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14:46 paul kados around ?
14:48 kados paul: yep :-)
14:48 kados what's up?
14:48 paul hello kados. you're on your computer even on sunday afterneoon ?
14:49 kados yea, took yesterday off completely
14:49 paul tomorrow, I have a day off from the web.
14:49 kados but I had to write up my discoveries with XML parsers
14:49 paul but i'll have many time in the TGV & in a room, waiting for my meeting time
14:49 kados great
14:49 paul so, i have time to work on koha.
14:49 kados w00t!
14:50 paul any idea of what could be interesting ?
14:50 kados hmmm ...
14:50 paul s/idea/suggestion/
14:50 kados well with no internet it might be tough to work on zebra
14:50 kados as it's quite difficult to get running
14:50 kados and only tumer and I have done it :/
14:50 kados (and only me with tumer's help) :-)
14:51 kados what we really need to do
14:51 kados is resolve how we will handle versioning
14:51 kados and once we decide, just stick to the plan and finish up
14:52 kados paul: btw: I have just sent a mail to koha-devel about XML parsers
14:52 kados paul: may be interesting to you
14:53 kados too bad you'll not be able to make the meeting Monday
14:53 kados one of the things I wanted to discuss was how how to handle versioning given where we're at
14:54 kados paul: still there?
14:54 paul another important point about tomorrow is that i'll have a meeting with Ineo (jp sakoun + pierrick in the morning)
14:54 paul yest, i'm here, of course.
14:55 paul nothing in my mailbox (koha-devel) yet
14:56 kados what will the ineo meeting be about?
15:12 paul so, what kind of code cleaning could I work on tomorrow ?
15:12 kados heh :-)
15:12 paul you told me you already did some ?
15:12 paul I could, for example :
15:12 kados well, I created
15:12 paul - move "bull" to "serials"
15:12 kados yea, that'd be good
15:12 paul - clean all unused subs in .pm
15:12 kados if you agree, we should put all record related subs in
15:13 paul for cataloguing, right ?
15:13 kados so you could start that process, and test stuff also
15:13 kados is for anything dealing with records, MARC, MARCXML, XML
15:13 kados so it could be used to have an export function for instance
15:13 kados on the OPAC
15:14 paul on my laptop, I don't have uptodate perl package i'm afraid.
15:14 kados or it could be used for cataloguing
15:14 paul what do I have to download before quitting the net ?
15:14 kados yes, important question
15:14 kados 1. latest MARC::File::XML (from CPAN)
15:14 kados 2. latest MARC::Record (from SF)
15:14 kados 3. latest MARC::Charset (from CPAN)
15:15 kados 4. libxml2 and a compatible version of XML::SAX::LibXML (and use LibXML as the default system parser)
15:15 kados (#4 is detailed in my mail to koha-devel and perl4lib, sent about 20 minutes ago_
15:15 kados )
15:16 paul another information, opencataloger has been commited here : Antoine still working on it, of course, and we plan to release some doc this week
15:16 paul still no mail on koha-devel
15:16 kados that's great!
15:16 paul BUT : tumer did some commits 10mn ago !
15:17 kados paul: I forwarded it to you
15:17 kados paul: another interesting thing you could do
15:17 kados paul: is to test Mike Rylander's new MARC::File::XML stuff (on SourceForge) for handling UNIMARC records
15:17 kados paul: I have just recently (Friday) resolved all (I think) of the problems with MARC21 records
15:18 kados paul: and haven't had a chance to test UNIMARC (with ENM's data) yet
15:18 kados paul: you could also modify the new command-line script to support UNIMARC
15:18 kados paul: committed to rel_2_2
15:19 kados tumer is committing his version of Koha to dev-week as I requested him to
15:19 kados also looks like he's updating head at the same time
15:19 kados tumer++
15:21 paul no, tumer +++++
15:22 kados hehe
15:24 paul X going mad...
15:26 kados with libxml2?
15:27 paul marc::charset is version 0.95, right ?
15:28 kados yep, that'll work
15:29 paul about libxml2, what could I use to check that libxml2 is here ?
15:29 kados hmmm ... not sure
15:29 kados what distro are you running?
15:29 paul mandriva 2006
15:29 kados maybe check the packages and see if libxml2 is there?
15:29 paul urpmi libxml2 says "all packages intalled"
15:30 kados cool
15:30 kados now ... very important
15:30 kados XML::SAX::LibXML must be the correct version for that version of libxml2
15:30 kados or else it will create problems
15:30 kados also, you need to make sure that LibXML is the default system parser
15:32 paul I have a Perl-XML-SAX
15:32 paul package, but nothing related to libxml2 it seems
15:32 kados XML::LibXML::SAX is the package I think
15:33 kados akk!
