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12:03 hdl thd :  is z3950-daemon-options all right ?
12:07 thd hdl: looks fine to me but I have no working copy for comparison
12:20 hdl thd :here is mine
12:20 hdl RunAsUser=hdl
12:20 hdl KohaZ3950Dir=/home/hdl/Koha/koha-dev/koha/z3950
12:20 hdl KohaModuleDir=/home/hdl/Koha/koha-dev/koha/C4
12:20 hdl LogDir=/var/log/koha
12:20 hdl KohaConf=/etc/koha/koha-head.conf
12:22 hdl thd : are you trying some z3950 tests with slef ?
12:25 thd hdl: no slef appeared, said good morning, then said broken, and then seemed absent
12:29 thd hdl: I have a task switching problem and need to restart x-windows
12:37 thd hdl: Is there a known set of diagnostic tests for the Koha z3950 that I might be checking?
12:53 thd hdl: My z3950deamon options are the default options and look good to me
12:53 thd RunAsUser=www
12:53 thd KohaZ3950Dir=/usr/local/koha/​intranet/scripts/z3950daemon
12:53 thd KohaModuleDir=/usr/local/koha/intranet/modules
12:53 thd LogDir=/usr/local/koha/log
12:53 thd KohaConf=/etc/koha.conf
12:55 thd hdl: unless you have a clue otherwise, I suspect the daemon process itself has a problem
12:56 hdl try processz3950queue
12:57 thd hdl: try what with processz3950queue?
12:57 hdl thd : sorry : was away.
12:57 hdl Try to launch processz3950queue in a console.
12:57 hdl
12:57 hdl Beware .
12:58 hdl You must export KOHA_CONF and PERL5LIB.
12:58 hdl And then you launch processz3950queue
12:59 hdl But you must have a good z3950 perl install.
12:59 hdl You could also search in this direction.
13:01 hdl Pls Forgive me.
13:01 hdl I go to lunch
13:03 thd hdl: I have been told that eating is important :)
13:16 sylvain I've a perl problem, I've 10 files to bulkmarcimport so I've written a text file with the 10 calls to bulkmarck import and then I ./myBat but I get a problem. When I type the call to bulkmarcimport by hand, it works correctly but when I use my "bat", the char_decode function only return what is given in entry without transcoding (unnimarc)
13:28 sylvain shit ! in fact my line was ..... -c UNIMARC and the EOL was added to my argument :(
13:31 sylvain I should haven't edited my file under windows before using it on linux
13:31 sylvain stupid boy !!!!
13:54 thd hdl: for your return console produced something for unfinished z3950 searches but no joy yet.
13:55 thd hdl: I will return later
15:18 slef hello
15:27 rach hello
15:34 slef mmm dinner
16:55 thd_ slef: are you back from dinner?
17:48 slef thd: yes
18:27 thd slef: Did you mean to say ealier that koha z39.50 services are currently broken?
20:03 slef I mean that your z39.50 daemon looks broken.
20:05 thd slef: how can I fix it?
01:58 hdl hi
02:07 osmoze hello
02:15 sylvain hi all
02:16 sylvain is it normal that if I bulkmarcimport files one after one, even if all the files are the same size (10 000 records) it goes more and more slowly
02:16 sylvain ?
02:39 hdl If you import things into the same database, it is logical : The DB gets bigger and bigger ;)
02:39 hdl => more and more mem used ;)
02:44 sylvain in french sorry : Oui mais je pensais que mysql ne perdait pas tant que ça dés que la base augmentait ... Là c'est presque du simple au double pour 70 000 notics
03:35 hdl Can you give some figures of computing time ?
03:41 sylvain yes, just 2 seconds
03:41 indradg kados, around?
03:43 sylvain 7 mo --> 35 minutes8 mo --> 55 minutes8 mo --> 1h 10 minutes9 mo --> 1h 20 minutes7 mo --> 1h 20 minutes8 mo --> 1h 25 minutes
03:43 sylvain these are the figures hdl size --> time
03:53 hdl Sylvain : thx. Increase seems to be logical since any addition must search database for doubles. But maybe you could ask on koha-fr for some performance on bulkmarcimport to compare with. Think about asking for configuration and amount of biblio imported.
04:49 sylvain cette marc_word_table est vraiment chiante dès qu'il y a des gros volumes de données à gérer/charger
04:52 hdl C'est un peu pour cela que l'on étudie le passage à autre chose... Zebra.
