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15:55 pate-away p/clear
16:37 rach morning
16:42 rach :-)
16:46 rach hmm where is joshuas page on what he will do when he rules the world?
16:48 chris
16:50 rach ta
16:51 rach and what do you call that - not a manifesto, but something like that
16:52 chris id call it a development plan
16:52 chris for the 2.4 release
16:52 rach it's not quite a plan yet
16:52 owen Or development proposal
16:53 rach I want a word that means that it is a bit less definite
17:17 chris hmm i think I may have just found a new line for my .sig file
17:17 chris "If you can catalogue it, Koha can handle it"
17:21 rach that's a good one chris
17:21 rach shit I'm supposed to be in a meeting
17:21 chris yep philip is asking where to meet you
20:23 pate-away hiya NZers
20:23 chris heya pate
20:28 pate how's life?
20:29 chris busy but good
20:29 chris how bout urself?
20:29 pate i just got an email from a canadian wanting to run koha
20:29 chris oh yeah?
20:29 pate yeah, he wonders if anyone's gotten it running on an SME server
20:29 chris ahhh i saw that to the list
20:29 pate not a clue what that would be though
20:30 chris yeah what is SME ?
20:30 pate i pointed him at the list
20:31 pate i'm not even going to guess what SME is though
20:31 chris
20:32 chris looks like another distro
20:33 pate ahh
20:33 pate it looks like 2.4 is going to be pretty cool
20:35 pate did you see Roy Tenant's recent article about lipstick on pigs?
20:35 chris yeah he makes good points
20:35 pate i think that's a good opening to try to get some eyes on Koha
20:35 chris yeah
20:37 pate i'd like to spend some of it on Koha
20:38 chris yeah, i know exactly how you feel i have a ton of ideas i want to try, and not enough time to try them all
20:38 pate i don't have time to try any of them at this point
20:39 pate i'm only here now because i'm too tired to do anything real, but can't get to sleep
20:39 chris :)
20:56 pate g'night all
03:29 Sylvain hi
04:22 Sylvain like yesterday, no one here I think ...
04:23 si good evening Sylvain
04:23 Sylvain ah, thought I was still alone :)
04:23 Sylvain good morning there by Hi si
04:24 Sylvain in fact I had a question, do you know if it is possible to prevent a book from being showed in the opac ?
04:24 si that's an excellent question
04:24 si a particular item, or particular item types?
04:25 si I believe we have done it for a customer, but I'm not sure it's in mainline Koha
04:25 Sylvain right now, it would be particular item but I think we should mark all of them as a particular type in the future
04:25 si I'd ask Chris for a definitive answer
04:25 Sylvain ok
04:25 si but I suspect he's probably gone to bed for the evening
04:26 Sylvain what time for you  ?
04:42 si about 9:40pm here
07:37 Sylvain salut hdl
08:02 hdl salut Sylvain.
08:36 pate yawn
08:38 Sylvain morning
08:39 pate bon jour Sylvain
08:39 Sylvain it should be written in one word "bonjour" ;)
08:40 pate i'll try to remember
08:40 pate it looks like you (the French in general) have been going great guns with Koha
08:41 Sylvain euh "great guns" ?
08:42 pate are doing very well ... are doing a lot of things quickly
08:42 Sylvain ok, I'll try to remember this expression
08:42 pate (please don't ask where it came from though, I'm not up to spending the morning with goolge)
08:43 Sylvain yes but we still have many things to do ...
08:44 pate yeah, 2.4 looks to be a pretty exciting development cycle
08:44 Sylvain I'm going through a list of things a librarian just told us and I see there would be funtions to develop/improve ..
08:44 Sylvain sure
08:44 Sylvain yes, waiting for the meeting ...
08:44 Sylvain but it's 11pm in france :(
08:44 Sylvain er, it'll be
08:46 pate yeah, it's hard to schedule something that catches EU and NZ
08:46 Sylvain sure :)
08:46 pate I had quite a time trying to get a Pole and a Ukrainian to fit into the schedule a couple of years ago
08:48 pate is there a meeting today then?
08:50 Sylvain no, it is thursday
08:59 pate ahh, too bad.  I don't think I'll be available on Thursday
09:08 pate well, gotta run
09:38 Sylvain has someone here been able to renew items on loan with koha ?
09:39 Sylvain I think there's a bug but need a confirmation it's not coming from me before commiting cvs ...
09:39 owen Yes, but you have to do it through /members/
09:40 Sylvain when you are on and enter the barcode of book already issued it aways tell you no more renewal, right ?
09:41 owen Yes, that's a bug we've been trying to fix
09:41 owen[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=970
09:42 owen Oh, did we get that fixed?
09:42 Sylvain in fact, in, we call renewstatus with 4 agrs when renewstatus use only 3 args, missing the dbh
09:42 Sylvain maybe my cvs isn't up to date in fact ;)
09:43 Sylvain yes, fixed in last version
09:43 Sylvain sorry I should 'cvs update' more often :)
09:44 owen I forgot it was fixed and I was even there when it happened! :)
09:45 Sylvain btw, I don't really understand how renewal works in members/moredetail
09:46 owen What do you mean?
09:46 Sylvain ah no I didn't look it right
09:47 Sylvain ok, I see why I didn't understand
09:48 Sylvain In french version, 'renew Items' has been translated by something like 'renewed items' (exemplaires renouvelées)
09:48 Sylvain which is less clear ...
11:13 hdl Kados, are you there ?
11:43 kados hdl: yep
11:44 hdl Are you stil on bug #983 ?
11:46 kados well I haven't spent much time on it
11:46 kados and I haven't made any progress since we last talked
11:46 kados how aboutyou?
11:47 hdl Still trying to meke it clear on some databases we got from some clients.
11:49 kados do you clients have the same problem?
11:51 hdl Not quite, but it is always iwth items modules.
11:52 hdl One can't get them displayed when looking at a bibliographical note
11:53 hdl AnOather will get a ghost item line which corresponds to a real item !!!
11:53 hdl So taht if the ghost line is deleted, you also delet the real item !
11:57 kados strange
11:59 hdl yes quite odd.

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