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16:37 qiqo ei
16:37 qiqo anyone awake????
16:37 Burgwork qiqo, yep
16:37 qiqo hi Burgwork
16:38 qiqo im currently having a problem with the installation of mysql..
16:38 qiqo can you help me?
16:38 qiqo im using gnome/xfce as my desktop
16:38 qiqo so libreadline5 in installed, however mysql4 requires libreadline4
16:40 Burgwork hmm, fun. Which distro?
16:40 kados qiqo: I'd recommend mysql 4.1
16:41 kados qiqo: if you're on an RPM based system you can grab the binaries directly from
16:44 qiqo im using debian now
16:49 mason hmm, our dev box seems to have readline 4 and 5 installed
16:50 qiqo hows that?
16:50 qiqo actually i tried --force-conflicts
16:50 mason im not quite sure how/why that is...
16:50 mason dpkg -l|grep -i readline
16:50 mason ii  libreadline4   4.3-15         GNU readline and history libraries, run-time
16:50 mason ii  libreadline5   5.0-10         GNU readline and history libraries, run-time
16:51 mason .
16:51 qiqo kados is it possible that ill just install mysql from the rpm binaries thru alien?
16:52 mason but our box is a sarge debian, with mysql 4.0.24-10
16:52 qiqo what did you do? :(
16:53 mason nothing special, i dont think?
16:54 qiqo ermm but apt-get forces me to select only 1
16:54 qiqo because if i select libreadline4, my desktop packages will be uninstalled
16:54 qiqo and if i choose libreadline5 i will be using mysql5
16:54 mason i think the version of mysql that apt-get fetchs is mysql5
16:55 mason so, we must have installed mysql4 explicitly
16:55 mason chris: any ideas on that?
16:55 qiqo errrm..
16:56 mason or kados?
16:56 dewey well, kados is becoming a true Perl Monger...
16:57 mason we have a production koha running mysql5
16:57 mason on redhat, so mysql5 does work ok with koha
16:58 qiqo :(
16:59 kados mysql5 support is forthcoming
16:59 kados meaning, no, it won't work :-)
16:59 mason i think we must have installed mysql4 on our dev-box with a force option
17:00 kados 4.1 is the trick as it's the first one with proper character encoding support
17:00 mason which is why both readlines 4 and 5 are installed
17:00 kados could be
17:00 kados we only use debian sarge at LibLime
17:00 qiqo how do you force install?
17:01 Burgwork -f install mysql4
17:01 kados qiqo: what distro?
17:01 Burgwork apt-get -f install mysql4
17:01 mason we only use sarge here too
17:01 Burgwork but -f is very very seriously not recommended
17:01 qiqo still unlucky
17:02 qiqo actually im using dreamlinux which is debian based
17:02 Burgwork can you not install on a seperate machine?
17:02 qiqo my desktop is xfce which is based on gnome
17:02 qiqo nope
17:02 kados you have X running on a server?
17:02 kados bad idea IMO
17:02 qiqo yup
17:03 kados s/graphics/video/
17:03 Burgwork servers are servers and desktops are desktops. Never the twain should meet
17:04 mason hmm,  our boxes dont have any x/gnome/kde on them either, so we probably havent run into this problem before
17:05 kados qiqo: if I were you I'd set up a separate server and just use debian sarge
17:05 kados qiqo: if you've got the hardware to spare that is
17:05 qiqo ah ok
17:05 kados qiqo: you can even use my installation guide on
17:05 kados qiqo: it's a cookbook, so you should have no trouble installing
17:06 mason hmm, even my sarge box at home has 2 readline packages installed
17:06 qiqo actually i have installed koha sucessfuly but i just wanted to have a slim and lightweight gui ontop of it
17:07 mason ah right
17:07 qiqo anyway i will first try to install the binaries
17:08 mason slim and liteweight rules out gnome and kde then :)
17:08 qiqo im using xfce
17:09 mason i think thats chris' favourite too
17:10 qiqo you can view my current os at[…]x+2.0+screenshots
17:10 kados mine too :-)
17:10 qiqo it's a pretty neat desktop
17:10 kados yup
17:13 mason its got a nice OSX aqua looks to it
17:14 qiqo yup
17:17 qiqo i think i installed mysql binary succesfully
17:20 qiqo hurray!!
17:21 mason youve got 2 readlines now too?
17:22 qiqo nope
17:22 qiqo only 1
17:22 qiqo mysql4.1 rpm binary is statically linked to libreadline4
17:23 mason oooh, sneaky
02:30 btoumi hi all
02:34 toins hi tout le monde
02:37 osmoze hi too
06:17 qiqo hi everyone
06:19 qiqo i just wanted to know if 2.2.5 has no problems with mysql 5.0
08:53 qiqo anybody home?
08:53 paul yep
08:53 qiqo is 2.2.6RC2 compatible with mysql5
08:53 paul hello qiqo
08:53 paul no.
08:53 qiqo i really cant install 4.1 in this machine..
08:53 qiqo ermm.
08:54 qiqo because my distro requires libreadline5 and mysql4 requires libreadline4
08:54 paul which is your distro ?
08:54 qiqo so everytime i choose to install mysql4, synaptics gives me the option remove all of my gnome stuffs
08:55 qiqo dreamlinux.. its debian based
08:55 qiqo and its pretty neat
08:55 qiqo do you know how to install both libreadline without affecting each other?
08:56 paul nope qiqo
08:56 qiqo :(
09:00 btoumi kados: are u around?
09:00 toins qiqo, apt-get install --force ?
09:00 qiqo tried that
09:00 qiqo it still requires libreadline
09:06 qiqo errmmm so ireally have to wait for 2.2.6?......
