IRC log for #koha, 2005-07-17

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13:56 indradg kados, around?
13:56 kados indradg: yep
13:57 indradg kados, 1 sec
13:57 indradg brb
13:59 indradg kados, ping
13:59 kados indradg: here
13:59 indradg kados, soumyadip is my team member at L2C2 who's maintaining a few packages on Debian
14:00 kados soumyadip: howdy ... welcome to #koha
14:00 indradg he is the person who will build the .debs for Koha
14:00 kados sweet!
14:00 soumyadip kados: hi nice to meet you
14:00 kados soumyadip: so when we get our new website up we'll be sure to list you as the debian package maintainer
14:00 indradg kados, soumyadip is suggesting that we put Koha into the master Debain package tree
14:01 soumyadip kados: gee thnaks, but let me build the package first :)
14:01 kados soumyadip: good idea ;-)
14:01 kados indradg: that'd be fine with me
14:01 kados indradg: it might be a challange though due to dependencies
14:02 indradg kados, kewl! I wanted to get the issue through with you once
14:02 soumyadip kados: looking into the dependencies @ website
14:02 soumyadip I noticed katipo runs Debian
14:03 kados soumyadip: so do I
14:04 soumyadip so anyone from katipo tell me the additional stuff that had to be pulled in separately ?
14:05 indradg soumyadip, see the priv window.... pasting the dep list
14:05 kados soumyadip: hmm ... well your best bet
14:05 kados soumyadip: is reading my debian install guide ;-)
14:05 kados soumyadip: it's on
14:05 kados soumyadip: it's based on woody ... with sarge I think the only thing I did differently
14:05 soumyadip kados: okie looking
14:08 indradg soumyadip, see the list on #l2c2
14:08 soumyadip kados: I see that there are a few things that need to be pulled in from CPAN
14:10 soumyadip kados: yaz looks to be in Debian now
14:11 indradg soumyadip, is... but make sure u that check for yaz-config in the yaz .deb package... otherwise CPAN builds for yaz deped packs will fail
14:12 soumyadip indradg: okie
14:12 soumyadip let me make a list of perl modules that need to be pulled in from CPAN
14:13 indradg soumyadip, u r right the yaz dev package has the yaz-config
14:14 indradg soumyadip, some of those modules has essential sub-deps which need to be built first
14:14 soumyadip MARC::Record, Event, Net::Z3950, Digest::MD5, and their sub-dependencies
14:14 indradg yes
14:15 soumyadip I'll go looking for the perl hackers on Debian
14:15 indradg ok
14:28 soumyadip I've sent a mail to one of the guys who wrote the Debian perl packaging policy and I hope to hear about the missing perl modules from him soon
14:29 indradg ok
14:39 kados sorry I got distracted writing an email
14:39 kados soumyadip: that's great news!
14:43 soumyadip kados: I'll probably have something today morning
14:45 kados soumyadip: wow ... that'd be great! ... didn't realize you could time travel too
14:45 kados soumyadip: :-)
14:46 soumyadip well it is 01:17 A.M. IST :)
14:47 kados :-)
15:09 soumyadip off to sleep
15:13 indradg gnite all

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