are a million Boroughs
00:18 brendan whoops Greenfield
00:18 steve nod. near Greenfield
00:19 steve brb... my hot dogs are ready. ;)
00:23 steve back
00:23 steve so do you know greenfield?
00:24 brendan Yes
00:24 brendan I had a bunch of good friends that went to Northfield
00:24 steve they have a great RPG store there. :)
00:24 steve nod.  I am part of a developers group that meets in Northfield a couple times a month.
00:24 brendan also the owner -- err....  lead brewer for Dogfish ale went to Northfield
00:25 * chris has been to boston a couple of times
00:25 steve w000t! go Microbrews!
00:25 brendan next time you make it to boston -- chris -- you need to try some dogfish
00:25 brendan excellent -- very hoppy beers
00:25 chris you can get it here
00:25 brendan ha
00:25 brendan really?
00:26 chris yep
00:26 steve so where is here?  I didn't read that part of the website.
00:26 brendan which ones?
00:26 chris wellington, nz
00:26 chris lemme find the bar's website again
00:27 brendan curious -- because they make some outrageous beers
00:27 steve for some reason I thought y'all were in midwestern US.  not zn.
00:27 * brendan favorite is the 90-minute or the 120-minute
00:28 brendan nope I'm from the US
00:28 brendan currently in Atlanta
00:28 chris cant find it, i know they had one, and they also had flying dog ales
00:28 brendan but most of the time -- I'm splitting time between CT or CA
00:28 chris (hunter s thompson's brewery)
00:28 brendan flying dogs are good
00:29 brendan chris are you familiar with rogue ?
00:29 chris nope
00:29 brendan it's an oregon brewery
00:29 brendan top notch
00:29 * chris is one of the original koha developers from nz
00:29 steve i mixed up the server .nz with personal info... heh.
00:30 steve ok chris
00:30 chris brendan: ill check it out
00:30 brendan if you need a good contact in the koha community -- chris is the one
00:30 steve you are the release mgr for this latest release
00:30 chris no
00:30 chris im translation manager for this release
00:30 brendan knows the history...  knows the code
00:30 chris i was release manager fo 1.0, and 1.4
00:31 chris gmcharlt is the release manager for 3.2
00:31 * steve gobbles some fish oil in hopes his memory holds up
00:31 steve ok
00:32 chris brendan is from bywater solutions, a newcomer but proving to be excellent member of the community
00:32 chris
00:32 * steve tips his hat at brendan
00:32 brendan well that's only if I get rugby updates from NZ
00:33 steve lol! everybody has an angle, huh?
00:33 chris slef who was here earlier (probably asleep by now) is from
00:34 steve slef is the one who blew away?
00:34 steve :)
00:35 brendan and there's the whole biblibre contingent hdl_laptop nahuel paul_p etc
00:35 chris yep
00:35 chris yeah and ptfs
00:35 chris they will be asleep/afk too :)
00:35 brendan there is an excellent community now
00:35 * chris works for
00:35 steve so most everyone is logging?
00:35 brendan err...   there is an excellent community
00:35 chris the channel is logged
00:36 chris
00:36 steve I was just hired by soon to be to help with their OSS innovation process.
00:37 chris sweet
00:37 steve lots to learn!
00:37 chris i know palinet have had lots to do with koha
00:37 chris not sure about solinet
00:37 steve I'm a code jockey in a world of Librarians :)
00:38 steve ~*~ help ~*~
00:39 steve solinet actually was doing a lot of training on another solution.  I am hoping to bring a more balanced understanding of the landscape into the mix.
00:39 chris steve: welcome to my world for the last 10 years
00:39 brendan good deal
00:39 chris EG?
00:39 chris evegreen is good stuff too
00:39 steve nod EG.
00:40 * chris is happy that people are using free software
00:40 chris be it EG or Koha
00:40 brendan cheers
00:40 steve the jabberd stuff is fun to mess with. I will say that.
00:41 steve but honestly I am new enough to all this so that I eally need to see how it all works.
00:41 chris gmcharlt and atz both work for equinox
00:41 brendan yup -- just got a good trunk install of Opensrf installed
00:41 gmcharlt joined #koha
00:41 brendan heya gmcharlt
00:41 chris speak of the devil^w release manager
00:41 gmcharlt hey brendan
00:41 gmcharlt chris: nothing saying the too can't be synonymous
00:41 gmcharlt two, even
00:41 chris :)
00:42 steve lol! right on que... were your windows burning? :)
00:42 chris we are jsut chatting with steve from
00:42 gmcharlt ah, _that_ steve
00:42 gmcharlt howdy
00:42 steve hey ho.  the very same.
00:43 gmcharlt were you the one asking about consortia earlier?
00:43 brendan ah steve -- you missed the IRC meeting too bad
00:43 chris ahh yeah good summary on the wiki tho
00:43 chris and links to the transcript
00:44 gmcharlt pianohacker++
00:44 steve i can't tell time.
00:44 brendan anyone got the meeting notes link handy
00:44 chris[…]etingnotes09sep02
00:44 steve i'll try again next time! LOL!
00:44 steve yes.  that was me.
00:44 gmcharlt bright and early at 6:00 a.m. EDT
00:44 brendan yeah -- too bad for me -- 3am next time :(
00:45 chris 10pm for me
00:45 chris i win
00:45 chris :)
00:45 steve one of the comments I had heard abou the diff between EG and Koha was that EG was better equipped for ILL which from my subsequent reading and demo at doesn't seem to be true.
00:45 * chris doesnt know
00:45 brendan chris -- I always win the @wunder
00:46 brendan depends -- what parts of ILL your interested in
00:47 chris gmcharlt: im working on testing the labels .. its very slick stuff, works really well, some noisy warnings so sent a patch for those but otherwise its awesome
00:47 gmcharlt chris: cool
00:47 chris merged it with a copy of master .. no conflicts
00:47 steve honestly, I am still trying to figure that out.  sometimes people make offhand comments that a n00b like me takes as "informed" only to discover in my further research, was merely... offhand.  you know?
00:47 chris one issue is it throws an internal server error if you are logged in as kohaadmin and dont have a branch set
00:48 chris thats the only thing ive found
00:49 chris the interface is awesome tho
00:49 brendan steve -- I agree -- there a lot of "off-hand" comments about ILL
00:49 chris chris_n2++ # just for good measure
00:49 brendan which internal server errors are you getting chris --
00:49 gmcharlt steve: yeah - there's ILL within a consortia sharing a single DB - both Koha and EG can hading it via doing circulation tranasctions inside the database
00:50 brendan I didn't get too many on mine
00:50 gmcharlt cross-ILS ILL, which *nobody* does all that well
00:50 gmcharlt interfacing with ILL brokers like OCLC
00:50 gmcharlt just to toss off three different models
00:50 brendan yup -- that's the key gmcharlt
00:51 chris brendan:  DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Column 'branch_code' cannot be null at
00:51 chris /home/chrisc/git/koha/C4/Labels/ line 66
00:51 ricardo_away is now known as ricardo
00:51 chris easy fix tho, just detect the person doesnt have a branch set, and tell them to set it
00:51 ricardo (Back... for a while)
00:51 chris i might send a patch for that too
00:51 brendan yup -- i didn't run into to that -- tested as non-kohadmin
00:53 chris yeah generally you should never run as kohaadmin so its not really a biggy
00:53 chris but doesnt hurt to trap it anyway
00:53 brendan ha
00:56 chris ricardo: as soon as the feature freeze happens, ill make po files for the 3.2 release (based on the 3.0 ones) so you can start on translating
00:58 ricardo chris: Hmm... Thanks for the info. Marta Grachat (the student selected for the SAPO Sumerbits projects) is doing the translations based in the 3.0.x version...
