IRC log for #koha, 2005-06-10

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12:01 sanspach first file's done; if that breaks it, then we'll know it is the whole thing
13:08 kados sanspach: about 15 minutes for the first index to finish up
14:32 sanspach kados: how goes it
14:32 sanspach ?
14:58 kados sanspach: didn't work :-(
14:58 kados looks the same as before
15:07 sanspach argh!
15:11 chris fun with marc records I see?
15:14 sanspach kados: did *any* of them index correctly?  the last file is actually the smallest if you want to try a tiny subset
15:15 kados k ... I'll give that a shot
15:15 kados hey chris
15:15 kados[…]rogramming%20perl
15:15 kados check this out
15:15 kados are you familiar with opensearch?
15:15 kados A9's opensearch?
15:16 kados
15:16 kados I'm close to having a valid opensearch for Koha
15:17 kados (need to get the bibid returned)
15:17 chris cool
15:17 kados the actual search method will need to be discussed
15:17 kados like we can decide what happens depending on the data entered
15:17 kados (if an ISBN comes in, do an ISBN search, etc.)
15:18 chris yep
15:18 kados do you happen to know if MARC stores bibis or biblbionumbers somewhere?
15:18 kados (and if so, where?)
15:20 chris umm
15:20 chris you mean marc from koha?
15:20 kados ya
15:20 chris probably if you tell it to
15:20 kados yea ... we should do that
15:20 kados so we can link directly to detail screens and such
15:21 chris according to cgi-bin/koha/admin/
15:21 kados it would also help out with integrating our Z-server searching with current catalogsearch routine
15:21 chris on a default install
15:21 chris 090c
15:22 chris i dunno if it actually does or not
15:22 chris ill look in the db
15:23 chris just used the acquisition routines to import 40k items yesterday, so ill see what if it did
15:23 chris -if
15:23 kados doesn't seem to be working on NPL
15:23 chris yeah but u dont use koha for acquisitions
15:23 chris you import from marc
15:24 chris so ill check one where the koha routines where used
15:24 chris were even
15:24 chris (too early yet and not enough coffee)
15:24 kados :-)
15:24 kados I'm wondering whether the updatedatabase and the koha routines use the same baseline subs
15:24 kados they ought to
15:25 chris if you edited each of your biblios in koha that might make them
15:25 chris so where do you reckon id find them in the db?
15:25 chris marc_biblio ?
15:26 kados probably marc_word
15:26 kados where tagsubfield = 090c
15:27 chris yep
15:27 chris +-------+-------------+----------+-​--------------+-------+-----------+
15:27 chris | bibid | tagsubfield | tagorder | subfieldorder | word  | sndx_word |
15:27 chris +-------+-------------+----------+-​--------------+-------+-----------+
15:27 chris |     1 | 090c        |        3 |             1 | 1     |           |
15:27 chris |    10 | 090c        |        2 |             1 | 10    |           |
15:27 chris |   100 | 090c        |        1 |             1 | 100   |           |
15:27 chris |  1000 | 090c        |        2 |             1 | 1000  |           |
15:27 chris | 10000 | 090c        |        2 |             1 | 10000 |           |
15:27 chris | 10001 | 090c        |        1 |             1 | 10001 |           |
15:27 chris | 10002 | 090c        |        3 |             1 | 10002 |           |
15:27 chris | 10003 | 090c        |        2 |             1 | 10003 |           |
15:27 chris | 10004 | 090c        |        1 |             1 | 10004 |           |
15:27 chris | 10005 | 090c        |        1 |             1 | 10005 |           |
15:27 chris +-------+-------------+----------+-​--------------+-------+-----------+
15:28 chris looks like it does
15:28 chris thats using C4::Biblio and the nebiblio, newbiblioitem newitem routines to import from my xml
15:28 kados sweet ... so there there
15:28 chris so i reckon in npl's case
15:28 chris bulkmarcimport needs to be tweaked
15:28 chris to store that
15:29 chris if they arent there for you
15:29 kados yea
15:30 kados they are in there
15:30 chris yay
15:30 kados but I can't get them to display for some reason
15:30 kados ahh ... I know
15:30 kados because I didn't index them
15:31 kados with zebra
15:31 chris that'd do it
15:31 chris need to edit your .abs files or something
15:31 kados yep
15:31 chris zebra really does look promisong
15:31 kados yep
15:32 kados i started with the A9 search interface for Zebra because I figured it'd be real simple
15:32 kados and it was
15:32 kados I'll commit it tonight (unless you want to see it now)
15:33 chris nope thats fine, it will just sidetrack me from work :)
15:35 kados :-)
15:39 sanspach kados: I'll be back later if there's anything more I can help with
15:40 chris heya sanspach
15:40 chris i dont think weve met yet
15:40 kados sanspach: chris wrote the original Koha
15:40 sanspach great to meet you
15:40 sanspach I've been tieing up bandwith throughout the central US sending kados huge MARC files for testing
15:41 chris hehe nice
15:41 sanspach indexing with :)
15:41 chris cant think of a better use for the internet :)
15:41 kados hehe
15:41 kados we've probably transfered about 20 gig thusfar ;-)
15:41 chris lucky ur not on my home isp's plan
15:42 chris if i go over my monthly 5 gig cap, its .35 cents a meg
15:42 kados yikes!