15:34 paul is it XML::LibXML::SAX - XML::LibXML direct SAX parser ?
15:34 paul[…]ML/LibXML/SAX.pod
15:36 kados yes, that's it
15:36 kados but ...
15:36 kados[…]ibXML-1.58/README
15:36 kados you need to make sure your versions are compatible
15:37 kados see the section:
15:37 kados Notes On libxml2 Versions
15:38 paul The installed version of libxml2 was not tested with this version of XML::LibXML.
15:39 kados right
15:39 kados so ... what you should do
15:39 kados is test for the problem
15:39 paul make test => 0% passed :(
15:39 kados :(
15:40 kados yea, this is a tricky bit of software
15:40 kados does Mandrake have a perl package for libxml?
15:40 kados Perl-LibXML-SAX or something?
15:40 paul mmm... too dangerous to work on this without web access i'm aafraid.
15:41 paul yep
15:41 kados well i assume the package maintainer's versions will work together
15:41 kados so if you use that it should work
15:41 paul perl-XML-SAX version 0.12
15:42 kados no, you need LibXML I think
15:42 kados hang on ... try this:
15:42 kados #!/usr/bin/perl
15:42 kados    use XML::SAX::ParserFactory;
15:42 kados        $parser = XML::SAX::ParserFactory->parser();
15:42 kados        print $parser;
15:42 kados what does it tell you?
15:43 kados I get:
15:43 kados XML::LibXML::SAX=HASH(0x81f83d8)
15:43 paul XML::SAX::PurePerl=HASH(0x80e3734)
15:45 kados yea ... so with PurePerl you can't handle any combining characters
15:45 kados which is why many french utf-8 chars will fail
15:45 kados I filed a bug for that
15:46 kados[…]lay.html?id=19543
15:47 kados changing your parser from PurePerl to Expat will solve 90% of the errors
15:47 kados this SAX stuff is really complicated
15:47 kados and annoying !
15:48 paul OK, time to go to bed.
15:49 paul bye joshua, have a good end of sunday.
15:49 paul and see you on tuesday !
15:50 kados sounds good
15:50 kados ciao
15:59 kados arrrg!
18:10 kados chris: you got a second?
18:10 kados working on
18:10 kados error handling
18:10 chris yep
18:11 kados i was thinking of something like this:
18:11 kados sub marcxml2marc {
18:11 kados    my ($marcxml,$encoding,$flavour) = @_;
18:11 kados    unless($encoding) {$encoding = "UTF-8"}; # set the default encoding
18:11 kados    unless($flavour) {$flavour = C4::Context->preference("marcflavour")}; # set the default MARC flavour
18:11 kados    #do the conversion
18:11 kados    my $marc = $marcxml->new_from_xml($ma​rcxml,$encoding,$flavour);
18:11 kados    # check the record for errors
18:11 kados    my $needs_fix = _check_marc_warnings($marc);
18:11 kados    if ($needs_fix) {
18:11 kados        $marc = _fix_marc($marc);
18:11 kados    }
18:11 kados    return $marc;
18:11 kados }
18:11 kados whadya think?
18:12 kados or should the check/fix be in the same call?
18:12 chris hmm no
18:12 chris i like them seperate
18:12 kados cool, I'll write it that way then
18:12 chris the fix might fail
18:12 chris so error handle that too
18:13 kados good point
18:13 chris ie, if it cant fix it, it should return some kinda error
18:13 kados yea
18:13 chris rather than the $marc
18:13 kados should it die?
18:13 chris so we can at least report some sanity
18:13 chris i wouldnt make it die
18:13 kados how do you signal that there's an error?
18:13 chris id return an error then the calling program can decide how to deal with it
18:13 chris what id do
18:14 kados how would the calling prog know it was an error?
18:14 chris return ($error,$marc);
18:14 chris and you call it
18:14 chris my ($error,$marc)=marcxml2marc(...);
18:14 kados cool
18:14 kados $error first?
18:14 chris if (!$error){
18:14 chris }
18:15 chris either or, doesnt really matter, the convention is usually error first tho
18:15 kados cool, thanks
18:16 chris np
18:16 chris we should get in the habit of doing this for all our routines
18:17 kados yea
18:20 kados chris: so is $error just a success/failure kinda deal, or does it actually contain data?
18:20 kados cause I'm thinking there might be more than just one problem with the record
18:20 kados (in fact, it's likely)
18:20 chris sup to you
18:20 chris id make it contain a useful error string
18:20 chris or it could contain an integer
18:20 chris and the man page for could explain what the numbers mean
18:21 kados one more thing
18:21 chris and then the template could handle translation easier
18:21 kados I'd like to build a test suite for
18:21 chris right
18:21 kados but I"m not sure how that should be done
18:21 chris ok
18:21 chris you wanna start off with a
18:22 chris or something like that
18:22 kados in C4?
