IRC log for #koha, 2005-09-17

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08:21 hdl hi indradg
08:22 hdl areyou there ?
08:47 owen Hey hdl, I had an idea about the IndependentBranches modifications
08:48 hdl yes ?
08:48 paul hi owen
08:48 hdl hi owen.
08:48 owen It would be good if Koha would select the current branch in forms like the reserve form and the add patron form
08:50 hdl owen : it selects the current librarian branch if he is not superlibrarian ! :) Do you need more
08:50 owen Is that right?  I guess I never noticed since I'm super ;)
08:51 owen Why not select the current branch even for superlibrarians?
08:51 hdl Maybe because beeing super is ordinary to you.
08:51 hdl Because Superlibrarians are kind of supervisors.
08:52 hdl And for them, "Current branch" might be hard to decide.
08:53 hdl In france 23 different sites for 1 Koha install... 1 has superlibrarian rights...
08:53 paul (owen/hdl : there use to be bugs in permissions management. so many ppl use only "superlibrarian". But now, there are almost no more bugs in perm management. And if there are, librarians should report them & not use superlibrarian facility !)
08:53 owen Shouldn't current branch be whatever has been set by
09:12 owen Does the branch select only work if IndependentBranches is set 'ON'?
09:20 owen I see...joining branch is simply empty
09:22 owen ...But the reserves page doesn't change the way it displays 'pick-up branch'
10:20 hdl owen sorry. IndependantBranches should be set to 1 (Yes) if you want to set it on

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