IRC log for #koha, 2006-08-02

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14:51 hdl hi
14:51 dewey what's up, hdl
14:51 hdl we have a meeting dewey
14:51 zator why at 22;(
14:53 kados hi all
14:54 slef is there an agenda?
14:54 kados yep, a minimal one anyway
14:55 kados[…]ndandnotes06jul31
14:55 kados really could use some more items listed on it :-)
14:56 kados cool
14:56 kados I suppose we should wait a few more minutes to see who else shows up
14:56 slef I've got a PC with a segfaulting proc, which I need to deal with :(
14:57 kados :(
14:57 tumer so am i
14:57 paul hello tumer
14:57 tumer hi paul
14:57 paul what time is it for you ? almost midnight ?
14:57 tumer almost
14:57 slef away-announces are really irritating :)
14:58 tumer at midnight ?
14:58 kados hehe
14:58 kados so ...[…]ndandnotes06jul31
14:58 kados there's the agenda
14:58 kados hopefully you all have more things to discuss? :-0
14:59 tumer more than 3?
14:59 paul it's a very good summary kados.
14:59 kados :)
14:59 paul very complete at least.
14:59 tumer well i was also writing a report for the meeting but couldnt finish it
15:00 tumer how is zebra going paul?
15:01 paul nothing new since 1 week.
15:01 kados well ... i suppose we can officially start now
15:01 paul yep.
15:01 kados so welcome to the latest meeting
15:02 paul maybe 2.2.6 to start, then 2.4, then 3 ?
15:02 kados looks like hdl, paul, tumer, slef, and me
15:02 kados are present
15:02 kados paul: sure, you want to start with an update on 2.2.6?
15:02 paul nobody from new zealand ?
15:02 paul yep kados.
15:02 kados noone from NZ yet I don't think
15:02 zator but somebody from poland;)
15:02 paul I installed Koha 2.2.6RC1 to one of my libraries.
15:02 kados hay zator, welcome :-)
15:03 zator elo
15:03 paul hello zator, and welcome
15:03 si paul: chris had to be at the ferry at 8am, I believe
15:03 paul so, I installed 2.2.6RC1, and many bugs were reported in MARC editor & acquisitions.
15:03 si ie, two minues ago
15:03 kados hey si, thanks for that
15:03 kados paul: when was this?
15:03 si no worries
15:03 paul I have fixed most of them, with default templates, and i'm looking for a french library to test 2.2.6RC2
15:03 paul one month ago.
15:03 kados ok
15:04 paul IPT worked with it 1 day, and I reverted to 2.2.5
15:04 paul due to MARC editor problems.
15:04 si and the local cable company is out, so it's not looking good for the rest of them :-(
15:04 kados right
15:04 zator hm.. i working on version 2.2.4 and have 2.2.5 and still some bugs in fields < 010
15:04 paul my problem now is that everything in France is closed
15:04 kados paul: until when?
15:04 paul so, i'm looking for a candidate to test 2.2.6RC2 before official release.
15:05 paul until sept, 1st
15:05 paul (i'm afraid)
15:05 kados wow, long time
15:05 paul i'll be off from aug,12 to aug,28
15:05 kados well, i have several candidates for testing
15:05 slef paul: I have a possible, but MARC21 and in England.  Any use?
15:05 paul in France, 5 weeks vacations yearly
15:05 kados but it's not UNIMARC testing
15:05 paul I wanted to do unimarc tests, of course.
15:05 kados yep
15:06 kados if we need to delay 2.2.6 another month, it's ok for me
15:06 kados I'd prefer to have 2.2.6 well tested and stable
15:06 paul maybe our 1st tester will be 2 new libraries we are deploying atm, with hdl ;-)
15:06 kados ahh ... that's ok too :-)
15:07 paul (1 being in switzerland, the other one a french network of archeology)
15:07 kados right
15:07 paul maybe I could create a 2.2.6RC2 package & officially release it.
15:07 paul with RC warnings.
15:07 kados sure, sounds good to me
15:07 paul ok, i'll do it tomorrow.
15:08 paul let me know them when you get a chance.
15:08 paul i'll hunt them.
15:10 kados ok ... so is that all for 2.2.6?
15:10 paul so 2.4 now ?
15:10 kados sure
15:10 kados well ... I can say some things about 2.4, previously said in an email
15:11 kados * it's basically rel_2_2 with a new search API
15:11 tumer and zebra!!!
15:11 dewey zebra is, like, #1 for me
15:11 kados * there is a basic wrapper for the old search API
15:11 kados tumer: yes :-)
15:11 kados * UNIMARC and default templates aren't tested at all
15:12 slef Remind me - is 2.4 dev_week?
15:12 kados * other than some bugs in rel_2_2 I'm not aware of any bugs specific to dev_week
15:12 kados slef: yes
15:12 paul2 ok, i've been disconnected...