00:58 chris yep, that will be good for 3.0.x
00:58 ricardo chris: For now, she's working "standalone". Then, she'll submit it to the SAPO Subversion repository and I intend to pull it to Koha's git repository
00:58 chris if you send it through me
00:59 chris ill put thru and into git
00:59 chris otherwise it will get overwritten when i push up from
01:00 ricardo chris: That was fine by me.... But this may take a while to complete. At least, until the 15th of this month.
01:00 chris no problem
01:00 chris ill wait until then
01:00 chris and base the 3.2.x .po file off it
01:00 ricardo chris: Great. Thanks!  :)
01:01 ricardo I'm also on holidays, BTW. Can't you notice?  ;-)
01:01 chris gmcharlt: the way i sent the patches for the labels warnings .. is that the correct way?
01:01 chris ricardo: hehe :)
01:01 gmcharlt chris: works for me
01:02 chris cool
01:02 ricardo chris: I'll be oficially back to work on Tuesday.
01:03 chris enjoy the rest of your vacation :)
01:03 ricardo chris: I'll try, thanks  :)
01:04 ricardo I'm feeling "So much to do, and so little time"  :-S
01:06 steve woah.  I heard that!
01:07 Sharon joined #koha
01:07 chris working late Sharon ?
01:07 Sharon Thinking about it.
01:12 ricardo steve: Do you mean that you heard my sigh?  ;-)
01:13 steve I did, Ricardo.  a universal sigh of overwelmedness (word?)
01:14 ricardo steve: Gee... And here I was thinking that I was the only human being in the Planet feeling this way, eheh...
01:14 steve well only human maybe... but not the only sentient with...oh ooops... TMI?
01:15 ricardo eheh
01:18 * chris_n2 reads the buffer while his wife blends up orange smoothies with home made yogurt
01:18 ricardo gmcharlt: BTW, I don't know what Book you read about Time Management... but I want to buy it!
01:18 chris_n2 ahh
01:18 chris_n2 chris: I did not think to test w/kohaadmin
01:18 chris chris_n2: really good stuff, i sent a couple of little patches
01:19 gmcharlt ricardo: not sure you'd want that - you'd end up with no hair :)
01:19 ricardo gmcharlt: LOL!
01:19 chris but on the whole it works awesomely
01:19 chris_n2 tnx
01:19 chris and merged into master without issue
01:19 chris_n2 I tried to catch all of the warnings, but apparently missed some
01:19 ricardo gmcharlt: So, the trick for effective Time Management is... ripping out your hair?  ;-)
01:20 gmcharlt it's one approach :)
01:20 steve ROFL!
01:20 ricardo eheh
01:22 * brendan had to look up ROFL
01:22 chris steve: Sharon works for a consortia, NEKLS
01:22 * chris facilitates
01:22 Sharon we prefer 'shared catalog'
01:22 steve ok?
01:23 chris i prefer 'king of the world' people don't often call me it though
01:23 Sharon the director has odd reasons, but whatever...he's boss
01:23 steve I don't really know the diff
01:23 steve not yet....
01:24 steve am having much to learn.
01:24 Sharon there isn't, that's the joke...
01:24 steve ok
01:24 Sharon we are 30 independent libraries who share materials and a patron database
01:24 chris_n2 chris: I started to add a "Print a label" button to, but did not  have time to pursue it atm
01:24 chris ohh that would be trick chris_n2
01:25 chris phase 2 :)
01:25 chris_n2 :-S
01:25 ricardo Sharon: Do you use the same "Item Types" for all the libraries?
01:25 steve so I thought the major 'shared cat' diff between koha and eg was distributed databases (eg) and a centralized one (koha)?   is this not so?
01:25 Sharon Yes, same set of item types, collection codes and shelving locations, with unique fine and circ rules
01:25 chris_n2 chris: how about the jpeg on
01:26 chris love it
01:26 ricardo Sharon: Interesting. Many thanks for the information
01:26 chris_n2 that probably took more time then any of the code... ;-)
01:26 chris heeh
01:26 Sharon no worries.
01:27 brendan good night
01:27 chris_n2 g'night brendan
01:27 chris night brendan
01:28 gmcharlt brendan: g'night
01:29 chris_n2 chris gmcharlt: had a bit of a hard time deciding how to handle migration of existing batches with the branch assignment
01:29 chris_n2 so I just took the top branch off of the branch table
01:30 chris_n2 however, if there is a better idea, I'm for doing it
01:30 chris_n2 it will never be an issue after migration
01:30 steve do you guys need instructions for koha on ubantu 8.10?  that's what I use for the most part.
01:30 gmcharlt home library of the staff user who created the batch?
01:30 chris_n2 with existing batches you cannot tell who created it
01:31 * chris_n2 speaks of the current labels code batches
01:31 chris steve: we have some ubuntu docs .. on the wiki and in git .. but fixing/editing is always welcome
01:31 gmcharlt steve: there's an Ubuntu install guide at - if you'd want to look it over and improve it, that would be created
01:31 gmcharlt chris_n2: well, that idea just went down in flames ;)
01:31 chris_n2 lol
01:32 gmcharlt chris_n2: I think it'd OK
01:32 steve nod.  i am reading it now.
01:32 chris the current labels dont tie them to a branch eh?
01:32 * gmcharlt wonders how long people really keep label batches around, anyway
01:32 chris_n2 no
01:32 chris if not, then yeah the first branch seems fine
01:32 * chris_n2 too
01:32 chris_n2 I added a note to the installer script which shows up after a successful upgrade
01:33 atz you can print a branch name on the label if you want though.
01:33 chris noticed that chris_n2
01:33 chris_n2 hi joe
01:34 chris_n2 the new code only displays batches relevant to the currently logged in branch
01:34 * chris_n2 wonders if atz has made any trips to NC lately ;-)
01:34 atz so you can't make a batch with labels from multiple branches?
01:35 atz chris_n2: not since last year
01:35 atz was down in GA last week though
01:35 chris_n2 would one want a batch w/labels from multiple branches?
01:35 chris_n2 I did think of adding an option to view all batches from all branches
01:35 chris phase 3
01:35 chris :)
01:36 chris_n2 hehe
01:36 chris_n2 phase n!
01:36 chris there is no finishing with koha, there is just the next phase
01:37 ricardo atz: GA = General Availability?
