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12:31 shaun hi all (what was the significant topic yesterday again?)
12:34 owen Nothing in particular
12:34 shaun (was that about performance or redhat stuff?
12:37 shaun brb, loading up new kernel...
13:56 shaun hi again *staying with 2.6.10 for a while...*
13:57 shaun chances are you're not reading this, but... thanks, rach
14:48 shaun is anyone here good with mysql?
14:49 kados what's your question?
14:49 Ben what is debian like, btw?
14:49 kados what's it like?
14:50 kados i guess it's main feature is really robust packaging
14:50 shaun well, my hard drive which had my koha installation on is on another box - is it possible to transfer the entire mysql system (obviously, I have /usr/local/koha sorted) over to this box, running the same version of mysql?
14:51 Ben how common are the packages? for example, installing software is a nightmare on fc3, for which not much software is packaged
14:51 shaun that is: without booting up on the old hd and doing a dump?
14:51 Ben plus it is unstable and very slow
14:51 kados right
14:51 shaun | ben, find me a package for which there is not some form of fc3 rpm...
14:51 kados so ... transferring the database is pretty easy
14:51 shaun how do?
14:52 Ben booting takes about as long as windows does, and then it loads the graphical booter
14:52 kados mysqldump -uroot -pyourpassword --add-drop-table Koha > koha.sql
14:52 kados Ben: you can change that ;-)
14:52 Ben I tried, with the services
14:52 kados shaun: then on the new machine
14:52 kados mysql Koha < koha.sql
14:53 shaun ben: remove "rhgb" from boot
14:53 Ben but really I am no good at linux use
14:53 Ben will do.. brb
14:53 kados to transfer it you might want to gzip it up
14:54 kados Ben: go to /etc/inittab
14:54 kados change
14:54 kados id:5:initdefault:
14:54 kados to
14:54 kados id:3:initdefault:
14:54 shaun the problem is that my server is running fc2, with a totally different data system (its my production server)
14:55 kados shaun: do you mean just the Koha database?
14:55 Ben If I reboot into fc3, I will need to reinstall all of my firefox extensions and transfer over my bookmarks, history & settings somehow
14:55 kados that's pretty easy too ;-)
14:56 Ben hmm
14:56 shaun kados: it isn't like that - doing that defeats the object, as the system will boot, load the graphical boot, and then return to the white on black terminal
14:56 Ben I tried copying the firefox application data folder across, but it just screws up chrome
14:56 shaun (good old redhat, always unique...)
14:57 kados shaun: huh ... that's the way all my systems are setup
14:57 kados shaun: the graphical boot doesn't load
14:57 Ben I do wish to retain the graphical stuff, but I don't want it to be as slow
14:57 kados use xfce
14:57 Ben any opinions on Ubuntu?
14:57 Ben to boot
14:57 kados xfce is a really fast desktop
14:58 kados ubuntu is a linux distro ... it's pretty nice
14:58 Ben I know
14:58 kados k
14:58 Ben I know what ubuntu is...
14:58 shaun in /boot/grub/grub.conf is the line from which one must remove rhgb (talk like yoda one must for sentence structure)
14:58 kados right ... you'll need to do that too
14:58 shaun ben: what's slow about it once it's booted?
14:58 Ben I am not a complete retard, I nearly installed gentoo once, but for some reason grub wouldn't load
14:59 Ben shaun, gnome in general is unresponsive
14:59 Ben clicking applications means a few microseconds more to wait than clicking start
14:59 Ben and it makes the system feel soft & squidgy
14:59 kados have you optimized it at all?
15:00 kados try not starting services you don't need
15:00 shaun after rebuilding the gnome rpms (took about 2 hours) with arch-specific optimisations (for athlon-xp, -O2 etc), gnome is more responsive than ever
15:00 kados ntsysv is a nice util for this
15:00 shaun before that, applications and actions loaded instantly
15:00 shaun ever used kde? you won't like tht :D
15:01 shaun *that*
15:01 Ben I used kde, it is rather more responsive in the widget dept than gnome, but still, bluntly, a piece of bloated crap
15:01 kados I use xfce
15:02 shaun also: i turned off bluecurve and used clearlooks instead
15:02 shaun ben: what ram and proc do you have?
15:02 Ben 512mb ddram with an athlon xp 2400+
15:02 shaun i find that xfce's file manager is *stupid*
15:03 shaun ben: same as me - you should not be experiencing any problems, imo
15:03 Ben it is still unresponsive
15:04 Ben am I the only one here who experiences mental experiences of texture when using widgets?
15:05 shaun *stands up for gnome* try the optimisations.
15:07 shaun kados: any ideas for the mysql thing?
15:08 kados shaun: yea ... i think I already responded no?
15:08 Ben there was a version of gentoo which used anaconda..
15:08 kados mysqldump should take care of it
15:08 shaun o soz, you did... the production server is hosting all websites, no koha
15:09 kados right ... so you can just mysqldump all your databases
15:09 Ben shaun, ubuntu definitely use plone
15:09 Ben they just took avantage of its amazingness to make their own design
15:09 kados targzip your /var/www/ directory (or wherever your web files are)
15:10 kados grab conf files (like httpd.conf, my.cnf, etc) and you should be good to go
15:10 shaun basically, it has two systems on two hard drives on one server (hda: default, production stuff, hdb: the new one that i plugged and played, which used to be in this box, serving koha)
15:11 shaun but that still leaves out the mysql *data* - the two systems are separate, and mysqldump will not find the database, afaik - it is in a different daemon etc
15:13 shaun I already have all of the koha files (/usr/local/koha), and the httpd and mysql config, but not data, are identical
15:15 kados shaun: you'll need to mount your second hard drive
15:15 kados provided they were running the same version of mysql
15:15 kados you can copy over /var/lib/mysql/Koha
15:16 kados to your new system and it should work
15:16 kados otherwise you'll need to boot of the other system
15:16 kados and run mysqldump
15:16 kados the import the resulting file into your new system
15:17 shaun second hard drive mounted on /mnt/hdb7, which is mirrored on nfs, mounted on this box...
