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12:02 kyle kados: are you around?
12:02 kados kyle: yep
12:03 kyle kados: I've been working on an Offline Checkout program
12:03 kados cool
12:03 kyle I've written in using XUL, so it can be used as a firefox extension, or a stand-alone application
12:03 kyle I have the front end essentially finished (but ugly).
12:04 kados kyle++
12:04 kyle thanks, What I was wondering is, have you worked with SOAP?
12:04 kados sure, a bit
12:05 kyle I think the best way for the client to communicate with the server is through SOAP. It's the most straight-forward, clean interface there is.
12:05 kados hmmm
12:06 kados could be, but it's going to require a re-write of the circ api
12:06 kados might be easier to stick with CGI for now
12:06 kyle It doesn't *have* to have anything to do with the Circ API.
12:07 kados what are you proposing?
12:07 kyle the SOAP interface can stand on it's own. Heck, it can just be a wrapper *around* the circ api.
12:07 kados yea, that's what I mean
12:07 kados you'll have to write a soap implementation of circ
12:07 kyle It'll only need two 'functions', a checkin and a checkout.
12:07 kados but there are loads of warnings, etc. that need to be handled as well
12:08 kyle yes, that's true. Could you provide some examples right now?
12:08 kados sure
12:08 kados so say you check out an item to someone that's on reserve for someone else
12:09 kados sometimes you want to cancel the reserve (like if the person it was on reserve for was the wife of the person who checked it out)
12:09 kyle Doesn't matter. You already gave that item out. It's in the hands of a patron. Check the item out for the patron who has it.
12:09 kados other times you want to keep it
12:10 kados well, that's how your library works :-)
12:10 kados in any case, yes, I agree, it's already in the hands of the patron
12:10 kados anyway, tool around in the circ code for the circ rules stuff
12:10 kados the other prob with soap
12:10 kyle Exactly. During offline circ, we *can't* know about reserves.
12:11 kados is that it's really slow
12:11 kyle Depends on the implementation. However, I don't think it's so slow that it'll become an issue.
12:11 kados k
12:12 kados so say you've checked out an item to a patron that's debarred
12:12 kados or you've returned items that need to be moved to another branch
12:12 kados (they need to be marked in transit)
12:12 kyle then the system would have to check it out anyway, the patron already has the book.
12:13 kados the circ stuff, next to acquisitions and MARC handling, is some of the most complex code we've got
12:13 kados in terms of rules
12:13 kados kyle: yes, but you need to deal with the fact that Koha won't allow it :-)
12:13 kados kyle: in other words, the system won't allow it, so there will need to be a workaround
12:14 kados there's a lot of thinking to be done
12:14 kados about offline circ
12:14 kyle it would be nice if I could write the perl studs for a SOAP server, and someone more knowledgable could write the koha code.
12:14 kados yep ...
12:14 kyle The checkout can always be written directly to the database, bypassing Koha's checks.
12:14 kyle but I don't like that idea.
12:15 kyle If it can be avoided.
12:15 kados aak ... definitely don't do that :-)
12:15 kados why not just use XMLHttpRequest and CGI?
12:15 kyle That's how I ended up writing by Circ Simulator. I couldn't get the Circ function to work, nobody would help me, so I did it my own way.
12:16 kados just pass xml back and forth based on scraping the circ html
12:16 kados quick and dirty, but it should work
12:16 kados you can also use HTML::Template to generate XML for you
12:16 kyle That just seams like a poor way to do it. I'd say long and dirty, and hard to maintain.
12:16 kados :-)
12:17 kyle that's why things like SOAP and RPC were created.
12:17 kados sure
12:17 kados but we don't have an RPC framework in KOha
12:17 kyle With CGI, it'd have to be updated each time someone changed the way the circ looked.
12:18 kados not necessarily
12:18 kados the request won't change
12:18 kados and I bet you could add a little flag to pass in if you wanted XML back
12:18 kyle No, but It's easy to have a SOAP framework alongside the current framework. It even be used as a slow transitional phase to modularize Koha.
