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12:02 gmcharlt hi paul_p
12:02 gmcharlt what's the weather like in Plano? ;)
12:02 paul_p good morning from Plano !
12:03 paul_p gmcharlt: I don't know, nahuel still sleeping, and window closed & darkened (frenchism suspected)
12:03 Crusoe Open source is a great thing!
12:04 Crusoe in 3 hours I found the answer on my question!
12:04 Crusoe not a simple one.
12:05 kf hi paul
12:06 kf will 3.2 acquisition be recorded? I would really like to see it.
12:06 paul_p hi kf. I don't think so, but I may have missed something
12:06 paul_p gmcharlt: when do you arrive at Plano ?
12:07 kf :(
12:07 gmcharlt paul_p: I land at Dallas at 21:30
12:08 paul_p gmcharlt: you're at Holiday Inn ?
12:08 gmcharlt no, a Hampton nearby
12:08 paul_p ok.
12:08 gmcharlt nengard is renting a car, btw
12:09 paul_p nengard+++
12:18 gmcharlt the sleeper awakes
12:18 gmcharlt hi nahuel
12:18 nahuel hi :)
12:18 nahuel well it's 7:20 am
12:42 Crusoe Could anyone explain ISBD system variable syntax? What do '|','()','{}' mean?
12:54 gmcharlt Crusoe: the # is a line separator
12:54 gmcharlt | divides each line into fields
12:54 gmcharlt 1. tag/subfield to look for
12:54 gmcharlt 2. text to insert before
12:55 gmcharlt 3. { } specifies the individual fields and subfields to display
12:55 gmcharlt 4. text to insert afterwards
12:56 gmcharlt e.g., #650|<br/><br/><label>Subjects--Topical Terms: </label>|{\n6503 }{\n650a}{ 650b }{ 650c }{ 650d }{ 650e }{--650x}{--650z}{--650y}{--650v}|
12:56 gmcharlt look for each 650
12:56 gmcharlt display "<br/><br/><label>Subjects--Topical Terms: </label>" first
12:56 gmcharlt then 650$3, $a, $b, $c, $d, $e, and then subdivisions ($x, $y, $z) preceded by '--'
12:58 Crusoe q1. #650 does mean 'look for each 650'?
12:59 gmcharlt yes
13:00 Crusoe q2. Is it possible to say: 'display 225$h which is possybly followed bu 225$i. repeat', something like {225$h, {225$i}}
13:00 Crusoe ?
13:02 Crusoe The record is expected to have 225#1$aMain series title$hPart I$iTitle of the part I$hSub-part 14$iTitle of sub-part 14...
13:08 hdl_laptop yes
13:09 hdl_laptop #225h||{225h, }{225i}|
13:10 hdl_laptop This should work.
13:19 Crusoe cool!
13:21 Crusoe q3. May I mix different fields, like 461 and 463 on a single line? Or how can I suppress the space between two lines?
13:28 gmcharlt can't mix differeent fields on the sam eline
13:30 paul_p gmcharlt: did you think about a schedule for our devweek(-end) ?
13:30 chris i love openvpn
13:31 chris otoh i hate this coffee
13:31 chris morning paul_p and nahuel
13:31 gmcharlt paul_p: yes.  we can talk more tomorrow, but basically what I have in mind is discussion and architectural battles [ ;) ] the first day
13:31 gmcharlt and open hackfest the second
13:31 paul_p chris: hello neibourgh ;-)
13:31 gmcharlt hi chris
13:31 paul_p chris: ready for breakfast ?
13:31 chris yes indeed
13:32 chris meet you there in 5 mins?
13:32 paul_p nahuel is in the bathroom.
13:32 paul_p i'll say when he is back
13:32 chris cool
13:32 chris gmcharlt: do you get in the same time as nicole?
13:33 gmcharlt no, I get in around 21:30 tonight
13:33 chris ahhh
13:33 chris and atz?
13:33 liz_nekls hey, I'm collecting twitter usernames for the coveritlive I'm setting up for kohacon
13:33 nahuel hi chris !
13:33 liz_nekls or you can tag your tweets with #kohacon09
13:33 paul_p chris: he's back ;-)
13:33 chris im the one moaning on twitter about coffee :)
13:33 nahuel chris, had a good night ?
13:33 liz_nekls hehe!
13:34 liz_nekls kool kool
13:34 chris woke up too many times nahuel, but mostly good, i think tonight will be better :)
13:34 chris ok, shall we breakfast?
