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13:58 paul kados around ?
06:56 paul et hop, une nouvelle version de Koha publiée...
06:56 paul 2.2.8
07:07 kados paul++
07:07 kados paul: were modifs made to 2.2.8 that aren't in rel_2_2?
07:07 paul hi kados
07:07 paul no, unless i'm silly
07:07 kados paul: congratulations on the new member of the family :-)
07:08 paul thanks.
07:08 kados paul: is Mathew (spelling?) home now?
07:08 paul Matthieu in french?
07:08 kados thx
07:08 paul and yes, he's at home : they were back 3 days after the birth
07:08 kados great
07:08 kados so all the kids have been cooing over him I'm sure :-)
07:08 paul not so great : a little bit too early according to sandrine...
07:09 kados ahh
07:09 paul the nice things is that's it holiday for childrens last week and this one
07:09 paul so we have everybody home.
07:09 kados very nice
07:09 paul fortunatly, sandrine mother is here for those 2 weeks.
07:10 paul that's why I can work ;-)
07:10 kados hehe
07:10 paul do you (LL) have something to commit on rel_3_0 ?
07:11 paul did you see my question on koha-devel, about the move to HEAD ?
07:11 kados yes, I did
07:11 kados and it's a great idea
07:11 paul (/me posted a lot of things on koha-devel yesterday...)
07:11 kados we have some testing results
07:11 kados but nothing is ready to commit yet besides what we already committed
07:11 kados so feel free to move it
07:12 paul OK, i'll do it tomorrow I think
07:12 kados paul++
07:12 paul something to look at :
07:12 paul OpenCataloger v0.2 ;-)
07:12 kados wow, nice
07:12 kados wow, very nice :-)
07:13 paul (encoding problem + save does not work. otherwise, it should work at least enough to be considered as beta stage)
07:13 paul about 3.0 : are you happy with the tests you did ?
07:13 paul (the result of the tests ;-) )
07:13 kados hehe
07:13 kados some things we are very happy about
07:14 kados others may need some tweaks
07:14 paul only "tweaks" ? it's a very good news...
07:14 kados there are two major problems with rel_3_0 for our customers
07:14 kados 1. NZ customers want de-duplicated records like Koha 1.0
07:15 paul de-duplicated ?
07:15 kados 2. US customers need item-level circulation rules
07:15 kados meaning biblio, biblioitem, item
07:15 kados (point 1)
07:15 paul ah, ok. this is a very very large problem i'm afraid.
07:15 paul and, to say the truth, I don't know how to achieve this...
07:15 kados I think point #1 will have to wait for the metarecord
07:15 paul point 2 will be from far easier...
07:16 paul kados: ++
07:16 kados so hopefully it's an add-on for 3.2 or something
07:16 kados but point #2 is critical for US customers
07:16 paul do you know how to solve it ?
07:16 kados and it's the first thing chris will be working on April 1
07:16 kados :-)
07:16 paul (i have ideas)
07:17 kados we have a poor solution for dev_week
07:17 kados I would prefer a better implementation for 3.0
07:17 paul - issuing rules can be defined for itemtypes + freely (for each borrower category)
07:18 paul - default issuing rules for an item is the actual itemtype depending rule
07:18 paul - a new field (items.specificissuingrule) can be attached to any item
07:18 paul thus, libraries that don't need item level issuing rules have nothing to do
07:18 paul and libraries that want just have to activate the "specificissuingrule" field in MARC editor.
07:18 kados hmmm
07:19 kados that doesn't quite capture the expectation in the US i think
07:19 paul (the last question being where do we store the specificissuingrule in MARC...)
07:19 paul what does they expect ?
07:19 kados I think in the US they expect to have 'circulationcode' at the item level
07:19 kados so you have a biblio:
07:19 kados Harry Potter
07:20 kados with itemtype at the record level that says 'material type', maybe 'content' and 'audience'
07:20 kados then, at the item level you have a circulation code that says 'rules for circ'
07:20 kados this is how 99% of US ILSes work
07:21 kados and it's been a big problem for NPL since they switched to Koha
07:21 paul yes, that's what i propose (or I missed something...)
07:21 kados esp since they want to have 1 biblio that has circulating and reference records attached
07:22 kados but I think we need a new matrix
07:22 kados besides itemtype one
07:22 paul yep, that's what I meaned for :  issuing rules can be defined for itemtypes + freely (for each borrower category)
07:22 kados what do you mean by 'freely'
07:23 paul I think having a biblio-level issuing rule is still interesting for simplicity.
07:23 kados sure
07:23 paul having a itemlevel issuing rule is interesting for completness
07:23 paul thus, having both is interesting...
07:23 kados right
07:24 paul if an issuing rule is defined for a given itemtype => it applies by default for every item
07:24 kados so will they both use itemtypes table? or will we create a new table for circcodes?
07:24 paul we will create a new table. that CAN contain itemtype codes
07:26 kados it can contain itemtype codes?
07:26 kados why not contain only its own codes?
07:27 kados I think the typical expectation is that itemtypes are for searching and ccodes are for circ (noone will want to search by ccode)
07:27 paul To keep the possibility to have itemtype level issuing rules
07:28 paul (on phone)
07:30 kados paul:
07:30 kados paul: is that what you mean to have?
07:44 paul kados : back.
07:45 paul what i'm thinking could be :
07:45 paul issuingrules table :
07:45 paul - issuingcode char(10)
07:45 paul - borrowercategory char(10)
07:45 paul - days int
07:45 paul - quantity int
07:45 paul in the issuingprocess :
07:45 chris i think we need lower than days paul
07:46 paul hi chris. ok for hours if you prefer ;-)
07:46 paul in items table a new row : issuingrule
07:46 chris yeah i think lots of academic libraries do hourly periods
07:46 paul during issuing process :
07:46 kados yep, good point chris
07:47 paul - is there an items.issuingrule ?
07:47 paul yes => OK, get it
07:47 paul no => is there a issuincode = itemtype of this item ?
07:47 paul yes => use is
07:47 paul s/is/it/
07:47 paul no => we have a problem, impossible to know what to do
07:47 paul does that sound more clear ?
07:48 paul that would change strictly nothing for actual behaviour
07:48 paul and add an item level behaviour
07:49 kados so both biblioitems.itemtype and items.issuingrule would use itemtypes table?
07:49 kados for values I mean
07:49 kados ?
07:50 paul no, items.issuingrules would use only issuingrules.issuingcode
07:51 paul the issuingrules.issuingcode field contains any value (itemtype or not. actually it's only itemtype)
07:51 paul if the issuincode = itemtype => it's an itemtype level rule
07:51 paul otherwise => it's an item level rule
07:52 chris well its nearly midnight here, and ill need to wake up again in a few hours to feed kahurangi, so i might head to bed
07:53 chris ill read the log in the morning
07:53 paul the item level rule having priority to itemlevel
07:53 chris cya's
07:53 paul the item level rule having priority to itemtype
07:53 paul cya's
07:53 kados chris: night
07:53 paul good night
07:53 kados paul: I will give it some thought
07:53 kados paul: perhaps we can discuss it again soon
07:53 paul ok
07:54 paul good night too
07:54 kados g'night

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