01:37 atz State of Georgia
01:37 chris the one in the us, not europe :)
01:38 atz chris_n2: you would if you were a central cataloging department
01:38 ricardo atz / chris: Eheh, OK. Thanks for the info
01:38 atz i.e., receiving orders/items for all branches
01:38 chris_n2 atz: it should be trivial to add that sort of functionality
01:39 * steve considers making a comment about GA != Gen Avail and then remembers it's a public channel. *veg*
01:42 chris_n2 atz: I thought about you the other day while making chipotle's
01:42 chris whats ga famous for, cusisine wise?
01:43 chris_n2 jalapenos came off like crazy this year
01:43 chris_n2 Georga Peaches
01:43 chris_n2 Georgia even
01:45 chris gmcharlt:
01:46 gmcharlt heh
01:46 gmcharlt I've seen that before, but still spooky
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01:51 chris_n2 chris: what scenario caused Profile::_convpoints to throw warnings?
01:52 chris Profile::_convpoints?
01:52 chris_n2 sorry, _conv_points
01:53 chris i think it was another thing caused by kohaadmin
01:53 chris_n2 in your first patch
01:53 chris_n2 k
01:53 chris 2 secs lemme find the error
01:53 chris warn i should say
01:53 chris Wed Sep  2 23:48:38 2009] Use of uninitialized value in multiplication (*) at /home/chrisc/git/koha/C4/Labels/ line 50.
01:53 chris_n2 ok, that may indicate another issue
01:54 chris label-item-search threw one the first time you went to the page, (with no op set)
01:55 chris_n2 *nod*
01:57 chris_n2 when the warn occurred, did you have a profile associated with a template?
01:57 chris good question
01:57 chris maybe not
01:57 chris_n2 there are no sample profiles
01:57 chris it all still worked
01:57 chris barring the warns
01:57 chris_n2 right
01:59 chris_n2 the perfectionist in me is just emerging a bit here as I try to find what is really going on there :-)
01:59 chris yeah thats it, no profile
02:02 * chris_n2 finds a nasty
02:05 ricardo Way past my bed time people (3H03 AM). Time to go to sleep. Take care everyone!  :)
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02:08 chris_n2 chris: thanks for testing
02:08 chris np
02:25 chris_n2 wow, poison honey in NZ land
02:25 chris_n2[…]s%20statement.pdf
02:26 chris yeah, that dude was a moron
02:27 chris_n2 that site used to have some very useful things on it, I'm sorry to hear the guy was a bad apple
02:27 * chris_n2 keeps bees
02:28 chris_n2 but not around flowers with toxic nectar
02:28 chris just careless i think
02:29 lamiette man I hope our bees aren't around anything with toxic nectar
02:29 steve i can trust my little honey bear jar though, right? *sniffle*
02:29 chris_n2 lamiette: I think flowers with such nectar are actually few
02:30 lamiette phew
02:30 lamiette apparently ours swarmed the other day, someone said it was kind of early in the season so they must have had an abundance of food and freaked out or something
02:30 * chris_n2 tells steve it will be ok
02:30 steve :)
02:30 chris_n2 lamiette: where are you located?
02:31 chris about 12 feet below me, and to the right
02:31 * chris_n2 is in eastern North Carolina, USA
02:31 steve ok...i'm off to bed.  nice meeting you all
02:31 chris_n2 g'night steve
02:31 lamiette Wellington, NZ, same building as chris, but the bees are in Nelson
02:31 chris_n2 lol
02:31 steve left #koha
02:31 chris_n2 I guess it is early in the season there
02:32 lamiette yeah, apparently they'll usually swarm in october
02:32 chris_n2 ours like to swarm about the end of April or first part of May
02:32 chris_n2 I lost 5 of my 10 hives this past winter :-(
02:33 lamiette :(
03:01 chris_n2 chris: any idea why, after ' -b -r' I would still show bibs w/o items when I just did a bulk import? (I just dropped the db and re-created)
03:01 chris hmmm zebra does weird stuff
03:02 chris_n2 I've done it 100xs + over the last few days and now it decides to quit :-P
03:04 gmcharlt chris_n2: does tacking on -v show anything?
03:04 chris_n2 gmcharlt: that's the funny thing, -v says everything runs fine
03:05 chris_n2 zebra-daemon logs are empty
03:08 Amit joined #koha
03:08 Amit hi chirs, brendan
03:09 Amit hi chris
03:09 Amit good morning #koha
03:09 chris_n2 hi Amit
03:10 * chris_n2 pokes his zebra w/a stick
03:12 Amit hi chris_n2
03:25 chris_n2 doh...
03:25 chris_n2 the little matter about no branch code to match the imported records and the silent fail
03:25 * chris_n2 looks for his bug spray
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03:31 Amit_G hi chris
03:36 indradg joined #koha
03:39 Amit_G hi indradg
03:39 indradg Amit_G, morning
03:50 chris_n2 g'night
03:50 chris_n2 is now known as chris_n2-away
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07:36 |Lupin| hello there
07:37 hdl_laptop hi |Lupin|
07:38 |Lupin| hey hdl_laptop
07:57 |Lupin| chris: around ?
08:01 Amit hi
08:01 Amit lupin
08:03 |Lupin| hi Amit
08:11 cait joined #koha
08:21 |Lupin| pls
08:21 |Lupin| queston regarding Koha command-line tools
08:21 |Lupin| Does it matter in which directory one is when calling them ?
08:29 hdl_laptop only for translations
08:34 Amit hi hdl
08:34 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: ok, thanks
08:35 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: and is there some convention about the way the syntax of programs should be displayed ? e.g. some of them include the program name, some do not... is there a prefered way ?
08:36 hdl_laptop I think the user prefer the name of the program displayed
08:37 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: k. Once or in front of each option ?
08:37 hdl_laptop once
08:37 hdl_laptop as a header
08:38 thd-away is now known as thd
08:53 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: ok, thanks
08:55 chris evening
08:56 hdl_laptop hi chris
08:57 |Lupin| hi chris
08:57 |Lupin| just on phone
08:58 chris i wonder if that guy is gonna keep sending the same message about his installer continuously
09:17 bigbrovar joined #koha
09:17 bigbrovar .
09:25 |Lupin| chris: till there ?
09:26 chris yep
09:26 chris for a little bit longer
09:26 |Lupin| chris: ok, great !
09:27 |Lupin| chris: yesterday there was a discussionn bout adding columns to the biblio table to keep track of who created a record and who lats modified it.
09:27 |Lupin| chris: I'm wondering what you ae thinking about that
09:27 |Lupin| (others who have an opinion may say it too, of course!)
09:28 chris hmmm
09:28 chris i thought that was what the logs were for?
09:28 chris dont we track that with the logs already?
09:29 |Lupin| ah ! I didn't think about that !
09:29 |Lupin| chris: but then this info can't be included in the MARC records, can it ?
09:29 chris it could be
09:30 chris the marc is stored the marcxml column
09:31 |Lupin| chris: but how would you do to add it then ?
09:31 chris it would need some code to add it
09:31 imp left #koha
09:32 chris but probably less code than add a new column and writing all the code to populate it, and then the code to add that column to the marc
09:32 |Lupin| chris: yeah.
