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12:24 kados hey indradg
12:28 indradg kados, did u guys hold the bug triage meeting? I was stuck in traffic
12:29 indradg took me 2 hrs to get back home instead of the regular 20 minutes drive
12:31 indradg guess i missed it
12:32 slef yep, I nearly did too
12:44 kados indradg: yep ... that's ok ... bad traffic eh?
12:45 indradg yeah...!
14:10 kados slef: can you attend another bugsquashing session later this week?
14:11 kados indradg: you too?
14:11 kados (I'm thinking we'll move the time this time so that NZ can attend)
14:33 slef kados: probably. Schedules are still unclear.
15:02 kados slef: is there a time you are sure _will_ work?
15:48 indradg kados, was away
15:49 indradg this week is tough for me.. will be travelling... weekends are free though
15:52 kados cool
16:02 slef kados: not at the minute. It's been a bank holiday here, so a bit tricky to schedule. :-/
17:23 GenjiZzZz morning
17:23 GenjiZzZz kados, you still here?
17:23 kados GenjiZzZz: yep ;-)
17:23 kados Genji: so is 969 fixed?
17:24 Genji Yes, 969 was fixed as soon as i said it was. I haven't tried it yet but i know its fixed.
17:24 kados Genji: cool ... I'll try it in a bit
17:30 kados Genji: you don't need to install head to add stuff -- just check out the HEAD from the CVS repo, make your changes, and commit
17:30 Genji for testing the changes, i do.
17:31 kados Genji: right ... have you seen the 'updating koha '  doc on
17:31 kados Genji:
17:33 Genji symlinking.. right.... can't do that with windows.
17:34 Genji or can you....
17:34 kados Genji: hehe not that I'm aware of ;-)
17:34 kados Genji: don't you have a spare pc hanging around you can install fedora on?
17:34 kados Genji: :-)
17:35 Genji might scrounge up the hdd space to install coLinux sometime.
17:36 Genji whats Fedora?
17:36 kados Genji: it's redhat's free linux version
17:45 Genji loads of windows symlink progs.
18:04 Genji okay. rebooting router. seems the dns caching has stuffed up.
19:01 Genji hiya kados, still here?
19:08 kados Genji: yep ... what's up?
19:13 Genji just symlinking.. or hardlinking... maybe, the kohahead.
19:13 kados sweet
19:14 kados I'd symlink rather than hardlink
19:14 Genji how come?
19:14 kados hardlinks are a bad idea unless you know what you're doing ;-)
19:14 Genji meaning?
19:22 kados Genji: here's a good desciption of links in windows:
19:22 kados Genji:
19:22 kados Genji: hardlinks and softlinks (symlinks) in Windows are the same as in Linux (basically)
19:23 kados links are a filesystem thing not an operating system
19:24 kados thing
19:24 kados :-)
19:45 Genji ah.. ntfslink creates symlinks.
06:08 Genji whats the matter?
06:08 paul ???
06:08 paul Genji never goes to bed...
06:09 Genji hey, i do.
06:09 Genji went to be from 4am to 10am today.
06:09 Genji ~s/be/bed/
06:13 Genji project of the night, updating my sidebar feature for HEAD and committing it.
06:19 paul great !
06:26 Genji updating my HEAD.
06:49 kados Genji: let me know when it's updated
06:55 paul hi kados, good morning.
06:55 paul did you test marc_Tword script ?
06:56 kados paul: I tried ;-)
06:56 paul and ?
06:56 kados paul: 2820000 in 17319.9062049389 s
06:57 kados that's as far as it got and for some reason my machine rebooted :-(
06:57 paul the" builder" ?
06:57 kados yep
06:57 paul how many lines do you have in marc_subfield_table ?
06:57 kados hang on a sec
06:58 kados 5606920
06:59 paul mmm... then we have a problem
06:59 kados I don't see a marc_tword table either
06:59 paul because even if it reaches 5 600 000, it will be in a long, long long time
06:59 paul (you have to create it manually)
06:59 paul before running the script.
