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11:03 osmoze :)
11:07 _hdl_ osmoze; si tu as d'autres remarques plus constructives, ne te gêne pas.... par email.
13:25 kados morning owen
13:25 paul hi owen/kados
13:26 kados hi paul
13:26 kados paul: do you have any good examples of dual-language koha libraries?
13:26 paul a catalogue in 2 languages you mean ?
13:26 kados yes
13:26 owen Hi kados and paul
13:26 paul the CMI has 60% in english & 40% in french
13:27 paul[…]koha/
13:27 kados great, thanks
13:27 kados paul: do you know of any japanese Kohas?
13:27 paul no
14:07 _hdl_ Will there be a support for multilingual cataloguing tool ?
14:07 _hdl_ Do we plan it ?
14:07 kados we've discussed it, no plan though :-)
14:08 paul except that with UTF-8 we have solved the biggest problem in cataloguing.
14:08 kados I think INEO and SAN also need it
14:08 kados yep
14:08 paul remains the problem with zebra.
14:08 kados utf-8++
14:09 _hdl_ I question becaus marc_tag_structure and marc_subfield_structure allows only one label for one field/subfield and there is no multilingual support.
14:13 owen Zebra has problems with UTF-8?
14:14 paul owen : I don't know.
14:14 paul just wanting to point language rules are sometimes tricky. For example, searching in Arab is not the same at all than searhcing in english or french.
14:38 kados paul: got a couple quick questions:
14:38 kados do you have any suggestions for printing spine/pocket/card labels?
14:39 paul ???
14:39 kados what do your libraries use for printing spine/pocket/card labels?
14:40 paul I suggest libraries to ask Ident
14:40 paul (the company that should send us a RFID proposal in a few days)
14:40 paul they provide such facilities
14:44 kados I mean what software
14:44 paul none. I worked with kbarcode 2 years ago.
14:44 paul I must leave, it's almost 7PM
14:44 paul read you tomorrow if you're around
17:18 _hdl_ kados
18:54 kados russ: you around?
23:35 qiqo hello everybody
23:35 qiqo bonjour |hdl|
23:35 kados hi quqo
23:35 kados qiqo even :-)
23:36 qiqo hello kados
23:36 qiqo ermm i have a question..
23:36 qiqo are DFDs of koha available online?
23:36 qiqo DFD= data flow diagrams...
23:39 qiqo ermmmm..
23:50 kados hmmm
23:50 kados I believe there is one from a while back somewhere
23:51 kados qiqo: might find something like what you're looking for here:
23:51 kados qiqo: look through the other documents too ... and the wiki:
23:55 qiqo alright thanks
23:56 qiqo i hope i could help koha developers someday
23:59 qiqo ei i have to go to school
00:00 qiqo anyways,, im from the university of the philippines, institute of library and information science
00:00 qiqo take care everybody!!!
05:30 paul hello world
06:38 osmoze bonjour :)
06:51 |hdl| bonjour

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