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13:09 paul sylvain, le template officiel pour la 2.2 est le template css.
13:09 paul le défaut est totalement dépassé, il faudrait le virer en fait.
13:09 paul owen, are you here ?
13:09 paul kados, are you here ?
13:09 owen Yes
13:09 paul good morning.
13:10 owen Hi
13:10 sylvain ok paul ça tombe bien ;)
13:10 sylvain j'vais commiter ça alors pour le desc/asc
13:11 sylvain pour le moment je regarde l'affichage explicite des champs manquants lors de la création d'une notice
13:12 sylvain mais qu'est-ce qu'elles sont lourdes ces pages de créaion de notice, sur mon ptit pc, c'est dur ;)
13:12 paul ok, dis moi bien au fur et à mesure ce que tu fais, histoire d'éviter que hdl et toi bossiez sur la même chose !
13:13 sylvain ouais c'est sur que ça vaut pas le coup
13:13 sylvain mais jusqu'ici tu sais tout, j'fais rien en secret ;)
13:13 paul lol
13:14 paul (et hdl n'a pas encore commencé, il peaufine 2-3 choses sur le module stat & gère le changement de serveur
13:15 sylvain j'ai vu ses commit ouais au niveau des stats mais j'ai pas encore regardé. Et pour les serveurs ouais j'ai vu ça sur une ML
14:02 hdl Paul, toujours là ?
14:02 paul yep
14:02 hdl J'aurais des questions sur les issues stats
14:03 paul je t'attends en visio
14:06 hdl J'attends que tu m'appelles en visio ?
14:14 paul owen ?
14:14 paul kados ?
14:14 owen Yes
14:14 owen Still no kados, I guess.
14:14 paul hdl & me have a problem
14:14 paul with issues stats.
14:15 paul are you able to know how long an issue lasts ?
14:15 owen What do you mean?
14:15 paul I mean that in the issues table, we have :
14:15 paul * date_due that is the date where the book is supposed to be returned
14:16 paul * returndate, the date where the book is returned
14:16 paul * but no field to define the date where he was issued
14:16 paul (the timestamp field is modified on each movement)
14:19 owen So you're trying to find out when the book was first issued?
14:19 paul yes.
14:19 paul to know how long the issue lasts
14:19 paul i thought i could use timestamp, but it's automatically modified on each sql update
14:20 paul and return or renewal is a sql update.
14:20 owen doesn't look like there's a way, does it?
14:20 paul ??
14:21 paul in fact, maybe the statistics table is what we are looking for.
14:22 owen Maybe so--I'm not familiar with that table.
14:22 paul is kados more familiar you think ?
14:22 JYL57 unless checking recursion on contiguous issues lines !
14:22 owen Or Stephen.  But Stephen doesn't seem to be able to get online this morning!
14:23 owen I'll be chris would be able to help.
14:23 paul yes, i'll send a mail to koha-devel.
14:23 owen have you looked at the statistics table?
14:23 paul yes.
14:23 paul it COULD be helpful, but is poorly designed
14:23 owen The 'type' column seems to have what you're looking for: issue, renew, return, payment
14:23 paul because each movement is one line.
14:25 paul yes. The problem being to know how to find which issue goes with which return
14:25 JYL57 paul, should I get CVS access on Koha Project (or a part of) ?! I'm checking eclipse workbench
14:25 owen True.
14:25 paul JYL57 : tu peux avoir un accès anonyme sans rien demander à personne ;-)
14:25 paul ok, we will mail chris
14:26 JYL57 Ok, vais essayer, pas sûr cependant pour Eclipse...
14:34 owen paul, we're getting strange results when we try to limit a search by branch
14:35 paul_away (sorry owen)
14:40 JYL57 owen could you explain your strange results ?!
14:42 owen I'm trying a search for 'shakespeare' and limiting it to one branch.
14:43 owen Even though that branch owns books by shakespeare, the search is coming up with nothing
14:43 JYL57 items.holdingbranch is correctly set I suppose ?!
14:44 owen I'll double-check.
14:44 JYL57 which Koha version owen ?!
14:44 owen 2.2
14:45 JYL57 We have two branches here, I will try to find a common author
14:46 owen Hmm... perhaps it is a problem with items.holdingbranch
14:49 owen No, holdingbranch just isn't showing up correctly in
14:49 kados hi all
14:49 owen The value is correct in the database.
14:50 owen 'morning kados! ;)
14:51 kados morning ;-)
14:51 JYL57 hi kados
14:54 kados ok ... so here's the query:
14:54 kados select distinct m1.bibid from biblio,biblioitems,marc_biblio,marc_word as m1,marc_subfield_table as m2 where biblio.biblionumber=marc_biblio.biblionumber and biblio.biblionumber=biblioitems.biblionumber and m1.bibid=marc_biblio.bibid and (m1.bibid=m2.bibid) and ((m1.word  like 'shakespeare')and (m2.subfieldvalue = 'CPL'  and concat(m2.tag,m2.subfieldcode) in ('952d'))) order by biblio.title
14:55 owen Uh... where's items.holdingbranch in all that?