15:42 chris i havent ever yet
15:42 kados I bet not
15:43 chris most of my traffic is just ssh to the katipo servers
15:43 kados do they monitor it so you can at least check your usage?
15:43 chris yep
15:43 chris they have a nice webpage
15:43 chris broken down by hour
15:43 kados sweet
15:43 chris and they warn you when you get to about 80%
15:44 chris its a racket tho, as there is a duopoly here on broadband in reality
15:44 kados yea ... by air or under the sea right?
15:44 chris two big telco's .. so they pretty much can charge whatever they want
15:45 kados hum ... I think maybe Koha's export routine isn't exporting 090c
15:45 chris ahh
15:45 kados which would make sense
15:45 chris yep
15:45 kados I couldn't get that to run right from the command line either
16:07 kados 0069090000900082100001400091245003400105​94200240013995200330016377325ACLS1999032
16:07 kados 6000000.0950324s19uu
16:31 owen kados, you still there?
16:31 kados owen: yea
16:31 kados owen: knee high in MARC
16:31 kados owen: what's up?
16:31 owen Do you know anything about this new file: /search.marc/
16:32 kados hmmm, I asked paul about it
16:32 kados but I don't remember the answer
16:32 kados should be in the logs for this week
16:32 kados (I think it has something to do with authorized values)
16:33 owen Oh, I see now that it's linked to from
16:36 owen Seems to be a way to do a 'pre-search' for existing terms before building a search.
16:40 kados that's a sweet features
16:40 kados feature even
16:44 rach hello
16:44 kados hey rach
16:45 rach how are things with you
16:46 kados oh pretty good
16:46 kados I'm very close to getting a working opensearch going for Koha
16:47 kados which will be the first step in getting our catalogsearch subroutine to use Z39.50 for searches instead of marc_word
16:47 rach ah cool
16:47 kados plus it adds a feature that won't appear in proprietary systems for months or years ;-)
16:48 chris being able to get your own data out?
16:48 chris :-)
16:49 kados hehe
16:54 rach nice
17:30 chris hi mason
17:30 mason hi chris
17:31 chris nice and crisp this morning eh
17:33 mason its freezing up here in northland, im wearing skiing trousers, and fingerless gloves
17:34 chris fingerless gloves are a good idea
17:39 kados ooh interesting ...
17:39 kados 18:38:34-08/06 ../../index/zebrasrv(19103) [warn] usmarc.abs:36: Couldn't find att 'Item-number' in attset
17:40 kados I added Item-number ;-)
17:40 kados hmmm
17:46 kados hmmm, I'm getting 090 from my web-based z39.50 client
17:46 kados so there must be some problem with the way I'm doing Net::Z3950
17:51 chris kados: mason is the person who helped me out a lot with getting the data out of the dynix db
17:51 kados sweet ... hey there mason
17:51 chris mason: kados is joshua, from Ohio, who is the release manager for version 2.4 of koha .. and one of the principles of
17:52 kados recent author of a beta opensearch for Koha
17:52 kados[…]rogramming%20perl
17:52 chris is that principle, or principal?
17:52 kados chris: got it!
