IRC log for #koha, 2005-11-29

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18:05 indradg hi anyone around?
18:06 chris i am
18:06 indradg chris, whats the font used for the "Koha" lettering... any idea?
18:07 chris ill ask rach
18:08 indradg thnx
18:09 rach centenial light italic
18:09 indradg my flight for bangalore is exactly 8hrs away!
18:09 rach centennial light italic actually is correct spelling
18:09 indradg rach, thanks a bunch :)
18:09 rach for the word koha
18:09 rach and arial for the words underneath
18:10 rach I can export the logo in a number of formats but svg isn't one of them - or whatever it was that HDL was after
18:11 indradg rach, did u get my mail? chris suggested that i write to u for the "Koha box" pre-press design
18:34 rach I havne't yet - but I can send you what I sent joshua I think
18:34 rach can you use a freehand file, or do you need pdfs?
18:35 indradg PDFs are better for me... but i guess the printer would prefer freehand
21:12 kados anyone about?
21:12 kados rach: you here?
21:12 russ hi kados
21:12 kados hey russ
21:12 russ no she is in a meeting
21:12 kados I need to talk to katipo folks ... prob chris and rach
21:12 russ she should be back in 30 ins
21:12 kados about hiring chris for some Koha development
21:12 kados k
21:12 russ you can but he is very very expensive :-)
21:13 kados hehe
21:13 russ acutally kados
21:13 russ i do all the schedulling
21:13 kados ahh ... great
21:13 russ so rach would just end up asking me
21:13 russ two secs
21:13 kados right ... so the job is getting Koha 3.0 to be 100% compatible with mod_perl2
21:14 kados phone call ... I'll be back in a bit
21:14 russ np
21:21 thd kados: Is NET::Z3950 ready yet?
21:31 thd kados: Will using mod_perl2 require Koha to use apache 2?
21:47 kados hey there thd
21:47 kados not ready yet
21:48 kados i think yes ... apache2 would be necessary if mod_perl2 were used
21:48 kados great
21:48 kados but the idea is to make it optional
21:48 kados so if you have a large system you should use mod_perl2
21:49 kados otherwise, it's probably not necessary
21:50 thd kados: the motherboard on which I shorted the keyboard controller with static had a hard drive controller that was failing to map out my bad blocks.
21:51 thd kados: I had not realised that the problem had magically gone away after I moved the hard drive to a newly assembled system.
21:52 kados thd: but I'd be careful, if your hard drive is starting to do the bad block thing you may want to get another :-)
21:54 thd kados: I did notice something on the hard drive upgrade mini-howto that suggested the reason tar solutions for partition copying had a bug and had therefore been removed.
21:55 thd kados: I have never had a hard drive reporting any bad blocks for the past 15 years except this one.
21:56 thd kados: For well over a decade even IDE controllers are supposed to map out the bad blocks at the hardware level so they would never be seen.
21:57 thd kados: Do not all hard drives develop bad blocks that are simply hidden by controller remapping?
22:01 thd kados: If the drive does fail, I do at least have the complete system running on other systems and full copies of all partitions stored on an FTP server.  I previously only, had backups of important directories.
22:04 thd kados: How can bad blocks be counted to know if they are increasing if the controller remaps them?
22:05 thd s/remaps/hides/
22:24 thd kados: ping

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