15:17 kados right so
15:18 kados cd /mnt/hdb7/var/lib/mysql
15:18 kados if Koha's there
15:18 kados scp -r Koha /var/lib/mysql/Koha2
15:19 kados (so you don't overwrite existing db ;-)
15:19 kados unless you want to
15:19 kados then you will probably need to muck about with permissions a bit
15:19 shaun what does scp -r do? | i do want to overwrite, this box's koha is currently unpopulated
15:20 kados shaun: man scp
15:20 kados shaun: so first delete /var/lib/mysql/Koha
15:24 shaun would it be easier to do a fresh install of koha, and then copy the database across?
15:25 kados nope
15:26 shaun why not?
15:29 kados would it be easier if you installed your OS?
15:29 kados re-installed ;-)
15:29 shaun ???
15:33 kados you've already got Koha installed ... why would it be faster to re-install it?
15:34 Ben (shaun and I are not good with sarcasm unless it is conveyed in some physical way)
15:34 Ben or pointed out, e.g. *sarcastic* would it be easier to reinstall your OS?
15:35 Ben gtg
15:35 Ben bye
15:35 shaun because I don't have the database on my hd atm, and need all of the perl modules (i have copied and pasted from nfs, not installed via
15:37 kados ahh ... so you don't have koha installed currently
15:37 kados in that case you should install it using
15:37 kados then copy over your database
15:38 shaun (thats what i was suggesting would be easier...)
15:40 kados in fact, it's probably the only way to do it well
15:45 shaun gtg, bye
17:33 kados msg chris one broken link
17:34 kados oops ;-)
17:34 chris heh
17:50 kados so this is pretty cool
17:51 kados I type in 'isac asimov'
17:51 kados it says 'did you mean: Isaac Asimov?"
17:51 kados Click
17:51 kados only two titles ... and nothing ABOUT isaac asimov
17:51 kados so I hit wikipedia
17:51 kados and it takes me to a bio
17:52 chris sweet
17:52 kados more friendly than ever ;-)
19:46 kados InnoDB does locking on the row level and also provides an Oracle-style consistent non-locking read in SELECT statements. These features increase multi-user concurrency and performance
19:47 kados I didn't realize myisam did read locking
19:47 chris hmm that might make for a nice speed increase
19:47 chris certainly worth trying
19:48 kados yea ... I'm going to give it a shot this weekend on a test machine
19:48 kados runs on InnoDB
19:48 kados huh:
19:48 kados Fully integrated with MySQL Server, the InnoDB storage engine maintains its own buffer pool for caching data and indexes in main memory. InnoDB stores its tables and indexes in a tablespace, which may consist of several files (or raw disk partitions). This is different from, for example, MyISAM tables where each table is stored using separate files. InnoDB tables can be of any size even on operating systems where file size is limited to 2GB
19:49 chris nice
19:49 chris that buffer pool can only be good
19:49 kados that's what I'm thinking
19:58 kados hum ... handling of autoimcrement seems problematic unless I'm mis-reading
19:58 kados[…]ement-column.html
20:02 chris that should be ok
20:04 chris InnoDB  increments the counter by one and assigns the new value to the column.
20:04 chris so it keeps a counter in ram
20:04 chris but update the table when it needs to
20:04 chris basically means inserts are faster
20:04 chris cos it doesnt have to check the table each time
20:04 kados ahh ... so it does eventually write it to the table?
20:05 chris yeah it writes on inserts
20:05 kados ahh that makes sense
20:05 chris so instead of having to find the new value each time, it has that in ram already
20:06 kados right
20:06 chris the more i hear, the better they sound :)
20:07 kados yea ...
20:07 kados It'd be great if there was even just a 10% increase in speed
20:08 chris yep
20:08 chris i figure slashdot wouldnt use them if they were slow
20:11 kados huh ... something doesn't look right here:
20:11 kados select count(*) from issues where returndate > "2005-04%";
20:11 kados 459336
20:11 kados that seems like an awful lot
20:11 chris id try
20:11 chris select count(*) from issues where returndate > "2005-04-01"
20:12 chris the % might be throwing it off
20:12 kados 26326
20:12 kados that's more like it ;-)
20:12 chris :)
20:13 kados delete from issuse where returndate < "2005-04-01";
20:13 kados issues
20:13 kados scary ... I think last time I did this I mucked it up
20:13 kados I've got a backup of the whole db and the issues table
20:14 chris sweet
20:14 kados does that query look right to you?
20:14 chris and returndate is NOT NULL
20:14 chris cos null is less
20:14 chris maybe
20:14 kados right
20:14 kados that's what I did last time ;-)
20:14 chris better safe than sorry :)
20:18 kados before I run this
20:18 kados does Koha query issues to find the last person who borrowed an item?
20:24 chris yep it does i think
20:24 chris well it did .. on the page
20:24 chris not sure if it does anymore
20:35 kados I just found a script I forgot I wrote
20:35 kados it cleans up issues real nicely
20:36 kados hehe :-)
20:36 kados and leaves the last two issued alone
20:37 chris excellent :)
20:39 rach howdy
20:46 kados hey rach
21:05 rach hey
21:43 rach hi
10:23 kados use lib '/build/koha';

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