IRC log for #koha, 2005-10-01

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22:30 thd chris: When normal acquisitions is working, is items.replacementprice used to calculate a lost materials fine?
22:30 rach yes
22:31 thd rach: Is that a yes for it should be or a yes for it actually does? :)
22:32 rach umm - that is a bit tricky - because I think it if doesn't in the current version, then that's one of the things we're busy "reconnecting" at the moment
22:33 rach so we're busy reviving some functionality in normal acquisitions - go live scheduled for 2 weeks time
22:34 chris yes it does use replacementprice
22:35 chris of course only if the library wants it to
22:35 thd chris: How does an ancient items.replacementpricedate affect the calculation of the fine or an alert to the librarian to obtain updated replacement price before the fine is issued.
22:35 chris it doesnt
22:36 chris no one has asked for that, so no one has written the code to do it
22:36 chris be about 3 lines of perl tho
22:37 thd chris: Is items.replacementpricedate merely archival in existing implementations?  A column awaiting the code to implement a feature using it.
22:38 chris well with koha you dont need code, you can use all sorts of tools to query against the db
22:39 chris hlt use urbansql to run all sorts of reports
22:39 chris so they can find all old replacement prices easily
22:40 chris but if someone said, hey, how about koha warn us about old ones before it places a fine, then im sure someone would write the code to do it
22:40 thd chris: I was going to say that anything is available from SQL queries but that does not mean a library will choose to run them..
22:40 chris if you dont store the data, you cant do anthing with it
22:40 chris yep, thats up to them, if they want a feature, ask for it, someone will build it
22:41 thd chris: Yes it is good that the information is there to be used :)
22:43 thd chris: Regular updating from web services from possible vendors would be less work for the librarian but more work for the programmer once.  The programmer is where the work should be if a library is interested in paying for that.
22:44 chris yep
22:46 thd I am writing an answer to the post on koha-devel from Joshua about fine parameters.
22:46 chris ahh right
02:10 thd chris, rach: Is there a default lost materials fine for items with a NULL items.replacementprice such as items acquired with simple cataloguing only acquisitions?
02:11 osmoze hello
02:11 thd hello osmoze
09:40 kados thd: you around?
09:41 kados thd: I'm wondering if you know whether MARC supports multiple itemtypes within the same record ... unlike Koha's support of one itemtype for the whole record

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