09:32 |Lupin| chris: I'm willing to implement that, but I'd appreciate to have some guidelines, things to think about, or so...
09:33 |Lupin| chris: do you think you could help with that ?
09:33 chris yep, .. but first i want to know what you plan to use it for?
09:33 chris show it in the detail .. or just when you export the marc?
09:34 |Lupin| chris: show it in the detail
09:34 chris so it needs to update the marc everytime you change it?
09:34 |Lupin| chris: we will have non-librarian doing cataloguing
09:34 chris in that case i would just change the code that updates it to add it to the marc
09:34 |Lupin| chris: so we would like to make it possible for our librarian to track all the modifications done by others and check them
09:35 chris right, that is what the log is for
09:35 chris putting it int he marc record helps how?
09:35 |Lupin| chris: ok... but ould such a modificaiton be local, or can it be done in a way that makes it usable by other interested persons ?
09:35 chris since you can only show the last update
09:36 chris i would rather you linked to the log from the detail page, or showed the log for that record on the detail page
09:36 |Lupin| chris: Actually I don't know whether it really has to be in the marc record or not... at least it has to be accessible somehow to the librarian
09:36 chris so you are on the detail page of a record, with a link show changes
09:36 chris_n-2nd joined #koha
09:37 chris and you click on that link and you get shown the log of changes for that record
09:37 chris would that work?
09:37 gmcharlt good morning
09:37 |Lupin| hi gmcharlt
09:37 Amit hi galen
09:37 |Lupin| chris: I'm not sure actually
09:37 chris or it could be another tab
09:38 chris hi gmcharlt
09:38 |Lupin| chris: with things done that way, would it be possible to search for records created by someone else or which have been modified by someone else ?
09:38 chris yes
09:38 chris you can search the log
09:38 chris and filter by a person
09:38 chris or action
09:38 |Lupin| chris: ok but it's not like searching in the catalog... is i ?
09:39 chris so i can go to tools
09:39 chris yes but storing it in the marc, you cant track all changes
09:39 chris only the latest
09:39 |Lupin| chris: indeed
09:39 chris go to tools, choose log viewer
09:39 chris and then i can search for all records added by a person
09:39 chris they are all links
09:39 |Lupin| chris: so what I conclude from this discussion is that we may not need to do anything, actually ?
09:40 chris yeah, i think with a little bit of training in using the log viewer
09:40 |Lupin| chris: can you also earch for records added for everybody except a person ?
09:41 chris not sure,
09:41 chris would be easy to add if not
09:42 |Lupin| chris: ok... do you think I can figure out ? if not, would ou accept to send me guidelines by mail ?
09:43 chris i think you can figure it out
09:43 chris have a bit of play wth the logviewer
09:43 |Lupin| chris: ok, I'll see and bug someone if I can't
09:43 chris (make sure you turn on logging in system preferences)
09:44 |Lupin| chris: ah, yes.
09:44 |Lupin| chris: do the log also keep track of who initially added a record ?
09:44 chris_n left #koha
09:45 imp joined #koha
09:50 chris yes
09:50 |Lupin| that's really great
09:50 |Lupin| thanks chris for this enlightening discussion
10:13 magnusenger left #koha
10:38 gmcharlt @later tell chris_n2 re use of syslog in the labels branch, I'm concerned about scattering logging; OK if we convert them to warns for now?
10:38 munin gmcharlt: The operation succeeded.
10:40 chris night all
10:53 cait left #koha
10:59 thd is now known as thd-away
11:08 gmcharlt left #koha
11:31 gmcharlt joined #koha
11:37 |Lupin| till soon folks
11:37 |Lupin| left #koha
11:41 chris_n-2nd is now known as chris_n
11:41 chris_n g'morning
11:42 chris_n gmcharlt: so is there any code in place to log to koha-error_log?
11:42 gmcharlt chris_n: sure
11:42 gmcharlt warn $foo # :)
11:42 chris_n hrmm
11:42 chris_n on my install that goes to apache2/error.log
11:42 gmcharlt anything printed to STDERR ends on in koha-*error_log
11:42 jdavidb joined #koha
11:42 gmcharlt which are Apache error logs
11:43 chris_n must be something screwed up on my install
11:43 gmcharlt the default VirtualHost configuration specifies separate error logs for staff and OPAC
11:43 * chris_n never sees entries in koha-error_log
11:43 gmcharlt etc/koha-http.conf
11:45 chris_n gmcharlt: I see those entries, but see my warns going to apache2/error.log
11:46 chris_n not sure what's wrong, but do what ever is best with the syslog stuff
11:48 gmcharlt chris_n: it's a permissions issue with the koha-error_log
11:48 gmcharlt if Apache can't write to it, it defaults to its global error log
11:49 chris_n ahh
11:50 laurence left #koha
11:51 chris_n many of those error messages need to be logged even if $debug is not set
11:52 jwagner joined #koha
11:52 chris_n permissions on koha-error_log are koha:koha
11:52 chris_n would this prevent apache from writing to it?
11:53 gmcharlt if Apache is running as www-data:www-data, then yes
11:53 hdl_laptop hi gmcharlt
11:53 gmcharlt hi hdl_laptop
11:53 chris_n hi hdl_laptop
11:54 gmcharlt chris_n: you don't have to wrap every warn with '$debug and' if you believe that the warning should be logged
11:54 hdl_laptop hi chris_n
11:54 chris_n k
11:55 chris_n gmcharlt: I really don't have a problem with switching to warns; I was just concerned with getting some through and still complying with the desire to avoid fill the error log
11:56 gmcharlt I think the basic question is if you log it
11:56 gmcharlt can the administrator do anything useful about the warning condition
11:56 gmcharlt if not, it's not necessarily worth logging
11:57 gmcharlt and if it's serious, it might need to be presented to the user in some fashion if the user can do anything about it
11:59 chris_n would you like for me to make the changes?
11:59 gmcharlt chris_n: please
12:01 laurence joined #koha
12:03 chris_n k, it will most likely be early next week
12:05 chris_n gmcharlt: so should permissions on the koha log files be www-data:www-data  or some other combo
12:05 gmcharlt chris_n: you could cheat and chmod a+w
12:05 gmcharlt but it depends on whatever the httpd process is running as
12:06 gmcharlt usually www-data on Debian
12:06 chris_n tnx :-)
12:10 anasha left #koha
12:10 anasha joined #koha
12:12 gmcharlt chris_n++ # the labels rework looks really, really good
12:12 chris_n tnx
12:18 chris_n gmcharlt: btw, I talked w/chris and submitted an improved patch for the warns he found which should be applied rather than the one he submitted
12:19 gmcharlt chris_n: is it "Fixing some warnings, no functionality changes" that's superceded?
12:20 chris_n correct
12:21 gmcharlt ok
12:21 gmcharlt chris_n: regarding future directions, what are your thoughts about getting patron card support back in and atz's comments about multi-branch batches?
