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13:19 kados paul: hi ... you around?
13:20 paul hi joshua.
13:20 paul (yes i'm here ;-)
13:22 kados :(
13:22 kados did you get my email about KohaCon?
13:23 paul yep. good news it seems.
13:23 kados very :-)
13:23 paul & good idea to have a KohaCon in Marseille (without trailing 's')
13:24 kados ahh :-)
13:25 paul nope. No city like marseilles in France !
13:25 paul (or a very small one...)
13:25 kados ahh
13:26 paul (french only it seems)
13:26 paul no : http://www.marseille-tourisme.[…]LANGUE=2&dist=1GP
13:27 kados thx
13:27 paul (not exactly the same website)
13:48 paul 1st commit on savannah 1mn ago ;-)
13:48 paul kados : did you answer to andres tarallo mail ?
13:48 paul (the one about argentinian code)
14:02 kados paul: hmm ... I did reply to him
14:02 paul but no cc to me ;-)
14:02 kados paul: I said we have not been able to get it working
14:02 kados paul: sorry :-)
14:02 paul (no pb) last question :
14:02 paul It seems I get 2 mails for each commit on svannah
14:02 kados hmm ... maybe I added you twice?
14:03 paul 1 with the log 1 with the diff
14:03 paul (no, they are differents.
14:03 paul I just think poor to have the log message somewhere and the diff somewhere else.
14:04 kados hmm ... well i didn't set that up
14:04 kados it's done by savannah admins
14:04 kados should I request it be changed?
14:04 paul that's what i was thinking. I personnaly prefer to have all infos in the same mail;
14:04 kados ok I'll write them now
14:05 paul thx.
14:06 kados ok done
16:13 MatthewM Hello, we've just started to use Koha for our library and we are importing books into the database. Since this is such a time consuming process, I want to make sure that our Koha database is backed up properly. What's the best way to do this? Export the MySQL table?
17:14 chris yep, export the whole mysql database
17:14 chris i use mysqldump to do it
17:53 MatthewM thanks chris
17:59 indradg kados, around?
18:00 indradg chis?
18:00 indradg chris,
18:02 chris yep
18:02 chris i am, dont know about kados
18:03 indradg chris, rach told me abt this... but i forgot... how did u deck up the stall the last time u took koha to an expo?
18:04 chris hmm we have some photos
18:04 chris of a couple of them
18:04 chris ill find them
18:04 indradg thnx!
18:04 indradg today was an absolute wipeout for india
18:05 indradg complete 10 wicket rout :(
18:07 chris[…]/IMG_3673_pumters  and[…]uss_checks_e_mail plus[…]haphotos/album11/ is us at Alia online in sydney
18:07 indradg got it!
18:07 chris ill find the lianza ones earlier this year
18:09 indradg ok... now i got it! thats what rachel meant but puting up dummy koha boxes!
18:09 chris yep
18:09 chris[…]otos/aab.jpg.html <-- at lianza
18:10 chris we set up a nother computer on the bench there, with a slip printer and a barcode scanner too
18:10 chris so people could play in the librarian interface
18:11 indradg thats the setup i'm planning for
18:11 indradg except the printer perhaps
18:11 chris we had the little imac being the opac
18:11 chris to show, koha runs on anything
18:11 indradg aah.... on the right the of the pix
18:11 chris yep
18:12 indradg tell me something.. how did u make the boxes? got them printed?
18:12 chris yeah, so we could take about, if it can run a web browser it can be an opac termiinal
18:12 chris take=talk
18:12 chris yep, then cut and folded them
18:13 indradg i c
18:14 chris rachel used to do print design back before the web existed :) so she knew how to do it all
18:15 chris id ask her, but she is off at ante natal classes at the moment .. im fairly sure she has all the images still, needed to print more
18:15 indradg its saturday tomorrow... any printing i'll probably have to do tomorrow
18:16 indradg i'll need to make about 1000 copies of a single sheet handout
18:16 chris right
18:17 chris[…]DSC00812.jpg.html <--- bet you dont see this much in india to dry out the cricket pitch :-)
18:17 indradg plus i'll put up a copy of the koha LiveCD on the Expo's d/l server
18:17 chris ahh good thinking
18:18 indradg we'll be having 8 MBPS of bandwidth and WiFi connectivity... so I can get the z39.50 working online too
18:18 chris cool, yeah people are impressed by that normally
18:19 indradg except when its slow ;)
18:19 indradg rofl... did they really do that???
18:19 chris sure did
18:20 chris it was a good game in the end too
18:20 chris even if it did start 2 hours late because of needing a helicopter to dry the pitch
18:21 indradg hmmm... crazy kiwis!!! :P
18:22 indradg the match on the ground today was surreal... the entire galleries were rooting for the south africans
18:22 chris wow
18:23 indradg yeah... the dropping on Saurav Ganguly from the team... hasn't been taken kindly by the city
18:23 indradg he's an icon in the state
18:23 chris ahhh that makes sense
18:23 chris plus when someone is playing as well as smith obviously did, its good to watch anyway
18:24 indradg absolutely... all credits to him
18:24 chris 134 off 124 .. thats a nice innings alright
18:25 indradg yeah!
18:25 chris i hope he can get those 12 more runs
18:25 chris ill be watching that on tv this afternoon
18:26 indradg and saurav has just scored 159 n.o and taken 5 wickets against Maharastra at a top-level domestic first class match... today of all days
18:26 indradg the cricket politics has been nasty of late]
18:27 indradg heard of lara's play in the news
18:29 chris well i better go do my saturday chores, it might be an idea to email rachel, and ask about the boxes if you want .. cya later
18:30 indradg thanks a lot!
18:30 indradg l8r
01:26 indradg rach, around?
05:52 osmoze hello :)

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