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19:29 kados not there quite yet owen ;-)
19:30 owen What's the latest?
19:31 kados still running updatedatabase
19:32 owen Wow...I guess it always takes longer than we expect
19:33 shedges a..l..w..a..y..s..
19:34 kados yep ... I'm bad at estimations
19:38 owen I've been able to stop by, but I've been pretty busy with family stuff all day, so I'm glad we didn't have a bunch of urgent stuff going on
19:56 rach hello
19:56 owen Hi rach
19:57 rach hi owen
19:57 owen We're in the midst of a 2.2 upgrade today
19:57 rach oh wow
19:58 owen The database has been updating for about 12 hours now
20:28 shedges Hi rachel!
20:33 kados so ... updatedatabase just finished
20:33 rach hi stephen
20:34 shedges kados: how much longer?
20:36 kados shedges: updatedatabase is finished ... ready for testing?
20:36 shedges yep.  I'll start with OPAC(?)
20:36 kados ok ...
20:36 shedges (what's the end of the IP?)
20:37 kados it's
20:37 shedges refused...
20:37 kados what's your IP
20:37 shedges ah httpS
20:37 kados well ... I'll need to give you access if you're at home
20:38 kados what does it tell you when you go to
20:39 shedges
20:41 shedges ok, thanks!
20:41 kados ok ... opac is at and intranet is at
20:41 kados I'm gonna head to APL ... BRB
20:46 shedges opac doesn't automaticallt insert the zeroes in the card number anymore
20:47 shedges (I think Owen will need to apply Oscar's java script)
20:52 kados yep ...
20:52 shedges you're back!
20:53 kados yep just got to APL
20:53 shedges Another owen issue -- confusion over the copyright "or" recent acqusition parameters (or only applies to those two, not the other stuff on that page)
20:53 kados owen has some configuration to do in parameters too iirc
20:55 kados so as far as custom scripts to I've been putting them in /build/utilities/
20:56 shedges ?
20:57 kados yea ... I haven't uploaded the latest copy of that ... is it on .76?
20:57 shedges yep
20:57 shedges i'm in intranet, now -- nice!
20:57 kados yea ... looks great
21:00 shedges wonder if the self checkout will work...
21:02 kados yep ... already does
21:03 kados that virtualhost isn't online atm
21:03 kados but I tested it
21:03 kados so I checked .76 cron and it looks like the only item we run in cron is ... is that right?
21:03 shedges yep -- the only one I know of anyway.
21:04 kados ok ...
21:04 kados that's setup on the new server
21:05 shedges (I REALLY like this Intranet!)
21:05 kados it's SSLed too ;-)
21:08 kados so my next step would be to pull out the ethernet cords on 77 and 76, configure 69 with those IPs and make sure all our DNS is working the way we expect before I reboot the machines and swap RAM
21:09 shedges sounds good
21:09 kados ok ...
21:09 shedges I'm going to ask the catalogers to wait until I get there to do their import tomorrow.
21:14 shedges uh -oh  The book bag doesn't work in the OPAC.  (When I choose items to add from the serach results screen, it adds entirely different items -- the right number of items, but the wrong items)
21:19 shedges hi owen
21:19 owen Hi
21:19 shedges we're testing
21:20 owen updatedatabase finally finished?
21:20 shedges yep, and Joshua's in the process of switching machines (I think)
21:20 owen What can I do?
21:20 shedges found a few things for your list
21:20 shedges opac doesn't automatically insert the zeroes in the card number anymore (I think Owen will need to apply Oscar's java script)
21:21 shedges Another owen issue -- confusion over the copyright "or" recent acqusition parameters (or only applies to those two, not the other stuff on that page)
21:21 shedges The book bag doesn't work in the OPAC.  (When I choose items to add from the search results screen, it adds entirely different items -- the right number of items, but the wrong items)
21:21 shedges but generally -- you guys DONE GOOD!!
21:22 shedges IE still does some funky stuff, too, but I expect that anymore...
21:22 kados hmmm ... I'll have to check out that book bag error later
21:23 owen Must be something in the template.
21:23 owen The the opac still at .67?
21:23 shedges can owen see -- is the switch-over done?
21:25 kados yea ...
21:25 kados owen what's your IP at home?
21:25 kados no the switch isn't done
21:25 kados but he can see the opac (not the intranet tho)
21:26 owen Is there an easy way to find out from the Win2K command prompt?
21:26 shedges
21:31 shedges (that's a website, sorry -- I guess it could be a W2K command!)
21:31 owen Worked fine.
21:31 owen ...but my opac search timed out.
21:32 shedges mine too, that machine must be unplugged now
21:33 shedges (time to play Solitaire for a while...)
21:41 owen shedges: what do you mean about the copyright "or" recent acquisition parameters?
