IRC log for #koha, 2005-04-09

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12:08 kados owen: the reserves change is made to 101 ... let me know if it works
12:08 owen Just that change, or a whole update?
12:13 owen Yes, it looks like it's fixed.
12:13 kados cool ... well I think 101 is fully updated ... as of yesterday
12:13 kados were there commits yesterday?
12:20 kados thanks for the help on the reserves bug paul!
12:41 hdl owen : yes
12:43 owen Oh yeah:  How does the catalogue statistics page ( decide whether to use LoC, Dewey, etc?
12:44 hdl You merely select if you want LoC or Dewey or else appear on Line or Column.
12:44 hdl Anywhere else, it would act as filter.
12:45 hdl And these classifications appear only if you have data for these fields.
12:47 owen It's checking biblioitems?
13:48 hdl sorry, I was on something else.
13:50 hdl owen, what do you mean by that ?
13:51 owen when decides whether to use lccn, dewey, or itemcallnumber, it's checking the biblioitems table to see if there are values in those columns?  And it picks whichever one is populated?
15:00 hdl owen, sorry again : No, when there is lccn or dewey or itemcallnumber, you can choose the one you want for Line or Column...
15:00 owen So the fact that I only see lccn means that it checked dewey and itemcallnumber and found them empty?
15:00 hdl yes
15:01 owen Okay.  I've been updating the NPL templates and testing these scripts for the first time.
15:01 owen I haven't been able to get any of the wizards to work for me.
15:02 hdl What is the problem ?
15:03 owen With for instance...I don't get any results at all!
15:06 hdl let me see the logs.
15:07 hdl Have you selected One Value for Line and One for Column ?
15:09 owen That must be where I'm going wrong!  We should add something to the template that describes those requirements.
16:35 rach hello
17:38 rach hi
17:45 kados hey there rach ;-)
17:45 kados chris around?
17:45 kados I've got a potential client interested in Koha
17:46 kados actually there are six libraries in a consortium interested
17:47 kados so that will likely involve katipo
17:48 kados as they would like consortium support built in
17:51 rach great
17:51 rach chris is on a clients site at the moment, so I'm not sure if he'll be at a desk
17:51 rach but that is awesome news :-)
17:55 kados ;-)
02:45 paul rach in bed or near keyboard ?
02:47 sylvain hi
02:47 paul salut
02:51 paul ca y est l'équipe de dév francaise est là
02:51 sylvain :)
02:51 sylvain alors paul c'est pour aujourd'hui la release ?
02:51 paul vivi
02:52 sylvain cool !
02:52 paul (et ce sera qu'en VF et VO, puisque les autres traducteurs n'ont pas donné signe de vie. Par contre, j'ai du polonais qui est en train de se faire)
02:53 sylvain sympa
07:48 kados congrats on koha 2.2.2 paul!
10:53 kados paul's in the USA?
11:39 owen He must be on his way

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