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11:55 kados did rach have her baby?
11:56 kados still four days till she's due right?
11:56 paul hello joshua. Good question. no news about this.
11:56 kados hi paul :-)
11:56 paul (38)
11:56 kados happy birthday :-)
11:57 paul and don't think error logs are clear...
11:57 kados what kinds of problems?
11:57 paul (clear : easy to understand)
11:57 paul (wrong translation i think here)
11:57 kados (I understood :-)
11:58 paul problems like having no error messages, a rebuild_zebra working really fast, but a small small zebra DB that makes me think i've sometihng wrong
11:58 kados paul: have you started zebra with the -vall option?
11:58 paul (mail on koha-zebra when choose to distribute it ;-) )
11:58 kados it shows more logs that way
11:59 paul yes, but no usefull info for me. I need some help to understand them i'm afraid
11:59 kados[…]er.invocation.tkl
12:00 kados I think those work in Zebra as well as Yaz
12:00 paul what is PDU ?
12:01 kados it's the actual transaction between two Z3950 sources (server/client)
12:02 kados as close to human readable version of the Z3950 protocol as you can get
12:02 osmoze bonne anniversaire en retard alors Paul :)
12:02 kados so you start with a initRequest { }
12:02 kados then a initResponse { }
12:02 kados then searchRequest { }
12:03 kados then searchResponse { }
12:03 kados etc.
12:03 kados paul: a PDU dump is equiv to a tcpdump for TCP
12:05 kados hehe
12:05 kados PDU acronym for Protocol Data Unit ... but that's not a useful acronym IMO
12:06 kados paul: do you have an example PDU dump I can look at?
12:06 paul what does it look like ?
12:06 paul I have some zebrasrv logs.
12:06 kados well ... first you probably must specify a file for Zebra to dump PDU using  the -a flag
12:07 kados PDU dumps are very long :-)
12:07 kados here's the init section from one on my server:
12:07 kados initRequest {
12:07 kados    protocolVersion BITSTRING(len=1)
12:07 kados    options BITSTRING(len=2)
12:07 kados    preferredMessageSize 1048576
12:07 kados    maximumRecordSize 1048576
12:07 kados    implementationId '81'
12:07 kados    implementationName 'ZAP/YAZ'
12:07 kados    implementationVersion '1.4.5/2.0.34'
12:07 kados }
12:07 kados initResponse {
12:07 kados    protocolVersion BITSTRING(len=1)
12:07 kados    options BITSTRING(len=2)
12:07 kados    preferredMessageSize 1048576
12:07 kados    maximumRecordSize 1048576
12:08 kados    result TRUE
12:08 kados    implementationId '/81'
12:08 kados    implementationName '/GFS/YAZ'
12:08 paul OK, OK
12:08 kados    implementationVersion '/1.65/2.1.10'
12:08 kados }
12:08 kados initRequest comes from client Z3950 (ie perl-zoom in your case, yaz in the above case)
12:08 kados initResponse comes from the server (Zebra in your case, SimpleServer in the above case)
12:16 |hdl| happy birthday paul.
12:19 paul kados : copy of the mail i send 1mn ago on koha-zebra :
12:19 paul Paul POULAIN a écrit :
12:19 paul /me stupid, pls ignore the previous mail (with the loooooonnnnnnnggggggggg log)
12:19 paul If I do :
12:19 paul while ((my $biblionumber) = $sth->fetchrow) {
12:19 paul    my $record = XMLgetbiblio($dbh,$biblionumber);
12:19 paul    my $Zpackage = $Zconn->package();
12:19 paul    $Zpackage->option(databaseName => 'Koha');
12:19 paul    $Zpackage->option(action => "recordInsert");
12:19 paul    $Zpackage->option(record => $record);
12:19 paul    $Zpackage->send("update");
12:19 paul    $Zpackage->destroy;
12:19 paul    $i++;
12:19 paul    print '.';
12:19 paul    print "$i\r" unless ($i % 100);
12:19 paul }
12:19 paul (remove the eval { } on ->send() )
12:19 paul I get a :
12:19 paul ZOOM error 10002 "Encoding failed" from diag-set 'ZOOM'
12:19 paul (and a die)
12:19 paul Thus, I still have problems with the record model :-(
12:23 kados encoding failed eh?
