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12:38 Malin hi
12:39 Malin anybody present? :-)
12:43 Malin guess not :/
20:52 kados thd: you around?
20:53 kados thd: I think I've fixed barcode generation
20:53 kados thd: I need someone to confirm it
20:53 kados thd: download latest CVS version of and try it out if you get a chance
23:07 thd kados: are you still up?
23:10 thd kados: The only recent change that I see is to .  Did you change something else that failed to commit?
23:15 thd kados: The code is actually somewhat confused since Paul changed the generated code from EAN-13 to code 128 in November while the number going in seems to still be designed as basically EAN-13.
00:16 kados thd: I'm up
00:16 kados thd: the web-based cvs client isn't up-to-date yet
00:16 kados thd: you should check out rel_2_2 and try out the
00:17 kados thd: just replace the one you have and it shoudl begin working
02:56 paul salut hdl, tu es par là ?
03:03 thd good morning paul
03:03 paul hi thomas
03:04 thd paul: why do frameworks only provide for one value list for indicators?
03:05 paul ???
03:06 thd paul: Koha record frameworks provide for field indicator values to be controlled by a value list.
03:07 thd paul: One value list only when many fields have two indicators.
03:09 thd paul: Are you having difficulty translating 'indicator'?
03:09 paul it's just that, afaik, every framework is independant from the other.
03:10 paul (& i'm ill today : seems I'm one of the 5% ppl unlucky...)
03:10 paul (after vaccination (?) against yellow fiever (?) )
03:11 thd paul: I am referring to the framework independent templates that allow user control of frameworks.
03:12 thd paul: Sorry that you have suffered from the ill effects of preventative medicine.
03:12 paul so I confirm : we should have differents indicators. If there are not, then it's a bug !
03:14 thd paul: I was ill for months from February with influenza when it was impossible to avoid carriers in New York after the US vaccine supply had been spoilt for last winter.
03:15 thd paul: What is the treatment for yellow fever after you have contracted it?
03:16 paul i go to burkina faso in 2 weeks. So I had to be vaccinated (correct word ?) against yellow fiever
03:16 paul it's mandatory to enter burkina.
03:16 paul if you don't, you can't enter the country, and if you do so, you may die from yellow fiever
03:16 paul (so vaccinnation is better ;-) )
03:17 thd paul: yes, 'vaccinated'.  A French invention.
03:17 paul (but with the vaccin there are about 5% ppl that are ill for 2-3 days in the week after the vaccination)
03:19 thd paul: What is your course of treatment to avoid bad consequences now that you contracted something?
03:19 paul (on phone)
03:59 thd paul: are you still on telephone?
04:02 thd paul: have you phoned your doctor?  We need you to keep in good health :)
04:04 thd paul: If you have the capacity to inform me at this time, I would like to know how to add a fixed field with no indicators or subfields to a framework.
04:05 paul thd : was still on phone, but it's done now ;-)
04:06 thd paul: Have you had a proper diagnosis of your condition?
04:08 paul i haven't phoned my doctor as my illness was planned ;-)
04:08 paul 5% of vaccinated ppl are ill.
04:08 paul nothing to do, just wait 2-3 days !
04:09 paul about your question : you can't add a field without subfield but...
04:09 thd paul: Of course, an illness may be unrelated to the vaccination.
04:09 paul if you create a subfield @, it will be considered as a "false" subfield, meaning you just have the field value here
04:10 paul of course, it works only for fields <010
04:10 thd paul: Yes those are the fields I want to create.
04:13 thd paul: will not such fields with an @ subfield have two indicator positions at the front instead of the fixed or control field values?
04:15 thd paul: How does the framework ignore indicators for a field?
04:15 paul it's when building the MARC::Record object, in perl code
04:18 thd paul: Do you have a plugin for filling items.itemcallnumber from the LCC call number or DDC call number contained in a record when creating an item?
04:19 paul no
04:19 paul you just have to use the systempref to fill it automatically
04:20 thd paul: How would I use the system preferences to do that?
04:21 paul Koha >> Parameters >> systempreferences >> itemcallnumber >> enter the biblio field value to report to items.itemcallnumber field when adding a new item
04:24 thd paul: I never set that because it is described as being for UNIMARC in the description.  Would it work for MARC 21?
04:24 paul of course.
04:24 paul it just report 1 subfield value from biblio to a subfieldvalue in item
04:25 thd paul: The description of the function was just not well translated :)
04:26 paul feel free to send a new description to koha-devel, i will modify it ;-)
04:27 thd paul: I cannot even get automatic barcode number generation to generate an incremented barcode number for a new item.
04:31 thd paul: I am not referring to printing barcodes at the moment but merely inserting an incremented number in items.barcode.  I could reimplement that in several ways but maybe I am missing something for how Koha was designed to autoincriment barcode numbers or is that script broken?
04:35 thd paul: preferences autoBarcode = 'yes' does nothing for me.
04:35 paul that may be a bug...
04:36 thd paul: At least a small bug :)
04:40 thd paul: I also cannot find how to add books to a virtual bookcase.  I can make virtual bookcases, but only empty ones.
04:47 thd s/bookcase/bookshelf/
04:49 thd paul: I only imagine how nice this feature is while searching in vain for a link to add material to a virtual bookshelf :)
04:52 thd paul: Please be well.  I leave you with that last question about how do I add books to a virtual bookshelf?
04:58 hdl thd : are you connected ?
04:59 hdl thd : In order to use bookshelves, you must be identified.
05:00 hdl and to add a book, you go to its MARC-detail or detail and then click on add to bookshelf.
05:01 thd hdl: I can create the bookshelf but find no way of adding material to the bookshelf but I did not see that when I imagined it might work in that way.  I will check now.
05:03 thd hdl: My words came out poorly.  I tried that but had not seen the option before.  I will check now.
05:10 thd hdl: Well the option stares right at me now.  I must have averted my gaze before :)  I lost too much sleep last week exploring features of Koha that I had not examined before.
05:13 thd hdl: If I am not mistaken, I cannot add books to a bookshelf that are not in the catalogue already.
06:59 hdl thd : what would be the interest in adding a "ghost" book to a virtual bookshelf ?
07:51 hdl You should have first to suggest an acquisition.
09:46 hdl hi owen
09:46 owen Hi hdl

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