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12:03 kados the problem with reserves is probably around line 758 or so in
12:04 kados so owen how's this supposed to work?
12:04 paul owen, no I hadn't the time for this. And I won't probably have before my trip to nelsonville.
12:05 owen Okay.  We'll have to tackle it on our own.
12:05 kados # The item is on reserve and waiting, but has been
12:05 kados                        # reserved by some other patron.
12:06 kados if ($resbor ne $borrower->{'borrowernumber'} && $restype eq "Consigned") {
12:06 kados is 'consigned' the right term there for our collection?
12:06 owen For *our* collection.
12:06 owen The default is 'waiting'
12:07 kados should 'consigned' be hard-coded ?
12:07 owen It could be.  I tried to track down all instances of the check for that term
12:07 owen Except it's happening on 101 too, so that doesn't work.
12:07 kados hmmm ... why's that?
12:08 kados btw: 101's got yesterday's version of the database now
12:08 owen 101 doesn't have the 'waiting' customization.  But the error happens there too, so we can't blame our customization on the production machine
12:08 kados ahh
12:11 kados by my reading of Circ2.pmaround line 762 your reserve on Cryptonomicon is canceled automatically if I pick it off the shelf and check it out
12:11 kados if the restype="Consigned"
12:12 kados that doesn't seem right eh?
12:12 owen That's not what happens.
12:13 kados $needsconfirmation{RESERVE_WAITING} = "$resborrower->{'firstname'} $resborrower->{'surname'} ($resborrower->{'cardnumber'}, $branchname)";
12:13 kados this could also be the culprit
12:13 owen passes a form field to determine whether the reserve should be cancelled or not
12:20 kados on 101 has 'waiting' not 'consigned'
12:21 kados so now I'm a little confused
12:21 owen I changed it to 'consigned' because that's the preferred term for our library
12:21 kados gocha
12:22 kados ok ... I made a change to 101 that may fix the problem ... could you test it?
12:22 owen Okay.  And then I'll tell you about the other bug I just found :(
12:24 owen No, that didn't fix it.
12:24 kados bummer
12:25 owen Wanna hear the other problem?
12:25 kados yep
12:26 owen If you override a reservation for a book that's already consigned (waiting) for another patron, it cancels the reservation, even if you tell Koha not to cancel it.
12:27 kados yepwow ... that's a biggie!
12:29 owen CancelReserve(0, $res->{'itemnumber'}, $res->{'borrowernumber'});
12:29 kados well the good news is that this code isn't too complex
12:29 kados we should be able to figure it out
12:30 kados right ... that's in the 'reserved by another patron with waiting statue' secction
12:30 owen Why is that there?
12:30 kados no idea
12:31 owen Isn't that where the reserve gets cancelled?  (In the new bug I just saw)
12:31 kados yea ... that's the problem I noticed when looking at the code (wow ... that's a first for me ... seeing the bug in the code before knowing it existed) ;-)
12:32 owen It doesn't look like that cancelReserve() function is restrained by any kind of ifs or anything
12:32 kados should it ever be canceled?
12:33 kados since this is all withing if ($resbor ne $borrower->{'borrowernumber'}
12:33 kados I assume we're only dealing with 'other people's reserves' on an item
12:34 owen It should only be cancelled if the form input 'cancelreserve' = 1
12:34 kados so there's also the line above it:
12:34 kados $needsconfirmation{RESERVE_WAITING} = "$resborrower->{'firstname'} $resborrower->{'surname'} ($resborrower->{'cardnumber'}, $branchname)";
12:34 kados that looks right ... I think ... it's passing the status back to the template right?
12:35 kados I don't see it checking for 'cancelreserve' anywhere
12:35 owen I see this in
12:35 owen foreach my $needsconfirmation (keys %$question) {
12:35 owen $template->param($needsconfirmation => $$question{$needsconfirmation},
12:35 owen NEEDSCONFIRMATION => 1);
12:35 owen $noquestion = 0;
12:35 owen }
12:35 owen that's where the needsconfirmation info gets sorted out for the template, I think
12:40 kados this CancelReserve sub is pretty strange
12:40 kados my ($biblio, $item, $borr) = @_;
12:40 kados we're passing it 0,$item,$borr
12:40 kados if (($item and $borr) and (not $biblio)) {
12:40 kados                # removing a waiting reserve record....
12:40 kados                # update the database...
12:40 kados                my $sth = $dbh->prepare("update reserves set cancellationdate = now(),  
12:41 kados found            = Null,
12:41 kados        priority         = 0
12:41 kados                                                                        where itemnumber       = ?
12:41 kados and borrowernumber   = ?");
12:41 kados so I'm wondering whether passing '0' triggers this if ...
12:48 kados owen can you checkout an item to a patron who has 'waiting' status ?
