IRC log for #koha, 2005-03-12

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13:25 JYL57 hello Koha online world !
13:26 JYL57 Should someone tell me if a 'marc biblio export' produces a 'dumpable' ISO2709 file in 2.2 version ?!
13:27 JYL57 The one I just created isn't read by '' and I wonder if it's a generic problem or not...
15:10 jmlongo Hi everyone!..  :)
15:11 jmlongo I'm trying to use bulkmarcimport to 'update' my Koha DB.. instead of only 'import' MARC records
15:12 jmlongo has anyone already done something similar?
15:14 JYL57 Hello jmlongo ! I've tried to !
15:15 jmlongo hi there!... did you succeed?
15:15 JYL57 In fact I'm calling Newmodbiblio but until now the result hasn't reached fully my expectations
15:16 JYL57 Probably due to the fact that my DB isn't really clean
15:17 jmlongo we had a great job cleanning our DB...
15:17 JYL57 paul has kindly sent me some modified bulkmarcimport that do such things
15:17 jmlongo so ... if I can test you Newmodbiblio, I could let you know how does it behave..  :)
15:18 JYL57 But in fact it all boils down to deleting specific notices and creating them again
15:18 JYL57 No problem, except one ! It's lunch time here ! ;-))
15:19 JYL57 Can I talk to you back in one hour ?!
15:19 jmlongo haha.. no problem...  
15:19 JYL57 See you
15:19 jmlongo bon appetite!
16:05 JYL57 jmlongo, I'm back
16:09 jmlongo hope your lunch was good!  :)
16:10 JYL57 Very good thank !
16:10 JYL57 Give me your e-mail and I can send you a few variations of bulkmarcimport
16:11 jmlongo ok ..
19:08 rosa morning Dorothy
19:08 rosa sprry, wrong channel
19:12 owen Must have been the wrong channel--this is the one where no one talks!  Shhh!
19:45 rosa :)
21:11 rach hello
05:11 sylvain hi all
07:25 sylvain has someone installed koh on a red hat 9 ?
07:25 sylvain koha

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