17:52 kados principle
17:52 chris ta
17:52 kados no ... I'm wrong
17:52 kados I always go the other way ;-)
17:53 kados chris: got bibids showing up ;-)
17:53 chris sweet, that works a treat
17:53 kados yep
17:53 kados couple of things to fix still
17:53 chris mason, we are currently investigating using zebra as a way to search koha faster
17:54 kados mason quit ;-)
17:54 chris doh
17:54 kados heh
17:54 chris ping timeout, prolly someone rang him and bumped him off his dialup
17:54 chris ahh i remember those days
17:55 chris i had to work to school in barefeet for miles
17:55 kados hehe
17:55 chris and crack stones together to make electricity for the computer
17:55 kados uphill both ways in the snow all year long ;-)
17:55 kados hehe
17:55 kados man that was tough
17:55 chris heh
17:57 kados pages are working too:
17:57 kados[…]q=new&startPage=2
18:11 mason back again
18:12 kados ok ... I'm experimenting with descriptions using 500a and 520a
18:12 kados notes fields
18:13 kados I'm not sure the best approach
18:14 michael quote : "i had to work to school in barefeet for miles and crack stones together to make electricity for the computer"... ;-) very funny
18:14 kados :-)
18:15 chris hmm i typoed again, that should have been walk to school :)
18:42 kados ok everyone
18:42 kados chris, mason
18:42 kados give this a shot:
18:42 kados[…]0Public%20Library
18:42 kados rach
18:43 kados in the 'search columns' section
18:43 kados type Nelsonville Public Library
18:44 kados error messages aren't handled well yet ... but the searching works great
18:45 kados (general keyword searching)
18:45 kados I'm gonna work on getting it to display correct error codes
18:45 kados then I'll commit it and write up a description
18:48 rach sorry phone then heading to lunch will look when I get back
19:12 kados well ... not working perfectly yet
19:12 kados page 2 doesn't display for instance ;-)
20:53 kados chris: got holdings displaying in A9
20:54 chris show off :)
20:54 kados
20:54 kados :-)
20:54 kados for some reason, even though the image links are there, they arne't showing up
20:55 kados I just noticed that there's three of everything in the db ;-)
20:55 chris :)
20:55 kados must have something to do with my mad indexing skills ;-)
21:03 kados hum ... also, <description> isn't taking my <a hrefs>
21:04 kados oooh ... I think i see the problem
21:05 kados chris got a sec?
21:05 kados http://search.athenscounty.lib[…]opensearch?q=cats
21:05 kados[…]s&type=opensearch
21:05 chris yep
21:05 kados if you do, compare those two and pay attention to the <description><img> elements
21:05 kados in mozilla
21:06 kados for some reason, in the spl one <img> doesn't show up as a major element
21:06 kados (an XML element)
21:06 kados do you know why that is?
21:06 kados (same thing happens with <a)
21:07 chris hmm no idea
21:09 Genji hiya all
21:09 kados hey there Genji
21:10 kados Genji: have you ever used A9's search, particularly opensearch?
21:10 Genji A9?
21:10 kados
21:10 kados check that out ...
21:12 kados when you get a feel for what it is, do a search on Nelsonville Public Library in the 'columns' section (if you're interested)
21:17 kados chris: here's an interesting article on escaping XML:
21:17 kados
21:17 kados maybe that's what's going on?
21:18 chris sounds logical
21:30 kados hehe ...
21:30 kados chris:
21:31 chris what am i looking at?
21:33 kados ahh ... you'll need to setup your search prefs first
21:33 kados to search NPLKoha
21:33 kados (just type NPLKoha in the search
21:33 chris right
21:34 kados shoot
21:35 kados ok ... back up
21:35 kados $holdings=."<br /><b>($copies) Copies at:</b> ";
21:35 kados that wrong syntax?
21:36 kados shoot ... none of the holdings are showing up
21:38 kados there we go
21:38 kados count, list of places and link to reserve all showing up
22:26 kados there are only two other libraries listed: Seattle Public and the British Library
22:27 kados neither of them list holdings, have links to 'read it now', or link directly to reserves or author searches
03:15 osmoze hello
06:20 kados paul_away: around?
06:24 gavin kados: any chance I could grab sanspach's files off you?
06:25 gavin you seem to have the better bandwidth
06:27 kados gavin: it's not valid marc ... alas ;-)
06:27 kados gavin: I've not been able to do anything useful with it yet
06:27 gavin ah :(
06:28 gavin would you be able to try something for me some time
06:29 gavin specifically, to run that fulltext search again and then run it in the monitor and see what the query time is
06:29 gavin only thing is, we need to avoid it being cached.
06:32 gavin which is a bit of a hassle
06:39 Sylvain hi all
06:42 kados gavin: it's not that hard ... I can just flush the cache once in a while ;-)
06:43 kados gavin: I don't have time for that atm ... maybe later today? (I've got meetings tomorrow so Sat would work also)
06:43 kados gavin: wanna see something cool?