15:12 kados the test site is a, which runs off of stock dev_week
15:13 kados what I'll be doing before 2.4.0:
15:13 kados * implement authorities support with Zebra
15:13 kados * finalize the search API and improve the wrapper for the old one
15:14 tumer dev_week should have authorities basic support with zebra
15:14 kados tumer: I haven't tested that yet ...
15:14 kados tumer: but probably this week I will
15:14 tumer sure
15:15 kados unfortunately, zebra integration has taken up so much of my resources I can't afford to make dev_week universally useful
15:15 kados but I woudl be glad to support any effort to do so
15:15 kados and would delay release of 2.4 until that is done if someone wants to do so
15:15 paul2 I plan to put some efforts on this in the next months.
15:15 slef what needs to happen to make it universally useful?
15:15 kados paul++
15:15 hdl kados : Have you documented somewhere ??? (In the wiki)
15:15 paul2 (i've hired toins_ just for this)
15:16 kados slef: good question
15:16 kados there are several things that must be done:
15:16 kados * unimarc support
15:16 kados * support for default templates
15:16 chris morning all sorry im late
15:16 hdl hi chris
15:16 kados * some way to customize indexing and search behavior of zebra
15:16 kados hey chris, welcome
15:17 paul2 kados : can share my my plans for zebra ?
15:17 kados paul2: please do
15:17 paul2 hello chris
15:18 kados woot :-)
15:18 paul2 in fact, I don't plan to support 2.4 in France. My plan would be to go directly to Koha 3.0, ASAP. I already explained that SAN timeline is september : 1st tests, january : real life
15:18 paul2 so my goal would be :
15:18 paul2 - make 2.4 zebra stable as fast as possible
15:18 paul2 - synch dev_week and 3.0
15:18 paul2 - work on 3.0
15:18 paul2 so, no need for default templates
15:19 kados right
15:19 tumer paul:synching dev_week to 3 may not be a good idae
15:19 kados there is one small problem I'm afraid
15:19 kados tumer hit on it :-)
15:19 chris hmm, yeah, the only people id have using 2.4 wouldnt be using default templates anyway ... BUT you may have noticed over the last few days bob from katipo has been committing templates to dev_week
15:20 tumer i want to say a few things on three
15:20 paul2 i'm completly OK with npl templates, except they are better in utf-8 and my DB are not. and I don't wan't to do the move now.
15:20 kados tumer: ok, go ahead
15:20 chris so there will be npl, plus katipo templates that work for 2.4
15:20 tumer i was waiting to see how zebra would go with you
15:21 tumer apart from us nobody uses it in prod
15:21 kados right
15:21 tumer so i do not know whether you will have problems
15:21 kados I hope NPL will go live soon
15:21 chris tumer: i plan to have a couple of clients testing/using it in the near future
15:21 paul I have some candidates too.
15:21 tumer i am  working o a completey new version
15:21 tumer for 3 new API
15:22 paul the problem with dev_week is that so many improvements in rel_2_2, that have been synch in head are NOT in dev_week
15:22 kados right
15:22 kados paul: what improvements?
15:22 kados paul: I thought I synched rel_2_2 and dev_week
15:22 paul when ?
15:22 paul (maybe I missed something)
15:22 kados paul: I've been keeping it in synch
15:22 chris just recently if i remember .. i saw a lot of commits
15:23 kados paul: every time you commit a batch of changes I update dev_week
15:23 kados paul: it's only behind about a week or so
15:23 kados paul: and I will synch it as soon as I verify the fixes in rel_2_2
15:23 kados afaik, dev_week eq rel_2_2 + zebra and new search API
15:24 kados so it should be as stable as rel_2_@
15:24 kados 2 even
15:24 paul tumer : what are your ideas for the new API ?
15:24 tumer new ZEBRA indexing rules, new KOHA Record XML design sheet etc..
15:25 tumer zebra cannot keep up with fast updating
15:25 tumer so change the behaviour
15:25 chris makes sense
15:25 kados tumer: could you flesh that out a bit?
15:25 tumer keep 2 separaete records bibliographic,holding etc
15:25 tumer ok here we go
15:26 tumer i changed it so that only one process writes to zebra
15:26 tumer they all write to a db where zebra reads one by one
15:26 tumer more stable
15:27 tumer i am keeping the modified record structure
15:27 tumer bibliographic-holdings
15:27 tumer on the fly join them
15:27 tumer i designed a koha coplex record stylesheet
15:27 tumer zebra can index it
15:27 tumer while i can separately read each record
15:28 tumer all being tested at momemt
15:28 tumer koha api now reads and writes xml
15:28 tumer marcxml and koharecorxml
15:28 chris cool, so it all asynchronous tumer?
15:28 kados tumer: so you have a 'metarecord' that contains holdings and bibliographic?
