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13:03 paul hi owen. good morning
13:04 owen Hi paul.  I just read your response to Richar'd's email, and I agree with the points you made
13:05 paul I've sent another one 2 hours ago. Should arrive in one hour ;-)
13:05 paul (to say what I did, what is to be done & what i will do)
13:06 paul (the GOOD news being that i've succeded to make zebra/ZOOM work !)
13:06 owen that's great
13:07 paul yep. was a yaz version problem.
13:07 paul i installed yaz 2.1.2, then zoom, then yaz 2.1.10.
13:07 paul zoom stil thought yaz 2.1.2 was here :-(
13:40 kados congrats paul!
13:40 paul hi joshua.
13:40 paul congrats to adam, that saw the little diff i missed.
14:09 osmoze hello
06:28 _hdl_ hello world.
07:15 paul hello hdl
07:56 _hdl_ paul, je te donne une réponse à un problème soulevé par madame Jarroux... Dans l'ajout de notices.
07:57 _hdl_ Il est du à un problème d'utilisation de catalogsearch... L'interface de cette fonction a changé récemment, ou c'est la personne qui a codé isbnsearch qui ne connaissait pas bien catalogeearch...
07:59 _hdl_ Par ailleurs, la recherche sur l'ISBN dans l'ajout de notices ne fait pas en même temps la recherche sur l'ISSN... Ce qui a surpris Henri Massias....
07:59 _hdl_ Comment va ZZZOOOOMMM ?
07:59 paul pour la recherche ISB/ISSN, il suffit de mettre l'issn dans le seealso de l'ISBN
08:00 paul pour zoom, ca va, mais ce matin, j'ai fait d'autres choses.
08:00 paul facturation et contacts commerciaux (plusieurs...)
08:00 paul que des bibs de lecture publique d'ailleurs.
08:00 paul (dont 1 réseau BdP entier, avec la BDP et 100 médiathèques...)
08:01 paul bref, un truc plutôt pour Inéo que pour nous ;-)
10:26 qiqo good day
10:26 paul hello from france
10:26 qiqo hello.. everybody
10:26 qiqo bonjour paul... cava bien?
10:26 qiqo im qiqo from the philippines..
10:26 paul logbot is our recording bot. chris is probably sleeping, as well as rach & si. i've not seen kados yet.
10:27 paul so I think "everybody" just means me & hdl;-)
10:27 paul hello kiko & welcome
10:27 qiqo heheh alors..
10:27 qiqo yes.. id like to ask some questions..
10:27 paul throw them, i'll see if I can help you
10:28 qiqo erm... i am from the institute of library and information science of the university of the philippines and i am planning to have koha as a part of my thesis
10:28 qiqo my thesis is about a linux distribution with an integrated library system..
10:28 qiqo will it be possible to use koha as the ILS part?
10:29 qiqo you see, library software such as maelisa and follet are very expensive that our public school cannot afford them
10:29 paul I don't see why it could not.
10:29 paul Koha is a mature ILS, well supported by many fans all around the world
10:29 qiqo ahh alright, so where could i possibly ask for permission in doing this?
10:30 qiqo i mean do i have to tell the main author/authors of my prospective activity?
10:30 paul it's free software. You don't have to ask for permission to anybody. Just subscribe koha-devel mailing list and announce what you plan to do
10:30 qiqo est-ce que cest necessaire?
10:31 paul note that you already tell main author(s).
10:31 qiqo ahh really, that's good news from us here in the philippines
10:31 paul as i'm one of them :-D
10:31 qiqo ahh really? wow.. i want to congratulate you for making a great system!
10:31 paul whichi distro do you imagine to use for your system ?
10:31 qiqo an LFS system perhaps..
10:32 qiqo well I still have a year to finish the project
10:32 paul (i'm Paul poulain, Release Manager for 2.0 & 2.2 & for isntance Release Maintainer. Kados being the release manager for the future 3.0
10:32 qiqo Enchante Monsieur Poulain
10:32 paul but he's not here at the moment. Except that writing he's name here sometimes awake him :-D )
10:32 paul (kados = joshua ferraro)
10:33 qiqo ahh he's from where (country)
10:33 paul US (Ohio)
10:33 qiqo ahh alright..
10:33 paul hdl is a french guy too. Works with me.
10:33 qiqo hello |hdl|
10:33 |hdl| hi.
10:33 paul hdl = henri-damien Laurent
10:33 qiqo bonjour |hld| tu vas bien?
10:33 |hdl| bien merci.
10:34 |hdl| et vous ?
10:34 qiqo je vais bien merci
10:34 paul chris being chris cormack, from katipo, the New Zealand company that wrote Koha 1.0 !
10:34 qiqo je comprends un peu le français :)
10:34 paul (& rachel being katipo CEO, si & russ being other "katipans")
10:34 qiqo wow...
10:35 paul logbot being our friend the recording bot for
10:35 qiqo when translated in filipino katipan means a special friend
10:35 qiqo ah ok..
10:36 qiqo wow j'aime le langue français
10:36 qiqo mais j'aime filipino aussi
10:37 qiqo well as of the moment, i am on the Systems Analysis and Design Part
10:38 qiqo i wish i could ship the final product to all parts of the philippines specially those libraries on poor rural areas
10:38 qiqo though im not really Good in Perl.. but ill strive hard to learn it
10:40 paul feel free to subscribe koha-devel & ask for help/hints here.
10:40 qiqo alright...
10:42 qiqo may i ask, what made the developer consider perl as the programming language for koha..
10:56 qiqo well guys,, thats all for now,, its 10pm here in the philippines and i need to go home because i dont have my permanent connection here in campus
10:57 qiqo good nyt to everybody,, bonne nuit a tous!
10:57 paul ok, buy bye
10:57 paul (bye bye I mean)

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