06:44 kados gavin:
06:44 gavin kados: you could mail me (or the list) with results any time you like
06:44 kados gavin: sounds good
06:44 kados gavin: i just wrote an opensearch interface for Koha
06:44 gavin kados: i'll have a look
06:44 kados gavin: using a Zebra index engine
06:45 kados gavin: (search for Nelsonville Public Library under 'Columns')
06:45 kados it's super fast
06:45 gavin I saw you guys talking about it before
06:45 gavin looks very impressive
06:46 kados the same engine is available here (if you don't want the hastle of setting up A9)
06:46 kados
06:46 kados (the LibLime check-box isn't working just yet ... try the Nelsonville one)
06:47 gavin seems very quick alright
06:47 kados adds boolian too (and some other stuff i haven't configured yet)
06:47 gavin cool!
06:47 kados relevance ranking, stemming
06:48 gavin how big a deal is it to set up
06:48 gavin ?
06:48 kados pretty easy
06:48 kados install zebra
06:48 kados export your MARC records
06:48 kados run the indexer
06:48 kados start the server
06:48 gavin i mean, can a library just switch it on as part of koha or is that a big deal?
06:48 kados well ... there's a lot of integration work to be done
06:49 gavin of course, but once it's part of a release
06:49 kados before Zebra could be used officially in Koha
06:49 kados yea ... we could set it up that way
06:49 gavin interesting
06:49 gavin i'm convinced i was doing something wrong with that fulltext search so I'd like to chase it down
06:49 kados sure ... I understand ;-)
06:50 gavin easiest way would be to get sanspach's data
06:50 gavin I think there must've been something wrong with the indexes but I'm not sure
06:50 kados that's if sanspach's data were actually readable ;-)
06:50 gavin yes
06:50 kados sanspach doesn't use Koha
06:50 gavin is his existing tool bad at exports?
06:50 kados so it seems
06:51 gavin thta's really bad
07:25 Genji hiya all.
07:54 gavin kados: any idea what is wrong with sanspach's data. could it be fixed?
08:09 sanspach talking about me, I see
08:10 sanspach or rather, my data :)
08:11 gavin spansach: hi!
08:11 gavin spansach: I'm guessing that'll make you migration process more than a bit tough
08:11 sanspach actually, the data I have available (from my university's catalog) isn't migrating
08:12 sanspach I'm using Koha for a special-purpose catalog, other data
08:12 gavin i see. not such an issue then
08:12 sanspach and my sysadmin finally got it up last night!!!  I'm *so* anxious to finally see it in action
08:13 gavin still, i wonder if it might be possible to repair the marc data
08:13 sanspach I am really puzzled about why it is a problem.
08:13 sanspach every tool I've used can read it just fine
08:14 gavin by the sounds of it there's a subtle bug either in the koha import or in your export
08:15 sanspach if I only knew what, I could probably fix it (in my experience, perl can fix anything!)
08:15 gavin indeed
08:15 gavin although perl can break anything too :
08:16 gavin :)
08:16 sanspach yeah, that's where the knowing what you're doing part comes in, isn't it?!
08:16 gavin i guess so
08:17 gavin could you send me a small piece of data with just one or two records?
08:17 sanspach sure; hold on
08:18 sanspach oh my
08:18 gavin ?
08:18 sanspach is kados still around?
08:18 gavin uh oh ! :)
08:19 sanspach I may have just found the problem
08:21 gavin if you redo the export I can take it from you over ssh and I'll get it to kados
08:23 sanspach OK, I've prepared two files:
08:23 sanspach one is just three records, in the format I had them before
08:23 sanspach the other is the same three records, with what I think is the fix for the problem
08:24 gavin cool
08:25 sanspach can I email you where they are?
08:25 gavin eah, that's fine.  either that or just attach them if they're not too big
08:25 sanspach can do that; they're not big at all
08:25 gavin great
08:28 gavin got them
08:35 gavin hmmm. both files seemed to be successfully imported
08:39 gavin oh. except they have NULL biblio fields
08:39 gavin (both of them)
08:40 sanspach the second file should be fine; I can't see anything non-standard about it (it is marc21, not unimarc)
08:40 sanspach the first one is missing the |a at the beginning of each field (except those that start with another subfield)
08:40 sanspach that's how our system stores the data --I forgot to add them back in when converting
08:40 gavin I ran "perl misc/migration_tools/ -file orig/sanspach/small.sample.mrc"
08:41 gavin and got "3 MARC record done in 1.23205494880676 seconds"
08:41 gavin same for both files
08:41 gavin the records are in the database but the fields seem to be null
08:42 gavin gavin@robin sanspach> marclint small.sample.mrc
08:42 gavin small.sample.mrc
08:42 gavin 245: No 245 tag.
