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13:14 kados hi indradg
13:25 indradg hi kados howdy?
13:47 owen Well kados, I can't turn up any problems with the way Koha is handling fines
13:47 owen I've asked Ken if he remembers the circumstances of our earlier problems.
15:24 rach mason
15:24 rach mason?
17:09 thd kados: are you about?
17:12 kados thd: in and out ... but here ;-)
17:12 kados thd: btw: I was able to import MARC records in 2.2.3 without ISBNs and it worked just fine
17:12 kados thd: but I used
17:13 thd kados: Had you used the two sample records that I sent to you?
17:14 kados thd: no ...
17:14 thd kados: Well, if bulkmarcimport is working, then there is not much of a problem.
17:15 thd kados: I will try using bulkmarcimport later
21:27 thd kados: My problem with just now seems to be from neglecting to export the Koha includes.
21:55 rach does anyone use koha with anything othe than MYSQL?
22:24 kados rach: yep ... we've got some folks using Oracle and Postgres
22:29 rach ok at
22:31 rach at = ta :-)
22:48 rach has anyone done stuff with open url?
22:48 kados it's on the agenda for 3.0
22:48 kados but not yet that I know of
22:49 rach ta
22:50 rach so is that the release you're working on now, ie the release previously knows as 2.4 :-) or one after that?
22:50 kados it's the one we're working on now ... 2.4 became 3.0 because of Zebra
22:51 rach just checking
05:03 hdl kados : trying to setup id_zebra on my box.
05:03 hdl I have a bug while compiling : Cannt find lib wrap
05:03 hdl Do you know where it is supposed to be found ?
05:47 kados lib wrap?
07:13 kados hi paul
07:13 paul hello joshua
07:14 hdl hi all.
07:15 hdl kados : yes. Compîling leads to this message :
07:15 hdl gcc  -g -O2  -o passtest  passtest.o libutil.a -L/usr/lib -lyazthread -lyaz -lpthread -lxml2 -lz -lpthread -lm -lssl -lcrypto -ldl -lwrap -lnsl -ltcl8.4 -ldl -lieee -lm -lm -lbz2 -lcrypt  -lexpat
07:15 hdl **/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lwrap**
07:15 hdl collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
07:15 hdl make[1]: *** [passtest] Erreur 1
07:16 hdl So I am wondering Which library is wrap and more precisely, which rpm contains this library.
07:16 paul isn't there something related to compiling yaz with -xml option ?
07:17 hdl could be.
07:17 paul iirc, you must have yaz compiled with --xml option
07:18 paul which required a libxml or libxml2 package iirc
07:18 kados that could be it ... did you install the yaz rpm or from source?
07:28 hdl Now I did.
07:29 hdl But still have the problem.
07:29 hdl Maybe I should remove Yaz pkg.
07:30 hdl btw, is it --with-xml or --with-xml2
07:30 hdl ?
07:31 paul (I just remember that it has taken 2 hours to work)
08:46 hdl paul and kados : zebra is now installed on my box. I have just printed the manual.
08:47 paul rgeat !
08:47 paul check some unimarc settings i've commited to cvs head
08:48 hdl would you mind explaining me how. ??
08:48 hdl I printed but couldn't read in the meantime shy
08:49 paul ?? (la visio serait elle utile ?)
09:19 paul 'morning owen
09:19 owen Hi paul
09:19 owen I had an idea about Koha installation this morning
09:20 owen It might be nice if after successfully installing Koha the home page and system preferences page warned users of tables which weren't set up yet
09:20 owen So that users had a clear picture of what was left to be done
09:20 owen For example: "You have not defined any item types yet!"
09:21 paul good idea. Entering a request on would be a good starting point ;-)
09:28 kados owen: that's a good idea
09:28 kados hi everyone (again)
09:28 owen I was trying to think about how other web applications I've installed have handled the installation process
09:29 paul maybe not in home page (to avoid a check everytime we go to home page), but good in a
09:29 owen Does Koha still have problems if there are no stop words defined?