12:18 kados and the template would be in XML rather than HTML
12:19 kados hey, don't let me stop you, go for it
12:19 kados I think a RPC-based Koha would be great
12:19 kyle I'm just looking for opinions and other viewpoints before I commit myself to anything.
12:19 kados sure
12:20 kyle I agree completely, RPC-based Koha would allow for so much extensebility and power.
12:20 kados yep
12:20 kados but that's like a 5.0 goal
12:20 kados given the resources we have
12:20 kados I've learned to be realistic :-)
12:20 kyle *5.0*, do we have a 4.0 roadmap yet ; )
12:20 kados :-)
12:20 kyle heh
12:21 kyle it's a shame that perl's object oriented interface is so ugly.
12:22 kyle OOP helps alot with large systems such as Koha.
12:23 slef perl's isn't so bad... it just fails to hide stuff
12:23 slef back  at last :)
12:24 slef everything takes longer in a heatwave
12:26 kyle I've written OO code in Java, C++, PHP, Javascript and Perl, maybe more, and Perl is the only OO syntax I really don't like.
12:27 slef 4 of those are very similar, so it doesn't surprise me you dislike the one that isn't.
12:27 kyle I wouldn't say that. All 5 of them have C style syntax. Some use '
12:27 kyle '.', some use '->'
12:28 kyle but the big difference is the syntax for declaring classes & methods, constructors & destructors,
12:28 slef Try something a bit different sometime, like Lisp, Forth or ObjectiveC.
12:28 kyle stuff like that.
12:29 slef perl just doesn't hide the workings, while the others do (can't remember Javascript, though)
12:29 kyle I've worked with Lisp, it's really interesting to work with functional languages.
12:30 kyle javascript actually has multiple OO syntaxes, depends on where you use it and in what browers.
12:30 kyle which is a pain. ; )
12:33 slef heh... sounds worse than perl if you want it to work ;-)
12:34 kyle yes. That's why I only target Firefox.
12:34 kyle I'm lazy.
12:35 slef my copy of links hates you ;-)
12:36 kyle ; )
13:02 thd kyle: Does the official JavaScript OOPS superset which runs the same in all browsers?  Are incompatibilities nothing more than private extensions and compliance omissions?
13:02 thd s/which runs/run/
13:07 kyle There is an official syntax defined by EMCAscript.
13:07 kyle But there are other syntaxes used elsehwere.
13:08 kyle The syntax for OO when writing XUL applications differs completely.
13:57 kyle fyi, it looks like perl6 will have a fantasic OOP syntax.
19:50 thd kados: are you around?
20:34 thd kados: have you seen Joel Hahn's post with the very complex diagram at the end?
20:34 thd kados: on autocat
21:40 kados thd:  not yet ... I'll look now
21:41 thd kados: it is actually just an exploded view of possible options if some subfields were unselected
21:42 kados interesting
21:42 kados it is complex :-)
21:43 thd kados; consider it a diagram of all possible results from unselecting subfields
21:44 thd kados: he is the first person who really understood the purpose of the original question
21:44 kados thd: looks like it to me too
21:44 kados I think I need to read through the whole thread again
21:44 thd kados: I think the correct answer now is 4
21:45 kados hehe
21:46 thd kados: the problem is that rearrangement for faceting is liable to lead to semantic confusion for cases where order is critical
21:46 thd kados: rearrangement of the sequence I mean would be problematic
21:46 kados right
21:50 thd [ ][X]Architecture--[X]Illinois--[X]​Chicago--[X]History--[X]Pictorial Works. [1]
21:50 thd      [X]$a Architecture
21:50 thd          |--[X]$z Illinois
21:50 thd                 |--[X]$z Chicago.
21:50 thd                        |--[X]$x History.
21:50 thd                               |--[X]$v Pictorial works.