15:28 tumer kados yes
15:29 kados very cool
15:29 chris it does sound very cool
15:29 tumer kohacollection-koharecord-MAR​C21-holdings-holdinng(marc21)
15:30 paul there is a major problem with this : it's the SAN. they really require zebra features & all what they added recently to Koha (item reserves, fines, members management...) and their timeline is september for tests & january for production.
15:30 tumer we can now update kohavcollection of xml records with zebra
15:30 paul so I wonder if we really can afford all of this in a decent time.
15:30 tumer i am saying use devweek
15:30 tumer do not merge to head
15:30 paul except many improvements are in head and not in dev_week...
15:31 kados tumer: dev_week is close to being stable
15:31 paul like members, letters, fines, item reserve ...
15:31 tumer dev_week is stable
15:31 kados tumer: and i need several libraries to migrate very soon
15:31 paul kados : what are you not sure about ?
15:31 tumer headis 3 right?
15:31 chris yes tumer
15:32 kados tumer: we will branch head at some point to create rel_3_0
15:32 kados tumer: but there will always be a head
15:32 paul kados ++ : maube we could :
15:32 paul - stablilize dev_week
15:32 paul - synch dev_week with head
15:32 paul - branch head as 3
15:32 chris OR
15:32 paul - stabilize 3 while working on 4
15:33 paul (4 being head)
15:33 chris stabilise dev_week
15:33 chris branch head to rel_3
15:33 chris synch dev_week and rel_3
15:33 tumer chris++
15:33 chris and leave head
15:33 paul this is not so far than what i proposed, so OK for me.
15:34 chris so we dont have to take all the dev_week stuff back out for the new api
15:34 kados so tumer's stuff will become 3.2?
15:34 chris yeah
15:34 kados k, that sounds good to me
15:34 tumer fine with me
15:34 kados it's not quite what I had in mind for 3.0
15:34 paul 3.2 or maybe even 4, if it makes a heavy use of XML & things like that
15:34 kados but i guess we need to be realistic :-)
15:35 chris so 3.0 will be dev_week plus a bunch of new features
15:35 paul kados->{wisdom} +=3;
15:35 kados hehe
15:35 kados ok, sounds good
15:35 chris yeah i think that that is the best chance we have of getting a 3.0 out in time for it to be useful for SAN
15:35 paul sounds good to me too.
15:35 kados yep
15:35 paul + I candidate to synch rel_3 and dev_week
15:36 kados ok
15:36 chris cool
15:36 paul (which I'm sure nobody will refuse)
15:36 kados :-)
15:36 chris nope :)
15:36 kados not me :-)
15:36 paul (in fact, toins will work on it, with me)
15:36 tumer ++ from me
15:36 kados also good since I'm not as familiar with the new head API
15:36 kados I attempted to synch locally but got very confused :-)
15:36 tumer there is no new head API !
15:37 paul kados ???
15:37 dewey kados is becoming a true Perl Monger...
15:37 kados tumer: there is for
15:37 kados removal of bibid or biblionumber being one feature
15:37 kados (which was removed?)
15:37 chris one of them :)
15:37 kados hehe
15:37 hdl (bibid)
15:37 tumer will probably completely go after sync
15:38 paul tumer: ++
15:38 chris true tumer
15:39 kados :-)
15:39 kados so what else shall we discuss?
15:39 paul i can summarize what toins_ does atm
15:39 tumer what do you say about this new koha mterecord?
15:39 paul (if you need)
15:39 kados paul: ok, go ahead
15:40 kados tumer: I need to think about it and perhaps see how you have created it
15:40 paul so, he is code cleaning head, according to our wiki codecleaning page.
15:40 paul those days, he works on acquisitions.
15:40 kados toins++
15:40 slef[…]ment:codecleaning
15:40 paul I think he will have finished tomorrow for this.
15:40 paul i'll request him to write a small graphic to show script names &general ergonomy of acquisition.
15:41 kados wow, really great
15:41 chris yep ive been watching his commits, it looks really good
15:41 paul i think what he did will help a lot getting a stable acquisition module.
15:41 chris yep
15:41 paul and something easier to improve.
15:41 chris ive been testing it
15:41 chris hasnt broken anything
15:41 kados sweet
15:41 paul for example, a library requested recently to be able to write a note on an order line, when it's very overdue
15:42 paul (to say "will be recieved in 2007, jan", for example)
15:42 paul with the code cleaned, it should be easier.
15:42 kados great!
15:42 chris oh thats a good feature
15:42 slef Are both normal and simple acqui working in 2.2.5?
15:42 paul he already cleaned serials & bookbags.
15:43 paul slef : nop, simple acqui means no acqui at all now.
15:43 paul afaik
15:43 paul i won't make him work on cataloguing, because of zebra
15:44 paul same thing for members & circ, as SAN are working on it.
15:44 chris the reports section could do with a bit of cleaning
15:44 paul so, he should be ready soon to work on zebra & synch.