12:48 kados on 101
12:48 owen yes
12:48 owen Done
12:49 owen Oh, wait, you mean check out the waiting item to the patron who actually reserved it?
12:53 owen No more kados, hunh?
12:54 jferraro right ... so my screen server just dropped off the net
12:54 jferraro not sure why
12:54 jferraro (been having probs with road runner lately
12:54 jferraro hehe ... there it is ;-)
12:54 owen Well, with two of you we'll get a lot more done!
12:55 kados :-)
12:55 jferraro :-)
12:55 kados so it looks like CancelReserve is indeed triggered by the '0'
13:00 jferraro have we checked to see if this happens in the default templates?
13:00 jferraro (both of these bugs)?
13:01 indradg hi ppl... have any of you ever used a CSV text file, parsed it with a script to generate marc records?
13:02 jferraro nope ... I havne't
13:02 jferraro ingradg have you seen MARC::Record module for perl?
13:02 jferraro it allows you to do stuff like that IIRC
13:03 indradg jferraro, haven't really gone thro it yet... till some time back MARC format used to give me the heebee jeebees
13:03 jferraro you're not the only one ;-)
13:03 indradg heh
13:04 jferraro I've had to use it a few times for Z39.50 tweaking Koha's holdings and hacking on bulkmarcimport too ... it's pretty easy to use
13:04 indradg ok
13:04 indradg that sounds reassuring
13:04 jferraro there I am again ;-)
13:04 indradg I have a peculiar situation to deal with at one of my deployment sites
13:05 jferraro what's that?
13:05 indradg the top boss there wants to use a group of audibly challenged persons as data entry operators
13:06 indradg their attention span being v short.., koha is confusing the hell out of them
13:06 jferraro hehe
13:06 jferraro best get a program like bookwhere
13:06 jferraro they can download the MARC records from an ISBN, add holdings data to the right MARC fields and then you can import the resulting iso2709 file into KOha
13:07 indradg so I thought of them capturing the data in a OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet.... export the data as CSV -> generate MARC records ->
13:07 jferraro hmmm, IMO that's too much work
13:07 jferraro when there are so many free MARC records out there
13:08 jferraro (if your data was already in CSV that MIGHT be a different situation)
13:08 indradg nope
13:08 jferraro (even then I might recommend snatching that ISBN and grabbing free MARC for the record)
13:09 jferraro you might want to hit up the folks at #code4lib on for some ideas on MARC
13:09 indradg the problem is that these handicapped ppl are v fast as data entry persons... but only if they go a field at a time... like take 50 books... enter the titile of all... u know loop thru the stack
13:10 indradg believe me...this is not my idea... I even got japanese Kaizen management principles thrown at me :P
13:10 jferraro right ... :-)
13:11 jferraro I still think bookwhere is the way to go for them ... otherwise the'll have to add holdings data as well as title, author, etc ... with BookWhere all you need to add is holdings data
13:11 jferraro (there would be some training involved to get them to add holdings data to the right MARC fields)
13:11 indradg there is one problem with the ISBN lookup... a lot of the books are indian reprints or indian originals.... i believe no indian agency provides marc records :(
13:12 jferraro ahh ... that might be a problem then
13:12 jferraro bummer
13:12 jferraro well ... at the very leaset make sure they include the isbn (if there is one) in their CSV
13:12 jferraro then YOU can get the MARC record if it exists
13:13 indradg yep... the US/UK ISBNs are there... in case of the reprints.... but if I pull it in the data will be for the editions published in UK/US
13:13 jferraro ahh ... so the ISBN isn't relevant to your items?
13:14 indradg well... ISBN is a mandatory field in the koha config.. and all books published in the india these days carry an ISBN
13:14 jferraro well perhaps you're right ...
13:14 jferraro ISBN is mandatory?
13:14 indradg yep!
13:16 indradg for example "Professional PHP Programming" WROX Press -- UK ISBN is 1-861002-96-3.. the indian reprint is 81-7336-201-0
14:13 indradg hi... trying a Z39.50 search on Koha 2.2.1 is throwing up the following error DBD::mysql::st fetchrow_hashref failed: fetch() without execute() at /var/www/koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 2478
14:44 michael irc://
21:50 karl g'day gang
21:50 karl got a few quick questions if you are up to it
21:52 karl anyone home
22:00 rach but I'm not techy
22:00 karl hi there
22:00 karl heh
22:01 karl did you follow last nights session with me and chris and kados?
22:17 rach only that you'd had one
22:17 karl yeah just the one, didnt know if you knew what I was doing
22:17 karl or trying to do
22:18 karl ;-)
22:18 karl getting some errers when I try to fire up the z3950 daemon
22:26 rach sorry I can sympathise, but not much else
22:26 karl heh
23:01 karl hello
23:02 karl back
03:50 sylvain hi all

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