21:51 thd kados: it needs more than that for changing the facets
22:04 kados thd: I'm not sure what you mean
22:04 kados thd: I've read Joel's post and it does sound like he's opting with #4
22:04 kados though I'm not sure I understand the second half of his last paragraph
22:05 kados basically, it sounds to me like our only option is #4
22:05 kados ie, the order of each element determins where in the facet it appears
22:08 thd [ ][X]Architecture--[X]Illinois--[X]​Chicago--[X]History--[X]Pictorial Works. [1]
22:08 thd      [X]$a Architecture [change topic button]
22:08 thd          |--[X]$z Illinois [change place button]
22:08 thd                 |--[X]$z Chicago [change subplace button] [add subplace (if applicable) button]
22:08 thd                        |--[X]$x History [change subtopic button] [add subtopic (if applicable) button]
22:08 thd                               |--[X]$v Pictorial works [change form button] [add form  (if applicable) button]
22:08 thd         [add time facet (if applicable) button]
22:10 kados what would the 'add' buttons be used for?
22:11 kados it seems to me like unless you already know the subject you're looking for you'd never be able to find it
22:11 chris i find thats quite common
22:11 chris when it comes to subject searching
22:11 kados yea
22:12 chris that unless you know the subject its pretty ineffectual
22:12 kados chris: my question seems to have sparked quite a thread with the librarians :-)
22:12 thd kados: changing the value to a browse list of other applicable subfields for the facets
22:12 chris :-)
22:12 kados chris: all of them have different answers :-
22:12 kados )
22:12 chris where did you ask it?
22:12 kados autocat
22:12 chris ahh
22:12 kados so basically they don't even understand subjects :-)
22:13 chris :-)
22:13 thd kados: they do understand but they did not understand the intent of the question
22:13 kados that may be
22:13 thd kados: that is a common problem even when I tried to explain very carefully
22:14 kados yep
22:14 kados thinking outside the box is hard for librarians
22:14 kados I've noticed
22:14 kados anyway ...
22:14 kados I really need to stop staring at this screen
22:14 thd kados: try asking a question that does not apply to MARC 21 specifically on that list and you will have some very confused answers
22:14 kados hehe
22:15 kados I'll give the facets thing some more thought
22:15 kados and try to formulate a response tomorrow
22:17 thd chris: my main purpose with library systems is allowing the user to find information without actually knowing the precise correct term in advance
22:18 chris mine too
22:18 thd chris: the elements are there in library systems but they have not been exploited
22:19 chris nope, people get too hung up on other things
22:19 thd chris: we have to do much better than the present situation of you have to know it in advance
22:19 chris yes
22:20 chris cataloguing in a way thats meaningful for your users rather than for other librarians seems to be a good solution to me :)
22:21 thd chris: what about the millions of legacy records
22:21 chris thats why hlt dont use them
22:21 chris i admit its not an option for everyone
22:21 thd chris: are you proposing to recatalogue them all yourself?
22:22 chris nope
22:22 chris but someone needs to
22:22 chris i dont think its an option to just use someone elses records without fixing them to be useful for your users
22:23 thd chris: the cataloguers of the world cannot even keep up with the stream of new material to be catalogued
22:24 chris thd: i was being tongue in cheek :)
22:25 thd chris: the system has to interpret the existing records and convey that meaning to the user in a useful manner
22:25 thd chris: then we can train the system to read the books and answer all questions :)
22:29 chris :-)
01:55 toins hi all
02:14 btoumi hi all
02:23 toins hi btoumi
02:23 btoumi hi toins
02:24 btoumi toins :pas trop chaud:=)
02:24 toins la ca va encor
02:24 toins e
02:24 toins j'imagine le pire pour tout a l'heure
02:24 btoumi cette nuit super pas d'air et 30 degres
02:25 toins :-/
02:26 btoumi chris: are u around?