21:42 shedges Cheryl was trying the OPAC and wasn't sure from the page payout if she could choose branch and recent acquisitions
21:43 shedges thought it looked a little like the whole page was "or" choices, no "ands"
21:44 owen Okay.  I'll take another look at that.
21:46 shedges Seeing the way you solved some thorny problems (like displaying branch availability), I'm sure you come up with something clever!
21:52 kados update: search.athen... and intranet.athe... are working
21:53 kados owen did _ever_ point to the opac?
21:53 kados or was that always the intranet interface?
21:53 owen yes
21:54 owen yes, it did point to the opac
21:54 kados ok ...
21:54 shedges the overdue notice spoint people to koha.athen... I'll need to change that.
21:54 owen and it pointed to the intranet with the 8080 port
21:55 owen Can we have the koha.athens... url still point to the same machine anyway?
21:56 shedges owen, I think all opac-format-search needs is a little space between "limit by branch" and "limit by copyright date"
21:58 owen kados: if I'm sftp'ing should I still use the .67 address? .69?
22:01 kados owen: no ... we're online with the 76 77 addresses ... 66-69 are for test servers
22:03 shedges Do I access mysql on 77?
22:07 owen Hmmm... little network hiccup there.
22:07 owen That's a strange problem with the book bag...we seem to be getting randomly incorrect biblionumbers here and there
22:08 owen The first test I did showed problems, and the second didn't.  The third had only one bad one.
22:08 shedges were they recent adds?  old biblios?
22:09 owen I did a keyword search for 'scrapbook,' and one of the results was 'Ben Franklin's almanac'
22:10 shedges exit
22:10 owen The link to the item has the correct biblionumber, but the id attached to the checkbox (for the bookbag) is different
22:11 owen I'll bet it's a biblionumber/biblioitemnumber thing, and I've got the wrong variable in the template.
22:13 shedges seems like it should _never_ work, if that is the case
22:13 kados shedges: you can access mysql on either IP
22:14 shedges looks like it has a new password, i'll call sometime and get that
22:16 owen Yep, it was using the biblioitemnumber instead of the biblionumber.  And it just happened to work most of the time.  I wonder if that bug has been around since we first upgraded the opac?
22:16 kados kohaadmin should be the same ...
22:17 kados owen did you make the changes to params ... I can't remember exactly what they were ... something to do with frameworks?
22:17 kados interesting ... so is it fixed owen?
22:17 owen Yes
22:18 kados cool
22:18 owen I had set up some biblio frameworks, and I'll have to do that again but it's not urgent
22:24 kados cool ... have a good evening
22:25 kados afaik the only thing left is swapping out the RAM and getting the self-checkout Vhost up
22:25 kados oh ... and I need to make sure that points to the right place
22:26 shedges sounds good.  Nice work, Joshua!
22:34 kados hmmm ... setbranch just threw an error
22:36 shedges looks like it's pointing to
22:36 kados ahh ... wrong permissions
22:36 shedges works now!
22:40 shedges "Reserve List" won't work until cron does it's thing -- right?
22:42 kados afaik ...
22:43 shedges But now I see "Format Search" (intranet-item_report.php) also doesn't work.
22:44 kados hmmm, we'll have to ask owen about that one
22:44 kados i wonder if it's related to the frameworks ...
22:45 shedges they're both php reports...
22:45 shedges I don't think it's something to do with frameworks.
22:47 kados hmmm, reservlist.php isn't even in the same place is it...
22:48 shedges intranet-reserve_list.php?
22:48 kados hmmm, james has it bookmarked as reserve_list.php on his machine ...
22:49 shedges confusing...
22:50 shedges owen's biblio frameworks show up in the pull down list on the cataloguing screen, they just default right now to the full MARC framework.
22:54 kados ahh ... I think I know one of the probs with owens scripts ... he hardcoded the IP which has changed ...
22:55 kados maybe ... although I don't see that in the scripts
22:55 shedges well, the world won't end if we don't have a reserve list tomorrow.
22:55 kados ahha ... here it is
22:55 kados you sure? ;-)
22:56 shedges I've beat on about everything I can think of -- it looks to me like we can all go to work tomorrow.
22:57 kados reservelists included ;-)
22:58 shedges yep -- nice!
22:58 shedges what a minute -- !!  Thought I saw it working.
22:59 kados it's not?
22:59 kados it's working for me
23:00 shedges I'm click on "Reserve List" in the left navigation bar -- takes me to the main page
23:07 kados shedges: so if it's alright with you I'll swap RAM and optimize mysql ...
23:07 kados requires a reboot ;-)
23:08 shedges yep, I'm done for the night.  Thanks, Joshua!
23:22 owen Bookmarks for the reserve list will be incorrect now.