12:22 chris_n I plan to look at the multi-branch issue before the alpha hopefully
12:23 chris_n I hope to have patron card support back in by end of the year
12:24 chris_n My work is basically being driven by a ~Jan 6, 2010 "go live" date for our library
12:25 Amit left #koha
12:26 chris_n then there is the memcache improvements chris and I have been discussing
12:26 chris_n they will most likely be much later
12:32 chris_n bbiab
12:47 hedgesst joined #koha
12:52 owen joined #koha
12:54 jwagner is now known as jwagner_meeting
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13:03 |Lupin| joined #koha
13:04 |Lupin| hi again, everybody
13:05 hedgesst hello
13:06 owen Hi hedgesst. What brings you to #koha?
13:06 hdl_laptop hi hedgesst
13:06 |Lupin| hi hedgesst
13:06 hedgesst hi hdl!
13:06 brendan joined #koha
13:06 brendan left #koha
13:06 hedgesst #koha is like a magnet, it keeps pulling me back. :-)
13:06 brendan joined #koha
13:15 gmcharlt hi hedgesst
13:16 hedgesst hi gmc
13:23 jdavidb left #koha
13:26 * owen wishes the koha lists would reject multi-part/html messages
13:29 jdavidb joined #koha
13:30 owen Are there instructions out there for how to test the new branches like the labels one?
13:31 schuster joined #koha
13:31 jdavidb Howdy, schuster! :)
13:31 schuster Howdy!
13:31 schuster Owen around?
13:31 owen Yup
13:31 schuster I have a custom template problem with Content Cafe...
13:32 owen Lay it on me.
13:32 schuster Our original pisd templates evidently are different now than the prod ones and CC is no longer showing with our pisd templates.
13:33 schuster When I turn on the prod - templates we see the jackets but then the template - el/hs/ms at the top they lose their tabs and run down the screen. but we get book jackets back.
13:33 schuster Give me your phone number if you want and I will call you - I can switch the templates back and forth if we need to so you can see it.
13:34 schuster Or you can go to - and see the no jacket and let me know and I can switch it to prod and you can refresh and see it with the strange template.
13:35 gmcharlt owen: it boils down to the following
13:35 gmcharlt assuming that you have one database that you test with
13:35 owen Assumption correct.
13:35 gmcharlt make a backup of it with mysqldump
13:36 gmcharlt then in the local repo (this also assumes you're running off of a dev-mode install)
13:36 gmcharlt run
13:36 gmcharlt git branch --track origin/labels_recon labels_recon # or biblibre-integration
13:36 gmcharlt git checkout labels_recon
13:36 gmcharlt this create a tracking branch from the remote
13:37 gmcharlt then run through the database update (in the case of labels_recon) or run the atomic update scripts (in case of biblibre-integration)
13:37 gmcharlt and test away
13:37 gmcharlt to get back to head
13:37 gmcharlt restore from the mysqldump you made
13:37 gmcharlt and check out one of the branches based on master
13:39 schuster owen and gmcharlt - sorry came into the middle of your discussion.
13:39 owen And is there something special I should do if I want to submit a patch for labels_recon or biblibre-integration?
13:40 owen No problem schuster, it's every man for himself in here!
13:40 gmcharlt owen: you'd be patch against the integration branch, obiviously
13:40 gmcharlt the only special thing is when you submit, make sure that the branch name is in [ ] in the subject line
13:40 gmcharlt e.g. [biblibre-integration]
13:40 gmcharlt schuster: sorry, I may have come in the middle of yours ;)
13:41 pianohacker joined #koha
13:41 owen when you say "patch against the integration branch" it's not obvious to me :) Does that mean something different when I use the format-patch command?
13:42 gmcharlt no, more that your patches would be done while you have the appropriate tracking branch checked out
13:42 gmcharlt the only thing special for format-patch
13:42 owen Okay, yeah that much is obvious :)
13:42 gmcharlt is that you can use the --subject-prefix option to add the prefix I mentioned
13:44 owen So "git format-patch origin --subject-prefix [biblibre-integration]" for example?
13:44 gmcharlt something like that, yes
13:45 gmcharlt e.g. ''--subject-prefix '[PATCH] [biblibre-integration]'
13:47 owen Thanks gmcharlt.
13:47 * owen will brb
13:48 owen is now known as owen-away
13:51 hdl_laptop @later owen PATCH is not required it is added by mailman and neither do []
13:51 munin hdl_laptop: Error: "" is not a valid command.
13:51 hdl_laptop owen but --suject-prefix=myword is the correct syntax
13:52 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: actually, I think it's [Koha-patches] that mailman adds
13:52 gmcharlt [PATCH] is the default if you run git-format-patch with default options
13:52 hdl_laptop you're right
14:03 owen-away is now known as owen
14:14 paul_p joined #koha
14:15 hedgesst hi Paul!
14:21 Sharon joined #koha
14:22 |Lupin| hey paul_p
14:23 paul_p hi hedgesst, long time no see...
14:23 paul_p hello |Lupin|
14:23 pianohacker Hi, paul, |Lupin|, hedgesst
14:24 paul_p 'morning pianohacker jesse
14:24 pianohacker How are you, paul?
14:24 paul_p i'm in Paris, at DrupalCon. everything is fine. except some light rain...
14:24 pianohacker cool
14:25 pianohacker hedgesst: I don't think we've met. I'm Jesse Weaver, a Koha programmer
14:25 hedgesst Hi, Jesse
14:25 hedgesst saw you in the transcript of yesterday's meeting
14:25 paul_p pianohacker: hedgesst is the famous Stephen Hedges, the one that probably introduced Koha in US by adopting it for Nelsonville Public Library
14:25 chris_n hi paul_p, pianohacker, hedgesst & |Lupin|
14:26 pianohacker Ahh, very nice
14:26 pianohacker Hi, chris_n
14:26 owen My former boss :)
14:26 paul_p (and my 1st contract as self-employed person)
14:26 hedgesst and owen's neighbor
14:26 chris_n hedgesst++
14:27 atz hedgesst++
14:28 hedgesst These days I'm working for the State of Ohio,
14:28 hedgesst not much need for an ILS  :-)
14:30 hedgesst but very interested in the whole LibLime/Equinox/Koha/Evergreen weirdness
14:31 pianohacker Everyone is
14:31 pianohacker Not much information to work with, though...
14:31 Sharon left #koha
14:32 hedgesst is there some meaning behind "pianohacker"?
14:33 * chris_n imagines a frazzled piano player with an ax :-)
14:33 pianohacker It's kind of a silly story, but basically I play the piano and program computers
14:33 hedgesst ah, ok
14:33 pianohacker chris_n: Some days, after practicing and still not getting a particular phrase, that image feels quite accurate
14:34 hedgesst I do a half-assed job of both. Well. maybe quarter-assed.
14:35 pianohacker Better than nothing. Now that you've admitted to being a programmer, though, Galen can bug you for patches
14:35 hedgesst someone would need to patch my patches
14:35 * jdavidb pictures pianohacker deciding that his piano doesn't work right, and editing the interface and output modules.
14:36 pianohacker jdavidb: Hehe. Would probably work better on the old electric piano than our current ancient upright
14:36 pianohacker Besides, it's rarely the _piano_ that's the problem
14:36 hedgesst user error
14:36 jdavidb PEBKAC?