02:39 btoumi alors toins: toujour fee du logis
02:40 btoumi tu vas bosser sur le module aquisition ? (vu sur koha devel)
02:41 toins oui toujours
02:41 toins je vais bientot commiter
02:44 toins tiens pointe sur kohadocs...
02:45 toins c'est normal ?
02:53 chris hmmm nope joshua must have broken something
02:54 chris ill email
03:02 btoumi chris:
03:03 btoumi the work on fine advance
03:05 chris excellent
03:06 btoumi i have finished the function who calcul the number of repeatable day between date due and today
03:06 chris cool
03:07 btoumi but a question comes ;=(
03:08 btoumi when u configure the repeatable day and special day peraphs u can have a repeatable  day and special day in same date ?
03:09 chris hmm its possible
03:11 btoumi the problem that we can add the same day two once
03:12 btoumi because there is two function
03:12 chris hmmm good point
03:13 btoumi i find a solution
03:14 btoumi if u find a date in special day u try to have the week day of this date and u search in repeatable table if the day is configured if not u add else u do nothing
03:14 chris that sounds good
03:15 btoumi i think so
03:15 btoumi i'm the best  ;=)
03:16 btoumi it's a joke lol
03:16 chris hehe
03:17 btoumi chris: there is some change in  is it a problem?
03:17 chris nope
03:17 btoumi ok right it 's good for me
03:18 btoumi i contact u in irc when i have finished !!! i hope it's before holidays because next week i'm in holidays for three week
03:18 btoumi ;=)
03:19 chris :-)
03:51 btoumi chris: re u around?
03:59 chris am now
04:05 qiqo ei anyone awake?
04:07 qiqo im having a problem..
04:09 btoumi chris: can i make a sql request where i join three fields with special syntax
04:09 qiqo im getting this on my log.. Can't call method "size"
04:10 btoumi chris: for example i have three fields in my table month year and day and i want in my result year-month-day
04:10 btoumi chris: do u understand?
04:16 chris ahh yes you can do that
04:17 qiqo hi chris
04:17 chris ill just find the syntax
04:17 chris hi qiqo
04:18 qiqo chris my installation is almost successfull except for the z3950 module
04:18 btoumi thnks chris: u are welcome if u find :=)
04:19 qiqo i get this on the log: Can't call method "size" on an undefined value at /usr/local/koha/intranet/script​s/z3950daemon/processz3950queue line 271. 22881/1 : Processing title=Harry Potter at LOC voyager MARC21 (1 forks)
04:19 qiqo oops sorry..
04:19 qiqo i really need to connet to LOC since most Philippine books are catalogued there
04:21 chris bruno: select concat(year,'-',month,'-',day) as date from tablename;
04:22 btoumi bigggggggggggggg thanks chris :=)
04:23 chris qiqo: what does your line 271 one say?
04:24 qiqo my $numresults=$rs->size();
04:24 chris hmm and the line before it?
04:26 qiqo # we have an answer for a query => get results & store them in marc_breeding table
04:26 chris my $rs=$conn->search($query) || die;
04:26 chris do you have that line .. just before that
04:27 qiqo only this one my $rs=$conn->search($query);
04:27 chris right
04:27 chris so the connection is happening
04:27 chris isnt
04:27 chris sorry
04:27 chris which is why $rs is undefined
04:27 qiqo i think so,.,
04:28 chris which is why you cant call size on it
04:28 qiqo so what shall i do
04:28 chris have you tried connecting to the loc z3950 server with the yaz-client
04:29 chris or with telnet
04:29 chris ie
04:29 qiqo not yet
04:30 qiqo hows that?
04:30 chris yaz-client
04:31 qiqo ermm connecting... no progress
04:31 chris yeah thats what i get
04:31 chris ok
04:32 chris yaz-client
04:32 chris does that connect?
04:32 qiqo it connected
04:32 qiqo im getting a Z prompt
04:33 chris right, so the server is up thats a good thing to know, so we wont waste time :)
04:33 qiqo :)
04:34 qiqo already searched the fora.. there was one question which was not answered...
