IRC log for #koha, 2005-04-25

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19:26 chris anyone about?
21:58 pate I am (now)
22:33 pate but not now
04:54 shaun kados: are you here?
11:03 shaun kados: u there?
11:03 kados shaun: yep
11:03 kados what's up?
11:04 shaun well, the testing server is up again (same place, same un and pw) - i did a fresh install, on official mysql 4.1.11, and it's working great, thx
11:05 shaun I used, and started from scratch, with a fresh database etc.
11:05 kados np ;-)
11:05 kados cool
11:06 kados so now you want to import your old data?
11:07 shaun it's not really an issue, as we didn't have any "data" - what would be more useful is some real data from another library (or some sample data designed for 2.2.2) that I can import and use to test it
11:09 kados ahh ... well you're welcome to grab data from liblime
11:10 shaun you showed me that before - could you go through how to import it?
11:10 kados borrower data is really simple ... just make a CSV file and do a load data infile in mysql
11:10 kados sure
11:10 kados just run bulkmarcimport ;-)
11:10 kados it's in misc/migrationtools
11:10 shaun (that's what i dont understand - how to run it)
11:11 shaun | brb
11:11 kados k
11:19 shaun back again... i have a weighing 2.1mb - how do i import it into koha?
11:27 shaun i can't find a file called bulkmarcimport
11:27 kados it's in misc/migraion_tools
11:28 shaun how do i run it?
11:28 kados ?
11:28 kados ./bulkmarcimport
11:29 shaun not `perl`?
11:29 kados you may need to run
11:29 kados perl -I /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules bulkmarcimport
11:30 kados plus the filename, etc.
11:30 shaun Can't locate Time/ in @INC (@INC contains: ... .) at line 12.
11:31 shaun BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at line 12.
11:31 kados so you'll need to install Time::HiRes
11:31 kados perl -MCPAN -e 'install Time::HiRes'
11:37 shaun got it - probably my fault, but now every import fails with something like DBD::mysql::db do failed: Access denied for user 'kohaadmin'@'localhost' to database 'Koha' at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 331.
11:41 kados so that probably means that your kohaadmin stuff isn't specified right in /etc/koha.conf
11:41 kados can you log in to the intranet?
11:41 shaun yes
11:42 shaun i can also login via mysql -u kohaadmin -p
11:45 shaun (using the un/pw in /etc/koha.conf)
11:55 shaun any ideas?

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