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12:51 kados hi all
12:51 paul hello kados & owen
12:59 kados paul: gabor from WIPO has just contacted me again ... it seems (s)he is trying to accelerate the procurement department and speed along the migration (I have been waiting for the procurement department to contact me for some time)
12:59 kados so hopefully I'll have some dates soon for when I'll be visiting europe :-)
13:00 paul (gabor is a male firstname afaik)
13:00 paul (at least, i've already met a man from hungary who's name was Gabor ;-) )
13:01 kados paul: (thanks :-))
13:26 kados hey owen
13:27 owen Hi
13:27 kados how's your holiday going? :-)
13:27 owen What holiday? :)
13:28 owen Right
13:29 kados are we ready to cast cast back into the firery chasm from whence it came?
13:29 kados cast it back I mean :-)
13:30 owen I think we're almost there.  I'd still like to hear back from Gloria.
13:30 owen If she doesn't bring up any objections, then we'll start the process.
13:46 paul_away see you tomorrow
13:46 owen ciao paul
16:28 Adrian Chris - are you about
16:29 Joann Chris: I think there may have been a problem with the update you ran last night, with regard to statistics report and long overdues.
16:30 Joann and if we need to rerun it it needs to be before we open.
17:42 genji anyone here? any modules that i need that isn't listed in
17:43 genji Like Zebra?
17:43 genji and whats zoom?
17:45 genji can't find zebra or zoom in activestate archive.
18:04 genji somethings wrong... net-z3950 isonly 40 bytes.
18:42 genji is Zebra an essensial inseperable part of koha now?
18:43 genji is it totally necessary to have net-z3950?
18:43 genji can't seem to get it for windows.
18:48 kados genji: zebra is inseperable in Koha 3.0
18:48 kados genji: and net-z3950 will be replaced by perl-zoom
18:49 kados and will be fully windows compatible (it's not dependent on buggy module)
19:06 genji right.. so i use the my $oZ3950 = Win32::OLE->new('VBZOOM.ZoomFactory'); workaround .. right?
19:07 osmoze hello
19:12 genji what modules do i need to have koha 3.0 fully functional in windows?
19:12 genji .... rather.. koha from cvs?
19:13 genji got zebra, got yaz client.. getting zoom for visual basic to do my $oZ3950 = Win32::OLE->new('VBZOOM.ZoomFactory');
19:16 genji where do i download zoom from? vb.zoom isn't good without zoom right?
19:18 kados genji: did you see my install notes posted to koha-devel last month
19:19 genji guess not.
19:22 kados genji:[…]-12/msg00013.html
19:23 kados genji:[…]-12/msg00014.html
19:27 kados genji: you need Net::Z3950::Zoom a perl module
19:27 kados to do the latest stuff paul just committed
19:28 kados genji:[…]Net/Z3950/
20:02 genji can't get that. is no net:z3950 module for win32.
20:19 kados sigh
20:19 kados perl -MCPAN -e install 'Net::Z3950::Zoom'
20:19 kados it's a CPAN thing
20:19 kados you don't need Net::Z3950
20:19 kados it's perl ...
20:19 kados so yes, it exists for win32
23:11 russ kados - you about?
08:20 genji bugger.
08:20 genji can't find yaz-config for installing ZOOM in win32.
08:20 kados genji: you need to install Yaz :-)
08:21 genji i have.
08:21 genji the win32 version of yaz.
08:21 kados ahh
08:21 kados genji: are you on the koha-zebra list?
08:21 genji which doesn't have yaz-config
08:21 genji nope.
08:21 genji im kinda leaving the net for three weeks to a month.
08:21 kados if you would, sign up there and post your question, I'm sure sebastian would be glad to help
08:21 genji Bit late.
08:22 kados gotta go ... :-)
08:22 genji cya in a month.
08:22 kados ciao
08:27 genji okay.. to those that are left.. where does it use zebra?

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