04:34 chris can u find the line that is if ($noconnection || $error) {
04:35 qiqo on line 223
04:35 chris yep sounds about right
04:35 chris after the else
04:36 qiqo $conn= new Net::Z3950::Connection($servername, $port, databaseName => ($database) || ($noconnection=1);
04:36 chris looks good
04:36 chris hmm
04:36 chris so its making the connection
04:37 chris and gettings as far as
04:37 chris my $rs=$conn->search($query)
04:37 chris which is failing
04:37 chris lets see if we can work out why
04:37 qiqo ok
04:38 chris the other night we commented some lines out
04:39 qiqo we added $ actually
04:39 chris ahh right
04:39 chris cool
04:39 chris ok this line
04:39 chris my $rs=$conn->search($query)
04:39 chris lets make it
04:40 chris my $rs=$conn->search($query) || print "$$/$id Error $conn->errmsg()";
04:40 chris then stop and start the daemon
04:41 chris and try the search again and see if we can an error in the log that might help us figure out the problem
04:41 qiqo ok
04:42 qiqo syntax error at /usr/local/koha/intranet/script​s/z3950daemon/processz3950queue line 221, near ");"
04:42 qiqo Execution of /usr/local/koha/intranet/script​s/z3950daemon/processz3950queue aborted due to compilation errors.
04:43 chris hmmm
04:43 chris my $rs=$conn->search($query) || print "Error $conn->errmsg()";
04:44 chris that better?
04:45 qiqo syntax error at /usr/local/koha/intranet/script​s/z3950daemon/processz3950queue line 221, near ");"
04:45 qiqo Execution of /usr/local/koha/intranet/script​s/z3950daemon/processz3950queue aborted due to compilation errors.
04:45 chris weird
04:46 chris ok lets try
04:46 chris my $rs=$conn->search($query);
04:46 chris if (!$rs){
04:46 chris print  $conn->errmsg();
04:46 chris }
04:47 qiqo Error Net::Z3950::Connection=HASH(0x8658554)->errmsg()
04:47 chris hmmm
04:47 chris ok
04:47 chris my $errormsg =  $conn->errmsg();
04:47 chris print $errormsg;
04:47 qiqo where will i put that?
04:47 chris instead of the print  $conn->errmsg();
04:47 btoumi chris:ther is a mysql function to convert i right date format?
04:48 chris convert what bruno?
04:49 btoumi chris: i explain
04:50 btoumi chris: in specialholidays table when u concat in date u have 2007-7-4 this is a bad format
04:50 qiqo Can't modify logical or (||) in scalar assignment at /usr/local/koha/intranet/script​s/z3950daemon/processz3950queue line 268, near ");"
04:51 chris qiqo so you now have
04:51 chris if (!$rs){
04:51 chris my $errormsg =  $conn->errmsg();
04:51 chris print $errormsg;
04:51 chris }
04:51 chris ?
04:51 qiqo ehh?
04:52 chris is that what you have
04:52 chris bruno: no i dont know of any mysql function to do that
04:52 chris you probably will need to do it in perl i think
04:53 btoumi i think so . more fast if i haven't to do that
04:53 btoumi but i don't find function
04:53 chris yeah
04:53 qiqo Can't call method "size" without a package or object reference at /usr/local/koha/intranet/script​s/z3950daemon/processz3950queue line 275.
04:53 qiqo Error Net::Z3950::Connection=HASH​(0x86587d0)->errmsg()Can't call method "size" without a package or object reference at /usr/local/koha/intranet/script​s/z3950daemon/processz3950queue line 275.
04:54 chris hmmm
04:54 chris why is it not the actual message
04:55 qiqo :(
04:55 chris you have the lines above eh?
04:55 chris my $errormsg =  $conn->errmsg();
04:55 qiqo yup
04:55 qiqo before the if?