04:52 hdl ;)
04:54 sylvain oui je sais :) mais j'avais tjs travaillé avec des relativement petites bases mais aujourd'hui, je souffre :)
05:20 hdl sylvain : Paul avait fait un POC de table inverse pour avoir une efficacité accrue au niveau des recherches. Tu peux essayer de tester... Si le coeur et le temps te le permettent.
05:24 hdl POC :  Proof Of Concept...
05:25 hdl En tout cas, lui, il avait eu un gain en perf assez impressionnant.... Après l'indexation des éléments qui prenait un certain temps toutefois... Et je ne parle pas de l'occupation mémoire de la base ;)
05:35 sylvain oui hdl j'avais vu sa poc, c'était en effet assez impressionant
05:35 sylvain mais pas trop le temps en ce moment de m'y pencher :(
05:38 hdl C'était juste une suggestion;). dtf, puisqu'on se tourne vers Zebra, c'est maintenant plus histoire de dire que paul avait déjà bien pensé et même presque résolu le problème qu'autre chose.  
07:15 slef kados: when will 2.3.0 be?
07:18 slef paul_away: can you buzz me when you get back, please? I have auto_install questions.
08:00 thd hdl: I can run processz3950queue in console mode and get the previous incomplete lookup
08:08 hdl thd : yes...  do you get answers ?
08:12 thd 17403/10 : Processing isbn=0596003137 at UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA MELVYL CDL90 USMARC (1 forks)
08:12 thd 17403/10 : 2 >>
08:12 thd 17403/10 : creating and 17403/10 : working on results entry 11
08:12 thd 17403/10 : connected to UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA MELVYL
08:12 thd 17403/10 : UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA MELVYL : 1 records found, retrieving them (max 80)
08:12 thd 17403/10 : search done.
08:14 thd kdl: yet no record in the breeding farm
08:39 hdl thd : seems to me that you are trying to get a biblio that you already have in you base.
08:40 hdl Have you verified ?
08:45 thd hdl: verified?
08:46 thd hdl: what and where is my 'base'?
08:52 thd hdl: the isbn comes from my last attempt to find a record over z39.50 where the daemon was most likely not running
08:53 thd hdl: does the su user for the daemon need a login?
08:56 slef thd: it needs a user, existing in /etc/passwd or whereever your users come from. What do you mean 'login'?
08:57 thd slef: no password for that user for security
08:57 thd slef: user www
08:58 slef does it have a shell?
08:59 thd slef: yes, www did not formerly for security, but I obviusly had to ad one to try to run the daemon.
08:59 slef that's not the problem
08:59 slef then
09:00 slef :-/
09:00 thd slef: any clue, something to test?
09:03 slef no, normal tricks, read the log files, try running them with sh -x and so on
09:04 thd slef: if you read the previous communication to hdl I can get processz3950queue to do something with the previous incomplete record search.
09:05 thd slef: nothing relevant appears in the logs
09:05 slef does anything appear?
09:06 slef as in the daemon log, not apache logs
09:06 thd slef: yes, but nothing related to z39.50 record searches, daemons, or otherwise
09:07 slef how can there be nothing about daemons in the z3950 daemon log?
09:08 thd slef: It seems that the daemon may never have run
09:09 thd slef: I have tried to start the daemon launcher as root assuming the daemon will assume the www user id
09:11 slef yes, that should work
09:11 slef you can also su to www and try running the daemon directly
09:11 thd slef: what process name should I see running ulimately if it does work?
09:11 slef have you set the environment variables KOHA_CONF and PERL5LIB?
09:12 slef perl :-/
09:12 thd slef: perl?
09:12 slef yes, it appears in ps as perl, I think
09:12 slef I've not got a working z3950 daemon at the moment to test (don't ask)
09:13 thd slef: ok, I had not understood the question that was answered there
09:14 thd slef: yours is broken too :- /
09:14 slef yes, hasn't worked in 2.2
09:15 slef I guess I should just let jared have the installer and I'll go nuts on the biblio entry side
09:15 slef I want to finish the basic cleanups first, though
09:18 hdl thd : sorry I was on a hot potatoe and it didn't ring me when you wrote.
09:38 thd slef: sorry lost connection for some minutes
09:40 thd slef: and you have not solved your broken daemon or have not bothered?
09:40 thd slef: Is there a difference, possibly unintended, in upgraded as opposed to newly created installs that may cause a problem?
