IRC log for #koha, 2005-06-19

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14:39 kados shaun: Ben's recent post is alarming!
14:39 kados shaun: please don't commit any changes to NPL templates
14:40 kados shaun: if you'd like to commit a set of your own templates that's find
14:40 kados shaun: fine
14:40 kados shaun: but don't associate your templates with NPL!
14:42 shaun kados: sorry, not watching irc
14:43 shaun oh crap, he's also set it up on the wrong port
14:43 shaun *activates force fields on server*
09:31 indradg hi anyone around?
09:52 kados indradg: /me is ;-)
10:40 indradg kados, a colleague of mine - Sayamindu and /me are putting together a LiveCD to run Koha 2.2.2 /3.... think it will be of some use to others?
10:44 indradg sayamindu is the guy who does Gnome release preview articles these day for GNOME folks
11:08 kados indradg: definitely!
11:09 kados indradg: when do you think it will be ready?
11:22 indradg kados, tentatively by monday evening
11:23 indradg we were essentially building customized liveCD (L10Nised) distros for our potential clients
11:27 kados indradg: sweet! could you commit it to CVS when you've finished?
11:28 kados indradg: also ... how difficult would it be to create a new liveCD for each version of Koha (i.e., could you document the process so we could find a maintainer for the project? (or would you be willing ot maintain it?))
11:29 indradg kados, i can do it... essentially these days putting together a liveCD is a 3 hr affair + abt 6 hrs of testing if new components are being added
11:31 kados indradg: sweet ...
11:31 kados indradg: could you document the process anywa (or email the list with pointers on how to do it) when you finish?
11:31 indradg will do
11:31 kados excellent ... thanks!
11:32 indradg no probs
11:32 kados If all goes well and it's finished by Monday, that's in time for me to bring it along to the ALA Conference
11:32 kados and I can hand out Koha LiveCDs ;-)
11:32 indradg hehe
11:32 kados indradg++
11:41 indradg when is ur conf dates?
11:47 kados indradg: well we're leaving on the 23rd
11:47 kados indradg: the con is from the 25-28
11:48 indradg not to worry... you shall have it
11:48 kados thanks ;-)

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