IRC log for #koha, 2005-02-27

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11:47 hdl Hi owen.
11:47 owen Hi hdl
11:47 hdl My problem is solved.
11:47 owen Your javascript problem?
11:48 hdl Yes.
11:48 hdl Have you worked with acquisitions ?
11:48 owen Not much.  We only use simple acquisitions here.
11:49 hdl Do you know who designed it ?
11:49 owen I think Paul has worked on it most recently
11:50 hdl Thanks.
16:42 JYL57 hi all, Z3950 help required ?!
16:50 JYL57 kados around ?!
16:50 JYL57 I'm looking for Z3950 doc...
16:53 JYL57 hello owen
16:53 JYL57 Do you use Z3950 ?!
16:53 owen I'm sorry to say I know nothing about it :(
16:53 JYL57 I've finished install and a window pop up with search but it's strange ?!
16:54 JYL57 You know the story, first you install Koha and then people read the doc
16:54 JYL57 and of course they need this famous Z2950 client...

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