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12:06 paul hi joshua
12:57 thd good evening paul
19:31 thd chris: have all your fixes for normal acquisitions been committed to 2.2.4?
19:32 chris no
19:33 thd chris: what remains to be committed or in what way are the current commits still broken?
19:34 thd rosa: do your suppliers usually show per item shipping when they send you something?
19:34 chris sorry too busy to go into it today
19:35 thd chris: ok, when do you expect that you may commit those updates?
19:36 thd s/updates/fixes/
19:39 thd rosa: I mean to ask do your suppliers usually itemise carriage or freight charges when they send you something?
19:47 chris sometime after the 24th
19:47 rosa thd, no they don't, but Koha does
19:48 rosa we have a little screen that pops up, asks for the invoice number, the freight charge if any, and how many items. then Koha goes and divides the freight charge between however many items there are
19:49 rosa tkaes off the discount, adds or subtracts the tax (as applicable) and tell us how much the item actually cost.
19:49 rosa Very smart. Take a bow, Chris
20:06 thd rosa: chris may be too busy to take a bow :)
20:19 thd rosa: I actually did not find that Koha was dividing the shipping price by the number of items shipped currently but that may be one of the fine things that chris has had to fix after other programmers neglected to maintain the acquisitions code through revisions in Koha.
20:23 thd rosa: If I had observed Koha dividing the shipping by the number of items, I would not have been prompted to ask whether your suppliers had done that for you.
20:25 thd rosa: How do you track when an order is later than you would have expected it to arrive?
20:43 thd rosa: I mean what process do you use for identifying delinquent orders that have not yet arrived?  I realise an SQL statement could be constructed to search for unfulfilled orders but do you do anything special to track the not yet published and therefore not yet available differently from the should be on hand in the warehouse and available for immediate shipment?
21:38 rosa sorry, thd, called away. We order a lot of stuff from prepublication blurbs - and some of the books get delayed. Some never do get published. So we don't panic too much bout unfilled orders. The better suppliers keep us informaed about cancelled or delayed publications.  
21:39 rosa Every so often - maybe every three months we look back at what hasn't arrived. We inquire about the items we really care about, and cancel the other orders
01:23 hdl hi
01:23 hdl russ around ?
01:25 hdl I'd like to know if it would be possible to get the Koha website template to make French site have the same look and feel.
01:25 hdl russ, shaun ?
02:29 rach hdl - do you want it sent to you?
02:29 rach you can grab it off the website if you're happy to do that
02:30 rach ie just get the source etc
03:41 hdl rach : I can grab it. But I don't have any Kea instance Installed on my Computer and no access to the server to get the files.
03:41 hdl If you allow me an acces, I'll grab it.
03:46 paul hdl : and what about a ctrl-c ctrl-v of source code and image (with wget, you can get them easily)
03:47 hdl ok.
03:47 hdl I would have liked to know a bit more about Kea. But if I can get css with this...
06:18 thd good afternoon paul
06:24 thd paul: you have done some work to allow the user to set the value of biblionumber from something other than 090 $c if I read some comments on recent versions of correctly.
06:25 thd paul: you also indicate that it has not yet been deeply tested.
06:29 thd paul: What bad effects would I find from filling the mapped MARC subfield for itemnumber with an old itemnumber and then passing the records through
06:39 thd paul: my intention would be to reuse itemnumbers that Koha already had given to the items so that I could export records in MARC format manipulate them externally and reimport them without losing their associated status from the issues or other status tables not contained in the record.
06:44 thd paul: I would of course delete the associated records from Koha before reimporting.
07:44 thd paul: I see what would need to be changed now in and for this to work.
07:46 thd paul: Sorry, I needed to actually ask the question of you to help myself think about the problem more clearly :)
09:32 thd hdl: why does the constraint on the demo seem to be less than 200 characters for the ISBD parameter at[…]&searchfield=ISBD ?
09:42 hdl thd:  the constraint was obsolete.
09:42 hdl You can test again.
09:42 hdl Be warn : 2.2.4 is on.
