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13:11 Amit hi
13:12 Amit the problem still same i have tested on debian box
13:12 Amit still availability not shown
13:12 Amit show only one branch
13:18 acmoore drive by bug report.
13:58 nengard owen - do i need a bug for the language issues on the patron permissions page: koha/members/
13:58 nengard or can you eit it?
13:58 nengard edit it
13:59 owen The names and descriptions of the flags are stored in the database. So not only does it require an update to the database to correct them, it's not possible to translate them either. Needs a bug
14:02 nengard owen - done
14:03 nengard thanks
14:37 nengard hey all - search question - did we lose the 'did you mean' functionality in the OPAC? didn't we have that in earlier versions of Koha?
14:50 owen nengard: Yeah, we did lose that
14:51 nengard owen: hmm, bug?
14:51 owen I seem to recall the subject coming up recently, not sure if it was here or on the mailing list..
14:55 owen nengard: It was a message to the Koha list: [Koha] Quesitons about
14:55 nengard owen i remember that suject - but i don't think i read that one
14:57 owen For posterity:[…]l-to19295088.html
16:28 nengard what?
16:28 nengard eeyore had children?
16:28 nengard Oh - hi Eeyore-Jr
16:31 owen
16:36 paul thx owen
16:49 Eeyore-Jr hi nengard
16:49 nengard hiya :)
16:49 nengard we were admiring your username
17:49 brendan hi guys - yea, I was working on the stuff.
17:50 brendan I found that the mysql stuff needed to be updated for the 3.0 mysql database scheme
17:50 brendan I've made some changes on my install, but I've been pulled away to other assignments.
17:50 brendan not done yet
17:51 brendan but I should have some time next week to look at it again
17:53 brendan I've also been investigating Ispell possibilities too
18:08 owen Thanks for the update brendan
18:20 danny hello #koha
18:20 owen Hi danny
18:21 danny question for you all about facets, trying to figure out how it determines what is a facet...
18:22 danny is there a system preference for setting up what is a facet?
18:22 owen I was under the impression it was hardcoded somehow...
18:22 nengard yep
18:22 danny it is hardcoded?
18:23 nengard as far as i know
18:23 danny ok
18:23 owen danny, see sub getFacets at line 687 of
18:23 owen That looks like the place
18:24 danny ah I see it, thanks
18:34 nengard owen - i skimmed through this:[…]l-to19295088.html but i'm not seeing anything about did you mean ... what am I missing?
18:37 owen Unless I'm mixing things up, "did you mean" == spell check. That is, Koha somehow indexes "valid" strings in the database and compares your input to that index in order to try to suggest "correct" search terms.
18:37 owen brendan is that right?
18:38 brendan yup that is how it should be working - not really a spell check but a suggestion
18:39 brendan as I understand it that was designed for 2.2
18:40 brendan the database scheme changed and populating the spell-suggest needs to be adjusted to look for the information in new tables
18:41 brendan danny - we have been working on the facets recently - I can send you an example of one we did
18:44 danny brendan: that would be great, i'd be interested in seeing what you did
18:45 nengard brendan are you working on putting that feature back into 3.0?
18:45 nengard do you have a bug report for it I can follow?
18:45 brendan trying to get it working again - no bug report
18:47 owen Related:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2539
18:53 brendan when I get back to the - I'm sure I'll have some questions then
18:55 brendan for now - the last lead I had was that many of the phrases that used to populate the spell-suggest database are now located in > table biblioitems > field marcxml
18:56 owen Or in the zebra index?
18:57 brendan not sure about zebra - but any other ideas you have could be useful.
19:04 danny brendan: thank you for the facet example, that is perfect
19:18 owen My notes say Bug 2420 is unresolved, but now I can't reproduce any problems. How about anyone else?
19:29 danny owen, i'm not seeing the problem
19:30 danny did google change something?
19:31 owen Don't know
20:16 chris morning
20:19 owen Hi chris
20:21 chris heya owen :) got all your power back?
20:22 owen yeah, only about 17hrs for me at home (most of it overnight) Some people in Ohio are still out, though
20:22 chris yucky
20:22 chris what caused it?
20:22 owen The remnants of Hurricane Ike. High winds.
20:23 chris ahh of course
04:04 Amit Hi
04:04 Amit Good morning Koha
06:38 Gupta Hi
06:38 Gupta i have solve the problem
06:39 Gupta for availibility
06:39 Gupta in koha stable
06:42 mc hello
07:12 Gupta[…]y=relevance&do=OK
07:12 Gupta check for availibility
07:28 chris ohh, could you send a patch to the patches mailing list gupta? that would be excellent
07:28 Gupta ok
07:28 Gupta sir i will send very soon
07:28 Gupta in koha development list
07:29 chris if you could send a writeup to the development list, but the actual patch,to the patches list that would be best
07:29 Gupta ok
07:30 Gupta i will send it into patch list
07:30 chris[…]info/koha-patches
07:30 chris excellent thank you
07:31 Gupta ok
07:31 Gupta i will send it very soon
07:31 chris cool
07:36 paul hello chris.
07:36 chris hi paul
07:42 Gupta hello kados
10:15 chris dude has done nothing but whine .. for at least 5 years now

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