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11:29 kados hi paul
11:29 paul hi, (on phone)
11:29 kados :-)
11:30 kados (for some reason our scripts (in both opac and intranet) are turning up blank:[…]
11:34 kados I tried adding warn "==>DUMP: @item_value_loop"; to line 181 to see if the data was getting into the array but I don't get anything
11:36 kados in fact, when I go to edit the marc record it's blank too
11:42 kados I also have this error:
11:42 kados [Tue Feb 15 16:10:04 2005] [error] [client] DBD::mysql::st execute failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'where biblio.biblionumber=marc_biblio.biblionumber and biblio.biblionumber=bibli' at line 1 at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules/C4/ line 272., referer:[…]ains&value=S.%20/
11:45 kados I'm not sure if they are related though
12:04 paul kados, i'm back
12:04 paul the biblionumber=bibli is probably the origin of your problem
12:05 paul you should warn "Q : $query" just before the execute.
12:28 kados paul: Wwhich execute ?
12:31 paul the one that causes the DBD mysqle execute failed
12:39 paul hello owen
12:39 paul g'morning
12:39 owen Hi paul
12:40 owen I finally got your frameworks system figured out pretty well.
12:41 owen It's neat.  I can really see how it will be useful.
12:45 owen I think I understand how authorities work now too, but I'm still not sure about Thesaurus.
12:55 paul ask me, i'll answer if I can
12:56 paul (note that ENSMP ask for better authorities support, and should fund some features)
12:56 paul no modifs in DB, just in scripts & GUI
13:05 owen How is Thesaurus different from Authorised Values?
13:05 paul mmm...
13:06 paul authorised values are useful for limited number of values.
13:06 paul a maximum of 30-50
13:06 paul thesaurus/authorities are useful for large number of values.
13:06 paul thesaurus are ordered list where authorities are not
13:07 paul (ordered hierarchically)
13:07 kados paul: I don't think that uses which is where the error is coming from
13:08 kados (on a different topic ;-))
13:08 paul ??? for me (cvs i hope), MARCdetail uses
13:08 kados hmmm
13:08 kados I added the "warn "Q : $query"
13:09 kados to line 272 of and I don't get any warns in the log when I view MARCdetail
13:10 kados[…]
13:10 kados here's an example of what's happening
13:24 kados so paul ... we just tried switching to the default template and we have the same problem
13:24 kados I'm not really sure where to look next
13:27 kados I added warn "==>DUMP: @item_value_loop"; to line 181 of and it comes up blank
13:27 kados NULL I think
13:27 paul (on phone)
13:31 kados under the '# now, construct template !' section on line 181 I added 'warn "==>DUMP: $witness{$subfield_code}";' to the last foreach ... and the warn doesn't show up in the log that means that it's not called right?
14:06 kados paul I just checked out a brand new copy from CVS and the error is still there ... is it possible it's a bug either in the updatedatabase script or the scripts/modules/templates in CVS?
14:07 paul i don't have problems like you, that's all I can say !
14:08 paul (& it's 6PM, my ideas are not really clear)
14:08 kados :-)
14:09 kados well we were planning to move to Koha 2.2 this week but this is a show stopper for us ...
14:11 kados I rerun updatedatabase and I get these errors:
14:11 kados DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Duplicate column name 'authtypecode' at updatedatabase line 1243.
14:11 kados DBD::mysql::db do failed: All parts of a PRIMARY KEY must be NOT NULL;  If you need NULL in a key, use UNIQUE instead at updatedatabase line 1262.
14:11 kados DBD::mysql::db do failed: All parts of a PRIMARY KEY must be NOT NULL;  If you need NULL in a key, use UNIQUE instead at updatedatabase line 1265.
14:12 kados might they be related?
16:34 owen Hi rach
17:25 rach hi owen
17:27 rach Owen check it out >[…]iance_better_copy
17:28 owen What is it?!
17:29 rach it's our new koha appliance - a server with koha and your library stuff preinstalled, delivered to your door ready to plug into your network with a one year support and maintenance programme :-)
17:29 rach and it's green :-)
17:30 rach cute aye
17:31 owen Very spiffy.
17:31 owen Now the katipo site needs a shopping cart system so people can come in and buy 3 at a time!
17:34 rach exactly, you're on to it :-)
17:42 hdl hello.

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