08:42 gavin 245: No 245 tag.
08:42 gavin 245: No 245 tag.
08:42 gavin Recs  Errs Filename
08:42 gavin ----- ----- --------
08:42 gavin    3     3 small.sample.mrc
08:42 gavin same errors for both
08:43 gavin I'm not veyr familiar with marc so I'm not sure what this means
08:43 sanspach and I don't know the koha tools yet, so I'm a little lost
08:43 sanspach go ahead and dump the first file; it is definitely wrong
08:43 gavin do you have the spec of marc?
08:44 sanspach oh, it is complicated; my favorite resource is
08:44 sanspach
08:44 sanspach from there select "bibliographic"
08:44 sanspach but you kind of have to know what you're doing before you can really make good use of it
08:45 gavin i see
08:46 gavin according to that "245 - TITLE STATEMENT "
08:46 gavin is what marc_lint is complaining is missing
08:47 sanspach yeah, the 245 is basically the one required field in all records
08:47 sanspach all 3 have the 245 field, with subfields a, b, h, and c populated
08:48 gavin did you say you have koha running?
08:48 sanspach my sysadmin just got the OS problems worked out and koha installed last night
08:49 sanspach haven't seen any of it except to log in to the shell to make sure my pw worked
08:49 gavin do you think you could input one of those records and export it?
08:49 gavin if we could see the differences in the marc records we might see what's causing the problem
08:49 gavin (i mean input by hand of course)
08:51 sanspach will try
08:54 gavin is there anyone here who is a marc expert?
08:55 kados I'm probably as close as you'll get at the moment (paul wrote the marc stuff)
08:57 sanspach there's not really any way to reproduce this record in our basic install of koha
08:57 sanspach lots of fields and subfields not defined
08:58 kados right ... best thing to do is run bulkmarcimport on your records and import them that way
08:58 kados that way you won't lose any of that data
08:58 gavin we're trying to go the other way though, to see why the records he exported won't read into koha
08:58 sanspach anyone want to walk me through that?
08:59 sanspach starting with where to put the file to be input?
08:59 kados shouldn't matter where it is
08:59 kados navigate to [kohainstalldir]/misc/migration_tools
08:59 kados you'll find a file there called bulkmarcimport
09:10 sanspach I find /usr/local/koha/intranet/scr​ipts/misc/
09:17 kados that's it
09:17 kados sanspach: you sure you've got 2.2?
09:17 kados (it may be that the file structure only changed in CVS, but iirc it should be in migration_tools)
09:18 sanspach how do I tell?
09:18 gavin i have 2.2.2b and /usr/local/koha/intranet/scripts/mis​c/migration_tools/
09:21 kados check koha.conf
09:21 kados should be in /etc/
09:21 sanspach 2.0.2
09:23 kados k...
09:23 kados you need to grab 2.2.2b
09:23 kados or just wait untill next week for 2.3
09:23 kados err ... 2.2.3
09:23 sanspach i think that was the plan
09:24 kados well 2.0.2 is quite different than the 2.2
09:24 kados series
09:24 kados if you're going to start working on something I'd suggest 2.2
09:24 sanspach that makes sense; easy to upgrade?
09:25 kados should be
09:25 kados but the best thing to do is setup
09:25 kados a CVS repo so you can always grab the latest bugfixes, etc.
09:25 kados I've documented it on
09:25 kados under "Updating Koha"
09:25 kados (symlink your install dirs to the CVS repo)
09:26 kados that way you get 2.2.2b + any bugfixes
09:27 gavin I got a marc export from the liblime site and it seems quite different from sanspach's one
09:32 gavin one seems to use the |[a-z] as a field label, the other is using _[a-z]
09:35 kados interesting
09:35 kados maybe that's the prob with sanspach's records
09:41 sanspach the second full file I wrote out with MARC::Record; that would have used whatever it uses
09:46 gavin I presume the two use the same version of Marc?
