IRC log for #koha, 2005-11-06

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13:59 vivek evening folks
13:59 vivek paul: Any sucess with Savannah ?
14:00 vivek success*
14:00 vivek indradg: hey
14:05 paul hi vivek, I don't know, no answer from anyone afaik
14:05 vivek paul: Did you file a report on the link i gave you ?
14:06 vivek It may take a couple of days depending on how busy the admins are with previous requests.
14:06 paul yepyep :[…]em&item_id=104802
14:11 vivek paul: ok.
15:21 paul osmoze tu es là ?
16:28 osmoze oui paul
16:28 osmoze coucou :)
16:28 osmoze (oups 1 heure apres ^^)
16:29 osmoze mais plus pour longtemps, j ai plus de batterie et oublié mon chargeur au bureau :(
16:49 osmoze bon, bin peut etre a demain :)
16:49 osmoze bye all and for other, have a good week end
03:51 kados yp
03:51 kados yo even ;-)
03:51 kados chris: about?
03:51 kados anyway, san diego rocks
03:52 kados no pics yet
03:52 kados well ... no pics uploaded ;-)
03:52 kados it's almost 2am Pacific so I'm gonna hit the hay
03:52 kados nite all
08:06 VivekVC Evening
08:07 indradg hi... where is the Koha world map link located these days?
08:08 indradg russ, chris any idea?
08:13 VivekVC indradg: Hi
08:14 indradg hey VivekVC
08:34 VivekVC indradg: Could you send me the book databases now ?
08:35 indradg VivekVC, wats your email address?
08:47 indradg VivekVC, check your mail asianet for database dump
09:09 VivekVC indradg: I don't use my asianet mail id any longer.
09:09 indradg VivekVC, i c
09:09 VivekVC send it to or
09:11 indradg VivekVC, ok... fwded to ur gmail acct
09:12 VivekVC indradg: Thanks a lot.
09:12 indradg np
09:13 VivekVC indradg: I got the mail.
09:13 indradg ok
09:14 VivekVC vivek@wisdom:~$ mysql --version
09:14 VivekVC mysql  Ver 12.22 Distrib 4.0.24, for pc-linux-gnu (i386)
09:15 indradg VivekVC, take a shot... u can always drop a db ;)
09:15 VivekVC hmm, so i need to compile some 4.1.x version from source ?
09:16 indradg VivekVC, nope.... try AS-IS
09:19 VivekVC ok cook
09:19 VivekVC cool*
09:19 indradg :)
09:44 VivekVC indradg: All i have to do is unzip it ?
09:46 VivekVC indradg: I have it as a .sql file now.
10:20 osmoze hello

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