IRC log for #koha, 2005-03-21

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15:16 kados hey owen
15:16 owen Howdy
15:16 owen What's up?
15:16 kados not much ... just got up  ;-)
15:17 kados hehe
15:17 kados yep
15:17 michael yepo ;-)
15:21 kados cool
15:23 michael ... can i ask a question here ? about Koha world map ?
15:23 kados sure
15:24 michael i think this is tthe way to do to be added : If you would like to add your install to this map email russel-at
15:25 michael i read this so it must be true
15:25 kados michael: another way to be added would be to submit a bug via Koha's bugzilla ...
15:26 kados ;-)
15:27 michael yep... i only see bugs that others had see also yet is you understand what i means...
15:27 michael no way that my reports make koha better... but my public library 'll test koha soon if i can convince some influents people
15:27 michael in the town of Meudon, France i mean
15:28 kados well I think the map is there to show everyone who's using koha ... so you should be added ;-)
15:29 michael cool... i install it on my personnal computer for testing unimarc import first... not so simple... :-|
15:30 michael fortunatly Paul has put online doc in french at for newbie like me so... that's great !! just great :-)
15:30 michael ... hum... did anyone know why Paul will go to Nelsonville ? that's such a trip...
15:32 kados michael: we're both from Nelsonville ;-) so yes we know.  One of his clients would like to see Koha in action and see how we run it before committing completely
15:33 michael ah... i didn't know...
15:35 michael i usually speak to rachel, chris or owen on this channel... paul is already to bed when i came here...
15:35 michael because i come after my day work... IRC is forbidden at work :-[
15:43 michael oki... i know who client it is... i shut my mouth but someone tells me... it's a french client, isn't ?
15:50 kados yep ;-)

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