09:29 paul yep.
09:30 owen That would be something on the list.  Maybe there's a workaround that would allow messages to go on the intranet home page, because I think it would be helpful.  Maybe write a file that lists the current errors.
09:52 owen Does the stopwords problem count as a bug?
10:01 paul owen / kados / hdl, your opinion.
10:01 paul[…]
10:01 paul (test / test)
10:01 paul I made some changes in GUI
10:02 paul * new button look (smaller font, hover property)
10:02 paul * removing the line under each tag label
10:02 owen It's hard to fit all those buttons in, isn't it? :)
10:02 owen I think the button text may be too small, though
10:02 kados paul: what's that url?
10:02 paul * removing subfield name when there is only 1 subfield (as it's usually the same thing
10:02 kados paul: my client didn't pick it up
10:03 paul it's my desktop computer.
10:03 paul maybe 9019 is stopped by a fw ?
10:03 kados paul: I get to a login screen
10:03 kados ahh ... test /test ;-)
10:03 owen With the text that small, the background-image on hover obscures the text too much
10:03 paul owen : 1 point ;-)
10:04 paul better like that (11px) ?
10:04 paul (still fits in 1024x768, my goal ;-) )
10:08 owen Did you increase the size?  I can't tell the difference.  Still seems too small.
10:09 paul made 11px
10:09 paul now it's 12...
10:11 owen In the NPL template I've tried moving some of the buttons over:
10:13 owen The text size is better, but I'd still get rid of the background-image on hover
10:27 owen Hi shaun
10:27 shaun hi owen
10:27 kados shaun: long time no read ;-)
10:28 kados shaun: how're things?
10:28 shaun ooh, you're an op
10:28 paul an op ?
10:28 paul (hi shaun anyway ;-) )
10:28 shaun fine thanks, although no progress on the installation at school
10:28 shaun hi paul - channel operator
10:34 shaun (^i assume)  i've amazed myself with my creativity and come up with a new method for designing the kind of site i plan to make - mostly pushing it around in the GIMP - so we should be finished with a first version at my end in the next couple of weeks
10:36 paul shaun, just 1 warning with "the Gimp" : don't forget we expect to have a easily translatable site. so, be careful with "text-images" (ie images with text inside), as they are hard to translate)
10:37 shaun yep, the only word that i have inside an image is koha
10:38 paul & that does not have to be translated ;-)
10:38 paul (any url to see the 1st draft ?)
10:39 shaun at the moment it's kind of crippled, so i will make the thing work before i post it again
11:00 owen This looks like it's an orphan: /intranet-tmpl/default/en/shelves.tmpl
11:02 paul in head, always.
11:02 paul in rel_2_2, don't do it. if it's an orphan, it does not care.
11:02 paul if it is not, it may create a bug.
11:02 owen Okay
11:03 owen If I find something that looks like an orphan, I search for that template name in the scripts.  If it's not found, I assume it's safe to delete
11:03 owen Does that sound right?
11:03 paul yes
11:19 kados owen: may also want to consider whether it's worth adopting ;-)
11:20 kados owen: like in the case of opac-readinglist.tmpl
11:20 owen The darn thing was so cute!
11:20 kados :-)
11:20 owen The examples I just ran across were acutally duplicates of templates that have since moved elsewhere
11:21 kados yep
11:42 hdl paul : toujorus là ?
11:42 paul oui, pas loin en tous cas ;-)
11:43 paul (en train de faire du dépannage de PC pour la famille Duthion (sous winmachin millénium)
11:43 hdl A distance je suppose ;)
11:43 paul non, il est à coté de moi
11:44 hdl Ah... c'est mieux.
11:44 hdl Je vais commiter du code mais je n'ai pas encore fait les pages pour l'utiliser....
11:44 hdl Je peux ?
11:45 paul zyva
11:48 hdl c'ets fait.
11:56 thd paul: When did you add MARC_subfield_table.subfieldorder ?

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