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11:13 foo hmm, someone on mailing list said the problem went away when they downgraded mysql to 3.23
11:14 paul (no more on phone)
11:14 paul yes, but is on Debian stable, with .deb packages and works like a charm !
11:14 foo hmm
11:19 foo no other ideas?
11:20 paul no, i'm sorry
11:20 paul google is not your friend on this subject ?
11:20 foo nope :(
11:21 foo some mailing list suggested removing the 'localhost' form the DBI connect line
11:21 paul[…]/03/msg00090.html
11:21 paul seems to suggest changing mysqlclient to be the same version as mysqld
11:21 foo but it sets the password as part of the installer
11:21 foo oh
11:22 paul feeling lucky with :[…]la:en-US:official
11:22 paul[…]/03/msg00093.html
11:31 foo nope :(
11:32 paul the solution to downgrade to 3.23 + this google link makes me think it's a way you should investigate.
11:32 paul (+ the fact Koha works like a charm on Debian usually)
11:32 foo yeah, don't really want to have to do that though
11:32 foo yeah
11:56 foo ok, got it running on another debian box -- ta for your help paul
11:56 foo i might be back ;)
11:56 kados morning all
11:57 foo hiua
11:59 paul hi joshua/kados
11:59 paul back to Athens ?
12:07 kados yep
12:07 kados 11 hours travel yesterday between flights and driving
12:07 paul wow. not nice. why did you choose san diego ?
12:08 kados always wanted to go I guess
12:08 paul (if there is a reason, as it may be "just to see" ;-) )
12:08 kados yep
12:08 kados it wasn't as nice as I had hoped
12:08 paul the problem with "alway wanted to XXX" is that when it's done it's no more a dream
12:08 kados very bad traffic
12:08 kados yep ;-)
12:08 paul (+ sometimes you are disappointed. seems the case here)
12:09 kados the streets have poor signs so it's also difficult to navigate
12:09 kados but the weather is perfect
12:09 kados four growing seasons
12:21 foo right -- got it working on another machine, thanks paul
12:21 paul your welcome foo
12:46 paul tiens, hdl est de retour...
12:47 hdl yes./
12:47 hdl 1h au telephone pour StGermain
12:48 paul et moi 1H au tel pour l'INRETS. match nul ;-)
12:48 paul Tous les jours, j'ai un scan de port...
12:49 paul là, par exemple, en ce moment, j'en ai un zoli...
01:24 indradg hi.. anyone around?
01:25 rach I put up your notice finally
01:25 indradg hi rach .... seen kados?
01:25 rach not today
01:25 rach he is on leave I think
01:25 indradg rach, new developments... i'm not speaking at FOSS.IN 2005 on Koha
01:26 rach are you still speaking?
01:26 indradg rach, instead we are having the first "Official" Expo presence at FOSS.IN... we (the koha team) have a stall :D
01:26 rach oh very good :-)
01:26 indradg rach, see the URL in the topic line
01:27 indradg for the very first time in India :)
01:28 indradg so instead of speaking for 45 mins... we going to have 4 full days :D
01:28 rach ah very good
01:28 rach so do you need props?
01:29 indradg i would need to get a poster printed.. 5' x 3' or any other suitable size.... plus abt 1000 copies of a single-page A4 flier
01:30 indradg the LiveCD iso will be dumped on the local EXPO FTP server... so people can grab it on their laptops or burn it on-site
01:31 indradg tables + chairs + comps (2 nos) + network + internet connectivity etc will be provided by the organisers
01:32 rach excellent
01:32 rach[…]/IMG_3673_pumters
01:32 rach this was our stand at sydney
01:33 rach I don't think we have photos from christchurch
01:33 rach[…]uss_checks_e_mail
01:33 rach we made up fake Koha boxes
01:33 rach instead of a poster
01:33 indradg hehe
01:33 rach was quite good
01:34 indradg the best part is that we dont have to pay for the facilities... as long as we DO NOT engage in a sales pitch
01:35 indradg the FOSS expo area space is being alloted to FOSS project teams after being vetted by the indian foss community on the project's merit :)
01:36 rach so you can talk about koha and give it away
01:36 rach but not advertise your company?
01:36 rach is that what they mean
01:36 indradg yes
01:36 rach rather than you're not allowed to push koha :-)
01:36 rach which would rather defeat the purpose
01:37 rach ok I have "repurposed" the news bit
01:37 indradg u are allowed to push koha... but not your company
01:38 rach[…]nr1131680187.html
01:38 indradg basically u can talk all u want abt deployments etc... but if someone asks u for a proposal... just take their business card and tell them u will get back to them after the expo
01:38 rach yep well that's all good - it's all you usually do anyway :-)
01:39 indradg or better still ... take a break... walk out with the person... and discuss biz.... as long as it is not *inside* FOSS expo pavalion
01:41 rach mad but worth it :-)
01:43 indradg rach, saw the news update... looks good... will have the pics :)
01:43 indradg i'll be blogging anyway :)

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