14:37 pianohacker jdavidb: exactly
14:37 pianohacker Different kind of keyboard, but still
14:39 paul_p left #koha
14:40 laurence left #koha
14:41 anasha left #koha
14:43 atz problem exists between operator's-level-of-skill and level-of-skill-required
14:44 atz it's amazing how hard it is to play anything once you've stopped practicing....
14:45 pianohacker It's hard to play stuff when you are practicing; piano is a very demanding instrument
14:47 wizzyrea_ joined #koha
14:47 wizzyrea left #koha
14:47 wizzyrea_ is now known as wizzyrea
14:48 rhcl_away is now known as rhcl
14:50 pianohacker Hi Liz, Greg
14:52 rhcl Jesse!
14:52 laurence joined #koha
14:52 pianohacker rhcl!
15:00 owen is now known as owen-away
15:12 |Lupin| brb
15:12 |Lupin| left #koha
15:15 jwagner_meeting is now known as jwagner
15:16 wizzyrea hi and bye everybody
15:19 pianohacker Hi
15:19 schuster hi and bye I had a question for you! wizzyrea...
15:20 pianohacker My thoughts on how mhafen's patch might play out at my library: "Jesse fines are broken again! Why?" "Umm, some dude changed them, and we didn't want-" "Well change them back!"
15:20 schuster speaking of changeing back...  I don't know how to address this and it might be a LL strangeness but need to ask someone.
15:21 pianohacker as the topic says, ask a way
15:21 schuster opac-detail.tmpl - on our release from June the items were sorted in alpha order.  we did a recent update and they are now again random.
15:22 schuster I see that at Nekls too.
15:22 pianohacker schuster: Do you have an OPAC link? (also, which column were they sorted by?)
15:22 schuster[…]?biblionumber=474
15:23 schuster This is the "old" template sorted alpha
15:24 schuster Here is a link from NEKLS sorted? http://catalog.nexpresslibrary[…]blionumber=166778
15:25 pianohacker Sorted alphabetically by Holding Library?
15:26 schuster Yes
15:26 schuster Yes holding library sorry.
15:27 CGI556 joined #koha
15:28 pianohacker Hmm. There's an option to sort by Location, but it's not selected by default
15:29 schuster I also see the new template displays item type as maybe the default - I don't see a syspref though for it???
15:30 pianohacker schuster: Do you know the dates of the two updates (The one that broke it, and the one before that didn't)
15:32 CGI556 left #koha
15:33 schuster looking - sorry I only know when they showed up on my server.  The new one came to me 8/21/09 when we updated and lost the default location order.
15:33 schuster The other template I had since June possibly earlier since I have some custom templates maybe April.
15:34 gbonanome joined #koha
15:34 |Lupin| joined #koha
15:35 |Lupin| back !
15:35 gbonanome left #koha
15:44 schuster On the "new" template is there a way to "tweak" it to default it to location rather than type?
15:45 anasha joined #koha
15:46 atz templates don't do ordering
15:46 atz the script does
15:49 schuster So why when I change the template does it change?  Different script being called by the 2 templates?
15:53 nicomo joined #koha
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16:14 |Lupin| anyone from BibLibre still around ?
16:14 |Lupin| or fredericd ?
16:14 paul_p joined #koha
16:14 |Lupin| ah hi paul_p :)
16:14 |Lupin| Was just looking for someone from BibLibr...
16:14 |Lupin| BibLibre
16:15 davi joined #koha
16:17 |Lupin| paul_p: queston about bulkmarcimport
16:18 |Lupin| paul_p: if the imported records have no 100$a field perl emits a warning that is meaningles to the user about an uninitialized value in length
16:19 |Lupin| paul_p: I can fix this so that the warning is not printed even if 100$a is not there, but I'm wondering whether this is what one wants to do
16:19 |Lupin| paul_p: perhaps it would be better to detect that the field is not there and inform the user in a meaningful way ?
16:21 paul_p |Lupin|: I thought Koha automatically added a default 100$a field and only that.
16:21 paul_p maybe the warning is a "use warning" one, and is not really a problem
16:22 |Lupin| paul_p: yeah koha does add a default field
16:22 |Lupin| paul_p: and you are right that the warning is not a problem per se
16:22 |Lupin| paul_p: it's just that it may hide other problems so I think it'd be nice to avoid these warnings
16:23 |Lupin| paul_p: I just wanted to know if it is okay not to tell anything to the user and just add the default field...
16:27 paul_p |Lupin|: the problem is probably due to the fact that we try to add "use warning" everywhere in the Koha code, and this pragma rises some errors that can be fixed by strengthening the code. Maybe this one has not be improved enough
16:28 paul_p (and if the use warnings has been added by a US guy, he's MARC21, so won't have this 100$a UNimarc specific warning.
16:28 paul_p file a bug on please, we will have a look at it
16:32 |Lupin| paul_p: I was trying to explain that I_am_ having a lookto it
16:33 |Lupin| paul_p: I'll propose a patch, just wanted to be sure it is okay to not tell the user his MARC records miss 100$a and silently add one.
16:34 paul_p ah, ok, sorry. I've read too fast. Yes, fix it pls. The way it should work is : "add a 100$a if none provided". And if we want to throw a warning, that would not be a Perl one anyway, but a one that the user could understand easier !
16:37 |Lupin| paul_p: that was precisely my question... Should we throw one, or not ?
16:37 paul_p |Lupin|: nope, no throwing.
16:38 paul_p I must leave NOW or i'll miss my train ;-)
16:38 paul_p bye.
16:38 paul_p left #koha
16:38 |Lupin| paul_p: I think at the moment I'll just remove the meaninglessperl warning. If someone complains one day one may add more verifications and warnings, perhaps triggered by a special flag on the command-line.
16:42 nicomo left #koha
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16:54 indradg joined #koha
17:07 jwagner is now known as jwagner_away
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17:19 greenmang0 joined #koha
17:40 |Lupin| pls
17:40 |Lupin| when some changes have been commited
17:41 |Lupin| is it stil possible to fix something in that commit ?
17:41 |Lupin| (a blank line was added in the code by accident...)
17:41 pianohacker Yes. Just run git reset HEAD^
17:41 pianohacker It'll remove the commit, but not your changes
17:41 |Lupin| pianohacker: ah yes, thanks
17:42 |Lupin| I assume I'd better keep a cop of the commit log somewhere...
17:42 pianohacker Oh, nevermind
17:42 pianohacker Just change what you need to
17:42 pianohacker Then run git commit --amend
17:45 |Lupin| hmm actually the commit was correct
17:45 |Lupin| there was a ; displayed on its own line
17:45 |Lupin| and in braile ; and + are similar
17:45 |Lupin| so I thought I added a blank line...
17:45 pianohacker Ah
17:46 |Lupin| pianohacker: does the ammend thing also work after the reset ?
17:46 pianohacker You would do it instead of the reset. Sorry, my fingers were a few steps ahead of my brain
17:48 |Lupin| pianohacker: np !!