15:44 chris if he has time
15:44 paul chris: what kind of cleaning ?
15:44 chris there is a lot of code in scripts that could be better put in a module
15:45 kados there are some bug reports out there for reports as well ... some of them don't work
15:45 chris but synching is probably at least as important
15:45 paul he will stay with me, 100% available for the community, until december, 17th. so, i'll ask him this after rel_3 & dev_week synch
15:45 kados woot
15:45 chris ohh excellent
15:45 chris yay for toins
15:45 kados one thing I want to say about 3.x
15:46 paul (and he could stay 2 more months after december, because it's new school sessions starts only in feb)
15:46 kados can we agree to have only one set of templates please? :-)
15:46 paul (yay for me & hdl, as it's 100% funded by us ;-) )
15:46 thd paul: what happens after December?
15:46 paul kados->{wisdom} += 10;
15:46 paul thd : he go back to school ;-)
15:46 kados I propose that all style changes can be implemented in css
15:47 kados and all function and layout changes as either css or as syspref
15:47 hdl (thd : toins goes back to school)
15:47 kados we are currently wasting a lot of developer resources just keeing all the templates in synch
15:47 paul (& my bet is that after almost 1 year working with me, he won't stay too long at school. so maybe we will hire him definetly. but that's not sure at all for instance. just my bet)
15:47 kados that's great news paul
15:47 chris yep, one set of templates sounds fine to me
15:48 paul I TOTALLY agree that we need just 1 set of templates. In fact, I suggested this already so many times, that I won't refuse ;-)
15:48 kados hehe
15:48 slef paul subverting uni-*.fr
15:48 kados slef: ?
15:48 paul so, PROG is the template we will use for head/rel_3
15:48 kados paul: yes, I think so
15:49 paul it was not a question, it was an affirmation ;-)
15:49 kados hehe
15:49 chris i still would like to set up a or something similair, were people can put their themes, like ccfls etc ... which are supported by the template makers
15:49 slef kados: <paul> (& my bet is ... )
15:49 chris ie, not by us :)
15:49 kados right
15:49 kados but even those could be 100% implemented as css
15:49 chris yep, thats up to the people who make them
15:50 slef Could it be good to split template/css/po?
15:50 chris as i like to say SEP
15:50 chris (someone elses problem)
15:50 kados hehe
15:50 paul i plan to work on my header inclusion, as explained during dev week, in Marseille.
15:50 chris hehe
15:50 paul asap.
15:50 chris cool paul
15:50 thd kados: what does the one set of templates do that several were ever required?
15:50 kados paul: I think liblime has already done it
15:50 paul i'm really sure that it will be enough for 99% of the libraries.
15:50 paul where is it hidden ?
15:50 kados paul: i will have to check with ryan though
15:50 kados paul: we didn't commit it to rel_2_2
15:51 kados paul: as it's a new feature :-)
15:51 paul no prob for rel_2_2, it will be enough for head
15:51 paul but I missed it on head if you commited it
15:51 kados ok ... I'll ask ryan and get back to you tomorrow
15:51 paul ok
15:51 kados no, didn't commit to head I don't think
15:51 slef Could it be good to split template/css/po?
15:51 kados we have a meeting in an hour, I will put it on our agenda
15:51 kados slef: in what way?
15:52 tumer want me for anything, i am leaving..
15:52 slef kados: so not every theme need specify all thtml, css and po strings
15:53 paul tumer : have a good night
15:53 thd tumer stay
15:53 hdl slef : po files are used to produce translations...
15:53 kados slef: great idea!
15:53 thd tumer: I have a question about indexing if you can stay
15:53 slef s/thtml/tmpl/
15:53 kados paul: what do you think about this idea from slef?
15:53 tumer thd:waiting
15:53 slef I stayed out of the template system for now, but if we're revisiting it anyway...
15:53 paul I think i don't understand it well :-(
15:54 kados paul: currently, we have:
15:54 kados npl/en/includes/tons of css, includes, etc.
15:54 kados default/en/includes/tons of css, includes, etc.
15:54 kados default/fr/includes/tons of ...
15:54 kados default/de/includes/tons of ...
15:54 kados but the css never changes
15:55 kados so why not have:
15:55 kados default/css/
15:55 kados default/en
15:55 kados default/fr
15:55 kados etc.
15:55 kados slef: that's what you mean, right?
15:55 hdl I think it is Because of DocumentRoot on virtualhosts.
15:56 thd tumer: did you see my question?
15:56 slef kados: nearly.  probably css, <LANG>, and tmpl dirs.
15:56 paul hdl ++
15:56 kados slef: do you have a specific dir structure in mind?
15:56 slef hdl: we don't play very nice with most web hosts yet :-/
15:57 slef kados: I can probably mail one to koha-devel soon.  Works better than 1-line IRCs.
15:57 kados slef: sounds great
15:57 kados I've thought of this before as well
15:57 hdl Yes but languages are not translated on the fly.