09:43 hdl hi kdaos
09:43 hdl kados
09:43 kados hwdy
09:43 hdl good
09:43 thd hdl: Well I am happy that you have converted to 2.2.4
09:43 paul hello joshua.
09:44 hdl how are you ?
09:44 hdl thd: you're welcome
09:44 hdl I ever wonder whether to pass to the new version little before or after the release.
09:45 kados how about you guys?
09:46 kados paul: about funding for Perl-ZOOM: Meadville has delayed the decision once again ... now they will meet on the 27th of this month and have a decision!
09:46 paul too bad...
09:47 kados I hope it is in our favour ;-)
09:47 paul hdl and me are waiting for a new contract, with a math library. Decided, just waiting for the snail mail with order
09:48 kados nice
09:48 paul i also have been in contact with 2 BdP in 2 days. In France, BdP are county-wide libraries, that issues books to small libraries in the "department" (something like county).
09:48 paul they would suggest Koha for small to very small libraries.
09:48 kados great!
09:48 kados problem with very small libraries
09:49 kados is that they have _no_ money ;-)
09:49 paul + we are looking for a hosted proposal for such libraries.
09:49 kados cool ... yea our hosted site is working out pretty well
09:49 paul the last woman I spoke with 2 hours ago spoke of 2000€ all included.
09:49 paul as i was afraid it would be ;-)
09:49 kados yea ;-)
09:50 kados some other windows-based programs can easily be downloaded, installed and up-and-running for a few hundred dollars
09:50 kados and it's been hard to convince a library with a total budget of 35,000 USD that they should spend 10,000 on a new ILS ;-)
09:51 kados when they can spend just a few hundred for an inferior product ;-)
09:51 thd kados: what are the windows based programs that people are using for a few hundred dollars
09:51 thd ?
09:51 kados Sagebrush Athena for one
09:52 thd kados: That is only a few hundred dollars?
09:52 kados I think about 900 per year
09:52 kados I was pretty surprised myself ...
09:52 kados though I think that is for an older version
09:52 thd kados: How much inferior is the current version of Sagebrush?
09:53 kados thd: haven't seen it
09:53 thd kados: please stay one moment.
09:55 thd kados: Do you know any reason why repeated ISBNs have not been filling biblioitems.isbn with more than one value since 2.2.4?
09:58 thd kados: I have not identified the bug yet and hdl has no clue.  I thought just maybe you changed something for supporting Amazon with only one value in biblioitems.isbn where otherwise the library record might have both an ISBN for the hardcover and softcover when both are known following standard cataloguing practise.
10:01 kados I've not got a clue why that would be
10:01 kados nope ... didn't make a change like that
10:02 thd kados: Ok, just checking to be thorough :)
10:03 thd hdl:  Is your update to the demo for 2.2.4 complete yet?
10:04 hdl yes.
10:05 thd hdl: everything is fine now.  I was seeing something in the midst of transition that was not right :)
10:11 thd paul: Did  "2000€ all included" also include migrating the data from a previous system?
10:11 paul no, fortunatly ! we are speaking of very small libraries, with no ILS
10:12 thd paul: You mean the ones that still rely upon a card file?
10:12 paul yes.
10:12 paul a lot in France, as we have -very- small cities.
10:13 paul For example, i've a RFP to answer : 7 cities, between 350 and 1500 inhabitants.
10:13 paul and less than 15 000 books for all the 7
10:15 thd paul: The computer has not been applied to everything already as thoroughly in France as it has in the Anglo-American world?
10:16 paul yes but not in small libraries, with very little money, or no money at all. some rely on 2-3 benevolents, and 300 books offered by someone + 500 books coming each quarter from BDP (and returned 6 months later)
10:16 thd paul: France should have been ahead of the rest of the world for computerisation since the introduction of MINITEL.
10:19 thd paul: Most of the world including the US are behind France in still using a paper telephone directory.
10:26 thd paul: I have seen libraries in the US where most of the staff are volunteers with similar size collections to what you describe where sometimes someone in the community has created a simple non-MARC database built from MS Access or even Excel.

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