13:34 gmcharlt chris: you actually drank the coffeee available in your hotel room? ;)
13:34 chris yeah big mistake
13:34 chris i wont be doing that again
13:34 chris :)
13:35 nahuel chris, i think it'll be better :)
13:35 nahuel chris, break-faaassst !
13:35 Crusoe thanks to everybody, now it looks clear %-)
14:53 slef anyone got thoughts on[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2976 solution?
14:59 gmcharlt slef: I'd check for changes to the authority record.abs
14:59 gmcharlt I assume they're MARC21 - are they using the GRS1 filter or the DOM filter for authority records
15:31 slef grs
15:32 slef stock record.abs as supplied with koha
16:30 ryan_ anybody here know isbd syntax ?
16:30 ryan_ specifically, what's expected if there are many 505's and you have this :
16:30 ryan_ #505|<br/><br/>|{ 505a }{ 505t }{ 505r }{ 505g }{ 505u }|
16:32 gmcharlt ryan_: check scrollback or #koha log - was discussed this morning coincidentally
16:32 ryan_ oh, really?
16:36 ryan_ hmm..  so for a 505 which can have ‡a‡t‡g‡a‡t‡g‡a‡t‡g ...
16:37 ryan_ is it possible in isbd to display them in the order found in the tag ?
16:37 ryan_ it's displaying ‡a‡a‡a‡t‡t‡t‡g‡g‡g
16:38 gmcharlt ryan_: I don't think it accommodates that currently
16:38 ryan_ gmcharlt: isbd or our implementation of it ?
16:38 gmcharlt our implementation
16:39 gmcharlt MARC to ISBD in general would expect that subfield order would be retained, particularly for 505 fields
16:39 ryan_ gmcharlt: ok, thx
16:59 qiqo hi
16:59 qiqo are there any developments with koha 3.0 for windowS?
17:01 gmcharlt qiqo: sorry, nobody's picked it up AFAIK
17:02 qiqo ohh... ok
18:36 gmcharlt found any better coffee yet?
18:37 chris not yet :) there is a starbucks in the mall, its debatable wether that is even coffee though :)
18:39 chris nicole is coming round and we are going to all go get some lunch
18:40 chris oh word of warning, the net at the conf center is locked down tight, no ssh, or irc, im just installing ajaxterm on my server at home now
18:40 chris so i can get a shell on it that way :)
18:42 eiro hello from ... Strasbourg ... fr !
18:43 eiro but we had NATO conference here ;)
18:43 chris_in_tx there we go, irc via ajaxterm, screen and irssi
18:44 eiro ?!
18:44 eiro kidding ? you access remote with a browser ?
18:44 nahuel chris, :)
18:44 chris yup
18:44 nahuel eiro, you don't know ajaxterm
18:44 nahuel ?
18:44 chris
18:45 eiro nahuel, i discovered the web with koha ;)
18:45 eiro wow! cool
18:45 nahuel eiro, ^^
18:45 nahuel WIC !
18:46 nahuel WebIsCool !
18:46 nahuel (and not weak)
18:46 nahuel ;p
18:47 eiro arf ... my guess is that we don't have better to share documentations ... so WHTFTWIC (we have to find that web is cool)
18:47 eiro but actually: it sucks :)
18:48 nahuel depends minitel web sucks
18:48 nahuel "internet" rocks :)
18:48 nahuel else open source software shouldn't be developped as well as now
18:49 eiro sure ... but ftp is sufficient for it :)
18:49 eiro ;)
18:49 nahuel git over ftp ?
18:49 nahuel :)
18:50 nahuel to share  your work, to communicate about your projects you need more than ftp and gopher
18:50 eiro ok ... you got me! :-P
18:50 eiro tell me where is the script to create authorities from biblios
18:50 nahuel migration_tools/
18:51 chris ftp eeewwww
18:51 nahuel misc/
18:51 chris sftp is ok :)
18:51 gmcharlt git over gopher!  that's the tickect! ;)
18:51 chris if you try to use ftp at my work, the sysadmins will come and hit you :)
18:51 eiro chris, i'm kidding: it's a shame ftp still exists
18:51 eiro scp rocks :)
18:51 chris yes, we have clients who want to use it, such a pain
18:52 eiro webdav ?
18:52 nahuel ftp over ssh of cool :)
18:52 nahuel s/of/is/
18:52 chris :)
18:53 eiro gmcharlt :-))
18:53 chris my other trick, was to change the port on my ssh server to be port 80
18:53 eiro that can be a great oss project: gopher-ng!
18:53 chris but ajaxterm is nicer than doing that :)
18:53 eiro nahuel, cat over ssh does the job too :)
18:54 nahuel eiro, why do it complicated when you can do it simple ?