18:22 chris id make a dir in C4 called tests
18:22 chris and put it in there
18:23 kados k ... so no need for a
18:23 chris nope
18:23 kados k, I'll get to work, thx!
18:23 chris something like this
18:24 chris #!/usr/bin/perl
18:24 chris use Test;                                                                                                                    
18:24 chris BEGIN { plan tests => 1 };
18:24 chris use C4::Record;
18:24 chris ok(1);
18:24 kados ?
18:24 chris then you just increase the plan tests  .. and add more test
18:24 kados use Test?
18:25 chris yes
18:25 chris its a standard perl module
18:25 kados ahh
18:25 chris perl                                                                        
18:25 chris 1..1
18:25 chris # Running under perl version 5.008004 for linux
18:25 chris # Current time local: Mon May 29 11:25:17 2006
18:25 chris # Current time GMT:   Sun May 28 23:25:17 2006
18:25 chris # Using version 1.24
18:26 chris ok 1
18:26 chris thats my simple test for C4::Biblio .. its only checking syntax errors for now
18:26 kados ahh, cool
18:26 chris there are lots of other testing subroutines
18:27 chris[…]ib/Test/
18:27 chris test::simple is supposed to be good too
18:27 chris actually that will do more useful tests i think
18:28 kados I'll read the tutorial
18:28 kados thx
18:46 kados chris: and it's OK to open external MARC files right?
18:46 chris what?
18:46 kados well ... in the test I'm going to need to actually run some records through to test if it's working
18:46 kados I think
18:47 kados ok (my $marcxml_from_marc = marc2marcxml($marc_marc8,'UTF-8','MARC21'), 'marc2marcxml from MARC-8 MARC21');
18:47 kados where $marc_marc8 was opened as an external file
18:48 chris yep thats fine as long as you document where the files should be to run the test
19:15 chris heh, ed pulls the classic move
19:15 chris good idea, you do it :)
19:19 kados hehe
19:19 kados yea, and I'm gonna too :-)
19:20 chris that'll learn em
19:20 kados :-)
19:20 kados got my first test working
19:20 kados now I just need to create a bunch of test files
19:21 chris sweet
19:21 kados every record I've had trouble with
19:21 chris good plan
20:35 kados chris: quick question
20:35 kados chris: I want to provide a flag for
20:35 kados chris: to turn on entity encoding for exported XML records
20:35 kados (I think)
20:36 kados or should I just provide that as a flag for each call to an XML generating function
20:36 kados ?
20:42 chris umm im not sure what you are asking
20:43 chris ahh i think i get it
20:44 chris it might be better on a per call basis
20:44 chris is it conceivable you might want to encode one record but not another?
20:45 kados yea I suppose so
20:45 kados k, I'll do it per call
21:03 kados chris: is it worth looking into full-fledged exception handling as per:
21:03 kados[…]14/exception.html
21:03 kados ?
21:03 kados or is that overkill?
21:06 kados like should I be just wrapping calls like as_xml_record() in eval {};?
21:08 kados I'm thinking it might be good to check for errors more than once in the marc2marcxml sub
21:08 chris yeah using eval is always a good thing, when its routine outside
21:08 chris you can never have too much error checking .. well you can
21:08 kados :-)
21:08 chris but it rarely happens :)
21:09 chris you and I have both experienced the pain bad error handling causes
21:10 chris ie, if the call to the xml has bad wrapped in an eval, one bad record wouldnt bust a whole batch load etc
21:11 chris trapping and reporting errors
21:11 chris such that the calling program can decide what to do with them
21:11 chris is much nicer than dying in a heap and giving the calling program no option
21:11 kados yep
21:12 kados I think with eval I can even use MARC::*'s internal warnings()
21:12 kados ie, I can print the warning message as delivered from that
21:12 kados something like this:
21:12 kados eval { $marc_record = MARC::Record->new_from_usmarc($marc) };
21:12 kados    if ($@) {
21:12 kados        my @warnings = $@->warnings();
21:14 chris yeah sounds good
03:04 hdl salut Toins
03:05 ToinS salut hdl
08:59 kados morning #koha
08:59 kados si: can you oper me when you get a chance?
09:00 hdl hi kados
09:01 hdl Do you know if tumer commited some code about authorities ?
09:05 kados yes, I believe he did
09:06 kados yep, stuff committed to dev-week
09:07 kados I asked tumer to commit all his customizations to dev-week
09:07 kados until we resolve our versioning dispute
09:07 kados (which I was hoping to do tonight, but paul won't be present)
09:17 kados hey alaurin, welcome to #koha
09:18 alaurin HI

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