IRC log for #koha, 2005-10-15

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11:41 thd s/any search/any search with a unique known biblio/
14:29 paul_away (and away tomorrow too...
14:29 paul_away )
17:07 rach morning
17:37 pate-lurk morning rach
17:41 rach oh hi pat
17:41 rach big week for us coming up
17:41 rach 2 koha installs next week
17:42 rach go live
17:43 pate-lurk cool!
17:43 pate-lurk good luck with 'em
17:44 rach ta :-)
17:45 rach and how are things in your neck of the woods (or mountains :-)
17:58 pate-lurk pretty good
17:58 pate-lurk starting to see some snow
17:58 pate-lurk and the fall nip is certainly in the air
19:55 thd kados: are you there?
00:50 VivekVC Hello
00:51 VivekVC I am Vivek Varghese Cherian, and i had mailed some to the list some time back about a Koha training module i am making.
00:51 VivekVC Is some one around ?
00:51 VivekVC indradg: Hey :)
00:54 richard hi
00:56 VivekVC richard: hi
03:42 Malin` indradg, u here?
03:44 indradg Malin`, yes
03:45 Malin` indradg, are you planning to release LiveCD with Koha 2.2.4 soon?
03:53 indradg Malin`, probably within the next 10 days
03:53 Malin` cool
03:53 Malin` thanks for the info
04:14 indradg np
04:42 hdl_away hi
10:17 owen Hey kados, I was just wondering where you were
10:52 kados I'm here  ;-)
10:52 kados I just switched to Verizon from Time Warner
10:52 kados and I don't hav e a static IP anymore
10:53 kados so I'm still owrking out th ekinks with dyndns
10:53 kados working out the kinks even ;-)

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