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11:06 owen paul, are you here?
11:06 paul yep. hello owen
11:06 owen Hi.
11:06 paul (I know i have to answer to your koha-devel question ;-) )
11:08 owen Yes, I'm interested in hearing your opinion. You've got libraries using 3.0 right now don't you?
11:08 paul no !
11:09 paul it's not stable enough.
11:09 owen I thought you were at least preparing to go live soon
11:09 paul although SAN-OP will go live in january, with PROG + specific CSS
11:09 owen Ah, January.
11:09 paul and IPT request to go live ASAP.
11:41 paul owen : ok, i answered
11:43 owen Thanks paul, I'm glad to have your input
11:46 owen The include_dir preference sounds interesting. I'm not very familiar with what's new in 3.0
11:47 owen kados: are you around?
11:49 paul seems no ;-)
11:49 paul it's something I spoke about during dev_week.
11:49 paul all what is under tmpl/prog/default/includes is yours.
11:50 paul just define tmpl/prog/en/includes_npl and play with it.
11:50 paul as the includes dir is very stable, it should not be too hard to keep it synch with official includes
11:50 paul (and it's only 5-10 small files large !)
12:10 kados hey owen
12:10 kados hi paul
12:10 paul hi kados
12:10 owen Hi kados
12:11 kados what's up?
12:11 owen So it sounds like we should go ahead and start expanding the prog templates where necessary
12:11 kados yea, that makes sense to me
12:12 kados I wonder if it would make sense to base them on an existing design
12:12 kados like for instance, the yahoo one
12:12 kados (rather than re-invent the wheel)
12:13 paul kados : are u speaking of opac or librarian here ? because I think we can have different positions for the 2 interfaces
12:13 kados strictly opac i think
12:14 owen What do you mean the yahoo one?
12:15 kados
12:16 paul you're speaking of the design or of the library yui ?
12:16 owen I think kados is suggesting we use a YUI layout as our standard
12:17 kados well I didn't look closely at YUI, but from what I understand, it's just examples of design practices that work well in all browsers
12:17 kados examples can be helpful these days ;-)
12:38 kados toins: I just fixed a couple bugs in dev_week, if you could, synch rel_3_0?
12:38 kados toins: they are very minor
14:00 Anarka the Z3950 search says it is compatible with eindows now but... does it still depends on ZOOM ? if so that isnt avvailable in windows... or im probably missing something
14:12 kados Anarka: ZOOM is a perl module that is available for window
14:12 kados s
14:13 Anarka hummm i couldnt find it in activeperl
14:13 Anarka i knew something was wrong but...
14:21 Anarka to use the new module... do i have to download the entire CVS or could i only upgrade the files respective to Z3950 ?
14:21 kados Anarka: it's on CPAN
14:23 Anarka okis ill look into that tomorrow then :) to use the new search do i have to upgrade the entire koha to cvs or can i just upgrade the files that make z3950 work on windows ?
14:23 kados just the z3950 files
14:24 kados you need z3950/
14:24 kados
14:24 kados and two template files:
14:24 kados acqui.simple/addbiblio.tmpl
14:24 kados and z3950/search.tmpl
14:24 kados (I'm pretty sure that's all)
14:25 Anarka okis thanks :)
14:25 Anarka it's a pretty unstandart install so i hope everything will work
16:55 kados owen-away: you around?
16:56 owen Yes
16:56 kados bringing 101 back online
16:56 owen Cool.
17:02 kados toins: you got a sec?
17:06 kados owen: I'm gonna do some OS updates on it
17:06 kados owen: should be ready by tomorrow morning
17:06 kados owen: sorry it's taken so long :-)
17:07 owen No shortage of busy ;)
19:06 thd kados:are you there?
03:35 Pankay quick question: is the latest version of mysql OK to use with koha?
03:35 Pankay under debian sarge
03:36 Pankay hello...
03:36 rch hi Pankay
03:36 Pankay howdy
03:36 dewey niihau, Pankay
03:36 rch do you mean you want to use mysql 5
03:36 Pankay sure
03:37 Pankay or whatever the latest version is
03:37 rch people have gotten it to work, but officially, only 4.1 is supported.
03:37 rch 4.1 is standard for Sarge install.
03:37 Pankay i know that under windows, you have to use 4, but i wasn't sure about debian
03:37 Pankay ah, thanks
03:37 rch np
03:38 Pankay i'm trying to get koha to work for the corporate library i work at
03:38 Pankay for brownie points!
03:39 Pankay currently all they have is a card catalog that hasn't been updated since the early 90's
03:39 rch may you eat many brownies :)
03:39 Pankay lol...thanks
03:42 Pankay i tried installing koha on a win xp sp2 rig but the install didn't work out to well
03:43 Pankay the koha install faulted at perl stuff
03:43 Pankay so now i'm on a virtual machine running debian
03:44 Pankay command line takes too long
03:45 rch you're in a VM under windows?
03:46 Pankay yeah, just for testing purposes
03:46 Pankay the real server will be on its own rig

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