23:22 owen We'll have to post a message to the tech forum.
23:23 owen Stephen said the intranet format search wasn't working?
23:27 kados reboots are all good
00:01 rach joshua are you there/
00:01 rach and can you answer a dumb question for me?
00:40 kados rach: here now
00:40 kados what's up?
00:41 rach ah I wanted to know  how you might tell how many people were in a que waiting to to get items issued (without being able to see them) I assume you can't, but wondered if there was some sort of assumption based statistic, like if you get this many people issued in 5 mins then they must have been in a que
00:41 kados right ... so you mean for reserves?
00:41 rach but I rang HLT and they reckoned you couldn't
00:41 kados we have a special script for that
00:42 rach no I think they mean a physical queue
00:42 kados ahh ... I understand
00:43 kados well Koha could surely provide data for that
00:43 kados we'd need a statitition to tell us how to calculate it
00:43 kados but it's probably possible
00:43 kados (like they do in phone queues)
00:43 rach yep i reckong it's not really possible
00:43 rach without some sort of pressure matt :-)
00:43 kados harry seldon would beg to differ ;-)
00:44 rach or the librarian looking up and counting them
00:44 rach which would seem a lot easier
01:34 kados paul around?
05:14 paul salut hdl
05:14 hdl salut paul
05:15 paul kados, i'm here (9AM in France now, was 4AM when you "called" me, so I was in bed. I suspect you are in bed now ;-)
06:37 sylvain hi all
06:37 paul coucou
06:45 sylvain tiens paul une petite question si tu as le temps, quand je crée un lecteur, pourquoi est-ce que sa date "joined" n'est pas initialisée ? Ca se spécifie quelque part ?
06:46 sylvain ok, merci quand mm ;)
07:19 sylvain paul, une autre question du même style, dans la table borrowers, on a un champ area, tu sais à quoi il correspond ?
07:20 paul non pas trop.
07:22 sylvain tu sais à qui je pourrais poser des questions concernant les lecteurs ?
07:49 sylvain une petite question encore (gros début de semaine :)) dans la fonction C4/Accounts2/manualinvoice on a des descriptions du style 'new card', 'lost item' ... Au niveau internationalisation, quand c'est pas dans des templates, il y a une méthode particluière pour les traductions ?
07:51 sylvain paul ?
07:51 paul (au tel)
07:51 sylvain ok
08:44 sylvain bon avant d'aller manger, une autre question, le sens de la colonne lost dans la table borrowers si quelqu'un sait ;)
09:12 paul syl_away : là je sais, c'est lorsque la carte lecteur est perdue : on peut "désactiver" le lecteur par ce biais. Si le lost est coché, alors prêt impossible.
10:02 kados hi paul ;-)
10:03 paul 'morning joshua
10:03 kados our server info: 1Ghz pentium, 2gig of ram, 10,000rpm disks ... not a showstopper
10:04 paul just with specific mysql tuning (mysql cache in RAM)
10:04 kados last night we migrated to 2.2
10:04 paul 4 disks in RAID 5 ?
10:04 kados no raid
10:04 paul i saw you chat with stephen about updatedatabase...
10:04 paul ok, thanks
10:04 paul just 1Ghz pentium ?
10:04 kados three disks, one for database, one for filesystem and one for backups, etc.
10:05 kados yep
10:05 paul ok. And how many issues per year ?
10:05 kados our circ is 620,000
10:05 kados 30,000 borrowers
10:05 paul how many librarian computer ?
10:05 paul what kind of network ?
10:05 paul (10MB ? 100MB ? less ? more ?)
10:06 paul i mean between branches
10:06 kados two in each branch for circ ... plus at least two others for other purposes (behind the desk)
10:06 kados our network is mostly 1.5Kb
10:06 paul do you have an idea of opac use ?
10:06 paul 1.5Kb ???
10:06 paul you mean 1500 BYTES .?
10:06 kados sorry ... I meant 1.5 Mb
10:06 kados ;-)
10:06 paul you must be kidding
10:06 paul ah, ok ;-)
10:07 paul any idea of opac use ?
10:08 kados hmmm, well we get about 500-1000 queries per day
10:09 paul you mean opac query or apache query ?
10:09 kados opac queries
10:09 kados I wrote a small addition to SearchMarc that tracks all opac searches
10:10 paul useful for official release ?
10:10 kados sure ... it goes along with the suggest and spellcheck features ...
10:10 kados I'll commit it asap
10:11 kados paul can you run this on one of your machines for me?
