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13:08 fbcit g'saturday morning koha
13:09 fbcit or sunday depending
13:27 hurrells Hello. Have 2.2.9 installed and working now looking at templates. Are there any available completed templates out there before I start working away on my own?
13:35 hurrells Hello. I'm running 2.2.9 and now looking for templates before I start to build my own. Are there any available templates out there?
13:39 fbcit hurrells: I'm not familiar with 2.2.9, but 3.0 has default templates included
13:45 hurrells Thanks. In 2.2.9 there are templates (default, css or npl). How do the templates look in 3.0, Is there a demo site to look at?
13:48 gmcharlt-away hurrells:
13:52 qiqo hi gmcharlt how are you?
13:53 hurrells So is running the default 3.0 look and template?
13:55 hurrells So is running koha 3.x and this is displaying the default template?
13:58 qiqo i think so
13:58 qiqo that's what is show when i deployed mine
14:02 hurrells OK. So this is the koha-3.00.00-alpha.tgz file from downloads or is there a newer version or CVS somewhere?
14:03 gmcharlt-away hi qiqo
14:03 gmcharlt-away hurrells: is the current 3.0 almost but not quite beta version
14:03 qiqo hurrels try downloading a snapshot from
14:03 gmcharlt-away most recent you would get from git, as qiqo says
14:04 gmcharlt-away detailed instructions are at[…]lopment:git_usage
14:05 gmcharlt-away or you can download the 3.0 alpha tgz and look at the INSTALL.debian document therein for shorter instructions about grabbing the latest and greatest from the git repository
14:05 qiqo gmcharlt im still having a problem with amazon and getting image from it
14:06 gmcharlt-away qiqo: does it make a difference if you manually munge the 020 to so it contains just the ISBN and nothing else
14:06 gmcharlt-away ?
14:07 qiqo yeah
14:08 qiqo it's working if i take away annotations such as ppbk
14:08 qiqo if it's plainly numbers then it gets the image
14:10 gmcharlt-away ok, just confirming it's the ISBN normalization issue -- hopefully I'll get a chance to fix it while I'm in Portland next week
14:15 qiqo oh ok
14:15 qiqo cool thanks
16:14 kados fbcit++
16:14 kados fbcit: man, that really rocks
16:15 fbcit Template::Pro really needs an <!-- ELSIF -->
16:24 fbcit kados:I'm submitting six sets of patches and bumping the database to 057 to add the new patronimage table.
16:24 fbcit I have tried to beat the new code up as much as possible, but it would be good to have several others to stress it as well.
16:25 fbcit I have not stressed the db yet, but will try to next week sometime.
16:28 fbcit specifically, I have not tested a zip file with multiple subdirectories in it...
16:31 kados fbcit: please CC :-)
16:32 fbcit kados: you should have them now
16:32 kados thx
16:33 fbcit was spaghetti when I found it. I tried to sort it out a bit, but it seemed to only improve slightly. I don't have time to refactor it entirely right now.
16:33 fbcit :(
16:36 kados fbcit++
16:36 fbcit kados: did the patches apply ok?
16:38 kados sorry, phone call, haven't tested yet
16:38 kados just a sec
16:54 kados back
17:00 fbcit kados: success || failure
17:01 kados patches applied
17:01 kados testing now
17:01 kados so how do I add an imag to one patron?
17:02 fbcit navigate to the upload tool
17:02 fbcit select the "image file" radio button
17:02 fbcit and supply the info requested
17:02 fbcit ie file
17:02 fbcit and patron cardnumber
17:02 kados ahh, can't do it from a patron account yet
17:02 kados gotcha
17:02 fbcit no
17:03 fbcit I held off adding that link back
17:03 fbcit it's an easy one to add, though
17:03 kados what about the patronimages syspref
17:03 kados just set that to 1 now?
17:03 kados or still with the filename extension?
17:03 fbcit ?
17:04 kados Undefined subroutine &main::Dumper called at /home/jmf/koha/intranet/cgi-​bin/tools/ line 180.
17:04 fbcit opps :)
17:05 kados ok, it worked
17:06 kados (I uncommented the use Data:DUmper line
17:06 kados wow, that's slick
17:06 kados fbcit++
17:06 kados it'd be trivial to add a link to the patron page too
17:06 fbcit kados: I did not notice the patronimages syspref
17:06 kados just pre-fill that form with the patron id
17:06 kados fbcit: yea, lets turn patronimages into a YesNo
17:06 fbcit it looks contradictory at first glance
17:07 fbcit I want to add a default "no image available" placeholder as well
17:07 kados *nod*
17:07 fbcit then the user can click on that to add an image
17:07 kados there's already some code for that somewhere around
17:07 kados the no image piece
17:07 kados owen wrote it a while back
17:07 kados not sure if it made it into 3.0, ir is stuck back in rel_2_2
17:08 fbcit I sent you a copy of the patch to remove the dumper() call
17:08 kados thx
17:09 fbcit There is a bit of a screen help file as well which just contains what used to be on the page itself
17:09 kados fbcit: this is really easy, nice job
17:09 kados *nod*
17:09 fbcit the help can be enhanced when nicole is done her manual :-)
17:09 kados heh
17:10 fbcit try things like uploading an empty file
17:10 fbcit or using an illegal delimiter
17:10 fbcit or leaving out a patron cardnumber in your idlink.txt
17:10 fbcit or leaving out idlink.txt
17:11 fbcit or passing off a bad image file
17:11 fbcit or...
17:12 fbcit kados: I'm leaving for the day so won't be back until Monday
17:13 fbcit I'll take up any emerging issues then
04:46 qiqo hi gmcharlt
04:46 gmcharlt hi qiqo
05:05 qiqo gmchart i cant seem to print spine labels.. can you help me?
05:06 qiqo again,, like my previous problem before in 2.2.9. barcodes are properly printed but not the title and call number
05:14 gmcharlt qiqo: what barcode symbology do you use?
05:16 qiqo code 39
05:17 qiqo not sure what symbology means
05:17 qiqo barcodes are file..
05:17 qiqo fin
05:17 qiqo *fine
05:17 gmcharlt does title display at all, or is it mangled
05:17 qiqo the things that are printed are call number..
05:18 qiqo first few words of the title are displayed
05:18 qiqo i actually am having problems wiht call number again
05:18 qiqo i told thd about my problem when i was using 2.2.8
05:19 qiqo then he suggested to go to 3.0..
05:30 gmcharlt are your call numbers in items.itemcallnumber?
05:30 qiqo i dont think so
05:31 qiqo they are in biblioitems.classification
05:31 qiqo and im using zebra
05:34 gmcharlt qiqo: ok -- I'll play around with that -- the fact that they're in biblioitems.classification might be the issue
05:42 qiqo i dunno it may be just the way I entered my entries
05:42 qiqo because I actually entered the call number in 082 and 942
05:46 qiqo cant i just point the scripts to biblioitems.classification?
05:46 qiqo i actually need to finish cataloguing ang labeling things here
05:47 qiqo what pl file must i edit?
05:49 gmcharlt qiqo: most likely either labels/ or C4/
05:51 qiqo ah ok..
06:32 qiqo i'll try to edit labels
09:29 qiqo gmcharlt im clueless with this editing stuff hehe
09:52 qiqo hmm i wonder why my koha installation is so slow

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