15:57 kados hdl: currently, if the css in /fr/ changes, you must update the css in /en/
15:58 hdl So po file have to be processed and stored.
15:58 slef hdl: split css, tmpl and po apart.  I can make languages translate on the fly.
15:58 paul kados : the css in fr NEVER changes !
15:58 paul it's generated by tmpl_process3, from the en one.
15:58 kados paul: right ...
15:58 paul fortunatly, otherwise it would have been a true pain !
15:58 hdl slef : It would be a problem of performance !!
15:59 slef hdl: cache!
15:59 slef hdl: (and split into po files)
15:59 slef hdl: (and split into smaller po files)
16:00 hdl (would be a pain in the neck to maintain...
16:00 hdl And it already is)
16:00 paul hdl++
16:00 slef hdl: why any worse than now?
16:00 slef should this be 2.4 or 3.0?
16:01 paul slef : 3.0, not before
16:01 hdl slef: because we can process all the files to get the absent translation.
16:01 kados slef: 3.0 for sure
16:01 slef I'll branch some files, so if it doesn't get fast enough, it doesn't go in.
16:01 hdl and then we know what we have to fill in.
16:01 slef hdl: I don't understand how that is different.
16:02 hdl Th more files you get to search in, the heavier is your task.
16:02 slef hdl: With new system, you can use gettext's tools to compare/merge the pot and the po to see what's missing.
16:02 paul slef : if a string is used in, say, acquisition module and the same is in members module, then it will have to be translated 2x
16:02 paul and translations are already a long process to reach a good quality...
16:03 slef paul: no, each string is translated once, but both places where it appears will be marked.
16:04 slef paul: have you translated 'normal' gettext software?
16:04 paul nope
16:04 slef paul: it's quite common.  Let me find an example...
16:07 slef[…]nstall-menu-eo.po
16:07 slef I was sure it was in a public file
16:07 slef search for
16:07 slef #: ../update-menus/exceptions.h:55 ../update-menus/parsestream.h:114
16:07 slef that string is used in two places
16:08 paul ok, and ?
16:08 slef it's translated once
16:08 paul that's already that way we do translations in Koha
16:08 slef so what is the problem?
16:08 slef It will still be translated once
16:09 paul I don't know, you started to speak of translations changes
16:09 paul what do you want to split in smaller po files ?
16:09 slef if possible, split strings that are only used in one place into a file for that place
16:10 slef there will still be strings which are site-wide
16:10 kados IMO, it would be ideal to store all the strings in the db :-)
16:10 slef but we only need do this if performance is needed
16:10 slef kados: I guess that's another option.
16:10 paul the way translation works atm, is quite good, imho :
16:10 paul we don't loose any CPU translating on the fly
16:10 kados because then any library could change the wording
16:11 kados we get many requests for minor changes to the wording of each page
16:11 kados 'Catalog Search' vs 'Advanced Search'
16:11 kados quite a pain to do
16:11 paul something that comes in my mind : kados, pierrick worked on an extension manager iirc. did he send some code to you ?
16:11 slef paul: it has its benefits.  It's very different to many other web applications and it means each theme needs compiling to each language.
16:11 kados paul: no
16:12 slef (erm, those are the drawbacks)
16:12 kados paul: if we completely separated the language strings from the theme, npl and default coudl share the same language po files
16:12 kados for instance
16:13 kados (I think)
16:13 paul kados : right.
16:13 paul but that would be a long term goal I think.
16:13 kados yep
16:13 paul at least I won't invest even an hour on this for instance ;-)
16:13 slef kados: they may need a small file of template-specific strings, but hopefully not many.
16:14 kados ok, it's a good idea, but we might not have time to do it
16:14 kados I have to close the meeting now, have to get ready for another meeting :-)
16:14 kados anything else to mention briefly?
16:14 paul it's time to go to bed for me, so i agree to close the chat
16:15 kados ok ... good night all, thanks for all the work
16:15 paul yes, a last question
16:15 thd kados: when is the next meeting
16:15 tumer night everyone
16:15 thd ?
16:15 paul kados : when do you think dev_week will be definetly stable ?
16:15 kados paul: it is definitely stable now for what it does
16:15 kados paul: i will add/confirm some additional features
16:15 kados paul: such as facets and authorities
16:16 paul so, searching & updating biblios & authorities work well ?
16:16 kados paul: yes, perfectly
16:16 kados paul: not sure about authroties
16:16 kados paul: I am testing that this week
16:16 tumer i will see that kados gets authorities working
16:16 kados paul: but circ and add/edit biblio/item work perfectly
16:16 paul great, so i'll ask toins_ to work on it next week.
16:16 thd paul: I do not believe authorities are working yet
16:16 kados sounds good
16:16 paul this week, he will install dev_week and play with it
16:17 kados great!