17:52 greenmang0 left #koha
17:55 owen-away is now known as owen
17:57 jwagner_away is now known as jwagner
18:04 |Lupin| pianohacker: assuming you have a patch in a file, produced by git format-patch. Can you apply it so that it looks just as an ordinary commit ? git apply does not seem to do that...
18:04 pianohacker git am
18:05 |Lupin| pianohacker: ah thanks. am is short for what ?
18:06 pianohacker apply mailbox. The patches are technically mail files
18:06 pianohacker If you have a traditional unix mbox file, you can apply many received patches at once
18:06 |Lupin| pianohacker: ok, understood, thanks
18:07 owen But why would git apply not have worked?
18:07 |Lupin| pianohacker: also, when I applied my patch it warned me about a line that added trailing whitespace errors. That's interesting ! Is it possible to have such warnings when you are doing local commits or at some points to check your patches ?
18:08 |Lupin| owen: it worked, but it just modified the files, not the patch tree
18:08 pianohacker |Lupin|: You wanted to test the commit, right?
18:08 owen Oh, okay.
18:08 chris morning
18:08 pianohacker |Lupin|: And yes, you can; just run git diff --check
18:09 pianohacker Good early mornin' chris
18:09 gmcharlt hi chris
18:09 |Lupin| hi chris
18:10 |Lupin| pianohacker: yep. thanks for the --check ! didn't know this one.
18:10 pianohacker np
18:15 |Lupin| ok ! patch sent, finally !
18:16 |Lupin| wow, didn't expect to spend so mch time on an apparently simple thing...
18:17 pianohacker |Lupin|: Saw it. Note that it's usually preferred to use git send-email (if you can)
18:19 |Lupin| pianohacker: ah, ok. I may have read on the wiki that format-patch is the preferred way...
18:19 pianohacker You do use format-patch
18:19 pianohacker But send-email sends the email for you
18:20 |Lupin| aaaah
18:20 |Lupin| I misunderstood you, I'm sorry
18:20 pianohacker git's weird, not a problem
18:21 |Lupin| what does it change, practically, whether one uses a traditional mail client or send-email ?
18:21 pianohacker One advantage is that it copies the contents of the patch into the email, rather than sending them as an attachment
18:21 pianohacker Which makes discussing it easier
18:21 |Lupin| pianohacker: yeah I have to say I don't find it very intuitive. I was used to darcs and for the moment still prefer it
18:21 pianohacker (though you by no means have to resubmit it)
18:22 pianohacker The only disadvantage is that if your patch references or changes a line more than about 900 characters long, you can't use git send-email
18:22 |Lupin| pianohacker: yep, I understood your comment as applying to future submissions
18:23 |Lupin| pianohacker: so with mutt I could also insert it in the body of the mail...
18:23 pianohacker (Good, didn't want to make it sound like "GRAH you have offended the git gods")
18:23 pianohacker Theoretically. git send-email is usually easier, tho
18:23 |Lupin| pianohacker: no no no problem don't worry
18:24 pianohacker :)
18:24 |Lupin| pianohacker: are there such long lines somewhere in Koha ?
18:24 owen Man, I'm still cleaning the salt out of my cropland after the last time I offended the git gods.
18:24 chris let that be a lesson to you
18:24 pianohacker In a few isolated places. Usually it's either something related to the ISBD system preference or some wacky JavaScript
18:25 pianohacker owen: hehe
18:25 |Lupin| pianohacker: ok, noted. :)
18:26 pianohacker Your IRC client has leveled up! Your IRC client wants to gain the ability: KICK
18:26 chris i wish someone other than me would reply to belmekki and say we need FLOSS
18:26 pianohacker I do need floss, to counteract the cavities
18:26 |Lupin| chris: I think yesterday during the meetng you said you can tell me something about the translations later... Depending on how long this may take, we cold do it now if that's possibl for you. If it's too long (more than 10 minutes), then I think later would be better since I need to have dinner...
18:27 chris ah yes,  cant remember what it was about tho
18:28 chris can you remind me?
18:28 |Lupin| chris: how to generate them was my question, so I guess you wanted to talk either about which scrpt, or to explain that translations go through the web before returning in the git repository
18:29 chris yes
18:29 chris if they dont go via, or via me (who will but thenm through there)
18:30 chris changes will get overwritten when i push up from next
18:30 |Lupin| chris: k
18:30 chris to create the templates for a language is quite easy
18:30 |Lupin| chris: I guess my problem was more to learn how to generate the templates for french with what is in the repo
18:30 chris cd misc/translator
18:31 chris ./ fr-FR
18:31 |Lupin| yeah I did that once
18:32 |Lupin| but surprisingly enough
18:32 |Lupin| some messages were not translated
18:32 |Lupin| whereas I was pretty sure they were in a previous install from koha, done from the .tar.gz rather than from git
18:34 |Lupin| like for instance I have a "Libraries and groups" which I'm pretty sure I saw in french in the past
18:35 chris from 3.0.x or from master?
18:36 chris cos master hasnt had much translation work, that will start after the feature freeze
18:37 pianohacker chris: a feature freeze or a string freeze? I was hoping to get in a translation script for sysprefs after the feature freeze
18:37 chris well i will start making the .po files based on 3.0.x + master after the freeze
18:38 gmcharlt pianohacker: string freeze will be after integration, thus after feature freeze
18:38 chris but wont get translators excited until the string freeze
18:38 |Lupin| chris: master
18:39 gmcharlt there will likely be a period of time where they can get started before string freeeze once all of the features are smooshed into master
18:39 pianohacker Okay. I'll try to get in prefs translation ASAP after feature freeze (and would appreciate any help; seems to be a very difficult problem)
18:40 chris |Lupin|: yeah that will be why the translations is master have not been worked
18:40 |Lupin| so it is "normal" that strings that were translated correctly in 3.0.x are not in master ?
18:41 chris yes
18:41 chris they will be before the release
18:41 |Lupin| ok
18:41 |Lupin| if it's normal then t's perfect
18:41 |Lupin| chris: and once the release is done, master will break translations again ?
18:42 pianohacker chris: Examples like "Libraries and groups" will probably get fixed when the old .po is merged in, right?
18:42 |Lupin|
18:42 |Lupin| an excerpt from the output of install-code
18:43 |Lupin| filtered tith grep -v Copying and grep -v Creating
18:44 chris thats exaclty right
18:44 chris |Lupin|: after the release there will be a 3.2.x branch and translations will continure to be right in there
18:45 |Lupin| chris: understood
18:45 chris and master will have more development done on it, which will make the translations get out of date
18:45 chris if you wanted
18:45 chris you could msgmerge the .po file from 3.0.x with the one in master
18:46 chris then generate the templates
18:46 |Lupin| how about the errors reported concerning the templates in the pastebin thing ? Are they worth fixing ?
18:46 chris not in master no
18:46 chris translations arent expected to work
18:46 |Lupin| chris: ok
18:46 jdavidb left #koha
18:47 |Lupin| chris: I fear I'm not comfortable enough with git to try the merge... unless it's a rather simple operation ?