09:06 qiqo :(
09:07 toins qiqo, koha2.2.6 shouldn't be work with mysql 5
09:07 qiqo errm really??.. so its 3.0?
09:07 toins there is a discussion around this topic on koha-devel mailinglist
09:07 toins on "about bugs in rel_2_2"
09:11 qiqo i really am going to be nuts ..
09:11 qiqo hehe
09:13 qiqo
09:18 toins qiqo,[…]_2-tf2227708.html
09:18 toins qiqo, read the answer from chris
09:23 qiqo ermm ok
09:26 qiqo so what does this mean?
09:37 qiqo ill be trying to use the binaries of mysql and see if what will happen
10:11 kados paul: .
10:11 paul hello kados
10:11 kados hi :-)
10:11 kados I saw you were working on rel_2_2 and was wondering what you think about bug 1089
10:12 paul I already said on the bug what I think
10:13 kados ahh, I missed it, sorry
10:13 paul no prob
10:13 kados I agree with you
10:13 kados as long as it's in the release notes (which you say it will be :-))
10:13 owen bug 1159 is assigned to me, but it doesn't sound like it's really a template problem.
10:14 paul my release notes (uncommited) :
10:14 paul KNOWN BUGS
10:14 paul **********
10:14 paul Critical/blocking :
10:14 paul * mySQL5.0 : Koha is NOT compatible with mySQL 5.0 We plan to add 5.0 compatibility in Koha 3. If you want to give a try to 2.2.6 with mySQL5, you can have a look at[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1089, but it's untested & unofficial.
10:14 paul *
10:14 paul I will add all blo/cri that are not fixed before release.
10:14 paul hello owen
10:14 kados paul: looks great, thanks!
10:26 owen Today's meeting isn't a Bug squash, right?
10:26 kados no
10:26 kados but we will discuss the status of rel_2_2
10:27 paul of course. As I really want to release 2.2.6 very soon !
10:27 paul i'm proud to say that there is only 1 bug still affected to me, and he should be FIXED in the next 10 mn !
10:28 paul (even if i'm sure that some will be affected to me later)
10:28 kados great!
10:32 owen What's the status of Bug 1146?[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1146
10:36 kados ok, I created a new supplier
10:36 kados hmmm
10:37 kados I created a new supplier and clicked on 'add order' and orders from other sippliers are showing up :/
10:37 kados paul: that's wrong behavior, right?
10:38 kados so it looks to me like 1146 is still a problem
10:40 kados and I still get javascript errors when adding a new order
10:40 kados click in quantity field, ever 1, hit tab and I get:
10:40 kados Error: f.elements[currency] has no properties
10:40 kados Source File:[…]tno=&biblio=13775
10:40 kados Line: 147
10:40 kados same error when I enter the supplier price and tab
10:41 kados and I still don't understand what invoice number is, we need to add a little text to clarify that
10:42 kados wow, and now that I created an order, I click on 'Add Order' and it doesn't pull it up :/
10:48 owen GST = Goods and Services Tax ?
10:48 paul yep
10:48 paul it's "TVA" => Added Value Tax
10:49 paul any american would ask why we have to pay just because we add a value to something...
10:52 owen Any American wouldn't know enough to ask you that question! If you said GST or TVA they would stare blankly.
10:53 owen Okay, if I add a system preference to hide or show GST information on Intranet screens, will it mess up calculations for that form field to have disappeared?
10:54 paul probably. but why do you say it's not a template question ?
10:55 owen Sometimes there is a GST value that's being displayed. In that case you can say <!-- TMPL_IF name="GST" -->Gist : <!-- TMPL_VAR name="GST" --><!-- /TMPL_IF -->
10:55 owen ...but if you're asking for GST as an input, there's not way for the template to know you don't use GST
10:56 owen I was thinking something like this:
10:56 paul owen : +1 point in intelligence. paul -1 point
10:57 owen <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="haveGST" --><p>
10:57 owen <label class="label100">Budgeted GST</label>
10:57 owen <input type="text" size="20" name="GST" value="" <!-- TMPL_IF name="close" -->readonly <!--/TMPL_IF-->>
10:57 owen </p><!-- /TMPL_IF -->
10:57 owen Or should I add a hidden field for GST that's set to 0 ? That would be simple enough.
10:57 paul the best would be a systempref, you're right.
11:01 owen Looks like applies the default GST value even if the order line wasn't entered with one.
11:01 paul OK, i've found a solution :
11:01 paul there is a systempref with GST rate
11:01 paul if set to 0, just remove the GST line !!!
11:02 paul by default it may be 0.055 or something like that (a french value)
11:04 owen Should "Budgeted GST" on show the default GST from system preferences?
11:05 paul the default GST is a rate, so the value is javascript calculated from the rate)
11:08 paul (but will be back for the meeting, probably sooner)
11:17 paul tada ...
11:18 owen :)
11:18 paul the currency must contain NO SPACE.
11:18 paul I've replaced US DOLLAR by USD, and that works fine
11:18 paul (i've updated the supplier as well)
11:19 paul imho the quick & acceptable solution is to remove automatically any space when leaving the add formula + add a warning.
11:19 paul the long one being to fix the javascript
11:22 owen I don't understand... the curency where?
11:22 paul Koha >> admin >> currencies.
11:22 paul it was defined as US DOLLAR, exchange rate 1
11:22 paul I removed it & created USD, 1.000
11:23 paul and that fixes #1146
11:23 paul (it's not related to your GST problem)
11:23 owen I'm going to defer to kados on this one, since it's really his bug

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