IRC log for #koha, 2005-08-25

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12:49 hdl thd
12:50 hdl thd: have you tried with procesz3950queue or with something else
12:51 hdl thd : I think you are right.
12:51 hdl thd : what would you suggest to make deeper test..
12:52 hdl ?
13:33 thd hdl: I had been writing a new simple z39.50 client and not using the one in Koha.
13:35 thd hdl: I imagine that I had made a coding error for the authentication syntax.
13:42 hdl thd : did you manage since ?
13:46 thd hdl: no, I grew to tired and could not keep my eyes awake :)
13:46 hdl No problem.
13:49 thd hdl: well, my Googling has shown other people with a similar problem, but I may have to isolate the relevant code and run it separately to try and solve this.
13:50 thd hdl: Koha has no place to specify the version 2 or 3 of the Z39.50 target.
13:52 thd hdl: I have read something suggesting that the syntax for authentication is different between version 2 and version 3 targets.
14:59 thd osmoze: In the example that you had provided[…]/profil_z3950.htm , I do not know what to use for database name as in$database .
15:00 thd osmoze: what is $database in the example that you provided?
15:01 thd osmoze: If you post a reply, I will see it later.
16:36 osmoze thd, i think it MAIN*BIBMAST or ADVANCE
16:36 osmoze if not, i can take contact with a cachan's librarian
16:55 osmoze thd-away, i found another link with a many database on :
16:59 osmoze go to bed
16:59 osmoze ++
09:58 kados hi owen
09:58 owen g'morning
09:59 kados sounds like fun ;-)
09:59 owen And tiring!
09:59 owen Much easier to sit in this chair all day ;)
10:00 kados hehe
10:05 hdl hi there !
10:06 kados hi hdl :-)
10:07 hdl Howdi kados ! :)
11:52 hdl hi thd
11:53 kados hdl: could you explain serials to me? or point me to the docs on them ;-)
11:53 kados hdl: I'm not really sure I know what a serial even is ;-)
11:54 hdl a serial is for instance WIRED, Login-Magazine asoasf...
11:54 hdl But this is the General name,
11:55 hdl You can subscribe to this serial.
11:55 hdl And then receive numbers of the serials.
11:55 kados ok
11:55 kados so volume 1 issue 3 or something
11:56 hdl Managing subscriptions is called bulletinage in French.
11:57 kados so what aspects of managing subscriptions does Koha handle?
11:57 hdl Sometimes, serials have weird numbers , such as :
11:57 hdl Year X Number Y
11:57 hdl Or even more weird.
11:57 kados right
11:57 kados I have a law library interested in Koha but who needs serials support
11:57 kados i think he probably has very complex requirements
11:57 hdl ATM : One can manage subscriptions to a serial.
11:58 kados so what's the workflow like?
11:58 hdl That is : you know which numbers you have, which have not been received.
11:58 kados ahh
11:58 kados can I still barcode individual issues or volumes?
11:59 hdl Sure...
11:59 hdl BUt you will have to CREATE the biblio on your own. That SHOULD definitely be improved... But Not right now.
11:59 hdl 1. You input Supplier A

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