16:17 paul (with me, for at least 2 days this week)
16:19 thd tumer: let me know when I can ask a related question if you can still be awake
16:22 thd hdl: is browsing broader, narrower, and see also authority records working now?
16:25 thd tumer: are you still there?
16:25 tumer thd: just for a bit i need some sleep
16:25 paul bye all
16:27 thd tumer: how will we index authorities to do clever things?
16:27 tumer wait a couple of days until kados finishes his tests
16:28 thd tumer: which tests?
16:28 tumer we can discuss once authorites starts working. Indexing files are committed i believe
16:33 hdl thd : yes
16:34 thd hdl: do your term expansion/collapse links rely upon JavaScript?
16:35 hdl yes.
16:35 hdl and css.
16:36 thd hdl: are you hiding the content when collapsed or do you fetch again from the server to expand?
16:36 hdl hiding.
16:36 thd s/hiding/merely hiding/
16:36 hdl no fetching again
16:37 thd hdl: so there is no problem of scalability for any thesaurus size
16:38 hdl the problem is the number of fathers and sons.
16:39 hdl since you ave to fetch all of them for display.
16:40 thd hdl: do you mean you have to fetch all child records to display the topmost parent record or the other way around?
16:40 thd or both?
16:40 dewey both are pretty secure though
16:41 hdl no only for the last son.
16:42 hdl I fetch all the records up to the root.
16:42 thd hdl: although each potential parent record has to be checked for immediate children
16:43 thd hdl: is this committed to rel_2_2?
16:50 thd hdl: sorry if I kept you up I will ask try to ask again tomorrow
18:31 hdl thd: yes : commited to rel_2_2
23:17 ai hi
23:17 ai i need help plz
23:18 ai can someone help me on this plz
23:18 ai i have koha install on suse 9.3
23:19 ai i have trouble setting up virtual host
23:19 ai that's what i think
23:20 ai everytime i when on the koha address.. it show welcome to koha then after that show Access forbidden!
23:21 chris ai: check the permissions on the scripts
23:22 ai can U show me how plz
23:22 ai i'm not a guru on webserver
23:22 chris ls -l /usr/local/koha/opac/cgi-bin/
23:22 ai please please
23:22 ai all set to wwwrun
23:22 chris what are the permissions
23:23 chris rwxr-xr-x ?
23:23 ai rwxr-xr-x
23:23 ai yes
23:23 chris ok
23:23 chris and in /usr/local/koha/intranet/cgi-bin
23:23 chris is that the same>
23:23 chris ?
23:23 ai same
23:24 ai rwxr-xr-x wwwrun www
23:24 chris also what does tail /usr/local/koha/log/opac-error_log tell you?
23:24 chris and tail /usr/local/koha/log/koha-error_log
23:24 ai [Tue Aug 01 15:10:43 2006] [error] [client] client denied by server configuration: /usr/local/koha/opac/htdocs/
23:25 chris what does you koha-httpd.conf say?
23:26 ai <VirtualHost>
23:26 ai ServerAdmin
23:26 ai DocumentRoot /usr/local/koha/opac/htdocs
23:26 ai ServerName
23:26 ai ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/koha/ /usr/local/koha/opac/cgi-bin/
23:26 ai Redirect permanent index.html[…]koha/
23:26 ai ErrorLog /usr/local/koha/log/opac-error_log
23:26 ai TransferLog /usr/local/koha/log/opac-access_log
23:26 ai #SetEnv PERL5LIB "/usr/local/koha/intranet/modules"
23:26 ai #SetEnv KOHA_CONF "/etc/koha.conf"
23:27 ai the setEnv give error
23:27 ai make apache wont start
23:27 chris ahh you will need those to work
23:27 ai so i comment them out
23:27 ai could you please show me chris... i ve been playing around for teh pass 3 weeks :(
23:28 mason those 2 lines set up perl and mysql
23:28 ai mason? r U talking to me?
23:29 mason hiya, yes
23:29 ai i dont get it, can u please go more specific
23:30 mason those 2 lines you have commented out...
23:30 ai yes
23:30 mason the first one tells perl where to find the koha perl modules
23:30 ai yes
23:31 ai how can i config that line
23:31 mason and the 2nd line tells koha the username and password of the koha database in mysql
23:31 ai because it make apache stoprunning
23:32 ai what is the correct syntax??
23:32 ai have an I deal mason
23:32 chris that is the correct syntax
23:33 mason whats apache saying?
23:33 ai 1 secs
23:33 chris i think your apache doesnt have the environment module set to load
23:33 mason try looking in "/var/log/apache/error.log"
23:33 chris apache2 i think
23:33 ai Invalid command 'SetEnv', perhaps mis-spelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration
23:34 chris are you running apache 1.3 or apache 2?
23:34 ai 2
23:34 mason ahh
23:37 ai so with apache 2 what should I change to?
