IRC log for #koha, 2005-06-12

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15:26 sanspach kados: indexing went well but data's still bad, right?
16:00 kados sanspach: actually the data looks fine this time ... did you try it out?
16:02 sanspach yeah; it is only sort of OK
16:03 sanspach all the data for the whole field is present in a single subfield a
16:04 kados right
16:04 sanspach all the additional subfields didn't get parsed right 'cause I had a bad split() in my script
16:04 kados but search results are the same with LibLime and Indiana University (right?)
16:04 kados hmmm, not alwasy
16:04 kados always even
16:05 sanspach very nearly; you have to remember that the IU set has our customized indexes
16:05 kados right
16:05 sanspach but very close; as long as the indexing is only on subfield a
16:06 sanspach year of publication 260c wouldn't be found
16:06 kados yea ...
16:07 kados looks like there are some charset issues too
16:07 sanspach yes, but exactly the same as with the IU retrieval set, so at least there it isn't my (bad) perl to blame@
16:07 sanspach !
16:07 kados right ;-)
16:08 sanspach I'm currently re-running with a corrected script on my own machine
16:08 kados pretty cool proof of concept though
16:08 sanspach the data you've got is probably good enough for testing zebra
16:08 kados I'd like to open the discussion up to the Koha developers on koha-devel
16:09 kados (if you'd like to send me the fixed data that'd be good too)
16:09 sanspach sure
16:09 kados (or just send me the script and I'll run it myself)
16:10 sanspach actually, I corrected it (and tested it) on your box, so the script is good to go
16:10 kados sweet ... I'll run it now
16:11 sanspach (I remembered to comment out the limit this time!)
16:11 kados :-)
16:12 kados (I run it on all.txt?)
16:13 sanspach I hard-coded the filenames (I hate command line options!)
16:13 kados right
16:13 sanspach yeah, it reads in all.txt and writes out all.mrc  you can rm err.txt when it is done
16:13 sanspach (I'm keeping mine for database cleanup)
16:14 kados k
16:59 sanspach OK, I'm gone; need to work on setting up new koha install this weekend, so no more marc records
17:00 sanspach hope to start importing into Koha (from text file--using this script merged into bulkmarcimport)
17:00 sanspach as soon as new version is released next week
23:21 rach howdy
02:58 osmoze hello
08:18 kados morning owen
08:18 owen hi
08:19 owen What's new?
08:20 kados not much ...
08:20 kados have you seen the opensearch for NPL?
08:21 owen No.  I've seen you talking about it in the log, but I'm not exactly clear on what it is
08:22 kados well I think A9 is the originator of it --
08:23 owen And we can now add a column to A9 search results from our catalog?
08:24 owen Wow, there it is!
08:24 owen You've even got your favorite search plugged in as the demo! :)
08:24 kados hehe ... yea I thought you'd like that ;-)
08:26 owen Cool...there's an XML feed for the search results too
08:27 owen the search results page links don't seem to work though
08:27 kados yep
08:27 kados naw ... it's not finished yet
08:27 kados I'm not really sure why they don't work
08:28 owen Uh oh, and the place reserve link is broken:
08:28 kados when you roll over them (except for author) they show the right url
08:28 owen http://search/athenscounty.lib[…]
08:28 kados yep
08:28 kados all / instead of . ;-)
08:29 kados try it now
08:29 owen That's better
08:30 kados author's still not working ... I can't see why though
08:31 owen Oh, the author link?
08:31 kados yea ... it's supposed to link to an author search
08:32 owen Looks like there's a problem too with results which don't have book cover images
08:32 kados yea ... I can't shed that border

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