18:47 chris no its not git doing the merge
18:47 chris but its probably not worth doing anyway
18:48 |Lupin| chris: well but the error reported about the templates looks to me as a "deeper" problem of the template's syntax, not much a translation-related thing
18:48 joetho joined #koha
18:48 chris no its because the .po file is way out of date
18:48 |Lupin| chris: k, so I won't do it...
18:48 |Lupin| chris: ok
18:49 chris the only language thta is currently mostly up to date for master
18:49 chris is german
18:49 |Lupin| k... I I were listening to me I'd just continue to ask quesitons and do Koha related things, but I'm unfortunate enough to have a human body that needs food, sleep... so till soon everybody
18:49 chris
18:50 |Lupin| chris: is that kf's job ?
18:50 chris she has been doing lots of it yes :)
18:50 chris
18:51 chris i have started on french for 3.2
18:51 chris but only opac so far
18:51 pianohacker See ya Lupin
18:51 chris
18:51 chris you could grab thta .po
18:52 |Lupin| but I thought there would be nothig there before feature freeze ?
18:52 |Lupin| I'm getting confused...
18:52 chris nothing in master yet
18:52 |Lupin| aaaah
18:53 |Lupin| but on the web there are already things to translate and to download... right ?
18:53 chris im just getting ready, for when the freeze comes, to push all those up into master
18:53 chris and ask for the translators to finish them off
18:53 * |Lupin| starts to understand... srry for being so slow
18:53 chris no problem
18:54 |Lupin| so it's always possible for someone to pick up the .po file from the web and to use it to rebuild the templates...
18:54 chris if i have made it yes
18:54 chris all the 3.0.x ones are up to date of course and in git
18:55 chris but there are so many template changes n 3.2 it would be unfair to make the translators keep translating, then changing
18:55 chris unless they are happy to do that, like the german translators
18:56 chris most everyone else is waiting til it stablilises then translating it
18:56 |Lupin| :-)
18:56 |Lupin| ah, germans... :-)
18:56 |Lupin| ok chris many thanks for the clarifications
18:56 hedgesst left #koha
18:56 |Lupin| really time to go now
18:56 pianohacker bye
18:57 |Lupin| take care all, and seeyou soon
18:57 pianohacker Bye
18:57 pianohacker You too
18:57 pianohacker Sorry, broken record
18:57 |Lupin| .
18:57 |Lupin| left #koha
18:59 laurenthdl left #koha
19:27 gmcharlt not sure I see how Bitrock would magically solve the LibXSLT dependency problem
19:28 chris yeah
19:28 owen Not sure how someone who doesn't know better than to send 5 copies of the same message to a mailing list can be clever enough to design a robust installer
19:28 chris hehe
19:28 chris i just cant get enthusiastic about a proprietary installer
19:29 gmcharlt well, there is this http://installbuilder.bitrock.[…]rce-licenses.html
19:29 gmcharlt but that makes it only marginally better
19:29 owen I could get mildly enthusiastic about a proprietary installer until such a time that the compiled version fell behind, the original creator didn't update, and it became useless.
19:29 chris *nod*
19:30 chris its just a license to use tho eh
19:30 chris thats how i read it
19:30 chris ie you get a free copy if you use it for opensource software
19:31 gmcharlt a gratis copy, in particular
19:32 chris yep
19:32 chris yeah, underwhelmed
19:32 chris i do otoh like hte live-cd + installer a lot
19:33 chris
19:42 gmcharlt indeed
19:43 chris it even works too
19:48 chris must .. stop.. replying to facebook statuses about healthcare .. i keep forgetting the us has the greatest healthcare system in the world
19:50 jwagner We do?
19:50 chris apparently so
19:51 chris its true because a dr said it
19:51 chris :-)
19:52 owen Was it Dr. Nick?
19:52 owen ( )
19:52 jwagner Harrumph.
19:52 chris im insulted you think i wouldnt know who dr nick was owen :)
19:52 chris hi everybody
19:52 owen Well, it's an international channel isn't it?
19:53 chris true, i thnk the simpsons transcend it tho
19:53 chris the simpsons and baywatch
19:54 owen I hope that when The Simpsons is translated into other languages Dr. Nick is given a heavy American accent.
19:54 chris hehe
19:55 chris speaking of drs
19:55 * chris decides to stay home and keep his coughing to himself
19:56 collum left #koha
19:59 jwagner That's considerate of you, Chris.  On behalf of your co-workers, I thank you.  Both my college age nieces have apparently already had swine flu, and one of them had no better sense than to invite a friend for a sleepover while she was sick.  Naturally the friend got sick too.....
20:01 chris yeah when you work in a building with aircon, its just mean to take your germs to work
20:03 jwagner Now if all supervisors would recognize that, especially if you can work from home.  I worked for one boss who practically required a doctor's certificate if I stayed home sick for a day, even if I was capable of logging in and working (just wasn't up to coming in & didn't want to spread the germs).  Sigh.
20:05 owen left #koha
20:10 gmcharlt hitting the road - back online tomorrow
20:11 chris cya later gmcharlt
20:15 gmcharlt left #koha
20:19 brendan left #koha
20:32 richard joined #koha
20:32 richard hi
20:32 pianohacker Hello, richard
20:32 richard hi pianohacker
20:34 brendan joined #koha
20:49 chris_n2-away is now known as chris_n2
21:08 schuster left #koha
21:17 chris i give up
21:17 pianohacker ?
21:17 richard you are going to subscribe to teh economist after all?
21:17 wizzyrea Noooooo
21:17 wizzyrea don't give up
21:17 wizzyrea oh wait. well, I've given up too.
21:17 wizzyrea wait, what?
21:17 wizzyrea what are we talking about?
21:18 chris arguing on the interenet
21:18 wizzyrea OHHH
21:18 wizzyrea yes. I give up
21:18 chris No, just have provided medical care in other countries, read their medical journals, plus have practiced along side physicians from other countries (Great Britian, Canada, France) and they have told me this. When was the last great medical discovery from Canada, France,or Australia? It is the US that brings the great medical advances to mankind.
21:18 wizzyrea lol, "don't ask to ask, just ask your questions"
21:18 chris to wit i replied
21:19 wizzyrea oh, you mean like heart valves from stem cells that were developed and in use in england but NOT EVEN APPROVED in the US?
21:19 chris @doug im bowing out of the discussion, it's your country, USA number 1 and all that jazz. Ill continue living in my poor underdeveloped country full of people who have never brought any scientific advances to the world (like say splitting the atom) due to our socialistic nature
21:19 munin chris: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
21:19 wizzyrea backassward.
21:19 * wizzyrea knows it's probably not something that should be discussed here
21:20 chris hehe yeah
21:20 richard cripes i was just reading this -[…]rce=hptextfeature
21:20 chris back to cherry picking i go
21:20 * chris is working on[…]oha.git;a=summary
21:20 chris helping with backporting bug fixes to 3.0.x
21:37 jwagner left #koha
22:45 joetho left #koha
23:00 rhcl left #koha
23:25 Jo joined #koha

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