IRC log for #koha, 2005-02-12

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12:37 owen paul: are you there?
12:37 paul tada !
12:37 paul yes i am
12:38 owen Hi paul.  I saw that you committed some things regarding subtitles.
12:38 paul yes. there was some bugs in the code.
12:38 owen I see.  One of the things we're trying to do is to get subtitles into the search results
12:38 paul the link showed bibliosubtitle.title where it should show bibliosubtitle.subtitle
12:39 paul you want a "title search" search also on subtitles ?
12:39 owen I mean when you perform your search and are shown the results of the search, to have subtitle listed along with title.
12:39 paul unless i'm wrong, my patches are just for opac-detail
12:40 paul not for result list
12:41 owen Okay.
12:41 owen That's good news about the RFP.  Sounds like you'll have lots of work!
12:42 paul in fact, if this one is OK, i've a lot of problems...
12:42 paul and i'll refuse every RFP for at least 7 months.
12:42 paul (and i mean also work for Henri Damien Laurent !!!)
12:43 paul note i plan to release 2.2.1 soon.
12:44 owen I'm glad--the npl templates were in bad shape at the time of the 2.2 release.
13:02 owen paul, I'm looking at the change you made to opac-reserve, regarding 'noreserve'.  Would that happen if the library set the max number of reserves at 0?  Or is there another setting?
13:03 paul yes, this happends when max reserves is 0
13:05 owen Could the 'request' button be removed from opac-detail in this case?
13:29 kados hi guys
13:32 paul hi kados.
13:32 paul yes owen, you're right. bit it requires more coding ;-)
13:32 owen :)  All in due time, I suppose.
13:33 owen Hi kados, I didn't see you come in.
14:11 pate hello everyone
14:12 kados hey pate
14:38 paul hello pate
14:40 pate well, good bye paul  
14:40 owen Dinnertime in France, I think
14:41 paul_away yep
14:41 paul (still here for a few minuts if you want to speak ;-)
14:41 pate no, i was just giving you a hard time
14:42 pate thanks for doing a great job as the 2.2 (and 2.0 manager)
14:42 paul ok, thanks.
14:42 pate hopefully someone else will step up to do the 2.4 so you don't have too
14:42 paul in fact, i'm waiting for a huge RFP answer.
14:42 paul that seems to be OK
14:43 paul if this happends, don't think even a minut that i could accept 2.4 RM role before 8 months !
14:43 paul because i've 4 contracts to do, plus this big RFP.
14:43 paul even with henri damien, that will be 7-8 hard months...
14:44 paul (and i don't even imagine what to do without him !!!)
14:48 pate good luck with the RFP
14:49 paul thanks & have a good day, i'm going to dinner
14:49 paul now!
17:07 rach woo cool for paul
17:44 owen Koha's really taken off from its English-speaking beginnings!
17:48 owen Hi nausicaa
17:49 nausicaa hi !
17:54 nausicaa ... i have a question ?
17:55 nausicaa because i'm french too, i wonder when paul poulain is not "away" on this IRC channel
17:55 owen Usually earlier in the day
17:55 nausicaa if u know it?
17:58 owen During work hours there in France, I suppose.  I guess he usually leaves #koha around 18:00 his time
17:58 nausicaa oki... thanx...

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