14:56 kados does 'subfieldvalue = CPL' look like the prob there?
14:56 kados well ... we shouldn't need items.holdingbranch as that's actually populated via the MARC
14:56 owen Oh, I see.
14:56 kados but I'm pretty sure that's not where it is
14:56 owen What's strange is that if you use a different branch, you'll get results.
14:57 kados huh
14:57 kados so we're sure that CPL is how it exists in 952d?
14:57 owen Oh, well I checked items.holdingbranch, but I didn't look at the MARC record.
14:58 owen Wait a sec--if it's checking the MARC record, then how can it know the holdingbranch?  The holdingbranch gets updated in items whenever you return an item.
14:59 kados hmmm...
14:59 owen (and I don't see a 952d tag in the MARC record)
14:59 kados select * from marc_subfield_table where subfieldvalue like 'CPL' limit 0,20; works
15:00 kados some of them are 952b and some are 952d
15:01 kados that could be part of the problem
15:01 kados so can you give me some titles that are in CPL?
15:01 kados for sure ...
15:01 owen hamlet, king lear, as you like it
15:01 kados ok
15:02 kados how about some non-shakespear titles
15:02 owen making chocolates
15:03 kados interesting ... leaving all search fields blank and limiting by CPL brings up 475 records
15:03 kados that's a major bug afaic
15:03 kados two probs there ...
15:03 kados first: shouldn't allow me to do that
15:04 kados second: don't you have more than 475 books?
15:04 kados :-)
15:04 owen I know we're small, but that's too small!
15:04 kados so something's amiss ... I suspect the 952d vs 952b
15:05 kados stephen probably accounted for in when the records are imported and mapped to Koha fields
15:05 kados which would explain why it's right in items.*
15:06 owen Why is the 952 tag not showing up in the MARC editor?!
15:07 kados which marc editor?
15:07 owen[…]iblionumber=67112
15:08 owen 952b is homebranch.  952d is holdingbranch.  So both are valid values.  The search should be looking for items which have holdingbranch = CPL, so 952d = CPL.
15:09 kados I wonder if this is related to our other marc display problem
15:10 kados (the one we 'fixed')
15:11 kados so the fields should show up even if the're blank (in the editor) right?
15:11 owen Yes
15:12 kados sigh
15:12 kados I'm worried about the MARC21 version of Koha
15:15 kados so ... we need to figure out why some of the items are working and others aren't
15:16 owen The record I'm looking at doesn't show up because there's no 952d subfield for it.
15:16 owen Only 952b shows up.
15:16 owen select bibid, tag, subfieldcode, subfieldvalue from marc_subfield_table where bibid = 67112 and subfieldvalue = 'CPL';
15:16 owen 67112 | 952 | b            | CPL  
15:17 owen Is 952d getting added/updated when an item is issued/transferred/returned?
15:17 owen Because it would have to be if this search is supposed to work.
15:18 owen Here: sub returnbook at line 1006 of
15:19 kados huh ... here's an item that shows up in the "CPL" search but it still doesn't have 952s in the MARC editor
15:19 kados[…]iblionumber=77421
15:20 kados I think you're on to something
15:20 owen What was your search?
15:21 owen But that item has both a 952d and a 952b
15:21 owen So there was a 952d for the search to find.
15:24 owen It looks like the holdingbranch information gets updated by sub dotransfer at line 487 of
15:25 owen But it only updates the items table.
15:25 owen Maybe all we have to do is add a query there to update marc_subfield_table?
15:26 kados huh ... yea I wonder if paul should take a look at that too
15:27 kados it seems like that would be a problem for his libraries too
15:29 owen I still don't know why the 952 tag isn't showing up.
15:31 owen Oh wait, maybe it /is/ the framework.
15:38 owen Yeah, I think 952 was hidden on purpose.
15:38 kados is items.holdingbranch 'linked' to 952d? and if not should it be ... and if so, does that mean that when one or the other is changed it updates the other?
15:39 kados I'm not clear on how the 'links' work ...
15:39 owen In fact I'm not even sure how that works... item info attached to the MARC record?
15:39 kados yea ... seems a bit strange
15:39 owen I was under the impression that the links only came into play when adding to the database.  But I could be wrong.
15:39 kados we need a marc expert
15:40 owen Oh, I'm just not remembering correctly.  The tag was set to tag '10', which means its handled by think.
15:42 kados hmmm?
16:23 kados PORT     STATE SERVICE
16:23 kados 21/tcp   open  ftp
16:23 kados 23/tcp   open  telnet
16:23 kados 80/tcp   open  http
16:23 kados 280/tcp  open  http-mgmt
16:23 kados 515/tcp  open  printer
16:23 kados 631/tcp  open  ipp
16:23 kados 9100/tcp open  jetdirect

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