09:47 sanspach the marc standard carries a value for how many characters delimit the subfields (2);
09:47 sanspach aside from that, it is implementation-specific
09:48 gavin you mean the delimiter is specified within the marc file headers?
09:48 sanspach no; it is up to the application to handle; each marc record carries the value "2" to indicate
09:48 sanspach |a or _a or $a or !a or whatever is two characters
09:49 sanspach it is up to the application to take the first as the delimiter and the second as something of value
09:50 gavin but where is it dictated which of !_$ are used?
09:54 sanspach according to LoC's docs, it should be hex 1F which wouldn't be any of those
09:55 gavin hmmm.
09:56 gavin as it appears to me there are several delimiters
09:56 gavin ^] (the control char) delimits biblio entries
09:56 gavin ^^ (also control char) is a sub-delimiter
09:57 gavin |[a-z] or ^_[a-z] seem to be sub-sub-delimiters.
09:57 gavin i may be way off track here
10:02 sanspach gavin: try the file I just re-sent
10:09 gavin sanspach: okay just waiting for it
10:17 gavin sanspach: still no sign of it?
10:20 sanspach I could put it on our webserver for you to retrieve
10:20 gavin whatever suits, did the email fail?
10:21 sanspach not that I've seen; seems to have been sent just like the first
10:21 gavin i wonder is the greylisting slowing it down. a web link is fine
10:23 sanspach
10:26 gavin got it, thanks
10:28 gavin 3 MARC record done in 3.77325296401978 seconds
10:28 gavin same problem
10:29 sanspach argh!!
10:29 gavin marclint complains a little more this time but basically it's still "245: No 245 tag."
10:29 sanspach that file was written out with MARC::Record !  how can the format be wrong?
10:30 sanspach oh, wait
10:33 sanspach it seems the fields are separated by (hex) 0D 1E, not the 2E 1E I'm used to
10:40 sanspach so, how about I contributed a bulkasciiimport script to the koha project?
10:40 sanspach I'm so tired of marc I could scream
10:41 gavin agreed
10:43 gavin do you think this difference in separator is the problem?
10:43 gavin cos that would be easy to fix
10:43 sanspach if you want to try, you could change it (or I could) and try the import again
10:46 gavin i'm trying to decide what needs changing. you're talking in ascii, and I'm seeing cntrol chars :)
10:50 gavin ooh! that might be it
10:50 sanspach ?
10:51 gavin i think we're in business
10:51 gavin just search and replace | for ctrl-underscore
10:51 gavin I have a tiny perl script for it if you want it
10:53 gavin
10:53 gavin kados: are you still about?
10:54 kados gavin: just for another second
10:55 gavin i think we might have figured out that problem
10:55 gavin it may just be a delimiter that needs search and reaplce
10:55 kados sweet ... I'll try it out after my meeting -- gotta run
10:55 kados (be back in about an hour or two I hope ;-))
10:55 gavin no bother
10:56 gavin
10:56 sanspach I'm lost/confused
10:57 gavin sorry, I took one of your samples and ran a search and replace
10:57 gavin I then pointed bulkmarcimport at the output
10:57 gavin and it seems to have inserted properly and marclint doesn't complain about it
10:58 gavin the replacement is done by the script above
10:58 sanspach hmm  the last version (via websever) should have everything correct (it was generated by marc::record)
10:59 sanspach even if the earlier files didn't
11:00 gavin marclint complains a lot about it
11:00 gavin there are lots of ^M characters in it which is odd
11:01 sanspach too much transferring between machines--win32 to linux and back--will cause that
11:01 sanspach I wondered if some of the moving files about was causing some of the problems
11:01 gavin possibly but I certainly haven't done that
11:02 gavin are you on windows?
11:02 sanspach yes; also have linux (gentoo)
11:02 sanspach I have the flat files (extracts from our system) on windows, but marc::record on linux
11:02 gavin well, when I look at your last entry in vim I get strange ^Ms here and there
11:04 sanspach my first thought this morning (before I even got out of bed) was wondering if
11:04 sanspach kados' problems could be due to line breaks introduced during file transfers
11:05 kados could be
11:05 gavin i guess it's possible. as i understood it there are no linebreaks in these files/
11:05 kados though I had problems even with the single file
11:05 kados (but not that I think of ig I don't think I deleted the previous iindex)
11:05 kados (on phone -- conference call)
11:06 sanspach kados: kinda wondered--certain searches were giving too many hits for the small file we ended with
11:22 sanspach I'm gone for a couple hours; back later

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