10:11 kados explain select distinct m1.bibid from biblio,biblioitems,marc_biblio,marc_word as m1,marc_word as m2 where biblio.biblionumber=marc_biblio.biblionumber and biblio.biblionumber=biblioitems.biblionumber and m1.bibid=marc_biblio.bibid and (m1.bibid=m2.bibid) and ((m1.word  like 'book')and (m2.word like 'boys')) order by biblio.title;
10:11 kados I've got some perf probs since the upgrade ... I'm afraid my indexes are not optimized:
10:11 kados | m2          | range  | bibid,word           | word     |     255 | NULL                     |  839 | where used; Using temporary; Using filesort |
10:11 kados | m1          | ref    | bibid,word           | bibid    |       8 | m2.bibid                 |   34 | where used                                  |
10:11 kados | marc_biblio | eq_ref | PRIMARY,biblionumber | PRIMARY  |       8 | m1.bibid                 |    1 | where used; Distinct                        |
10:11 kados | biblio      | eq_ref | PRIMARY,blbnoidx     | PRIMARY  |       4 | marc_biblio.biblionumber |    1 | Distinct                                    |
10:11 kados | biblioitems | ref    | bibnoidx             | bibnoidx |       4 | biblio.biblionumber      |   18 | Using index; Distinct                       |
10:12 paul I get :
10:12 paul table
10:12 paul
10:12 paul type
10:12 paul
10:12 paul possible_keys
10:12 paul
10:12 paul key
10:12 paul
10:12 paul key_len
10:12 paul
10:12 paul ref
10:12 paul
10:12 paul rows
10:12 paul
10:12 paul Extra
10:12 paul mmm... stupid paste.
10:12 kados I wrote my own order by sub for SearchMarc so I've been able to get rid of the 'using filesort' ...
10:13 paul I have the same explain
10:13 paul | m1          | range  | bibid,word           | word     |     255 | NULL                     |    1 | Using where; Using temporary; Using filesort |
10:13 paul | marc_biblio | eq_ref | PRIMARY,biblionumber | PRIMARY  |       8 | m1.bibid                 |    1 | Using where; Distinct                        |
10:13 paul | biblio      | eq_ref | PRIMARY,blbnoidx     | PRIMARY  |       4 | marc_biblio.biblionumber |    1 | Distinct                                     |
10:14 paul | biblioitems | ref    | bibnoidx             | bibnoidx |       4 | biblio.biblionumber      |    1 | Using index; Distinct                        |
10:14 kados but the keys don't look right (sndx_word and Search_Marc aren't working?)
10:14 paul | m2          | range  | bibid,word           | word     |     255 | NULL                     |    1 | Using where; Distinct                        |
10:14 kados one major difference
10:14 kados the rows on yours
10:14 kados that's my problem ... I wonder how to solve it
10:15 kados any ideas?
10:17 paul isn't my "row" column due to a "english" query where i have only french db ?
10:18 kados hmmm, maybe ... how about doing a french query ...
10:18 paul with a french query, I get results like yours :
10:18 kados ok
10:18 paul 47 1 1 12 20
10:18 paul (that is not very good i agree)
10:19 paul that's why marc_words is a must-have-asap...
10:19 kados hmmm, 839 is REALLY not good ... I'd take 47 happily:-)
10:19 kados I agree
10:19 paul for sure, but my DB is only 20 000 biblios
10:19 paul where your is 10x this !
10:20 kados right
10:20 kados opac queries are pretty laggy (6-10 sec) ... I'm going to try to figure out if there a way to optimize further
10:20 kados (given our limitations)
10:21 paul mmm...
10:21 paul strange because almost nothing has changed since 2.0 on this side of Koha
10:21 paul (except order by)
10:21 kados that's what I was thinking
10:22 kados (and I took out the order by ) ;-)
10:22 paul (maybe a good place to investigate... remove the orderby)
10:22 paul ok, so, really strange...
10:22 kados yep .. well that gets rid of the filesort
10:22 kados so what are sndx_word and Search_Marc indexes for?
10:23 paul strange. they are supposed to be used, you're right.
10:23 sylvain vu pour le lost paul merci
10:23 paul maybe somethings changed but i've forgotten at the moment
10:32 kados so the m1 doesn't use index, the marc_bibli doesn't use index and the biblio doesn't use index ... that's a lot of missing indexes for a search
10:32 kados (add the m2 to that list ;-))
10:45 kados so paul ... I've a few questions about your libraries: which is the biggest? and what are annual circ, # of borrowers, # of items?
10:45 paul lower than you ;-)
10:45 paul the biggest will be 100 000 items when all catalogued, for instance 18 000
10:46 paul Next week i'll put to production a library with 45 000 items, that will be my biggest
10:46 paul and i've no libraries with more than 1 branch
10:47 paul max circ should be something like x0 000
10:47 paul although most have only a "few" circ, because they are search libraries
10:47 paul with a very specific content, and only a few readers.
10:52 kados I see

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