09:40 slef not solved... not tried for a little while
09:41 slef no, a new test install didn't work either
09:41 hdl thd: I said You may already have the notice in your database. have you verified if you had it already ?
09:41 hdl look in your catalogue.
09:42 thd hdl: for the biblio?
09:42 hdl yes.
09:42 thd hdl: It is not found searching the breeding farm
09:42 hdl When you already have the biblio you try to get with z3950. It simply doesn't import it.
09:43 hdl Not in the breeding form, in your catalogue.
09:43 hdl Try to search for a book you are SURE you donot have.
09:44 hdl Evangelium Vitae if you are not a religious library.
09:45 hdl Or Learning PERL If you donot have computer science books.
09:45 hdl But beware. Run procesz3950 before to see the log process ;).
09:45 thd hdl: I get the same negative results for books I am sure I do not have as for those I was hoping to have.
09:46 thd hdl: nothing ever appears in the z3950 log, ever
09:47 hdl 17403/10 : Processing isbn=0596003137 at UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA MELVYL CDL90 USMARC (1 forks)
09:47 hdl [15:12:48] <thd> 17403/10 : 2 >>
09:47 hdl [15:12:48] <thd> 17403/10 : creating and 17403/10 : working on results entry 11
09:47 hdl [15:12:48] <thd> 17403/10 : connected to UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA MELVYL
09:47 hdl [15:12:48] <thd> 17403/10 : UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA MELVYL : 1 records found, retrieving them (max 80)
09:47 hdl [15:12:49] <thd> 17403/10 : search done.
09:47 hdl seems to me there is an answer ;)
09:47 thd hdl: I know that should be in the log but it never was
09:47 hdl 1 record found.
09:48 hdl where hav you taken those lines then ?
09:48 thd hdl: the daemon seems to have never been running
09:48 thd hdl: those lines were from the console
09:49 hdl Leave aside the daemon for now. You say it is z3950 client from Koha that is broken. Let's test it deeply.
09:49 thd hdl: I piped them to a file so I could report them after confirming again that the log was empty
09:49 thd hdl: ok
09:50 thd hdl: how?
09:50 hdl so Can you launch processz3950 in a console after having set KOHA_CONF AND PERL5LIB.
09:51 hdl processz3950queue sorry...
09:51 thd hdl: yes, hence the lines reported
09:52 thd hdl: Is there a way of passing values to processz3950queue without using koha
09:52 hdl so lets try a new search on a book you never had but are sure to get from the library you ask to.
09:52 hdl thd: Don't think so.
09:53 hdl In fact, it is just a loop that gets data from Koha and send it to the z3950 server through perl.
09:54 hdl You can also test with perl...
09:54 thd hdl: But, I must supply the ISBN within Koha
09:56 thd hdl: since I cannot pass the ISBN directly to processz3950queue from the command line?
09:59 hdl You can also pass a title or an author name ;)
10:01 thd hdl: I was uncertain that the interface supported other than Isbn record searches currently, I was going to fix the issue if it was restricted to isbn only
10:02 hdl It is not restrected to isbn. I can assure you.
10:03 thd hdl: Good, I wondered what the special mark for ISBN was for.
10:05 thd hdl: I should enter the isbn, author, or title in the add marc dialogue and the press the search button or then run processz3950queue from the command line?
10:06 hdl First: run ONE processz3950queue on a command line.
10:06 thd hdl: we know the ideal answer is the button, but for your test.
10:06 thd hdl: using what user name?
10:07 hdl Enter then one author and press the search button.
10:07 hdl When using processz3950queue, it copes with user names form you daemon options.
10:07 thd hdl: I run processz3950queue in advance of the search?
10:08 hdl Yes.
10:09 hdl It will wait, receive your search strings, fork, send search query, wait for reply... And you should have some answer.
10:13 thd hdl: well, as I had seen previously it first works with the previous incomplete search.
10:13 thd hdl: that is what happened just now, with the same ISBN I had been using to test.
10:15 thd hdl: I will now run processz3950queue again.  Now that the previous run has worked with the old ISBN.
10:16 hdl thd : you can let processz3950 run in background ;))))
10:17 hdl But you really ought to test with an unknown bokk, sot that you could get an answer.
10:17 hdl I had that problem once, couldn't get around. And I realized weeks later it already worked fine ;)
10:17 thd hdl: I never get the command prompt back when when running processz3950queue as a foreground process.  I had always used ^C to abort the process when the prompt did not return.