23:37 chris im just looking
23:37 chris i cant remember changing anything
23:37 ai thank ,
23:37 ai couldnt find and on apache web
23:37 ai :(
23:40 mason hmm, im looking too
23:46 ai mmm no luck for me
23:49 chris i think it must be something to do with apache2 and suse, becuase it works on my apache2 here
23:49 chris id ask on the koha mailing list
23:49 chris someone who uses suse will be able to help
23:53 mason ai: your config looks identical to my one too :(
23:56 ai i know Y
23:56 ai :)
23:56 ai load ya mod_env module to apache
23:57 ai and it will give an error
23:57 ai lets try to access koha :) wich me luck :D
00:07 Nepsong hi there
00:08 Nepsong is it possible to merge the po translation file on windows version of koha ?
00:23 ai mason
00:23 ai i got mine working
00:23 ai it's just a module on apache
00:23 ai enable that and it will be fine, i hope
00:26 Nepsong what module ?
00:27 Nepsong it says missing some perl module
00:27 Nepsong "couldn't locate locale/PO.PM"
00:29 Nepsong it seems koha installer doesn't update perl library for translation which is i believe is
00:33 ai 1 secs i get the module name for ya
00:33 ai mod_env
00:33 ai 1 silly question from me: why koha have to have 2 interfaces access intranet/opac
00:34 ai what is the diff. between them?
00:41 Nepsong afaik intranet is for administrator page
00:41 Nepsong and opac for public page
00:41 Nepsong how to enable mod_env ?
00:41 Nepsong i'm not familiar with apache :(
01:44 ai r u running suse?
01:55 Nepsong no
01:55 Nepsong i run windows
01:55 Nepsong i didn't have i gut to install koha on linux yet :)
02:33 hdl hi
02:33 dewey niihau, hdl
02:34 osmoze hello all
02:38 toins__ hello osmoze, hdl & all !
02:38 paul hdl : tu trouves raisonnable de causer encore avec thd à 1H30 du matin ?
02:39 paul ;-)
02:39 paul (bonjour cela dit)
02:48 thd paul: there is no reason for me to be awake now either :)
02:48 paul ;-)
07:46 kados paul: are you around?
07:47 kados paul: There is a bug it seems in serials, when a manual issue is entered, the 'next expected issue' section duplicates itself
07:47 kados hdl: you around?
07:48 hdl yes.
07:48 paul2 hdl, on reessaye skype ?
07:49 kados here is an example of the problem:[…]ubscriptionid=141
07:50 kados have either of you seen this problem?
07:50 paul2 (on phone)
07:50 kados ok
07:57 kados 1125: after entering a manual issue, the "Next expected issue" field is duplicated
07:57 kados 1124: Full Info for serials doesn't work
08:04 toins salut Sylvinho
08:04 Sylvinho salut Tonio
08:05 hdl kados: I don't understand your problem.
08:05 hdl Can you detail ?
08:05 toins hi kados
08:14 hdl kados ?
08:14 dewey kados is, like, becoming a true Perl Monger
08:21 kados hdl:  there are two problems
08:21 kados hdl: probably it's best to view the proble
08:22 kados[…]ubscriptionid=141
08:22 kados you will see that the 'Next Expected Issue' form is duplicated three times
08:22 kados rather than just appearing once
08:22 kados so there are three 'Numbered' fields in the form
08:22 kados (so it is really 'Next 3 Expected Issues'
08:24 hdl It is quite common to have more than One expected issue if the supplier is not regular, If mail is not reliable, if ....
08:25 hdl This is not a bug to me. It is more a feature.
08:27 kados hmmm
08:27 kados I see
08:27 kados but in fact, since I noticed this problem, there were 3 to begin with, now therea re 5!
08:29 paul2 I think everything is OK kados.
08:29 paul2 the statecollection shows the expected issue
08:29 paul2 + the last 5 ones. the idea being to be able to "revert" a status
08:29 kados paul2: ten minutes ago it only showed 3
08:29 paul2 "oups, I marked it arrived, but it is late in fact !"
08:30 paul2 recieve another one, and it should stay to 5
08:30 paul2 (at least I hope...)
08:30 paul2 + I think that having 1 line for each field make the form quite unclear...
08:32 kados paul2: notice that received issues include: ,Vol. 34, No. 2,Vol. 34, No. 3
08:33 kados where are Vol 34, No. 4
08:33 paul2 and not the vol35, N°3
08:33 kados right
08:33 paul2 I don't know where they are. are you sure you or someone else did not modify the textarea manually ?
08:33 paul2 because it can be edited
08:33 kados I can check
08:34 hdl I deleted some.
08:34 kados ?
08:35 hdl neveer mind.
08:35 kados also, if you look at subscription details ...
08:35 kados Librarian identity, Cost and Budget are empty
08:35 kados is that normal?
