IRC log for #koha, 2005-12-29

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17:43 rach yep sorta - it's holidays here
17:43 rach but I was just checking mail
06:28 paul hello world
06:29 si kia ora paul
06:29 paul hello simon
06:30 si merry christmas!
06:30 paul merry christmas too. very cold time here in France.
06:30 paul snow is very very rare in Marseille. something like half a day every 5 years.
06:31 si about the same as Wellington
06:31 paul (but the problem is that everything stops in the city, as ppl don't know how to deal with snow !!!)
06:31 si it doesn't stay on the ground here
06:31 si but yes, I can imagine, the same problem happens further south when it snows
06:32 si obligatory photos of people driving their cars into ditches
06:32 si and the like
06:33 si a lovely sunny day here just ended ~24 degrees C
06:33 si christmas is sunscreen and barbecue and fresh fruit here
06:35 paul really strange for a "northen man"... for us, christmas means snow, hot meals like soups, families IN house (with some candles if you are just with your partner) and things like that.
06:36 si yup
06:36 si here it's trying to keep the dogs out of the pond, because it's too hot :-)
06:37 si consequently, the whole country shuts down for a week or two
06:37 si think xmas and your august summer holidays all rolled into one mega holiday
09:36 kados welcome back paul
09:36 kados hi all
09:39 paul hi kados.

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