10:18 hdl you can have multiple console with Konsole ;)
10:19 thd hdl: Is konsole a KDE thing? : )
10:21 hdl yes, but anyway, you can have more than one console... tty1,2,3,4,5,6...
10:22 hdl But always with Linux.
10:25 hdl thd ???
10:29 thd hdl: just a moment, I had run processz3950queue with sudo and had to kill the process running in background seemed to cause a strange presentation of the password prompt for the sudo command.
10:34 thd hdl: well, at least this is different.  "still ?? requests to go" followed by "still 1 request to go" followed by "The requested URL /cgi-bin/koha/z3950/0 was not found on this server".
10:35 slef hdl: screen does that for most people.
10:39 hdl strange : It works fine for me.
10:39 thd hdl: what works fine for you>
10:40 hdl It shows me the results.
10:41 hdl I don't use the deamon. But procesz3950queue shows me good results.
10:42 thd hdl: why would anyone ever get "The requested URL /cgi-bin/koha/z3950/0 was not found on this server" as the final page appearing on the popup search window?
10:44 thd hdl: that is more satisfying than a perpetual "still ?? requests to go" ; )
10:48 thd hdl: in console I get 3 records found now.  I had only reported the popup before.
10:49 hdl thd : I searched for java at Lyon :
10:49 hdl here are my results :
10:49 hdl 19004/45 : Processing title=JAVA at LYON3 ADVANCE MARC21 (1 forks)
10:49 hdl 19005/45 : Processing title=JAVA at KOHATEST localhost:9999 kohatest UNIMARC (2 forks)
10:50 hdl 19004/45 : 2 >>
10:50 hdl 19004/45 : creating and 19004/45 : working on results entry 71
10:50 hdl 19004/45 : connected to LYON3
10:50 hdl @attr 1=4 "JAVA"19004/45 : LYON3 : 66 records found, retrieving them (max 80)
10:50 hdl 19005/45 : no connection at KOHATEST
10:50 hdl 19005/45 : localhost:9999 search done.
10:50 hdl 19004/45 : LYON3 : records retrieved 66 SPEED: 3
10:50 hdl 19004/45 : search done.
10:50 hdl
10:50 hdl and the popup shows :
10:50 hdl Résultats de la recherche Z39.50
10:50 hdl Notices trouvées
10:50 hdl Titre Auteur ISBN venant de  
10:50 hdl Indonésie Élisabeth Richard, Antoinette Vicart 2700308018 Z3950-LYON3 Importer cette notice
10:51 hdl Le grand guide de Java 2070588300 Z3950-LYON3 Importer cette notice
10:51 hdl Programmation Java Jean-François Macary, Cédric Nicolas 2212089163 Z3950-LYON3 Importer cette notice
10:51 hdl Formation à Java Stephen R. Davis 284082177X Z3950-LYON3 Importer cette notice
10:51 hdl HTLM & Java L. Viegnes & S. Boix 2742907335 Z3950-LYON3 Importer cette notice
10:51 hdl L'art de l'Asie du Sud-Est Philip Rawson 2878110889 Z3950-LYON3 Importer cette notice
10:51 hdl Java Gilles Clavel, Nicolas Mirouze, Emmanuel Pichon... 2729606564 Z3950-LYON3 Importer cette notice
10:51 hdl Lieux d'Islam dirigé par Mohammad Ali-Moezzi 2862605808 Z3950-LYON3 Importer cette notice
10:51 hdl Les langages de développement sur Web Imad Saleh 2866015428 Z3950-LYON3 Importer cette notice
10:51 hdl Java client-serveur 2212089384 Z3950-LYON3 Importer cette notice
10:51 hdl CORBA, ActiveX et Java Beans Jean-Marie Chauvet 2212089503 Z3950-LYON3 Importer cette notice
10:51 hdl Java Michel Bonjour, Gilles Falquet, Jacques Guyot et André Le Grand 2841801349 Z3950-LYON3 Importer cette notice
10:51 hdl Constructing intelligent agents with JAVA 0471191353 Z3950-LYON3 Importer cette notice
10:51 hdl JDBC et Java George Reese 2841770427 Z3950-LYON3 Importer cette notice
10:51 hdl Le programmeur Java 1.2 Laura Lemay et Rogers Cadenhead 2744005193 Z3950-LYON3 Importer cette notice
10:51 hdl Penser objet avec UML et Java Michel Lai,... 2225834288 Z3950-LYON3 Importer cette notice
10:51 hdl Java 1.1 Michel Martin 2736127587 Z3950-LYON3 Importer cette notice