08:35 paul2 yep
08:35 paul2 those informations are no  more in subscription
08:35 paul2 (I plan to put them at 1st, but finally didn't)
08:36 paul2 if those fields are in default templates, then it's a bug
08:36 kados americans must really be dumb ... all my clients think that if a field exists it should be filled with something :-)
08:36 paul2 lol
08:36 kados ok, so I should remove Librarian Identity, Cost, Budget from the subscription details template?
08:37 kados paul: they exist in default
08:37 kados paul: <p>Librarian identity :</td><td> <!-- TMPL_VAR name="librarian" --></p>
08:37 kados etc.
08:39 paul maybe librarian name should exist.
08:39 paul but cost & budget i'm sure they are useless (& empty)
08:39 kados paul: they exist still in default templates
08:40 paul ok, i'll fix it asap
08:40 kados paul: so what if there have been several hundred issues ... all of them show up?
08:41 kados this feature seems strange to me, IMO only the 'current' received issues should show up
08:41 paul nope, only the 5 last ones should be shown
08:41 kados ahh
08:41 kados ok
08:41 paul .
08:41 paul [15:29:23] <paul2> the statecollection shows the expected issue
08:41 paul [15:29:38] <paul2> + the last 5 ones. the idea being to be able to "revert" a status
08:41 kados well the label should not be 'Next Expected Issue' but 'Last 5 Issues' or something
08:41 paul kados: ++
08:46 kados wow ... quite strange
08:46 kados I added the missing received issues
08:46 kados then saved changes
08:47 kados then I received an issue
08:47 kados and the received issues are now:
08:47 kados Vol. 34, No. 2,Vol. 34, No. 3,Vol. 34, No. 4,Vol. 35, No. 1,Vol. 35, No. 2,Vol. 34, No. 3,Vol. 34, No. 4,Vol. 35, No. 1,Vol. 35, No. 2,Vol. 35, No. 3
08:47 kados so it's doubled everything!
08:47 paul mmm... strange... are you sure of your templates ?
08:47 paul because this feature has no problem afaik
08:47 kados I will try default again
08:48 kados so is it safe to delete received issues, entering only ones that are proper, then receive another issue?
08:50 kados ok, I revert summary Received issues to:
08:50 kados Vol. 34, No. 2,Vol. 34, No. 3,Vol. 34, No. 4,Vol. 35, No. 1,Vol. 35, No. 2,,Vol. 35, No. 3,
08:50 kados (using default)
08:50 kados and it works to receive a next issue
08:51 kados but ... in default templates, previous 5 issues are not shown
08:51 paul :-(
08:51 kados it only shows the current issue
08:51 kados[…]
08:51 kados so it's quite strange in fact
08:52 kados paul: in your libraries they show last five issues?
08:57 kados finally, to confuse things further, in NPL templates, only current issue is displayed now!
08:57 kados wow, very inconsistant behavior!
08:57 paul really strange...
08:57 paul very very strange...
08:57 paul the truth is somewhere else, but where ?
08:57 kados :-)
10:12 owen So, dewey, what's shakin'?
10:13 owen So that's how it's gonna be, hunh dewey?
10:14 kados hey owen
10:14 owen Hey kados
10:14 kados how's things?
10:15 owen Just fine...internet came back up around 4pm yesterday
10:15 shedges OPLIN problem?
10:15 kados shedges: intelliwave
10:16 kados hehe
10:16 kados yea, guess we call you now if there's an outage :-)
10:16 owen I think they all went out for ice cream and turned off the power on their way out
10:16 kados hehe
10:16 kados sounds about right
10:19 shedges it's got a window, right -- what's the problem?
10:19 owen :)
10:19 shedges ???
10:20 shedges what's that supposed to do??
10:20 shedges kados: how is the temperature in the Athens server closet?
10:21 thd air conditioning is against the buildings code in my building
10:21 kados shedges: not bad actually
10:21 kados shedges: was just in there over the weekend
10:22 shedges because it's cooler than your house?
10:22 kados hehe
10:24 shedges thd:  NY pretty warm?
10:24 owen kados: have you seen the latest version of authorities/ in action yet?
10:24 owen It's supposed to have a new heirarchy feature, but I'm not seeing it on 101...wondering if it's because I have almost no authorities data
10:25 kados I bet it's hardcoded for unimarc
10:25 kados I haven't seen it yet
10:25 kados still catching up on some other stuff
10:25 owen Hmm... or maybe it's because I don't have the sys pref turned on...
10:26 owen Nope.
10:26 thd shedges: NY is always 10 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than its immediate surroundings.  All the concrete traps the heat.
10:28 thd owen: what type of hierarchy?
10:28 thd owen: oh yes
10:28 osmoze bye all
10:28 thd owen: you need hierarchical authority records first
10:29 kados bbl
10:29 thd kados: when later?
11:19 paul kados : fix to see the last 5 issues in as well as pending issues commited.
11:19 paul i have to leave now, see you later.
11:19 kados paul: thanks

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