12:26 kados paul:[…]ruary/000441.html
12:27 kados quoting: "The "encoding failed at target" error might smell like an yaz version
12:27 kados before 2.0.6 - that is the library /usr/lib/libyaz should come from a
12:27 kados debian package version 2.0.6 or 2.0.7. Check version number, and try
12:27 kados again with a newer one,
12:28 paul yaz-client -V
12:28 paul YAZ version: 2.1.10
12:28 kados well, probably not that then
12:33 kados well looks like "Encoding failed" is a ZOOM diagnostic set which is used for client-side error
12:34 kados[…]om/2003-March.txt
12:34 kados do a search on 'encoding failed' in that page
12:34 kados morning owen
12:34 owen Hi kados
12:35 paul (on phone)
13:03 paul back
13:04 paul kados : i don't understand where it is useful (i mean 2003-March.txt)
13:05 kados search on 'encoding failed' on that page
13:06 kados it describes what kind of error that is (IE, it's a ZOOM client-side error)
13:06 kados not too useful I agree
13:06 paul Yes, i've seen, but i don't understand
13:56 kados paul: do you have more errors in the log?
13:56 paul nope
13:56 paul just this ZOOM error 10002 "Encoding failed" from diag-set 'ZOOM
13:56 paul and PDU files show nothing.
13:56 kados here are the bib-1 diagnostics codes:
13:56 kados[…]fns/bib1diag.html
13:56 kados but I don't see a 10002 in there
13:57 paul I already looked at this page (or a similar one, with the same 10002 missing value)
13:57 kados right ... perhaps it's an index data code
13:58 paul I really become mad with zebra.cfg & other files.
13:58 paul my main problem is that i can't be sure WHICH is the culprit : my code, my zebra config, zoom, zebra...
13:58 kados yep ... that is very frustrating
13:59 paul highly !
13:59 paul i won't be here for 2 days, back on friday.
13:59 kados I would suspect that Perl-ZOOM is the culprit
13:59 kados paul: could you commit your (non-working) code
13:59 kados paul: I may have some time to work on it
13:59 paul I'll commit my modified rebuild_zebra & zebra.cfg
13:59 paul (you won ;-) )
14:00 kados hehe
14:00 kados still no message on koha-devel ... savannah seems slower than sf :-)
14:02 paul for CVS no !
14:03 paul OK, commited
14:03 paul new sub in, + unimarc zebra config files + misc/migration_tools/
14:03 kados paul: why are we pulling XML out of mysql?
14:04 paul ?
14:04 kados paul: shouldn't it just be in Zebra?
14:04 kados sub XMLgetbiblio {
14:04 kados my $sth = $dbh->prepare('select marcxml from biblioitems where
14:04 kados biblionumber=?');
14:04 paul I don't know. Still investigating for instance.
14:04 kados in my opinion, we should only have one copy of the data
14:04 kados not one in mysql and one in zebra
14:05 kados (because zebra must have one for the index building anyway)
14:05 paul the problem with this is backing/restoring datas : 2 sources !
14:05 kados and it's hard to know if they are both in sync
14:05 kados I vote to store all bib data in zebra
14:05 paul (+ we could also have storeData:0, to have datas not in zebra )
14:05 kados hmmm
14:06 paul I think we should keep datas in both place until we are closer to 3.0 than today.
14:06 kados ok ... sounds reasonable
14:06 kados are you sure that mysql has utf-8 data?
14:06 paul (+ in fact, for instance, we have 3 instances of biblio : biblioitems.marc, biblioitems.xml and zebra)
14:06 kados (in your example on koha-devel message I just recieved)
14:07 kados yikes :-)
14:07 paul I think yes. Not 100% sure
14:07 kados because 'encoding problem' may indicate no :-)
14:08 paul dumping the xml record shows :
14:08 paul Collection Pédagogique de Télécommunicatio
14:08 paul that seems utf-8
14:09 paul (Collection P##dagogique => the ## is a é in utf-8)
14:10 kados paul:[…]set-defaults.html
14:11 kados it seems encoding in mysql is complex
14:12 paul yes, i've spend almost 2 complete day on it !
14:12 paul but I think now i've got it
14:12 kados here is another useful site:
14:12 kados[…]/4.1/unicode.html
14:12 kados what version of mysql are you using?
14:12 paul 4.1
14:14 kados also, I wonder if perl is to blame :-)
14:14 kados I don't know what DBI's support of utf-8 is like
14:15 paul my bet is that DBI has nothing to do with utf8
14:15 kados
14:16 paul did you read my mail jan, 04, on koha-devel ?
14:16 paul the chapter "the hard thing" was the main trick
14:17 kados right
14:21 kados paul: can you generate a utf-8 static MARC file and attempt to import it to see if you ge the same error?
14:25 paul I tried, with a record with ASCII only char, same problem
14:29 paul time to leave (6:30 PM)
14:29 paul see you on friday
14:29 paul (my 1st mail has arrived on koha-zebra ! another one has been posted. You can ignore this one
14:30 paul )
14:30 paul 2nd one arrived too ;-)
14:39 kados by paul ... have a good week
06:03 si heh
06:39 _hdl_ Congratulations rach he is VERY cute.
06:39 si he certainly is
06:39 si but I'd be biased :-)
07:01 _hdl_ you can be proud and happy ;)
07:04 si yes indeed

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