10:51 hdl Le dictionnaire officiel Java 2 Patrick Chan 2212090897 Z3950-LYON3 Importer cette notice
10:51 hdl Java 2 Rogers Cadenhead 2744006971 Z3950-LYON3 Importer cette notice
10:51 hdl UML, la notation unifiée de modélisation objet Michel Lai 2100050230 Z3950-LYON3 Importer cette notice
10:51 hdl UML en action Pascal Roques, Franck Vallée 2212091273 Z3950-LYON3 Importer cette notice
10:51 hdl Understanding SQL and Java together 1558605622 Z3950-LYON3 Importer cette notice
10:51 hdl Rural industrialization in Indonesia by KÅosuke Mizuno 4258520314 Z3950-LYON3 Importer cette notice
10:51 hdl Programmation Java côté serveur Andrew Patzer 2212091095 Z3950-LYON3 Importer cette notice
10:51 hdl Sécurité en Java Scott Oaks 284177063X Z3950-LYON3 Importer cette notice
10:51 hdl Penser objet avec UML et Java Michel Lai 2100053787 Z3950-LYON3 Importer cette notice
10:51 hdl Java, la synthèse Gilles Clavel... 2100053795 Z3950-LYON3 Importer cette notice
10:51 hdl XML et Java Jean-Christophe Bernadac, François Knab, Franck Lepoivre... 2212091486 Z3950-LYON3 Importer cette notice
10:53 hdl and so on and so forth.
10:54 hdl Maybe the problem comes form a UNIMARC flavor ???
10:54 hdl kados ???
10:54 hdl around ?
10:55 thd hdl: kados is busy making business at the Chicago ALA convention.
10:56 thd hdl: I have never seen the liblime demo do anything at all (no popup) when attempting a z39.50 search.
10:58 thd hdl: Actually, I have not set a working z39.50 search on any koha demo server for years now.
11:00 thd slef: why does processz3950queue have a 20 June date?  Did you change anything in that file?  I have not checked the diffs yet?
11:03 unmadindu kados: ping
11:04 hdl kados : pong... kados is busy making business at the Chicago ALA convention.
11:05 unmadindu hdl: this is indradg chatting from a friend's comp
11:05 hdl thd :I don't have this date on my processz3950queue.
11:05 hdl hi indradg ;)
11:05 unmadindu hdl: Koha Live CD for ALSA conference is ready, but need 350 MB to upload
11:07 unmadindu s/ALSA/ALA
11:08 unmadindu hdl: kados wanted to hand out the Live CDs
11:08 hdl maybe you could put it on the koha-fr ftp server when it is uprgaded if kados wants to get it from there.
11:09 hdl always the sams problems too busy busy ;)
11:10 unmadindu hdl: ok thanks
11:10 thd hdl: I got the latest version, more resent than 2.2.3 because the -s switch for the su command does not exist in BSD where I installed koha.  slef removed the -s switch 20 June.  That was a redundant to prevent using cshell, then the options would not be read correctly I presume.
11:12 thd hdl: Removing the su -s switch should not have caused any problem.
11:12 hdl I don't think so.
11:21 hdl thd : have you investigated z3950/ code ?
11:21 hdl Line 103 : if numberpending = 0 then return 0.... and not a page.
11:22 hdl You should take a closer look to checkz3950 subroutine.
11:22 hdl As I will to.
11:28 thd hdl: I assumed if it worked for you the code would not be the problem.  Only my configuration and use would be at issue.
11:30 thd hdl: Although, it is a little worrying that slef has not had a working z3950 since 2.2.  Yet, he did not fully investigate the issue for himself.
11:40 hdl thd... : try this : in z3950/ code ?
11:40 hdl [18:21:52] <hdl> Line 103 : if numberpending = 0 then return 0....
11:41 hdl change ? 0 by ? ""'
11:42 hdl and retry.
11:57 hdl unmadindu : do you want an ftp access ?
11:57 thd hdl: in line 103 I changed '? 0' to '? ""'.  Note the code quotation and all changes are enclosed in a single quote but no single quote was used in changes.
11:59 hdl can you copy/paste the line you got?

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