04:55 chris no inside the if
04:55 qiqo yes i have
04:56 chris it should contain the error message
04:57 chris well i have no idea
04:57 qiqo aw..
04:57 chris i didnt write any of the z3950 code, so i dont know much about it
04:58 qiqo so who must i speak with regarding the z3950 codes?
04:58 chris i would email the devel list
04:59 chris no one is really working on it though, because the code for 2.3/2.4 is completely different
04:59 qiqo ohhh :(
04:59 chris but lots of people have had it working before
04:59 chris so someone might know
05:00 qiqo ok..
05:00 qiqo ill just wait
05:01 chris you'll have to ask on the mailing lists .. only a few ppl watch irc
05:01 qiqo ok i will
05:01 qiqo thanks a lot chris
05:01 qiqo i really appreciate it!
05:02 chris no problem, i wish i could have been more help
05:02 qiqo i guess there are problems with my linux distro
05:02 qiqo im using slackware, i prefer it over debian
05:03 qiqo well i guess i have to pay for the consequences of choosing it :)
05:03 chris it could be something in the config of the server in koha, or something else
05:03 qiqo alright
05:04 btoumi chris: do u think it's a problem if i modify
05:05 btoumi chris: the code when special holidays has modified or a special days was inserted
05:05 chris i dont think so, tumer wrote that code, so it might be worth asking him
05:05 btoumi ok i let
05:08 btoumi good night chris:
05:10 chris annoying things
05:10 chris yeah
05:11 slef I can read (or use the voice synth), so why put an eyesight test in the registration process :-(
05:11 slef ho hum
05:19 slef Having a few problems with a non-koha thing, so need some support, which requires registration...
05:19 slef now you see why I'm reluctant when there's suggestions of web forums
05:20 slef Is gmane or similar linked from  If not, I should dig out my login and add it.
05:20 chris hmm i think it is
05:20 chris 2 secs
05:20 chris
05:20 chris yep down the bottom there
05:27 chris right bedtime for me
06:11 slef thanks.  I think I'll reword that link, to make it more obvious it's a web forum.
06:48 slef What's the current situation with the barcode generator?  Particular version of PDF::API2 required or what?
07:45 kados slef: there's a new barcode / spine label generator
07:46 kados slef:  the old one is abandoned as far as I know
07:49 mason hiya kids
07:51 mason kados: ive made some changes to the labels stuff
07:51 mason and commited to koha.2.2 cvs
07:52 kados mason: thanks, I'll check it out
08:44 slef kados: new in 2.2.5?
09:44 thd kados: ?
09:48 thd [+][X]Chicago (Ill.)--[X]History--[X]Pictorial works. [69 total matches] (find matches)
09:48 thd [+][X]Historic buildings--[X]Illinois--[X]Chicago--[X]Pictorial works. [12 total matches] (find matches)
09:48 thd [+][X]Chicago (Ill.)--[X]Buildings, structures, etc.--[X]Pictorial works. [72 total matches] (find matches)
09:48 thd [+][X]Wrecking--[X]Illinois​--[X]Chicago--[X]Pictorial works. [3 total matches] (find matches)
09:48 thd [ ][X]Architecture--[X]Illinois--[X]​Chicago--[X]History--[X]Pictorial Works. [3 total matches] (find matches)
09:48 thd       [X]$a  Architecture (change primary topic)
09:48 thd           [X]$z  Illinois (change place)
09:48 thd               [X]$z  Chicago (change subplace) (add subplace)
09:48 thd                   [X]$x History (change subtopic) (add subtopic)
09:48 thd                       [X]$v Pictorial works (change form) (add form)
09:48 thd           (add time period facet)
09:48 thd       (find new matches)
10:08 owen kados, do you have a minute?
10:11 thd owen: kados does not been around for a couple of hours
10:11 thd owen: tell me what you think of my last post just before you logged on
10:15 owen I'm not really clear on what you were trying to express
10:16 thd owen: [+] is an expansion link
10:16 thd owen: [X] is a checkbox
10:17 thd owen: subject text is a link which takes you to that point in the hierarchy
10:18 thd owen: (whatever) are buttons
10:19 owen Where would all this appear?
