IRC log for #koha, 2005-11-23

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13:37 MatthewM Hello
13:38 owen Hi MatthewM
13:52 MatthewM Hello Owen, I had a question, but I just figured out the solution.
13:53 MatthewM The z3950 search wasn't working, but I remembered that I had powered off my machine and that the / wasn't running. Ran that script and now everything works fine.
14:12 hdl hi everybody
14:20 kados howdy hdl
14:20 hdl Good How are you ?
14:21 kados pretty good
14:21 kados Perl-Zoom should be released this week
14:21 kados so we can get to work on the next phaze for Koha 3.0
14:21 hdl Paul told me. Very Very Good.
14:22 hdl Great.
14:22 hdl Any good news from your Law Library ?
14:23 kados not yet ...
14:24 kados I have moved koha-cvs to savannah
14:24 kados but haven't seen any commits yet ... so I guess that means noone has been programming much ;-)
14:25 hdl I have commited tonight. :)
14:26 kados hmm ... did you get emails on koha-cvs?
14:26 kados as soon as I can confirm that koha-cvs is working I'll move all the rest of our koha-*
16:34 chris yay mail to koha-cvs
16:37 chris [Web4lib] Unix vs. Windows
16:38 chris so far no one has been brave enough to respond
16:38 chris or foolhardy :)
20:52 kados hehe
20:52 kados I know I'm not
20:52 kados now that koha-cvs is working I'll move the rest over
20:52 chris cool
20:52 kados maybe later tonight
20:52 kados how's things chris?
20:52 kados when are you gonna be in the states?
20:52 chris the usual, busy .. but ok
20:53 chris get into pittsburgh on the 11th at night
20:53 kados nice
20:53 chris we flight out to LA on the 3rd
20:53 kados ahh LA ... :-)
20:53 kados didn't quite make it there
20:53 kados got as far as Oceanside
20:53 chris and then 9 days there and then back home to nz .. leaving the 12th, landing on the 14th
20:53 chris stupid timezones
20:53 kados hehe
21:08 chris so i figure ill visit ohio sometime before xmas ..for a couple of days
21:09 chris get out of laurels way while she is sorting through stuff to ship back to nz
21:18 kados sweet
21:19 kados you're welcome to crash at my place -- I've got a guest bed
21:19 chris fantastic
21:19 kados and I'm right uptown now
21:19 russ hi kados
21:19 kados hey russ
21:19 kados talk to you chaps later
21:19 russ cya
21:19 chris cya later, have a good meeting

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