IRC log for #koha, 2007-05-13

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13:52 thd seen kados ?
13:52 dewey kados was last seen on #koha 1 days, 23 hours, 3 minutes and 50 seconds ago, saying: hehe [Fri May 11 02:48:31 2007]
13:52 thd hehe
13:53 kados thd: hi
13:54 thd kados: I lost my largest hard drive along with the primary controller yesterday  :(
13:55 kados :(
13:56 thd I have seen many systems but this is only the second drive failure I have seen on a working system
13:56 kados that's terrible
13:56 thd s/drive/hard drive/
13:57 thd the worst part is that I was selling it as a configured system and now I have to start over
16:40 kados thd: you there?
16:40 kados thd:
16:42 thd kados: is that not the project with no progress and apparently no FRBR ambitions beyond the simplest work expression manifestation item categories which they were planning to hard code into XML records?
16:42 kados yep
16:42 kados :-)
16:43 thd kados: I do not think that they will get very far with that approach
16:44 thd kados: they are ignoring adaptations, editions, etc. etc. basically most of FRBR

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