10:19 thd owen: some appropriate place
10:19 thd :)
10:20 owen Sounds interesting, but I'm having a hard time placing it mentally in context with the user's workflow
10:20 thd owen: I like the bottom of a result set page for example with a link to it from the top
10:21 thd owen: especially helpful if your result set is 10,000 records
10:24 thd owen: I also like the bottom of some expanded view of an individual record to help finding similar records
10:25 owen Yeah, I could see both those options. Particularly if it could be easily expanded/collapsed.
10:26 thd owen: that is what [+] and [ ] which should have been [-] are for in themselves
10:32 slef How does one empty the reservoir?
10:35 shedges rip down the dam?
10:35 thd slef: drill a hole at the bottom or I cannot remember but I seem to recall an empty reservoir function with an 'are you sure?' dialogue box at one time
10:37 thd slef: you may find that the reservoir content is still indexed after deleting
10:38 thd slef: that is the content no longer there might still be indexed
10:38 slef that would suck
10:40 thd slef: if the function really is not there you should try and discover how the -d option for works and do something equivalent for the reservoir
10:42 thd slef: in 2.3 we should just be able to remove records from Zebra and the Zebra index
10:52 kados thd: 2.3 doesn't store the reservoir in zebra yet
10:52 kados thd: though that would probably be trivial to do once the zebra configs were written
10:52 thd kados: is there a developers meeting today?
10:53 slef found the problem!
10:53 kados thd: yes, but I forgot to announce it
10:53 kados :(
10:53 slef in intranet/cgi-bin/z3950/ the line
10:53 kados and I don't think I can attend :(
10:53 slef my $numberpending= &checkz3950searchdone($random);
10:53 kados we'll have to do it on Monday I think
10:53 slef should be BEFORE
10:53 slef # fill with books in breeding farm
10:53 kados slef: is that in 225?
10:53 kados slef: or rel_2_2?
10:53 dewey rel_2_2 is very close to 2.2.6
10:53 slef else servers with fast network to their z3950s will miss results
10:54 thd kados: I thought Monday was bad for the French people
10:54 slef When is the dev meeting?
10:54 kados thd: paul said it's ok next week
10:54 kados slef: 20GMT on Monday I think
10:58 thd kados: a better example
11:00 slef ooh crap
11:00 thd [+][LCSH Geographic Heading]:  [X]Chicago (Ill.)--[X]History--[X]Pictorial works. [69 total matches] (find matches)
11:00 thd [+][LCSH Topical Heading]:  [X]Historic buildings--[X]Illinois--[X]Chicago--[X]Pictorial works. [12 total matches] (find matches)
11:00 thd [+][LCSH Geographic Heading]:  [X]Chicago (Ill.)--[X]Buildings, structures, etc.--[X]Pictorial works. [72 total matches] (find matches)
11:00 thd [+][LCSH Topical Heading]:  [X]Wrecking--[X]Illinois--[X]Chicago--[X]Pictorial works. [3 total matches] (find matches)
11:00 thd [-][LCSH Topical Heading]:  [X]Architecture--[X]Illinois--[X]​Chicago--[X]History--[X]Pictorial Works. [3 total matches] (find matches)
11:00 thd .
11:00 thd       [X]$a  Architecture (change primary topic)
11:00 thd           [X]$z  Illinois (change place)
11:00 thd               [X]$z  Chicago (change subplace) (add subplace)
11:00 thd                   [X]$x History (change subtopic) (add subtopic)
11:00 thd                       [X]$v Pictorial works (change form) (add form)
11:00 slef I just updated my HEAD checkout to rel_2_2 by mistake
11:00 thd           (add time period facet)
11:00 thd       (find new matches)
11:12 slef fix submitted to rel_2_2

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