07:00 kados ahh right
07:00 kados I was looking on the wrong machine anyway ;-)
07:01 kados I think building marcTword is slower than building Plucene index ;-)
07:01 paul even if it's the case, the question is : during search, is plucene or tword faster ?
07:01 kados did you get a chance to read the performance mysql book?
07:02 kados paul: tword for sure!
07:02 paul you also could try to replace line 108 by :
07:02 kados (I suspect)
07:02 paul $largehash{$localkey}.=",".subst​r($title,0,15)."-$biblionumber";
07:02 kados ok ... I'll do that
07:02 paul (to index only 15 characters, & lower RAM usage)
07:02 kados right
07:03 paul & you're sure you were in READING part, not in WRITING ?
07:03 paul (if you were writing, you should have some lines in marc_Tword
07:03 kados reading for sure ...
07:03 kados but the machine did reboot so it's not really a fair test
07:04 kados I'll rerun it in a second here
07:04 paul wait a minut.
07:04 kados ok
07:04 paul to be so slow, you may have eat too much RAM
07:04 paul & use disk as ram
07:04 paul how many RAM do you have ?
07:05 paul (i mean free)
07:05 Genji what does "cvs commit: sticky tag 'HEAD' for file '...' is not a branch" mean?
07:05 paul because the reading part is just parsing all the table once, so it should be fast
07:06 kados paul: on my test machine I have 256M
07:06 paul genji : head is not a branch, it's "head"
07:06 paul maybe a little too little.
07:06 kados paul: with a 2 gig swap
07:06 Genji k, how you commit to head, then?
07:06 paul let's try with only 15 chars & look at free ram with a top
07:06 kados ok
07:06 paul just cvs commit genji.
07:07 Genji trying, but wincvs isnt.
07:08 kados Genji: it probably won't commit to HEAD until you've checked HEAD out
07:08 kados Genji: can wincvs maintain multiple CVS repos simaltaniously?
07:08 kados paul: SELECTING ...
07:09 Genji unknown.
07:11 paul how i have multiple CVS repos :
07:11 kados paul: Mem:    249024k total,   244564k used
07:11 paul * getting a head copy. appears in Koha directory
07:12 paul * renaming directory from "koha" to "koha_head"
07:12 paul * getting a 2.2 copy. appears in koha directory
07:12 paul * renaming directory from "koha" to "koha22"
07:12 paul now, you can update with
07:12 paul cvs update -d when in directory koha_head or koha22
07:13 paul and don't bother with branches, as they are fixed in directory name ;-)
07:13 paul kados : that's probably the problem : no more RAM, so swapping...
07:14 paul (I could try to download you database & test the script if you give me an address where I could download a sql.gz)
07:15 Genji okay, its 12:15am. im going to bed, ill worry about this problem in the morning.
07:16 kados paul: do you just need marc_subfield_table?
07:16 paul nope, all your database (except marc_word)
07:16 kados Genji: :-( /me was hoping to get the sidebar working on his installation ;-)
07:17 paul mmm... kados
07:17 kados paul: now we are here: 1800000 in 588
07:17 Genji kados: if i can't get wincvs doing what i want, ill probably have to install coLinux so i have a better support base, amoungst #koha
07:17 paul marc_biblio & marc_subfield_table should be enough for this script.
07:17 kados lots of this:
07:17 paul great. seems you still haven't reach your RAM limit
07:17 kados Use of uninitialized value in substr at line 108.
07:17 paul I know. don't bother, it's just a POC
07:18 paul (you will have mysql error too, because of accented chars, if you have)
07:18 kados also this:
07:18 kados Use of uninitialized value in substitution (s///) at line 102
07:18 kados FYI
07:18 kados (I know it's not important now ;-))
07:18 kados 1980000 in 678.928534030914 s
07:19 kados should take quite a long time
07:19 paul and there is still no disk activity
07:19 paul ?
07:20 paul I have an other idea to avoid swaping, if needed.
07:20 paul doing 1xx, then 2xx, then 3xx... marc tags.
07:20 paul should lower the hash size.