18:54 nahuel KISS concept
18:55 eiro nahuel, simple is use scp as it's done for it ... but anyway: tell me about TX!
18:55 eiro is it great ?
18:55 chris hmm my phone just rang, i think nicole is here
18:55 chris nahuel^^
18:55 nahuel chris, oik
18:55 nahuel coming
18:56 nahuel eiro, scp for end users ?
18:56 nahuel and what about if you don't want to give a shell access ?
18:56 chris yep she is in my room
18:56 nahuel ok
18:57 eiro nahuel, winscp for windows users, fuse for macos users, kde for linux users
18:57 nahuel well coming in a couple of secs
18:57 nahuel eiro, well good night :)
18:57 eiro scponly :)
18:57 nahuel we will talk about it later
18:57 nahuel :)
18:57 eiro grmbl! couard! come back here !
18:59 eiro oopps .. s/couard/coward/
18:59 eiro it's fun: u became w
18:59 eiro bye all
20:19 gmcharlt heading to airport - see y'all later
20:38 chris its a mini conf in my room :)
20:51 nahuel chris, "room", because it isn't a "normal" room size :p
20:52 chris hehe
21:23 chris hey jo
21:23 Jo hi Chris
21:23 Jo just got Rosalie on twitter so she can follow live tweets
21:23 Jo you well? good trip?
21:25 eiro class Biblibrian is coworker does Sleep { has $.eight_hours_of_night; }
21:26 eiro cya all!
21:30 nahuel ^^
21:30 nahuel oneliner :)
21:30 eiro no: perl6 class
21:31 chris jo: yep lots of fun so far
21:31 eiro perl6 is the langage for next generation ILS ;)
21:34 chris hey Rosa :)
21:35 nahuel eiro, perl6 class as oneline style
21:36 eiro nahuel, AFAIS: perl6 will loose a lot of perl5 tips to perform onliners. focus is on readability
21:37 nahuel so why it's named perl ? :)
21:37 nahuel if perl is readable, it's no more "perl"
21:37 eiro nahuel, because it's still more powerfull than every other langage :)
21:37 nahuel powerfull in which sens ?
21:38 eiro perl is readable ... but you have to learn some concepts
21:38 eiro hmm ... wait
21:38 nahuel eiro, perl is unreadable for librarians :)
21:39 eiro sub sanitize_eol { s/\\n/\n/g }
21:39 nengard okay - you know you're a geek when you're sitting next to the people you're chatting with :)
21:40 eiro sanitize_eol for @user{qw<resume notes>}
21:40 nahuel nengard, talking to ?
21:40 Jo yep ... i do that to my kids on msn sometimes in the lounge :) just to make the point there are real people to talk to as well!
21:40 nahuel eiro, i think this is not readable for nengard or laurence
21:40 eiro that's powerfull: easy to write and maintain ... how many lines of python for that ?
21:40 nahuel but perhaps i'm wrong
21:40 nahuel the number of lines is not important
21:41 eiro nengard :))
21:41 nengard :)
21:42 eiro nahuel, i think that for a librarian: python and perl are both unreadable
21:42 nahuel don't think so :)
21:42 nahuel eiro, ready for a test ?
21:42 nahuel gimme a function to write in python
21:43 nahuel write it in perl like a monger, and i'll write in python
21:43 nengard eiro i'm a librarian :) I can read them
21:43 nengard but i'm a special type of librarian :) i was a developer first
21:43 nahuel nengard, you understand this : sub sanitize_eol { s/\\n/\n/g } ?
21:44 nengard nahuel no ..... not that :)
21:45 eiro nengard, i mean: standard librarian
21:45 eiro :)
21:45 eiro ok ... standard *french* librarian ...
21:45 eiro well ... beginner french librarian ?
21:45 paul_p hi jo ! nice to catch you on the channel. Not that common ;-)
21:46 eiro nahuel, that was my exemple
21:46 eiro (sanitize_eol)
21:47 eiro rewrite it in python :)
21:47 Jo hi Paul: yes nice to meet you too :)  .. wish I was there too
21:47 eiro it's impossible ... just because python doesn't work with implicity
21:48 eiro you can lambda it ? no ... no you can't :))
21:48 paul_p but I'm happy to be here anyway !
21:49 eiro nengard, because you don't deal with regexp ... i think the pb will be thhe same in pytnon
21:49 eiro python
21:49 nengard eiro regex does confuse the heck out of me :) always has
21:50 eiro something like regex.compile("\\n").matches(my.line).r​eplace_with("\n").globally.please("and the bill")
21:51 eiro nengard, that's what i want to tell to nahuel: the pb isn't the langage itself but the techniques it uses.