07:20 kados right ...
07:21 kados select count(*) from marc_Tword; = 0
07:21 paul normal : everything is written after the read
07:21 paul so, no write until 5 600 000...
07:21 paul then only write & no read
07:22 paul (a little brute force I agree...)
07:22 kados ok ... so it will take a while
07:22 paul yes. You have my timing in koha-devel mail, for 1 900 000 lines DB
07:22 kados right
07:22 paul (did you also complete the %ignore_list to fit your needs ?)
07:23 paul (you may, for this poc, remove isbn / issn that needs a lot of hash place, for only 1 biblio for each entry.
07:23 kados paul: yep
07:23 paul ok, so, let's wait until it's done...
07:24 kados sounds good
08:06 paul salut jean, et bienvenue
08:06 jean bonjour paul
09:26 tim Hi everyone.
09:26 tim Is there a way to reserve by title?
09:27 tim Looking at the reserve table I see an itemnumber, but our reserves are by title and I'm not sure how I'd move that to Koha.
09:32 kados paul: 2820000 in 8351.3491 FYI ;-)
09:33 kados             total       used
09:33 kados Mem:           243        238
09:33 kados Swap:         1926        786
09:34 kados (I need to get a test machine with more RAM ;-))
09:37 kados tim: Koha 1.2 used to reserve by title
09:37 kados tim: we need to revise reservations quite a bit
09:38 tim Anyone have any tips on how reserves are moved to Koha then?
09:38 kados for instance, there is no way to reserve a specific item (for staff to fix damaged items, etc. while still allowing the patron who found the item to check it out)
09:38 kados have you seen the migration docs on
09:39 kados that's where the most detail on how to move transaction data is located
09:41 tim I would've found out more if I just turned the page.
09:42 tim Still not much help.
10:45 paul kados/joshua : how to solve this problem ?
10:46 paul do you want that I build a builder 1 hundred by 1 ?
10:46 paul could it solve your problem you think ?
11:04 slef whois btoumi and why do they keep doing cvs imports?
11:08 paul btoumi is one of the dev from SAN ouest provence.
11:08 paul they begin with CVS, so they do strange things...
11:08 paul (can you explain what they try to do to me pls ?)
11:09 paul beeping slef
11:09 slef peux-tu lui LARTer?
11:09 paul ???
11:09 paul LARTer ?
11:09 slef regarde[…]692&forum_id=9203
11:09 slef et plusiers fois encores
11:10 paul je sais, je suis abonné à la liste.
11:10 paul mais je ne sais pas à quelle genre de commande CVS cela correspond
11:10 slef il donne "cvs import ..." et je sais pas quoi
11:11 slef je pense qu'il veut dire "cvs add ..." mais je sais pas
11:12 slef bah, my technical french isn't up to it
11:12 slef I think he's trying to add a file, but import is for new modules, not new files or directories
11:13 slef can you at least persuade btoumi to add a real name to their sourceforge profile, please?
11:18 paul slef, i send him a mail immediatly (note that francoisl, from Ineo company will be their coordinator for devs)
11:22 paul mail sent (cc to you)
11:24 kados paul: which problem do you mean? not able to reserve a specific item?
11:25 paul no, running Tword script.
11:25 kados paul: ahh ...
11:25 paul (as he seems to have died once again isn't it ?)
11:25 kados here's where it is:
11:25 kados 3120000 in 14748.058
11:25 kados no it's not dead yet
11:25 paul ah, ok, so it continues...
11:25 kados yep
11:25 paul let me know if it goes to the end.
11:25 kados (probably not today ;-))
11:26 paul time to leave for me, so no problem ;-)
11:26 kados it seems to be slowing down as it gets larger
11:26 kados ok ... we'll talk tomorrow ... have a good evening
11:26 paul the side effect of the swap, probably
11:26 paul ok, drop me a mail when you go to bed to tell me where you are.
11:27 paul if not ended, i'll rewritte the script to divide it Xxx
11:27 paul (not tommorrow, as i won't be here)
11:27 paul ok, have a good day.

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