21:51 nengard eiro makes perfect sense
21:52 eiro regex confuses librarians (and it's logical: we all have to remember the first time we seen it)
21:52 eiro nengard, can you guess what sanitize_eol for @user{qw<resume notes>}
21:52 eiro does
21:53 eiro sanitize_eol for @user{qw<resume notes>}
21:53 nengard eiro i would need to look up what sanitize does - but it looks like it's cleaning up something related to the user
21:53 eiro (sanitize_eol transform the string "\n" by an end of line)
21:54 nahuel eiro,
21:54 eiro nahuel, and you really think it's more readable :)
21:54 nahuel nengard, ?
21:54 nahuel nengard,
21:55 eiro nengard, the nahuel's link is the python variant for
21:55 eiro sub sanitize_eol { s/\\n/\n/g }
21:56 eiro nahuel, don't you forget /g ?
21:56 nengard eiro nahuel I am way out of practice and you're testing me when I'm jetlagged :)
21:56 nahuel don't think
21:56 eiro nengard, ok .. sorry
21:57 nahuel eiro, it's the python api :)
21:57 nengard eiro :) it's okay
21:57 nahuel eiro, The optional argument count is the maximum number of pattern occurrences to be replaced; count must be a non-negative integer. If omitted or zero, all occurrences will be replaced
21:57 nahuel (from module doc)
21:58 eiro what ? you meant that it's so terrible to write it in python they done it for ya? this langage is impressive ;)
21:59 eiro ok ... it's midnight there ... good night all
21:59 nahuel ni ?
21:59 nahuel didn't understand what you mean
22:10 Jo anyone seen / met up with Kathryn Greenhill yet?
22:10 chris she is in the hotel
22:10 nahuel chris, oh ?
22:10 nahuel why she don't come ?
22:10 nahuel (in your room)
22:10 chris she said she will be here in 10-15 mins
22:10 nahuel cool :)
22:10 Jo ah cool. glad she got there .. she doesn't know anyone but she's a very cool lady
22:11 Jo glad she made contact
22:11 nahuel into a couple of minutes we won't more oxygen
22:11 nahuel too much people in this room
22:11 chris i think she has already talked to some librarians in the lobby
22:11 Jo great :)
22:12 Jo you might need to open the door and spill into the hallway .. like a varsity hostel set up
22:13 nahuel ^
22:13 nahuel from where she 'is ?
22:13 Jo Australia
22:13 nahuel ok
22:14 Jo blogger: librarians matter
22:14 nahuel another one english accent to learn :p
22:14 Jo she live blogs too
22:16 Jo http://library-matters.blogspo[…]ibraries-non.html
22:28 nahuel just meet another librarian in the hallway
22:29 liz_nekls_ hehe!
22:29 liz_nekls_ i'm probably upstairs
22:29 nahuel it was you ?
22:30 liz_nekls_ no, but I think we're in the same physical location ;)
22:30 liz_nekls_ my gps coords are probably the same as yours
22:31 nahuel probably you have the same hostname
22:31 liz_nekls_ rar
22:33 chris we are in 108 if you want to say hi
22:35 liz_nekls_ cool... may just do that :D
23:29 Jo Chris: you got an updated number of many are expected to attend kohacon?
00:03 Jo does 115 registrations for kohacon sound right?
00:37 owen So kohacon people, anything going on?
01:45 nahuel hi owen
01:45 owen Hi
01:46 nahuel ho
01:46 nahuel you're in holiday inn ?
01:46 nahuel (seen at your hostname
01:46 nahuel )
01:46 owen Yup, Rm. 311
01:46 nahuel paul and me are at 320
01:47 nahuel trying to repair our jetlag
01:47 nahuel (in the bed ;) )
01:48 nahuel hehe
01:48 nahuel we have 7 hours of jetlag
01:55 liz_nekls_ oi, i'm glad to be in the same time zone
01:57 owen Everyone remember to wear your Official KohaCon2009® Hat tomorrow so we recognize each other
01:58 liz_nekls_ there are hats?!
02:05 nahuel hats ?
02:06 nahuel don't think
02:06 nahuel but perhaps :p
02:35 SelfishMan Anyone have any insight why apache would spit out the error "Can't locate C4/" even though it shows the include path as being hte correct location?
02:44 SelfishMan I'm an idiot.
02:44 SelfishMan Add that to the bug quotes database.
08:34 eiro hello

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